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Image of article 'Best iTunes movie and television deals for May 29'

Best iTunes movie and television deals for May 29

iTunes showcases its top staff pick for $0.99 movie rental of the week, reduced from the normal $6.99 cost of renting an HD or 4K movie.

This week includes a recent releases sale, action movies, and book adaptations.

Apple highlights movies under $10 each week, usually themed according to a major movie release.

Movies release every Tuesday or Friday, and this is AppleInsider's new movie pick of the week.

Apple frequently places iTunes content on sale, and this week is all about movie bundles.

Image of article 'The Darkness vocalises its impending return to Destiny 2'

The Darkness vocalises its impending return to Destiny 2

Five years passed without sight or sound of The Darkness, until one of their menacing marble Toblerone pieces appeared buried under the lunar dust of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep.

After bopping Cabal leader Gaul, the camera pulls right out to show a vast host of shadowy pyramids encroaching from the edge of space.

The Darkness invasion was teased all the way back at the end of The Red War, Destiny 2’s launch campaign.

I’ll tell you what, though, Destiny’s enigmatic geometry doesn’t hold a candle against that other The Darkness.

Lurking in the shadows of Bungie’s space-knight loot shooter, The Darkness have finally put voice to their long-awaited return by broadcasting an ominous hum on the Destiny 2 Twitter account.

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Image of article 'Jason Sudeikis to reprise 'Ted Lasso' role for Apple TV+ show'

Jason Sudeikis to reprise 'Ted Lasso' role for Apple TV+ show

Sudekis, Lawrence, Joe Kelly, and Brendan Hunt are credited for developing the show from the pre-existing format and characters from NBC Sports.

Sodeikis will be reprising his role as Lasso, as well as executive producing the show alongside Bill Lawrence via Doozer Productions, with associations with Warner Bros.

The character is the same one as used by NBC Sports in some of its commercials, with the series building upon the existing body of work for the fictional coach.

Announced on Friday, the show "Ted Lasso" will focus on the character of the same name, played by Sudeikis.

Apple is bringing a new original comedy series Apple TV+ in August, with "Ted Lasso" starring Jason Sudeikis and featuring characters that previously appeared on NBC Sports.

The Adventures Of Mr. Me & His Noble Steed Colin — Going To The Movies

Anyway, you’re my Electric Monk, Colin!

Colin: “Yeah, I found this online: ‘The Electric Monk was a labour-saving device, like a dishwasher or a video recorder.

Colin: “It’s the Media Control Unit, or MCU, that’s streaming it to you.

We’re just hanging out at the local Supercharger — Colin slurping electrons at a blistering rate, and Mr. Me enjoying some light in-car entertainment.

2 hours and a few distractions later (ICE vehicles not being able to turn their lights off in order to have their radio on, and thus having bits of plastic attached to cover part of their bodywork, at the risk of a flat 12V battery — so embarrassing …), Colin’s range had dropped by only 23 km (14 miles).

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Image of article 'Alexa on Fire TV gets voice support for third-party apps: Here’s how it works'

Alexa on Fire TV gets voice support for third-party apps: Here’s how it works

In addition to Amazon Prime Video, Alexa can now also be used to control playback on select apps that include YouTube, Netflix and Jio Cinema.

Users can browse and search content on Netflix, Hotstar, Zee5, Voot, JioCinema, Apple TV+, Sun NXT, MX Player TV, Eros, TVF Play, and more by using their Alexa voice remote or pairing Fire TV with Echo devices.

And now, the Alexa Voice discovery has been expanded on the Fire TV Stick allowing users to control apps in addition to Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick not only converts a standard television set to smart TV but also offers control over streaming experience with voice commands using Alexa.

How to use Alexa voice commands on Fire TV Using the Fire TV with voice commands is as easy as using an Amazon Echo speaker.

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Image of article 'Five Free Smartphone Apps to Track TV Shows and Movies'

Five Free Smartphone Apps to Track TV Shows and Movies

Watcht is a feature-rich app for tracking TV shows and movies A popular TV tracker on Android, SeriesGuide lets you track shows and movies and can also sync with your Trakt account so you have all your watchlist and collections in one place.

It lets you track both TV shows and movies, search for popular shows based on genres and even check what streaming service is currently hosting your show or movie, based on your location.

It's very convenient since you can track multiple TV shows, from different streaming services, all from one app.

Apple launched its Apple TV+ streaming service, Disney+ introduced its roster of shows through Hotstar, and let's not forget the long list of Indian streaming apps like Zee5, Sony Liv, etc, which offer a variety of Indian content.

