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Image of article 'US Antitrust Regulators Could Target Google's Chrome Browser For Breakup'

US Antitrust Regulators Could Target Google's Chrome Browser For Breakup

Slashdot reader alternative_right shares a report from Politico:Friday Politico reported the antitrust suit against Google is likely to be filed "early next week, but without the sign-on of any Democratic attorneys general , four people familiar with the case said Friday — upending the Trump administration's hopes to enlist bipartisan support for its fight against the internet giant..."Instead a bipartisan group of states "expects to file an antitrust complaint challenging Google's search practices at a later date, the people said.

That group, led by Democratic attorneys general in Colorado and Iowa along with Nebraska's Republican attorney general, has expressed concern about what they view as the Justice Department's narrow approach to the case, the people said.

Filing a separate suit would allow more leverage if the Department of Justice negotiates a settlement with Google they don't like, they said."

Image of article 'Coinbase's New 'Direction' Is Censorship, Leaked Audio Reveals'

Coinbase's New 'Direction' Is Censorship, Leaked Audio Reveals

An anonymous reader shares a report: Brian Armstrong, CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, revealed in a late September blog post that the company would prohibit employees from debating political or social issues, deeming this a "distraction" from the company's mission.

Armstrong and Coinbase leadership, however, failed to soothe fears that this policy would police employees if they voiced opinions that did not align with Armstrong or this "silent majority."

One former Coinbase employee who left the company after the AMA and to whom Motherboard provided anonymity due to fear of industry reprisal said that these assurances were insufficient and workers feared surveillance and censorship.

Emile Choi, Coinbase's chief operating officer, explained that at least two employees were asked to delete Slack posts, and that HR head L.J. Brock "proactively reached out to employees to explain why their posts would be taken down.

One employee asked if Coinbase leadership thought that this was "taking away employee power to start a discussion except with 300 character questions" in an AMA format.

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Image of article 'Dr. Scott Gottlieb dismisses inaccurate take on CDC data cited by Trump to question Covid masks'

Dr. Scott Gottlieb dismisses inaccurate take on CDC data cited by Trump to question Covid masks

Gottlieb, a physician who led the FDA under Trump from May 2017 to April 2019, also emphasized the difference between homemade cloth masks and those of surgical quality, and the importance of wearing all masks correctly.

In a "Squawk Box" interview, Gottlieb said people should not draw conclusions that masks do not work from that CDC study, which primarily found that eating out at restaurants increases the risk of getting Covid-19.

The CDC study, published in September, has attracted attention in recent days for one of its additional data points: 85% of the participants who tested positive said they wore masks often or always.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former FDA chief in the Trump administration, told CNBC on Friday that masks are definitely effective in slowing the spread of the coronavirus.

For those reasons, Gottlieb said the U.S. should be continuing its efforts to ramp up the availability of personal protective equipment, especially N95 masks, which had seen supply shortages during the pandemic.

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Image of article 'Why some friends make you feel more supported than others'

Why some friends make you feel more supported than others

The researchers said the results of both studies show it isn't just the number of friends and family you have in your network that is important.

Results showed that those who imagined going to their tight-knit group of friends or family perceived that they would receive more support than did participants who thought about going to their unconnected friends.

Based on those answers, the researchers calculated the density of each participant's network—the closer and more interconnected their friends and family were to each other, the denser the network.

The results suggest that having a network of people to lean on is only part of what makes social support so beneficial to us, said David Lee, who led the study as a postdoctoral fellow in psychology at The Ohio State University.

Researchers found that people perceived they had more support from a group of friends or family who all knew and liked each other than from an identical number of close relationships who were not linked.

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Image of article 'Amazon selling Confederate costumes after Party City pulls them from shelves'

Amazon selling Confederate costumes after Party City pulls them from shelves

The e-commerce giant’s website features listings for a smorgasbord of “Civil War”-themed attire emblazoned with the Confederate flag.

Multiple childrens’ getups are modeled after Robert E. Lee, the Southern general whose statue was recently evicted, along with other Confederate monuments, from the Virginia Capitol in the name of racial sensitivity.

The news comes a week after Party City said it would remove two Confederate Halloween costumes from “all retail locations ASAP.”

“The Confederate flag to me is a symbol of racism,” the woman, Caroline Brasler, said.

A Party City representative added that the store in question was a franchise operation and that the costume isn’t available at any of the company’s corporate-owned branches.

