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Image of article 'The Personality Trait That Makes Every Photographer Better'

The Personality Trait That Makes Every Photographer Better

You can spend a lot of time studying techniques, reading gear reviews, and viewing the work of other photographers, but a certain personality trait is probably more important than any of those for becoming a better photographer.

This great video discusses that trait and why it can help you improve as a photographer.

Coming to you from James Popsys, this awesome video discusses the importance of being willing to be persistent and consistent in going out to photograph, even if you have no guarantees of coming home with usable images.

It can certainly be tempting to stay home and wait for only the most ideal conditions, but that does not really help you improve as a photographer as much as consistent practice, even (and perhaps especially) when conditions are less than perfect.

Furthermore, shooting in less-than-ideal conditions can help you learn to create compelling images no matter what you have to work with and can even help you shoot more original photos by embracing scenarios other photographers might choose to skip.

Image of article 'Oracle And Walmart To Acquire 20% Stake In TikTok, Trump Gives His ‘Blessing'

Oracle And Walmart To Acquire 20% Stake In TikTok, Trump Gives His ‘Blessing

Crucial Quote In its press release, Oracle said it will “combine its secure cloud technology with continuous code reviews, monitoring, and auditing to provide unprecedented assurance that U.S. TikTok user data is private and secure.”

The partnership will create a new company, TikTok Global, that will go public in less than 12 months on a U.S. exchange, and over time “U.S. ownership of TikTok Global will increase and continue to grow,” according to a joint statement from both Oracle and Walmart.

As part of the deal, Oracle will serve as TikTok’s “secure cloud technology provider” and Walmart will be a commercial partner by entering “into commercial agreements to provide our e-commerce, fulfillment, payments and other omnichannel services to TikTok Global,” Walmart said in a statement.

Topline Oracle and Walmart have agreed to acquire a 20% stake in TikTok’s global business as part of a pre-IPO financing round, the ByteDance owned video-sharing platform announced in a press release on Saturday, moments after President Donald Trump told the press that he had given his “blessing” to the deal.

Earlier this week Bloomberg had reported that Oracle will get full access to TikTok’s source code and updates to ensure the platform’s Chinese parent cannot add any security backdoors to access data from the app’s U.S. users.

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Gramicci Experiments With Functional Materials For FW20

Continuing in the same vein as its hi-tech Spring/Summer 2020 offering, Japanese label Gramicci has unveiled its Fall/Winter 2020 performance collection; an ensemble of forward-thinking, functional garments designed for the outdoors.

Renowned for its use of practical materials, the collection spanns Cordura fabrics, RENU polyester, three-layer waterproofs and double-woven nylons.

Completing the collection is a selection of three-layer technical pants, windproof fleece switch pants and accessories, all designed with functionality in mind.

Utilising similar materials to the aforementioned, this more everyday offering features a wider array of outerwear and technical pieces, as well as a selection of packable garments in the form of shorts and backpacks.

Both of the FW20 Gramicci collections are available now via the Gramicci Japan webstore.

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Image of article 'From George Eliot to Neo-Nazi Skinheads: The Chaotic Cult of Richard Wagner'

From George Eliot to Neo-Nazi Skinheads: The Chaotic Cult of Richard Wagner

“One danger inherent in the incessant linking of Wagner to Hitler,” Ross says, “is that it hands the Führer a belated cultural victory — exclusive possession of the composer he loved.”

Not a single utterance of Hitler’s includes a reference to Wagner’s writings on the Jews, and anyone familiar with “The Ring” knows that the marriage of capitalism and fascism that underlies Nazi ideology is utterly at odds with Wagner’s anarchic societal vision.

Both Cather and Woolf had their own “shock of recognition” encounters with Wagner and wove their responses intricately into their fiction in ways more cleareyed and less besotted than many of the men.

Ross takes a deep dive into the psyches of Joyce, Proust, Mann and T. S. Eliot and returns with revelations, particularly in the case of “Ulysses” and “Finnegans Wake,” that may surprise even the most ardent scholar for the extent to which each of them was influenced by Wagner.

The “chaotic posthumous cult” that came to be known as Wagnerism was well underway even before the composer’s death in 1883, and Ross charts how differently Wagner was embraced in different countries.

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Doom 2 goes Warhammer 40k in this full conversion mod

Literally all of the non-military population of Vraks Prime died in the crossfire, so whatever story Trench Foot tells, don’t hold out for that happy ending.

If you’ve been playing the latest Doom, Doom Eternal, you can add Horde Mode with this mod.

Some other noteworthy mods the old PC games have spawned include a remake of Spaceballs, Borderlands (or BorderDoom, as it were), and remakes of both in the style of Doom 3.

