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Image of article 'Samsung Galaxy A10s Reportedly Starts Receiving Android 10 Update'

Samsung Galaxy A10s Reportedly Starts Receiving Android 10 Update

Samsung Galaxy A10s is now in the news for reportedly receiving its Android 10 update.

Samsung had launched the Samsung Galaxy A10s in August last year as its budget offering.

It is not known as to when the Samsung Galaxy A10s will get the Android 10 update in India.

The new update is also said to bring the March 2020 security update to the Samsung Galaxy A10s, along with the latest software enhancements.

Samsung had brought the Galaxy A10s to India in August 2019 as its budget offering.

Image of article 'Zoom Under Scrutiny in the US Over Privacy Concerns, Porn Hacks'

Zoom Under Scrutiny in the US Over Privacy Concerns, Porn Hacks

Using the hashtag "zoombombed," social media users have testified that they suddenly saw pornographic or racist images on their screens while using the app.

The FBI listed two examples where hackers had "Zoom-bombed" schools which have closed because of the deadly virus and which are now teaching classes online.

New York Attorney General Letitia James sent a letter to the in-vogue California enterprise "with a number of questions to ensure the company is taking appropriate steps to ensure users' privacy and security," a spokesman said.

Video conferencing app Zoom, which has seen its popularity skyrocket in the coronavirus pandemic, is in hot water after users complained to the FBI of being startled by porn during meetings.

The FBI recommended that Zoom users make all meetings private and avoid screen sharing to combat would-be hackers.

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Image of article 'Growth in global IT spending may fall by 2020-end but presents opportunities: IDC'

Growth in global IT spending may fall by 2020-end but presents opportunities: IDC

New Delhi: Growth in global IT spending is expected to reduce by 3-4 per cent by the end of 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, but it also presents an opportunity to IT vendors to step-up as consulting partners for their clients, research firm IDC said on Wednesday.

It has also given an opportunity for IT vendors to test some concepts of 'Future of Work' and some of them might become mainstream as the dust settles, IDC noted.

It also provides an opportunity to IT vendors to step-up as consulting partners to hand-hold their clients in helping them sail through the crisis, it added.

On the other hand, it has provided an opportunity to IT vendors to test their resilience on business continuity, remote connectivity, and security as they look at innovative ways to service their clients.

IDC expects the adoption of collaborative applications growing at a rapid pace after the COVID-19 outbreak.

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Image of article 'Zoom Meetings Aren't End      -      to      -      End Encrypted, Despite Misleading Marketing'

Zoom Meetings Aren't End - to - End Encrypted, Despite Misleading Marketing

An anonymous reader shares a report: Zoom, the video conferencing service whose use has spiked amid the Covid-19 pandemic, claims to implement end-to-end encryption, widely understood as the most private form of internet communication, protecting conversations from all outside parties.

In fact, Zoom is using its own definition of the term, one that lets Zoom itself access unencrypted video and audio from meetings.

With millions of people around the world working from home in order to slow the spread of the coronavirus, business is booming for Zoom, bringing more attention on the company and its privacy practices, including a policy, later updated, that seemed to give the company permission to mine messages and files shared during meetings for the purpose of ad targeting.

Still, Zoom offers reliability, ease of use, and at least one very important security assurance: As long as you make sure everyone in a Zoom meeting connects using "computer audio" instead of calling in on a phone, the meeting is secured with end-to-end encryption, at least according to Zoom's website, its security white paper, and the user interface within the app.

But despite this misleading marketing, the service actually does not support end-to-end encryption for video and audio content, at least as the term is commonly understood.

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How to: AWS Service Endpoints via Terraform for fun and profit

Now the VPC will be able to route the private Lambda's outbound HTTPS request to the SQS service.

Next I created a Lambda function; assigning it to the private subnet and the security group that are contained inside the VPC.

Here is what a Service Endpoint network configuration looks like: Leveraging Terraform (0.12.24 at time of writing) I configured a basic VPC, a single AZ with a private subnet, and a wide open Security Group.

Here is what a NAT Gateway network configuration looks like: The new kid on the block, Service Endpoints enable the ability to access supported services from within a private subnet with major benefits over NAT implementations.