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Image of article 'Crop tops or ‘republican’ dress? France debates schoolwear'

Crop tops or ‘republican’ dress? France debates schoolwear

The debate over school dress was also framed by the resurgence of the long-standing polemic over Muslim headscarves, seen as an affront to France’s secular foundations.

Two French out of three (66%) opposed students going to school braless, including 41% of younger people.

The poll of 2,027 adult men and women of all ages showed a broad opposition to such dress, with 73% of women opposed and 58% of men.

Blanquer was responding to an initiative started on social media, dubbed the Monday, Sept. 14 Movement, encouraging students to come to school in their best “provocative” or “indecent” clothes.

Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer has said that girls should go to school dressed in “a republican manner.”

The Mighty Ruth Bader Ginsburg

On and off the Supreme Court, Ginsburg used her brilliant mind and judicious temperament to fight on behalf of women who were discriminated against, people of color whose votes were suppressed, employees abused by their bosses, gay and lesbian people punished by bigots, and defendants denied due process and equal protection.

Today we should pause and realize that Ginsburg’s career was a landmark in the history of women in America.

The political fight over Scalia’s seat in 2016 will directly influence the grim, looming fight over Ginsburg’s seat, meaning the two old friends and opera aficionados will forever be linked in history as examples of the raging division that marks our politics today.

That Ginsburg died of complications from cancer on the eve of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, when the proverbial Book of Life is said to be opened, gives her remarkable life and sudden death a fitting coda.

So many today are lawyers and judges and corporate counsel, so many have obtained political office, so many devote their lives to fighting discrimination in all its forms, because of the stirring example Ginsburg set.

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Image of article 'Experts worry QAnon conspiracies are overshadowing fight against child trafficking'

Experts worry QAnon conspiracies are overshadowing fight against child trafficking

While the front-facing message of the hashtag campaign confronts the all-too-real horrors of children being sold for sex and pedophilia, many of the ideas it promotes are rooted in conspiracy theories at the center of QAnon.

Advocates for child victims have been working for years to expand public awareness surrounding sexual exploitation and trafficking, but the narrative that is being constructed around the latest viral movement has many of them worried.

One of QAnon’s core tenets is the belief that President Donald Trump is fighting a military-backed holy war against a secretive ring of satanic elites who sexually exploit children, and sometimes eat them, while being protected by a “deep state” global bureaucracy.

The issue of child sexual exploitation makes for an easy entry point into the more implausible ideologies linked to QAnon, said Whitney Phillips, an assistant professor at Syracuse University who teaches media literacy, mis- and disinformation and political communication.

Taking to the streets Many of the rallies, including those locally, don’t claim QAnon alliances and instead promote inclusivity and unity aimed at a common cause — protecting children.

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Image of article 'Latin Americans for Trump       -       A Conservative Community'

Latin Americans for Trump - A Conservative Community

ARLINGTON, Va., Aug. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Jerry W. Torres, President and CEO of La Voz de la Confianza, points out in the YouTube video entitled "Latin Americans - A Conservative Community for Trump" that U.S. Latin American communities are among America's strongest and most profoundly conservative communities in the country.

The Latin American conservative values, beliefs and visions for the United States embrace individual liberty, freedom and self-determination; family values and faith in God; economic prosperity and low taxes for all citizens; a clean and healthy natural environment; and law and order and the fair and equal application and enforcement of the rule of law for Latin Americans and all citizens.

"It is for these reasons that Latin Americans should vote for their Republican representatives at the federal, state and local levels," said Torres.

Torres is a retired U.S. Army Special Forces member and the founder, president and CEO of Torres Advanced Enterprise Solutions, LLC, now Continuity Global Jerry Torres - Speaker at Presidential Inauguration Ball Jerry W. Torres speaks at the Republican Presidential Inauguration Ball in 2005.

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Image of article 'With improving virus data, California looks to reopen again'

With improving virus data, California looks to reopen again

"We would love to see the governor make an announcement that he is reopening schools to in-person attendance all across California," said attorney Robert Tyler, whose firm has filed petitions with the California Supreme Court seeking to reopen classrooms on behalf of the Orange County Board of Education and other public and private schools.

Inclusion on the list restricts what businesses can operate, whether schools can offer classroom instruction and limits other activities, such as attending indoor religious services.