JustWatch lets you filter shows based on the streaming service, which is very useful If you don't want the app experience, then you could try some online services for tracking TV shows, which do a similar job as the apps.

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Image of article 'Podcast: our most wanted games this summer'

Podcast: our most wanted games this summer

This week Matthew recommends The Borrowed by Chan Ho-Kei, Nate corruptly recommends his own book, and Alice recommends making your own pizza.

Here are some sober facts about AC Valhalla: everything we know and all the release dates.

The Big Question(s) this week was: what is 1) your most anticipated PC game this year and 2) your most anticipated PC game reveal coming over the next few weeks?

Because Nate is a massive nerd and a loser he talks about strategy games like Iron Harvest and Age Of Empires 4.

Manage cookie settings Alice obviously talks about Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and her dreams of a BioWare game announcement, while VidBud Matthew goes off on one about Desperados III and suggests that maybe, just maybe, Microsoft is getting ready to talk about a new Fable game.

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Tom Ellis Signs on for an Almost Inevitable 6th Season of Lucifer

As reported by TV Line on Friday, Tom Ellis, the show’s lead, has signed a new contract for the show.

This new deal would be inclusive of a sixth season of the show, and would replace a former deal that, according to prior reporting by TV Line, was allegedly proving unsatisfactory for Ellis.

This deal comes after news in February that Netflix was looking to put together yet another season of the show, the third it would produce alongside Warner Bros. after Netflix’s initial cancellation.

As for the fifth season of the show, which is already produced, it’s yet to hit the air.

Netflix hasn’t announced a premiere date for it, either, and it remains one of many, many television shows whose release is somewhat up in the air in the tumultuous times caused by the ongoing pandemic.

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Image of article 'OLED vs QLED vs LED: Which Type of TV Should You Buy'

OLED vs QLED vs LED: Which Type of TV Should You Buy

However, most LED TVs have a single backlight powering the entire LCD panel, and therefore aren't capable of rendering the deep blacks you can see on OLED TVs.

Since there's no need for a backlight, OLED TVs are thinner and have narrower bezels than those that use other TV screen technologies.

As a result, OLED TVs are capable of deep blacks, high levels of contrast, and realistic colours.

Ever since old-fashioned CRT televisions made way for flat-screen panels, the type of screen has been almost as important as the brand of TV itself.

As a result, QLED TVs have better colours and brightness than LED and most OLED TVs, but stop short of the contrast levels and deep blacks that OLED TVs offer.

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Image of article 'PS5 Showcase Confirmed for June 4th!'

PS5 Showcase Confirmed for June 4th!

PlayStation fans can rejoice!

After months of hearing a lot about Xbox Series X and not much about the PlayStation 5, PlayStation has confirmed they will be showing on PS5 gameplay June 4th at 1pm PDT.

Announced in both a video and a press release on the PlayStation blog, President & CEO Sony Interactive Entertainment Jim Ryan highlighted that this event will be focused on the gameplay.

Just as importantly, however, was Ryan’s reassurance that more news is yet to come: “This is part of our series of PS5 updates and, rest assured, after next week’s showcase, we will still have much to share with you.”

The Ghost of Tsushima trailer excited fans because it was almost continuous gameplay while the Xbox Series X “gameplay” showcase disappointed with cinematic trailers.

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Call of Duty WWII and Star Wars Battlefront II Will Be PlayStation Plus’s Free Games for June

Call of Duty WWII is based on the warfare of World War II and has players navigate the battlefields of Europe.

Call of Duty WWII continues in the long line of Call of Duty games set and based around historical and imagined war operations.

PlayStation has just announced their lineup of free games for June: Call of Duty WWII and Star Wars Battlefront II.

Additionally, PlayStation Plus users received two free downloadable games every month that they get to keep and play as long as they are enrolled in the service.

Much like other Call of Duty games, the appeal of the game is in its first-person shooter multiplayer mode.

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Performance - Helping FSGSBASE Patches Spun For Linux A 13th Time

Unfortunately due to the timing of these patches and the Linux 5.8 merge window likely opening next week, we likely won't see this work merged until at least Linux 5.9 if later given other upstream developers don't see to be in a rush in supporting this years old instruction.

The FSGSBASE patches have the possibility of helping out various workloads particularly those like Java and software frequently performing context switching, one of the areas harmed in recent years by all of the CPU security mitigations.Earlier this month I did run benchmarks of the recent FSGSBASE patches on Intel and AMD CPUs and indeed for some workloads these patches did enhance the performance.With the v13 patches , some of the patches have been reformatted and some of the changes omitted.

