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Linux 5.7 Gets A Unified/User - Space - Access - Intended Accelerator Framework

This driver is for enabling the AES-GCM encryption/decryption engine found with the Xilinx ZynqMP.More details on all of the crypto changes for Linux 5.7 via this pull request

Previous patch series for UACCE have also brought up the possibility of extending this accelerator-focused framework for offering other features.HiSilicon's QM driver is the initial user of this framework.UACCE comes as part of the crypto subsystem pull.

UACCE was described in its patch series as providing "Shared Virtual Addressing (SVA) between accelerators and processes.

Linux 5.7 is progressing through its two-week merge window and while only a quarter of the way through, it's certainly seeing a number of interesting and new drivers.The crypto subsystem is introducing the UACCE driver, which was worked on by Linaro and HiSilicon.

The Linux 5.7 crypto subsystem updates include new drivers.

Image of article 'How to use Microsoft Power Automate to create simple email notifications'

How to use Microsoft Power Automate to create simple email notifications

SEE: How to work from home: IT pro's guidebook to telecommuting and remote work (TechRepublic Premium) Create simple notifications with Microsoft Power Automate For the record, Power Automate is the rebranded name for Microsoft Flow.

This how-to tutorial shows you how to create and run an automated notification task using Microsoft Power Automate.

For users of Windows 10 or Office 365, simple automation can best be achieved with an online workflow service known as Microsoft Power Automate.

Simple automation in Windows 10 and Office 365 can be achieved with an online workflow service known as Microsoft Power Automate.

When you log in, you will see an extensive list of templates you can use to automate common tasks involving Windows 10 and Office 365 applications and features, as shown in Figure A. Figure A As an example, we will create an automated notification to alert us with an email when a certain item is available on Amazon.

Image of article 'Technical achievement'

Technical achievement

He was inducted into the Hall of Fame by the three premier computer architecture conferences: the ACM/IEEE International Symposium on Computer Architecture; the IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture; and the IEEE International Symposium on High-Performance Computer Architecture.

He has authored four books and published more than 300 IEEE/ACM journal or conference papers in the areas of computer architecture, very large-scale integration (VLSI) design and EDA.

A fellow of IEEE, the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), Xie was selected "for contributions to technology-driven computer architecture and to [developing] tools for their implementation and evaluation."

Manjunath and Xie are faculty members in the department of electrical and computer engineering.

Recognized for contributions that have significantly promoted technical progress in their fields, UC Santa Barbara professors B.S. Manjunath and Yuan Xie have been selected to receive the Edward J. McCluskey Technical Achievement Award from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Computer Society.

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The Premium A to Z Microsoft Excel Bundle has 10 courses to help you discover the power of Excel.

You'll move on to learning how to program in VBA, how to easily sort your data using cell protection, named ranges, multi-level storing, advanced filters, and more.

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Image of article 'Get a year of Amazon Prime for free on TalkTalk'

Get a year of Amazon Prime for free on TalkTalk

TalkTalk's fibre broadband and TV bundle combines a few things we all need at the moment: fast, affordable internet, binge-worthy television channels, and the luxury of free 1-day home-delivery via Amazon Prime.

The provider's Fairer Broadband statement promises that when "existing loyal customers come to an end of their contract, we offer them better value or the same package available to new customers."

Nearly all broadband connections in the UK are maintained by Openreach, which announced it would prioritize the "repair and maintenance of connections that support critical national infrastructure, essential public services, vulnerable customers and those without service".

Despite limitations on installation, you can still switch your broadband provider in most cases without support from an engineer.

Customers on BT, Plusnet, NOW Broadband and Sky will not need to call an engineer to switch to TalkTalk.

Image of article 'Mozilla launches COVID-19 Solutions Fund, awarding up to $50,000'

Mozilla launches COVID-19 Solutions Fund, awarding up to $50,000

Mozilla has announced the creation of a $50,000 fund via its Mozilla Open Source Support (MOSS) program to encourage people to develop open source technology projects which help fight the COVID-19 pandemic in some way.

As an example of the type of project that Mozilla is looking for, it pointed to an open source ventilator that has been developed by the University of Florida Center for Safety, Simulation, and Advanced Learning Technologies.

Aside from hardware projects, Mozilla will also fund software projects.

Some software examples that it gave include a platform to connect hospitals with people who have 3D printers who can print parts for the open source ventilator, or a browser plug-in that helps users recognise coronavirus-related misinformation online.

Those applying can be based anywhere in the world but must have a publicly accessible project licensed under a free software license according to the FSF or an open source license according to the OSI.

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Image of article 'The Coronavirus Is Forcing the Climate Movement to Reimagine Itself'

The Coronavirus Is Forcing the Climate Movement to Reimagine Itself

“We definitely are using this as an opportunity to really start to reimagine what social movements look like in the digital age,” Katie Eder, executive director of Future Coalition, a youth-led environmental group helping organize Earth Day Live, told Earther.