Most of California's 58 counties, including the most populous—Los Angeles—remain on a state monitoring list because they are above one or more of the benchmarks for cases, infection rates and hospitalizations.

That was echoed by the California Restaurant Association, which has seen the state's once-thriving food industry wither under restrictions that have closed indoor dining rooms and left many businesses to survive on takeout, delivery and limited outdoor seating, if they have the space.

Credit: European Centers for Disease Control California is poised to take another halting step toward normalcy with Gov. Gavin Newsom expected to announce plans for reopening businesses that were shuttered in July amid soaring coronavirus cases and hospitalizations.

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Image of article 'St. Louis Gun-Waving Lawyers Deliver Funniest Republican Convention Speech Of The Night'

St. Louis Gun-Waving Lawyers Deliver Funniest Republican Convention Speech Of The Night

It’s such a weird high horse for anyone to get on because cash bail by definition lets defendants — because they aren’t criminals at this point — back on the street.

What is it with these people and cash bail reform?

First, the fair housing rule and then Mark garbles something about defunding the police and takes a swing at “ending cash bail so criminals can be released back out on the streets the same day to riot again.”

Spoiler alert, that’s the sentiment of this speech, which will take a wild turn in the middle to complain about housing discrimination laws.

(Screenshot via Twitter) The first night of the Republican National Convention really brought it with Kimberly Guilfoyle hopped up on that Jason Statham Crank while her boyfriend spent his speech crying over the fact that his dad will never love him.

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Image of article 'Stop killing unarmed black people’ — athletes express anger over shooting of black man in Wisconsin'

Stop killing unarmed black people’ — athletes express anger over shooting of black man in Wisconsin

And now, athletes are firing off posts expressing frustration over the Blake shooting, including New Orleans Saints star wide receiver Michael Thomas and his teammate, Alvin Kamara.

In the aftermath of the death of George Floyd, more and more athletes began voicing their opinions about police brutality against people of color, and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Seven shots were fired by the police officers directed at Blake, who was unarmed, according to local officials.

Officers in Kenosha, Wisconsin shot and wounded Jacob Blake, a black man, after responding to a call about a domestic dispute.

NBA players typically have been more vocal about incidents regarding police brutality, and social issues in general, but its been mostly football players voicing their opinions as of Monday Morning.

Not Again!? Joe Biden Accused Of Plagiarizing Canadian Politician In DNC Speech

Joe Biden also called for relief for small businesses suffering from the economic impact of the coronavirus a day after Trump literally called for $50 billion in liquidity to small business owners.

In March, Joe Biden said “no efforts should be spared” to get private labs and universities working to rapidly expand testing for coronavirus.

On multiple occasions, Joe Biden plagiarized Trump’s coronavirus response plan by pitching ideas on what to do about the pandemic as his own, even though they’d already been done.

Joe Biden was accused of plagiarizing a law review article in a paper he wrote during his first year at law school, and his 1988 presidential campaign was thwarted after being accused of plagiarizing a speech by British Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock.

Joe Biden has been dogged by plagiarism accusations for years, and his Thursday night speech formally accepting the Democratic nomination for president will not go down in history as a speech he wasn’t accused of plagiarizing.

Image of article 'As Hong Kongers seek to emigrate, some simply can’t leave'

As Hong Kongers seek to emigrate, some simply can’t leave

The increase coincided with the enactment of the security law, imposed by Beijing after the mass protests that began last year, triggered by proposed extradition legislation that could have resulted in Hong Kong people facing trial in mainland Chinese courts.

Hong Kong police say the number of people requesting a certificate of no convictions — often required to apply for visas — jumped 53% between 2014, the year an earlier round of protests called the Umbrella Revolution took place, and 2019.

She joined peaceful mass protests last year and is among many younger Hong Kong residents who grew up counting on the enclave’s freedoms and hoping for greater, not less democracy.

As China's communist leaders tighten controls that many believe are stripping semi-autonomous Hong Kong of its freedoms, some families are considering moving away from the former British colony, but few can afford to.

HONG KONG -- Pamela Lam’s 6-year-old son fell in love with the Hong Kong protest anthem, ‘Glory to Hong Kong’, the first time he heard it, and he loves singing it, at home, in the shower, and sometimes on the streets.