The FSGSBASE Linux kernel patches that have the potential of helping performance going back to Intel Ivy Bridge era CPUs in select workloads have now hit their 13th revision to the series in the long-running effort to getting this support mainlined.Linux kernel developer Sasha Levin of Microsoft has been overseeing these patches recently as even Microsoft has seen performance benefits to these kernel patches presumably for their Azure workloads.

Artist Imagines Simpsons Characters In Real Life

This is a series of 3D models created by Turkish character artist Hossein Diba imagining the Simpsons family (plus Mr. Burns) in real life.

As you can see, Marge is not nearly as alluring in realistic form as she is in cartoon form.

I'm kidding, Marge could never not be a stone cold fox, even without those bedroom googly eyes of hers.

I'm just thankful Hossein didn't decide to do Marge's sisters too.

Keep going for a video of each family member, and Mr. Burns, as well as a video of Hossein actually creating the Homer model.

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Apple Reveals First Look of ‘Ted Lasso’ Comedy Series

Set to debut on August 14, Apple revealed a first-look from its upcoming comedy series “Ted Lasso.”

Jason Sudeikis and Bill Lawrence (“Scrubs”) serve as executive producers, and Mr. Sudeikis stars as Ted Lasso, a small-time college football coach from Kansas hired to coach a professional soccer team in England, despite having no experience coaching soccer.

The series is based on a pre-existing format and characters from NBC Sports.

The series joins other recent additions to Apple TV+ like documentary series “Dear…”, romantic story “Little Voice”, documentary “Dads”, documentary series “Greatness Code”, and others.

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BioShock: The Collection upgraded for Xbox One X, runs at 4K

BioShock: The Collection is composed of BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite for Xbox One.

Today, when I turned on my Xbox One X, I noticed that BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite all had updates.

According to an analysis by VG Tech, the first BioShock renders at native 4K resolution on Xbox One X and 1440p on PlayStation 4 Pro.

BioShock: The Collection was a part of Xbox Game Pass, but it's left the service.

The Microsoft Store is also now showing that the games are Xbox One X Enhanced.

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9 New Minutes of Baby Yoda Magic Will Make Your Day

But those nine minutes about Baby Yoda will make your day.

It’s basically the moment they realize this character, the one fans will affectionately dub “Baby Yoda,” is about to be a megastar.

From about the seven through the 17-minute mark, executive producers Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni talk at length about the character they simply called “Baby.”

After four episodes with barely a peep about the central character of the show, the latest episode of Disney+’s behind-the-scenes documentary series Disney Gallery: Star Wars: The Mandalorian spends almost 10 minutes discussing Baby Yoda.

You can watch the full episode, called “Practical,” which includes the Baby Yoda segment, on Disney+.

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Image of article '6 new TV shows on Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services this weekend'

6 new TV shows on Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services this weekend

Netflix has debuted one of its biggest new shows of the year in Space Force, an armed forces-based sitcom starring Steve Carell that features an array of supporting comedic talent.

Below, we've captured highlights available on Hulu, Apple TV Plus and other streaming services over the next few days, including the return of a cult favorite Marvel TV show, a compelling dramatization of a quiz show scandal, and the latest Apple TV Plus original series.

The show is disappointingly light on laughs despite having an amazing comedy cast (Steve Carell, Lisa Kudrow, Ben Schwartz, John Malkovich), and it feels like the big concept of the show – that it's about the president's 'Space Force' initiative – gets in the way of it being an effective workplace comedy.

Now streaming on Apple TV Plus If you're done marathoning the Marvel movies, Agents of Shield is the new only live-action Marvel content you can have right now, after the MCU went on hold over the current global pandemic.

Available to stream on AMC Premiere from 31 May Let comedy writer and host Phil Rosenthal remind you of a time when you could eat food outside of your home in the latest season of his Netflix food series.

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Help SpongeBob defeat Plankton in "Patty Pursuit" on Apple Arcade

SpongeBob: Patty Pursuit, and over 100 more titles, are all part of Apple Arcade.

This is a single-player game that’s playable on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

SpongeBob: Patty Pursuit is a side-scrolling platformer in which a certain pants-wearing sponge zooms through Bikini Bottom.

If nautical nonsense be something you wish, then drop on the deck and download SpongeBob: Patty Pursuit, a side-scroller that debuted Friday on Apple Arcade.

This isn’t the first time Nickelodeon has teamed up with Apple’s gaming service.