While it may seem a little weird at first Service Endpoints are a great way to attach supported AWS services into a VPC's private subnet(s).

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Image of article 'Houseparty Announces $1 Million Bounty for Proof of Sabotage'

Houseparty Announces $1 Million Bounty for Proof of Sabotage

Soon after the rumours of getting hacked surfaced by purported Houseparty users, a number of people started deleting the app from their phones.

Several people on Twitter claimed that some of the other apps available on their phones were locked out after downloading Houseparty.

The official Twitter account of the Houseparty app on Tuesday announced the $1 million bounty for producing the proof of the smear campaign.

Well, these are some of the questions that Houseparty users are grappling with right now due to various rumours and reports highlighting vulnerability in the video chat app.

“One likely scenario is that the Houseparty app is the last app many users may have installed and registered using the same credentials as other apps, such as Netflix, Spotify and countless others,” said John Shier, Senior Security Advisor, Sophos.

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Image of article 'Apple’s iOS 14 may turn iCloud Keychain into a true 1Password and LastPass competitor'

Apple’s iOS 14 may turn iCloud Keychain into a true 1Password and LastPass competitor

Apple’s native iOS password manager may be getting an overhaul later this year with the presumed release of iOS 14 that will make it more competitive with third-party options like 1Password and LastPass, reports 9to5Mac.

But it doesn’t have reminders for changing those passwords like competitors do, and it doesn’t support two-factor authentication (2FA) options.

According to 9to5Mac, which says the new features are part of an early build of the upcoming OS release, Apple will be adding both password changing recommendations and 2FA support.

But 9to5Mac says the goal is to remove reliance on SMS and email as secondary verification options, given the rise of SIM hacking and other more commonplace methods for bypassing weaker 2FA.

This could be good news for people eager to avoid pricey subscription services; both 1Password and LastPass charge upwards of $35 for annual access to more security-focused features like 2FA support.

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Image of article 'This startup made a coronavirus knowledge graph to help doctors with diagnosis'

This startup made a coronavirus knowledge graph to help doctors with diagnosis

As coronavirus infections continue to spread, doctors and researchers are looking for new tools that can help them with better and faster diagnosis.

Kahun, an Israel-based medtech startup, has released a new COVID-19 tool designed to help doctors make quicker decisions.

window.jwLibrary = "chM58Ml7"; [Read: Chinese security guards use smart glasses to find people with coronavirus] Kahun’s research team trained the AI model to analyze these papers and give a score of probability as an output.

Dr. Michal Tzuchman-Katz, one of the co-founders of Kahun, said that the knowledge graph is updated in real-time as more research related to coronavirus becomes available.

Credit: KahunKahun’s coronavirus tool with knowledge graph Recently, Google released free coronavirus datasets to help come up with new models related to the epidemic ahead.

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Image of article 'Argonne's Paul Dickman honored with nuclear waste management achievement award'

Argonne's Paul Dickman honored with nuclear waste management achievement award

He has also held senior leadership positions at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the U.S. Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration, is a member of the National Academy of Science's Nuclear and Radiation Studies Board, and recently participated in the Academy's study committee on Science and Technology for the Department of Energy's Defense Environmental Cleanup Program.

Over the course of his career at Argonne, Dickman has focused on nuclear energy, nonproliferation, and national security policy.

"Paul's work is helping to enhance U.S. leadership in the nuclear industry," said Temitope Taiwo, interim director of Argonne's Nuclear Science and Engineering division.

The award recognizes Dickman's extensive work in nuclear waste management and nuclear materials disposition in the U.S. and around the world.

Paul Dickman, a senior policy fellow at the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory, has been named a Waste Management Symposium Fellow for 2020, one of the highest achievement awards given out at the Waste Management Symposium (WMS).

Samsung Galaxy S20 series is already receiving the April security update

Samsung has recently had an interesting track record regarding Android security updates, which have at times come out before Google had a chance to release them for its Pixels.

The Galaxy S20 family is now receiving an update that includes the April 2020 security patch level.

Aside from the new security fixes, the new software also packs some general camera improvements.