And the plans for Earth Day are part of a larger gear change for the climate movement, which has traditionally relied on mass gatherings and strikes to build momentum, following in the footsteps of other successful movements, including women’s suffrage, civil rights, and LGBTQ rights.

As horrible and painful and terrible as this time is, there are ways to find silver linings by understanding that there’s never been a social movement that’s utilized technology in a way that we’re going to have to in order to get our message heard and still bring people together in a digital way.”

“The strengths of the climate justice movement is certainly in its in-person time and its relational organizing, really trying to build strong relationships within communities,” Corrie Grosse, an assistant professor of environmental studies at the College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University, told Earther.

The Sunrise Movement launched Sunrise School, an activist training program that includes diving into the connection between the coronavirus and the climate.

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Image of article 'Apple presses ahead with multiple product launches'

Apple presses ahead with multiple product launches

In addition to Apple's own services such as FaceTime, developers have been able to communicate with each other using applications such as Slack and Jabber.

Bloomberg quotes an internal communication about maintaining secrecy under these unusual conditions: "Whether you're working at home or at the office, it's always critical to keep confidential work confidential.

Apple has of course had to come up with new ways of working to accommodate health concerns.

New models of iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, HomePod, MacBook Pro and iMac are said to be in development, among other products; and this follows the launch of a new MacBook Air, iPad Pro and Powerbeats headphones in March.

Read more about our expectations for the new future in What to expect at WWDC 2020 and Apple predictions 2020.

Iran's F-7 Fighter Is A Copy of a J-7 Fighter from China (That Copies a MiG-21

Compounding the problem is the excessively high number of flight hours that Iranian airframes likely have on them, given their old age — some of the airframes are likely from the late 1960s or even earlier.

Spare parts are hard to come by, though domestic production has attempted to fill this hole, although Iran’s true manufacturing capabilities, particularly for higher-end aircraft and tank components are likely seriously inadequate, or essentially rebranding, repainting or rebadging of other countries vintage technology.

Chinese state media quoted an Iranian Air Force public relations official by saying that the crash was due to “Technical deficits.”

It made a slight blip in the headlines in 2018, when one of Iran’s F-7 training airframes crash-landed in the “near the city of Hassanabad in Jarqavieh Olya district, Isfahan province.”

Iran’s motley fleet of airframes includes a wide variety of antiquated aircraft, including American F-14 Tomcats, McDonell Douglas F-4 Phantom II (that have apparently seen combat in Syrian), as well as Northrop F-5 light attack jets.

Image of article '7.5 million study to develop operational plan for mixed truck fleets'

7.5 million study to develop operational plan for mixed truck fleets

Roadshows are being planned to give truck drivers, fleet managers, government officials, insurance reps, inspection agencies, and the general public the opportunity to learn firsthand about commercial vehicle Automated Driving System (ADS) technologies.

Rather than building systems to replace drivers or attempting to 'disrupt' and compete with established trucking fleets and manufacturers, we think all stakeholders working together will result in new and meaningful solutions to bring more safety and comfort to the truck driving experience."

The team will work with safety technology developer Pronto to demonstrate the safe and gradual integration of various levels of advanced automation technology into fleet operations on public U.S. roadways.

"VTTI has assembled a world-class team that includes automated driving system technology developers, trucking fleets, six state departments of transportation, and other supporting organizations, to tackle this topic," noted Martin Walker, who will serve as the principal investigator for the project.

A new four-year study, led by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) in partnership with a 16-member team, seeks to provide the trucking industry, regulators, and the general public with practical guidelines for safely integrating automated driving systems into current fleets.

Image of article 'iPhone 9 release date is very, very soon, according to insider rumor'

iPhone 9 release date is very, very soon, according to insider rumor

The iPhone 9, perhaps coming as the iPhone SE 2, is expected to launch any day now, and while we don't know an exact launch or release date, a new rumor suggests it could be right around the corner.

Prosser states that Apple has been holding meetings to decide when to drop the iPhone 9, and at the moment it's looking like the release date could be April 22, preceded by a launch event on April 15.

That would put the iPhone 9 launch event on the same day as the Honor 30 event, just the day after the OnePlus 8 reveal, making it a pretty busy period in the phones world.

However, as Prosser points out, given the state of flux the world is in, these dates could easily get changed depending on the phone shipments and state of the US, where Apple is based, plus the various countries the phone would get shipped to for orders.

But for now, apparently the iPhone 9 launch is just around the corner.

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Image of article 'Argonne's Paul Dickman honored with nuclear waste management achievement award'

Argonne's Paul Dickman honored with nuclear waste management achievement award

He has also held senior leadership positions at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the U.S. Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration, is a member of the National Academy of Science's Nuclear and Radiation Studies Board, and recently participated in the Academy's study committee on Science and Technology for the Department of Energy's Defense Environmental Cleanup Program.