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Central Park' out now on Apple TV

Apple announced the new show, which stars Josh Gad, Leslie Odom Jr., Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn, Tituss Burgess, Daveed Diggs, and Stanley Tucci back in January.

"Central Park" is created, written and executive produced by Emmy Award winner Loren Bouchard ("Bob's Burgers"), alongside Grammy Award winner Josh Gad ("Frozen") and Emmy Award winner Nora Smith ("Bob's Burgers").

According to Apple's TV+ website: "Central Park" is an animated musical comedy about the Tillermans, a family that lives in Central Park.

The first two episodes of the show, created in partnership with 20th Century Fox Television, are now available to Apple TV+ customers.

Apple's new animated musical comedy Central Park is now available on Apple TV+.

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Image of article 'Facebook’s New App Wants Sports Fans Looking at Their Mobile Phones'

Facebook’s New App Wants Sports Fans Looking at Their Mobile Phones

Facebook has created an app that’s designed to lure the eyeballs of sports fans from their televisions to their mobile devices.

The app, dubbed Venue, comes as fans increasingly watch games while holding a mobile device, or second screen, where they engage on platforms devoted to things like social media and sports betting.

Here’s how it works: The commentators will host a so-called venue for each event, where they’ll provide commentary, pose questions or polls and participate in chats tied to a specific moment in the game.

Fans will be notified when there’s a new moment, enabling viewers to participate if they want to.

“Digital spaces can connect us when we can’t be together in person,’’ said Ime Archibong, head of Facebook’s New Product Experimentation Team, “and Venue is one way to feel the energy of watching live events with other fans.’’

Image of article 'Sony PS5 livestream reveal gets June 4 date, to showcase future of gaming'

Sony PS5 livestream reveal gets June 4 date, to showcase future of gaming

Sony PS5 livestream reveal gets June 4 date, to showcase future of gaming PlayStation is gearing up for a new presentation in early June 4 in which they will reveal 'the future of gaming' on the matter of what day the PlayStation 5 will launch, what it will look like, how much it will cost, and other details has been clouded in mystery as Sony has played their cards close to the chest on the matter.

Sony has announced an upcoming presentation in which it will show off the “future of gaming” on the upcoming PS5 console.

Sony announced their upcoming PS5 livestream reveal on the PlayStation Twitter on May 29, 2020.

On June 4, 2020, starting at 1PM PT / 4PM ET, Sony will reportedly go live with a new presentation dedicated to the PlayStation 5.

It is unknown what we will see at this point, but given Microsoft’s recent reveal of some games for the competing Xbox Series X console, it seems likely that the “future of gaming” promised by Sony could likely mean we get a look at titles for the PS5 as well.

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Image of article 'Latest OxygenOS update brings Epic Games to OnePlus devices in India'

Latest OxygenOS update brings Epic Games to OnePlus devices in India

The latest OxygenOS update for these devices bring several system-wide improvements, camera improvements, and most importantly it brings Epic Games centre in the Game Space.

Game Space is an app on OnePlus devices which is a game centre which lets users browse and download the games on spot with one click.

The OxygenOS 10.3.4 for OnePlus 6 and 6T brings new launched version(v 4.16), May security patch, and several bug fixes and improvements.

The OxygenOS 10.3.3 (India) region for OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro brings a few system-wide updates that include Bullets Wireless Z integration with Dolby Atmos, optimized volume controls, improved battery life, several bug fixes and improvements and the latest May 2020 security patch.

The OxygenOS 10.0.11 and 10.3.3 (India)] for the OnePlus 7T brings the same system-wide improvements like the 7 and 7 Pro including the May security patch and Epic Games.

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Netflix's Space Force is go for launch! Meet the team that is going to ensure total space dominance.

Daughter to Steve Carell and Lisa Kudrow’s characters, Diana Silvers is Erin Naird, a teenager and popular student who was pulled from the city to live with her parents in the Space Force remote base in Wild Horse, Colorado.

He’s the head science advisor of Space Force and will eventually grow to be good friends with Steve Carell’s character.

Steve Carell is also the co-creator of the Space Force series, and he worked alongside Greg Danials who had a hand in The Office and Saturday Night Live.

Whoops, we mean Netflix’s adaptation of Space Force, a new TV Series which will be launching today, May 29.

Space Force was created by the same team that brought you The Office, and if you missed the weird and wacky antics that Steve Carell brings to the TV screen, then you should catch Space Force on Netflix which will be released May 29 at 3pm GMT+8.

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