The build number is G98x0ZHU1ATCT, where "x" is to be a different digit according to which of the three S20 iterations you have.

So while the April security patch will probably make it to every S20 out there pretty soon, this specific update may not.

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Image of article 'Crafty Web Skimming Domain Spoofs “https” — Krebs on Security'

Crafty Web Skimming Domain Spoofs “https” — Krebs on Security

ps” at HTML search service shows this code is present on nearly a dozen other sites, including a music instrument retailer, an herbal pharmacy shop in Europe, and a business in Spain that sells programmable logic controllers — expensive computers and circuit boards designed to control large industrial operations.

Here’s what a portion of the login page looked like until earlier today when you right-clicked on the page and selected “view-source”: Viewing the HTML source for the malicious link highlighted in the screenshot above reveals the obfuscated card-skimming code, a snippet of which is pictured below: A simple search on the malicious domain “http[.]

While such Web site card skimming attacks are not new, this intrusion leveraged a sneaky new domain that hides quite easily in a hacked site’s source code: “http[.]

Earlier today, KrebsOnSecurity alerted the 10th largest food distributor in the United States that one of its Web sites had been hacked and retrofitted with code that steals credit card and login data.

Segura says there are two ways e-commerce sites are being compromised here: Malwarebytes assesses that the tricks this domain uses to obfuscate the malicious code are tied to various site-hacking malware campaigns dating back to 2016.

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Image of article 'US Government Sites Give Bad Security Advice — Krebs on Security'

US Government Sites Give Bad Security Advice — Krebs on Security

For instance, while the sites for the GSA, the Department of Labor, Department of Transportation, and Department of Veterans Affairs all include the same wording, those for the Commerce Department and Justice Department are devoid of the misleading text, stating: “This site is also protected by an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate that’s been signed by the U.S. government.

Here’s the deal: The https:// part of an address (also called “Secure Sockets Layer” or SSL) merely signifies the data being transmitted back and forth between your browser and the site is encrypted and cannot be read by third parties.

For example, the official U.S. Census Bureau website carries a message that reads, “An official Web site of the United States government.

Many U.S. government Web sites now carry a message prominently at the top of their home pages meant to help visitors better distinguish between official U.S. government properties and phishing pages.

Other federal sites — like, and — simply have the “An official website of the United States government” declaration at the top, without offering any tips about how to feel better about that statement.

Pandemic impact report: Security leaders weigh in

Despite the high levels of confidence that their security infrastructures are up to the task at hand, 22% of organizations have found themselves out shopping for new security solutions/services to address the new work dynamic.

While only 54% of survey respondents indicated that their pandemic/ resiliency plans had them prepared for the current situation, 67% indicated that their security infrastructure was fully prepared for the range of risks associated with the new operating environment.

While 81% of respondents expressed confidence that their existing security infrastructure could handle their employees working from home, 61% were more concerned about security risks targeting WFH employees today than they were three months ago.

Some of what we learned was expected (e.g., vastly increased numbers of employees working from home); some was disturbing (26% are seeing increased attacks in the wake of the pandemic); and some was profound (our perception and understanding of risk will be changed for years to come).

Across all vertical industries and company sizes, 73% of survey respondents say they believe that the impact of this pandemic will alter the way their business evaluates risk for at least the .

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Enable Your Employees to Securely Work from Home

Unlike before, today there are a lot of newly remote users, a lot of applications being delivered, and a lot more data traversing the cloud.

For those users operating in a remote and isolated 'new normal,' how do you ensure a productive and good experience, while maintaining network security?

In this lively 60-minute webinar, security experts Lisa Lorenzin and Bill Kleyman explain how to provide both a productive and secure work-from-home experience.

As technology thought leader, Bill was ranked #16 globally in an Onalytica study of the top 100 most influential people in the cloud landscape, and #4 in its study of top data security experts.

At Zscaler, Lisa helps customers achieve their security goals and create a seamless user experience across cloud and mobile environments.

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Image of article 'Use the lockdown to introduce your parents to tech; here are some tips'

Use the lockdown to introduce your parents to tech; here are some tips

Most misleading news and disinformation are spread via social media feeds that appear in your Facebook feed, WhatsApp groups, YouTube or Twitter timeline.