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Image of article '2 Out Of 3 Churchgoers: It's Safe To Resume In-Person Worship'

2 Out Of 3 Churchgoers: It's Safe To Resume In-Person Worship

2 Out Of 3 Churchgoers: It's Safe To Resume In-Person Worship Five months after the coronavirus forced houses of worship across the country to close their doors, a new survey finds that two-thirds of regular churchgoers feel it's now safe to resume in-person worship.

The Pew Research Survey nonetheless found that an overwhelming majority of U.S. adults also believe that houses of worship should be subject to the same restrictions on public gatherings that apply to other organizations or businesses in their local area.

Among the respondents to the Pew survey who said they previously attended worship services at least once a month, 6% said their congregations were operating just as they had before the coronavirus outbreak.

Of those who do anticipate a change, some said they will be more inclined to attend church when life returns to normal, with a smaller margin saying they will be less likely to go back to worship.

With respect to religious groups, the Pew survey found that Catholics and evangelical Protestants are more ready than other Christians to return to regular worship.

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Image of article 'Washington Farmworkers Ask State Supreme Court For Overtime Pay'

Washington Farmworkers Ask State Supreme Court For Overtime Pay

"To say that these laws were created with these racial undertones is detracting from the issue at hand," said Bre Elsey, with the Washington State Farm Bureau.

But Washington would be the first state to extend overtime to farmworkers through the courts.

"If we establish here in Washington state that these exclusions are informed by their racist origins," Isley said, "advocates and farmworkers in other states would be able to bring similar challenges where they are."

Elaine Thompson / AP hide caption toggle caption Elaine Thompson / AP Mount Adams rises in the distance beyond the largely agricultural Yakima Valley, in Yakima, Wash.

During harvest, the Carpenter family farm employs 300 to 400 people, who work 70 or more hours a week to get hops off the vine at just the right time.

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Heffner column: Telling the story

Numerous parents have spoken about their children’s interest in the larger social issues receiving attention such as the protests for racial justice and the role of the police.

A serious problem is parents being put in the position of decision maker about something as central as whether to send children back to school in order to return to work, or to stay home out of concern for children’s health.

Children are being restricted from what had been the major ingredients of their lives, school, playmates, park activities.

What story can parents tell their children to help them make sense of the changes in their lives during this time?

Many images appear on our TV screen, some of which may be frightening to a young child.

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Image of article 'The global march of face masks: A mirror on humanity'

The global march of face masks: A mirror on humanity

As such, like other human habits, the mask has become a mirror on humanity.

Yet also apparent from outbreaks of fierce resistance to masks, especially in democracies, is this: Plenty of people don’t like being told what to do and distrust the scientific evidence that masks curb contamination.

The country has reported over 3,100 infections and 43 deaths, and senior officials have made public appeals for people to stick to mask wearing and social distancing.

The same human reflexes that cause people to size up each other’s fashion choices, haircuts and alike on first meeting are now instinctively applied to masks, too.

Yu Jungyul, a child-health worker in Seoul, South Korea, says she has to nag her husband to wear one, telling him: “‘We have to wear masks for other people now, rather than only for ourselves.

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Image of article 'Netflix Pulls Show as Turkey Objects to Gay Character'

Netflix Pulls Show as Turkey Objects to Gay Character

It is not the first time Netflix has been pulled up over the issue in Turkey - in April, unfounded speculation that another show, Love 101, would feature an openly gay character led to calls on social media for a boycott.

"I believe that Netflix, with deeper determination, will show greater sensitivity towards Turkish culture and arts."

Mahir Unal, spokesman for Turkey's ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), tweeted that he thought Netflix would now show "greater sensitivity", apparently referring to the incident.

"Netflix remains deeply committed to our Turkish members and the creative community in Turkey," the spokesman said in an email in which he also confirmed the decision to stop filming.

Netflix axed a Turkish drama series after the government denied it a filming licence over a gay character, a spokesman for the streaming service confirmed on Tuesday.

Image of article 'Free From Stanford: Ethical and Social Issues in Natural Language Processing'

Free From Stanford: Ethical and Social Issues in Natural Language Processing

Perhaps it's time to take a look at this relatively new offering from Stanford, Ethical and Social Issues in Natural Language Processing (CS384), an advanced seminar course covering ethical and social issues in NLP.

Perhaps you have used the course material from Stanford's Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning to hone this additional particular set of skills.

If you have previously toured some of these other courses, perhaps it's time to take a look at this relatively new offering from Stanford, Ethical and Social Issues in Natural Language Processing (CS384), an advanced seminar course covering "issues in natural language processing related to ethical and social issues and the overall impact of these algorithms on people and society."