Over the course of his career at Argonne, Dickman has focused on nuclear energy, nonproliferation, and national security policy.

"Paul's work is helping to enhance U.S. leadership in the nuclear industry," said Temitope Taiwo, interim director of Argonne's Nuclear Science and Engineering division.

The award recognizes Dickman's extensive work in nuclear waste management and nuclear materials disposition in the U.S. and around the world.

Paul Dickman, a senior policy fellow at the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory, has been named a Waste Management Symposium Fellow for 2020, one of the highest achievement awards given out at the Waste Management Symposium (WMS).

Image of article 'Huawei warns of retaliation for 'slaughter' after $12 billion miss'

Huawei warns of retaliation for 'slaughter' after $12 billion miss

Huawei, the world’s largest maker of telecom equipment by revenue, released earnings for 2019, saying that it missed a target set internally by $12 billion due to a US trade ban.

The company also warned of retaliation by the Chinese government.

Why it matters: After a year of “unprecedented challenges” brought by a US ban on sales of its gear to American companies, the marquee Chinese technology company reported significantly slower profit growth and revenues which missed its own goals by a wide margin.

Details: Huawei reported revenues of RMB 858.8 billion ($123 billion) for 2019, an increase of 19.1% year on year and maintaining consistent top line growth compared with a year ago when revenue rose 19.5% on an annual basis.

Context: The US banned its companies from doing business with Huawei in May but has since issued temporary licenses to allow Huawei to continue.

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MOSS launches COVID-19 Solutions Fund [

The Mozilla Open Source Support Program (MOSS) has launched a COVID-19 Solutions Fund, which will provide awards of up to $50,000 each to open source technology projects which are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic in some way.

"As part of the COVID-19 Solutions Fund, we will accept applications that are hardware (e.g., an open source ventilator), software (e.g., a platform that connects hospitals with people who have 3D printers who can print parts for that open source ventilator), as well as software that solves for secondary effects of COVID-19 (e.g., a browser plugin that combats COVID related misinformation)."

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Should You Implement Network as a Service

One business model that has been tested and trusted to meet the needs of these companies, despite being new, is Network as a Service, or NaaS.

Network as a Service, or NaaS, is an enterprise solution that provides businesses a subscription-based virtual network service without their personal networking infrastructures.

Despite the potential growth of the NaaS market and the increased rate in its integration into several organizational business models, it is advised that companies apply caution when using this service.

Companies That Are Migrating Their Network To The Cloud Using NaaS With the increasing demand by companies to run IT infrastructures efficiently, while adding value to their clients and businesses, many have considered NaaS to be an ideal solution.

TELUS NEC Corporation and Netcracker Technology have deployed Network as a Service Business and Operational Support Solution in TELUS network infrastructure.

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Image of article 'For just $200, this Asus 144Hz 1080p FreeSync display can be yours'

For just $200, this Asus 144Hz 1080p FreeSync display can be yours

Non-gaming types will also enjoy the high refresh rate on this monitor–the aforementioned 144Hz.

However, Asus also says it's G-Sync-compatible model meaning variable refresh rates should work well with Nvidia G-Force cards, as well.

For gamers, this monitor is rocking FreeSync, AMD’s variable refresh rate technology.

If your work- (or play-) from-home setup is in need of a new monitor, we've got a great deal for you today: Newegg is selling a 27-inch Asus 1080p 144Hz monitor for $200Remove non-product link, good for $40 off its MSRP and the lowest price we can find.

This story, "For just $200, this Asus 144Hz 1080p FreeSync display can be yours" was originally published by PCWorld .

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Enable Your Employees to Securely Work from Home

Unlike before, today there are a lot of newly remote users, a lot of applications being delivered, and a lot more data traversing the cloud.

For those users operating in a remote and isolated 'new normal,' how do you ensure a productive and good experience, while maintaining network security?

In this lively 60-minute webinar, security experts Lisa Lorenzin and Bill Kleyman explain how to provide both a productive and secure work-from-home experience.

As technology thought leader, Bill was ranked #16 globally in an Onalytica study of the top 100 most influential people in the cloud landscape, and #4 in its study of top data security experts.

At Zscaler, Lisa helps customers achieve their security goals and create a seamless user experience across cloud and mobile environments.

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Image of article 'Australian Scientists Use Particle Accelerator to Speed Up Search for COVID-19 Cure'

Australian Scientists Use Particle Accelerator to Speed Up Search for COVID-19 Cure

Australian scientists are using the largest particle accelerator in the southern hemisphere to help fast-track the hunt for a vaccine against COVID-19, researchers said Tuesday.