Once they start using Facebook, WhatsApp, Gmail or e-payment apps like Paytm, online privacy becomes more important.

Cybersecurity in the times of coronavirus: Here’s how to stay safe How to use Video calling In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, when everything is shut and there is no way to meet friends or relatives in-person, the best way to connect with your loved ones is through video calling.

Guide them on how to discover new videos on the platform and share them on Facebook or WhatsApp.

The best advice you can give to your aging parents who are new to social media platforms is how to identify fake news and disinformation.

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Image of article 'Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide To Cybersecurity Bundle Is Up For A Huge Discount For A Few Hours     -     Avail Now'

Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide To Cybersecurity Bundle Is Up For A Huge Discount For A Few Hours - Avail Now

Wccftech is offering a massive discount offer on the Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Cybersecurity Bundle.

Comprehensive Beginner's Guide to Cybersecurity Bundle features The bundle is extensive and in just a few hours, you will be able to set up firewalls for yourself and your organization.

With these beginner level courses, you will be able to get started in a cybersecurity career and you will be well on your way to earn big bucks.

Here are highlights of what the Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Cybersecurity Bundle has in store for you: Absolute Beginners Guide to Cybersecurity, Part 1: Basic Concepts Gain Fundamental Knowledge Jump Start Your Career as an InfoSec Professional Absolute Beginners Guide to Cybersecurity, Part 2: Networks Privacy Develop Your Basic Cybersecurity Skills Prepare Yourself for Entry-Level Roles Absolute Beginners Guide to Cybersecurity, Part 3: Mobile Security Basic to Advanced Techniques to Protect Mobile Devices Against Malware Hackers The Absolute Beginners Guide to Personal Cyber Security The Most Effective Tools Strategies to Ensure Your Privacy Online The courses have been designed by Alexander Oni.

Original Price Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Cybersecurity Bundle: $800 Wccftech Discount Price Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Cybersecurity Bundle: Share Submit

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Image of article 'Microsoft to remove TLS 1.0 and 1.1 from Edge in July, IE and Edge Legacy in September'

Microsoft to remove TLS 1.0 and 1.1 from Edge in July, IE and Edge Legacy in September

For Internet Explorer 11 and Edge Legacy (the EdgeHTML-powered version), support for these versions will be disabled by default starting on September 8, when the company will release its monthly Windows updates on Patch Tuesday.

For the Chromium-based of Microsoft Edge, support for these legacy versions of TLS will be removed with version 84 at the earliest, and that's currently planned for release in July.

Microsoft also announced today that it will be skipping version 82 of the Edge browser because of this situation.

Most major web browsers are preparing to drop support for legacy versions of the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol, as they can pose a security risk compared to newer versions.

Most websites are already using newer versions of TLS, so end users aren't likely to encounter any major issues when support for older versions is removed.

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Image of article 'Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) gets Android 10 update: Check details'

Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) gets Android 10 update: Check details

The latest Android 10 update is currently being rolled out to the 4G models of the Samsung Galaxy Fold in France.

Besides, Samsung also recently released the Android 10 update for its first foldable smartphone – Galaxy Fold.

This means that this might be the last major Android software update for this device.

Apart from the Android 10 features, the newly released software update adds security patch for the month of March.

The Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) smartphone has started receiving the latest Android 10 OS update.

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Image of article 'The best VPNs for staying home in the UK'

The best VPNs for staying home in the UK

We've been banging on about VPNs for years, and now the world has opened its eyes to how great these services are for boosting online security and bypassing geo-restrictions.

The message is: VPNs are vital for both work and play at home.

The first thing you're likely to notice when you begin the hunt for a VPN is just how many services there are to consider.

Fast connection speeds — the best VPNs offer servers in countries all around the world, ensuring that you get a fast and reliable connection for when you need it most.

These are the best VPNs for staying home in 2020.

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Image of article 'A YouTube Modder Stuffed an N64 Into an Oversized Game Boy Advanced Case'

A YouTube Modder Stuffed an N64 Into an Oversized Game Boy Advanced Case

A YouTuber who goes by GmanModz followed that thought process and stuffed a Nintendo 64 into a custom-printed oversized Game Boy Advance case, and boy, it looks terrific.