Given the importance of ethics and social issues to so much of what data science and machine learning touches, and relatedly (and by extension) natural language processing, a course like this one should be perceived by all as being on equal footing as courses which transmit the technical know-how needed to practice and perform research in these areas.

Numerous resources, including books and other courses, are now raising ethics and social issues to equal status, but devoted courses such as Stanford's Ethical and Social Issues in Natural Language Processing (CS384) are worthy of independent study.

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Image of article 'New Study Reveals What Workers Really Think About HR (and It's not Good News'

New Study Reveals What Workers Really Think About HR (and It's not Good News

The career experts at Zety decided to dive into the topic and polled 926 employees across the U.S. to see what they think of HR, whether or not they trust HR professionals to fight their corner, and what issues they are or aren't willing to report to them.

Here's a quick rundown of five situations where employees will approach HR for help: Issues with payroll and benefits (82 percent) Reversing a managerial decision (31 percent) Being passed over for promotion (28 percent) Résumé advice (24 percent) Legal advice (18 percent) Now, why do payroll and benefits issues stand out so much in the figures above?

Note that a full 82 percent of the respondents would approach their HR department about this compared to the next most popular response (reversing a managerial decision), which is only 31 percent.

Here are some of the results: HR focuses on procedures rather than people (52 percent disagree) HR is trustworthy (50 percent disagree) HR is up-to-date on technology (43 percent disagree) HR has the information you need readily available (42 percent disagree) HR provides valuable career planning advice (44 percent disagree) And if those figures aren't bad enough, according to Zety's data, a whopping 69 percent of respondents didn't believe that HR sides with the employee.

The conclusion seems clear: Most American employees consider HR departments unhelpful and don't view HR practitioners as partners fighting in their corner.

The legal cannabis industry must reckon with systemic racism

The legal and medical cannabis industry has long been complicit in the systemic oppression of Black people.

A by American Civil Liberties Union this year concluded that even though white people and Black people consume cannabis at “roughly equal” rates, Black people are 3.64 times as likely to be arrested for marijuana possession.

In 2017, Black entrepreneurs made up roughly 4.3 percent of cannabis business owners, Marijuana Business Daily reported.

If you have a felony conviction for marijuana possession, you'll have a rough time obtaining a cannabis business license in many states.

A staggering majority of cannabis brands are founded by white people, while Black people continue to be criminalized for possessing it.

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What's Happening With Coronavirus? 7 Things You Need to Know

5) Complicating matters further, a National Bureau of Economic Research study suggests that because so many people stayed home during the disruptions, to quote the Dispatch, “social distancing increased on the whole in cities with major protests during the days when those protests were at their fiercest.”

Even though New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio and authorities in a few other big cities have asked contact tracers not to inquire into protest‐​related transmissions, that policy does not seem to have been adopted widely enough to keep a pattern of large‐​scale protest spread from showing up, if there is one.

Despite scattered reports of positive test results among protesters and police, cases actually traced with any confidence to outdoor transmission during George Floyd protests appear to be few.

4) Outdoor transmission, on the other hand, whether in recreational or protest settings, continues to yield few if any well‐​documented U.S. outbreaks.

COVID-19 new case numbers have spiked in the past couple of weeks, led mostly by warmer states (Arizona, Texas, California, the Southeast) and — this is new — by infections among 20–29 year olds.

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Image of article 'This AI detects political affiliation just by reading tweets about COVID-19'

This AI detects political affiliation just by reading tweets about COVID-19

Joe Biden said he would make wearing a mask in public compulsory, furthering himself on the issue from President Trump, who has stressed that masks are voluntary and has flouted public health recommendations.

“We found that once the parties started to figure out the political implications of the issue, polarization was evident in the tweets pretty quickly,” said study co-author Jon Green.

[Read: Democrats counter Trump’s fake coronavirus news with AI that fought ISIS propaganda] In the week following the first mention of COVID-19, the algorithm struggled to determine whether a Republican or a Democrat had written the tweets.

Researchers from Ohio State University trained the algorithm to guess which political party members of Congress belonged to by analyzing their tweets about the pandemic.

As the researchers put in their paper: Given the high levels of polarization in the American electorate, citizens are less likely to change their behavior in ways that correspond to the consensus of public health experts if there is not a political consensus that such changes are necessary.

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