The Australian Synchrotron in Melbourne uses intense X-rays emitted by electrons coursing through the accelerator to examine key proteins in the virus, programme director Andrew Peele told AFP.

Acting as a kind of microscope, the accelerator lets the researchers construct atomic-level 3-D maps of the proteins so they can develop drugs that bind to the virus, potentially preventing or treating the disease.

Researchers from around the world have sent the Melbourne team dozens of sample of proteins which they think might bind with the COVID-19 virus in a way that could minimise or protect from the disease, Peele said.

"Using our technology, within five minutes you can understand why a drug does or doesn't work in attaching to a COVID-19 protein," Peele said, likening the process to completing a jigsaw puzzle.

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Image of article 'Score double the minutes and data with any Tello mobile plan from $5/month'

Score double the minutes and data with any Tello mobile plan from $5/month

Tello is an affordable, prepaid service which uses Sprint's network and has a variety of plans for less than $20 monthly.

Thanks to Tello's latest deal for new and existing subscribers, you'll score double the data and twice the amount of minutes on the plan you choose through May 31!

Tello's plans are already competitively priced compared to other service providers, and today's offer really helps blow the others out of the competition.

Twice As Nice Tello is offering twice the data and twice the minutes of the plan you're subscribed to through the end of May!

Limited Time Only One of the greatest features of Tello is its ability to let you customize your service by choosing the number of minutes or amount of data you need separately from one another.

Image of article 'Apple acquires Dark Sky and will shut down their weather app for Android'

Apple acquires Dark Sky and will shut down their weather app for Android

Apple acquires Dark Sky and will shut down the weather app for Android and Wear OS Apple has always been about improving its own ecosystem and growing and improving its “walled garden,” but one app from this ecosystem that has not seen a major overhaul in quite some time is its own Weather app.

There were some alternatives, however, and one of them included Dark Sky, an alternative weather app for iOS, Android, and Wear OS.

The app has also been rebranded as “Dark Sky by Apple”.

One of the possible following steps for Apple, then, is that they might roll it into iOS natively at some point, merging it with the existing Weather app.

Dark Sky serves as a weather provider for apps and services like Carrot Weather, DuckDuckGo, Microsoft, Yelp, and more, and this will affect these apps, so it needs to be a more gradual phase-out.

Jabra launches the Evolve2 enterprise-grade headsets

With their broad UC-standard (which exist to ensure quality and reliability on audio collaboration platforms) compatibility and improved Bluetooth range, the new headsets are also ideal for interprofessional communication and teamwork.

They have been specifically designed with features such as memory-foam ear-cups, new mic technology and Hybrid ANC so as to prevent distractions and promote concentration.

Jabra may have just launched at least part of a solution to this problem with its new Evolve2 series.

Jabra has announced new editions to its collaboration- and co-working-focused Evolve series of headsets.

The Evolve2 professional headset range will become available in April 2020, from Jabra authorized dealers, select retailers or the OEM's website.

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Image of article 'GTFO's large Infection update is now available'

GTFO's large Infection update is now available

The large Infection update is now available for GTFO.

GTFO’s Infection update is live and adds additional levels to the action-horror first-person shooter through a new environment laid out over 10 new maps.

You can see some of what to expect in the developer playthrough of one of the new levels below.

If you want an idea of what to expect in the game, give our GTFO preview a read.

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Image of article 'Apple tests its secrecy somewhere new: Employee homes'

Apple tests its secrecy somewhere new: Employee homes

As part of its shift to working at home, Apple has also sent employees tips on ergonomic work setups, offered to reimburse staff for purchases of desks and computer monitors and has published responses to workers’ concerns about Covid-19.

As part of the work-from-home order, Apple has clamped down on which employees are allowed to take home future versions of software, including the next release of iOS, the platform that runs the iPhone and iPad.

In early March, in a contrast to its normal practices, Apple started allowing engineers to take home early versions of future devices to continue work during the lockdown period.

Now, working from home, some are finding it hard to adjust and there have been minor hardware development setbacks, according to Apple employees who asked not to be named talking about company matters.

To lighten the mood in an otherwise traumatic period, Apple started a contest for employees to share photos of their work from home setup.

Gamescom isn't cancelled, yet - but it will hold

Gamescom isn't cancelled, yet - but it will hold "significantly expanded" decision to be made will scale up its digital portion this year with a "significantly expanded" Opening Night Live announcement show.

The event's "Gamescom now" streaming schedule, which features demos and interviews with developers, will also be ramped up.

As for the physical show - which last year welcomed a staggering 373,000 people to Cologne's cramped convention centre - organisers said today that no final decision has yet been made.

Whether Gamescom will be held in August as normal or take the form of a digital-only event will be determined in mid-May.

Whatever form it takes, Gamescom will arguably be the most important gaming event left on the calendar following the cancellation of this year's E3 - to which it usually plays second fiddle.