To accomplish the black magic of making a portal Nintendo 64, GmanModz had to remove the N64’s PIF chip and rewire it elsewhere.

The PIF chip is responsible for interfacing with controllers and handling security measures found on N64 game cartridges, but its location makes modding difficult.

It runs along the edge of the motherboard and takes up enough space to limit how small you can make an N64 mod.

He 3D printed a large case in the style of the Game Boy Advanced SP, added controls and buttons, and even used springs from original Game Boy hardware to help with hinge duties.

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Introducing ManualBox project

One of the major security features of the QubesOS is the file vaults, where access to specific files can only happen via user input in the GUI applet.

I was hoping to have similar access control to important dotfiles with passwords, ssh private keys, and other similar files on my regular desktop system.

Now, if you try to access any file, the tool will show a system notification, and you can either Allow or Deny via the following dialog.

Every time you allow file access, it shows the notification message via the system tray icon.

Note: If you open the mounted directory path from a GUI file browser, you will get too many notifications, as these browsers will open the file many times separately.

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PETA Asks U.S. Marines to Stop Drinking Snake Blood During Training

In 1993 PETA called upon the U.S. Army's Dugway Proving Ground to stop using live animals in survival training and that resulted in the Army canceling that portion of the training program.

This is not the first time the animal rights group, which was found in 1980 in Rockville, Maryland, has done battle with the U.S. military.

In the letter to General Berg, Shalin G. Gala, vice president of international laboratory methods at PETA wrote, "Clearly, there are precedents for troops to learn food procurement survival skills without having to use live animals in abhorrent training drills."

More than 5,500 U.S. military personnel reportedly took part in the most recent Cobra Gold exercises, which featured components on cybersecurity, amphibious assault, combined arms live-fire and humanitarian assistance.

Since it was founded on November 10, 1775, the United States Marines Corps has faced a variety of threats and foes – and the latest is the animal rights group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), which sent a letter to Marine Commandant General David H. Berger in which it denounced the "crude killing of animals during the annual Cobra Gold 2020 military exercise."

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No honour among thieves - how cybercriminals are exploiting the ongoing pandemic

With so many employees working remotely, social engineering attackers could more convincingly call into the help desk to get user credentials reset, as this would be chalked down to a common hiccough associated with the onboarding of a significant number of remote access users.

As the scale of the need to support remote workers appeared so quickly, it’s possible that in the rush to get more remote access appliances online as quickly as possible, organisations may have bypassed traditional security reviews and change management procedures.

Whilst flexible working policies have been part and parcel of the modern workplace for some time, the sudden introduction of remote access solutions at scale is introducing additional work and complexity to an already overworked IT and security staff.

Our security research teams have identified a number of instances where bad actors are preying on the worries of the public, tainting the good work of people and institutions trying to help, and taking advantage of our increasingly remote workforce for profit.

Network changes during a crisis are difficult, and may not be seen as top priority, so many organisations unaccustomed to supporting a large number of remote workers may well have been left vulnerable.

Image of article 'Perceive Redefines What Is Possible in a Device With Breakthrough Ergo Chip'

Perceive Redefines What Is Possible in a Device With Breakthrough Ergo Chip

Edge is Perceive’s first product, an edge inference processor that claims to bring breakthrough accuracy and performance to consumer devices such as security cameras, smart appliances, and mobile phones.

Perceive develops breakthrough neural network inference solutions that push the performance-accuracy-power envelope, while protecting the security and privacy of consumers.

So, at the helm of Perceive, a new edge inference solutions company, he debuted Ergo, a breakthrough edge inference processor.

“Everyone wants smarter devices but until now, only the cloud has provided the requisite accuracy,” is what Steve Teig, Chief Executive Officer of Perceive, realized and was underlining a bigger problem: cloud-based solutions come with privacy concerns.

Along with their chip, the company will put a complete solution in the hands of OEMs, including reference boards, as well as standard imaging and audio inferencing applications for common inferencing tasks.

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