Trench Foot is a full conversion Doom 2 mod that turns the FPS game into a bloody hellscape of religious idolatry.

Doom has always had a bit of that Warhammer 40,000-style grimdark science fiction too it, and this mod makes that influence a bit more literal.

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Image of article 'Controversy Turned ‘Cuties’ Into One Of Netflix’s Most Popular Movies'

Controversy Turned ‘Cuties’ Into One Of Netflix’s Most Popular Movies

If anything, the film follows the formula of Mean Girls, where our naive protagonist becomes the villain of her own story by acting out in ways that put even her new (more socially aware) friends at a distance.

While the film played without incident (and mostly positive reviews) at this year’s Sundance festival, the Netflix poster (which was not the original theatrical artwork) inspired instant condemnation, not just at the poster itself (which presented its four pre-teen stars wearing stereotypical dance recital outfits) but the unseen movie.

Alas, thanks to the controversy, Cuties, a foreign-language coming-of-age melodrama about a young girl who is torn between her traditionalist family and her provocative new friends, is now the fourth-biggest movie on the site.

After an initial firestorm of displeasure over the initial poster for Netflix’s NFLX Cuties brought the film into the public eye, online outrage started up all over again when the film actually debuted on the streaming site this past Wednesday.

The film is not and never was intended as pedophilia propaganda or pedo-bait or any other slur you want to throw at it and it wouldn’t have even found much of an audience if not for online controversy (fueled by SEO-friendly media coverage) over its initial poster and now, via out-of-context screenshots, the movie itself.

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Bose announces 3 new sunglasses with speakers built-in

Back in 2018, Bose released its first set of glasses — that is, sunglasses with speakers in them.

The line consists of two fashion-oriented models, the Frames Tenor and Soprano, and the more sporty Frames Tempo — meant for cycling, hiking, and the like.

The glasses also come with polarized lenses and are prescription-ready; Bose says they “look, fit, and perform like the world’s acclaimed sunglasses for outdoor sports and daily wear.”

Credit: Bose The Tenor and Soprano include 16mm speakers and Bose says it’s improved bass response in particular.

Fancy glasses aside, the company also announced its new take on an AirPods competitor, the $179.95 Bose Sport Earbuds and the $279.95 Bose QuietComfort Earbuds.For more gear, gadget, and hardware news and reviews, follow Plugged on Twitter and Flipboard.

Image of article 'The Eiffel Tower Is the Most Complained About Attraction, According to a New Study'

The Eiffel Tower Is the Most Complained About Attraction, According to a New Study

The study also looked at the names of people who registered the negative reviews (or at least the names they use on Tripadvisor), verifying that Kim and Karen are the most common female names for those who complained.

That formula put the Eiffel Tower ahead of the rest, with 19,303 negative reviews and 24,129 minutes (or 402 hours) spent writing those complaints.

While the Eiffel Tower leads the list by a healthy margin in terms of hours spent writing negative reviews, the Parisian landmark is followed by the Colosseum, Big Ben, Pyramids of Giza, Statue of Liberty, Hollywood sign, Sydney Opera House, Taj Mahal, Berlin Wall, and Grand Canyon’s South Rim.

The company’s study looked solely at the negative reviews of popular global attractions, noting the number of complaints, as well as the time spent writing them.

According to a new study, people have spent 402 hours writing negative reviews about the Paris landmark on Tripadvisor — and they’re likely to be named Kim or Paul.

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Image of article 'Antipsychotic prescriptions haven't budged in 10+ years despite recommendations to curb use'

Antipsychotic prescriptions haven't budged in 10+ years despite recommendations to curb use

While fewer prescriptions were issued for antipsychotics in 2014, people prescribed these drugs in 2002-4 were still likely to be taking them 10 years later, they point out, adding: "Adults with intellectual disabilities need frequent and careful medication reviews."

To find out whether antipsychotic prescribing patterns have changed, the researchers looked at the number of psychotropic drugs prescribed to people with intellectual disabilities living in Greater Glasgow, and associated mental ill health diagnoses, over a period of 10 years.

Experts have voiced concerns over the use of antipsychotics in people with intellectual disabilities because the drugs have various disabling, painful and disfiguring side effects, some of which can be life threatening, such as tardive dyskinesia (which causes stiff, jerky and uncontrollable movements of the face and body), cardiac arrhythmias, and sudden cardiac death.

But antipsychotics are sometimes prescribed for adults with intellectual disabilities who don't have a record of severe mental ill health—often for problem behaviours—despite limited evidence to back their use beyond short-term sedation.

Credit: CC0 Public Domain The number of antipsychotic drugs prescribed to patients with intellectual disabilities has hardly changed in over a decade despite official recommendations for clinicians to stop using them due to side effects, finds research published in the online journal BMJ Open.

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Adam Sandler takes on mysterious disappearances in Netflix's quirky 'Hubie Halloween' trailer

In Netflix's Hubie Halloween, Adam Sandler plays a Salem resident who fully embraces the frightful festivities.

But after the townsfolk start to disappear, Hubie must prove to the police (Kevin James, Kenan Thompson) that the strange events are being caused by monsters who need to be stopped.

The trailer mixes a little bit of mystery with a lot of comedy — and with names including Julie Bowen, Ray Liotta, Noah Schnapp, Steve Buscemi, and Maya Rudolph rounding out the cast, Hubie Halloween could be so funny that it's scary.

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Three D.C. Restaurants Explain Why They’re Eliminating Tipping

’” “I think if you ask most people if restaurant workers should have access to health care and a livable wage, they would say, ‘Yes,’” she says.

“I think if you ask most people if restaurant workers should have access to health care and a livable wage, they would say, ‘Yes.’

“It’s very rare that you get this kind of reset” While some restaurant owners and workers are endorsing these changes, the larger concept of abolishing tipping has long been a point of contention in D.C.

Workers divvy up 10 percent of the restaurant’s profits determined by a series of performance metrics like hours worked, time spent with the company, peer reviews, and sales targets.

As the novel coronavirus alters the ways Washingtonians order and receive food from restaurants, customers at a growing number of businesses across town are seeing new service charges tacked onto their checks before they can decide how large of a tip to leave.

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New startup Recurrent brings transparency to EV batteries, reducing risk in used car shopping

While drivers initially expected EV batteries to last about eight years, they’re going for about 11 years, Case said.

Case was eager keep pursuing climate-related tech and became entrepreneur-in-residence at the University of Washington’s Clean Energy Institute where he sparked on batteries and kicked around around startup ideas with experts at the facility’s Washington Clean Energy Testbeds.

Case this week is unveiling a Seattle-based startup that’s the first company to generate independent reports on used EV battery performance, akin to reviews by Carfax, Autochex and Carchex for petrol-powered cars.

“When the battery goes bad, that’s the whole thing,” said Scott Case, CEO and co-founder of Recurrent.

Case expects other companies to start developing their own tools for generating EV battery reports.

Image of article 'Amazon shoppers rave that this £7 foundation stays put all day'

Amazon shoppers rave that this £7 foundation stays put all day

If you're looking for a foundation with a full-coverage and shine-free formula that won't budge or settle into fine lines, there's one budget buy you can always count on.

The Lasting Finish 25hr Foundation with Comfort Serum from Rimmel London, has over 2,000 five-star reviews on Amazon from people who comment on its coverage and long-lasting finish.

The Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25hr Foundation with Comfort Serum has been a cult-favourite for years.

Several shoppers compare the Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25hr Foundation to Estée Lauder Double Wear, saying it's a great alternative if you're on a budget.

'Having used Estée Lauder Double Wear for years I was fed up paying so much for my foundation,' one shopper wrote. '

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Image of article 'Black Representation Continues to Grow in the DeFi Space With LunchMoney'

Black Representation Continues to Grow in the DeFi Space With LunchMoney

"LMY has played a significant part in the growth of LunchMoney by utilizing our token, we benefit from the growing number of adopters as well as crypto vets who use crypto regularly with our easy to use dapp," Triplett said.

Added Triplett: “We felt that Uniswap offered an easy on ramp for people to get in and out of LunchMoney without the stipulations of central exchanges.”

DeFi has made it possible for projects to find liquidity through platforms such as Uniswap and LunchMoney's LMY.

Founded in 2017 by Adrian Triplett and Jeffery Varnado, LunchMoney is a Yelp alternative that rewards users with LMY tokens when they upload reviews of eateries they visit.

LunchMoney’s LMY is listed on eight exchanges:, VinDax, SouthXchange, Uniswap, VCC Exchange, BITStorage,, and Cat.Ex.

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Image of article 'The 'brushing' scam that's behind mystery parcels'

The 'brushing' scam that's behind mystery parcels

It's an illicit way for sellers to get reviews for their products.

I then set up a load of fake accounts, and I find random names and addresses either from publicly available information or from a leaked database that's doing the rounds from a previous data breach.

I order Kleinman Candles from my fake accounts and have them delivered to the addresses I have found, with no information about where they have been sent from.

I then leave positive reviews for Kleinman Candles from each fake account - which has genuinely made a purchase.

It's more a case of fake marketing than cyber-crime, but "brushing" and fake reviews are against Amazon's policies.

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Image of article 'How a forgotten Palpatine secret explains the weirdest prequels scene'

How a forgotten Palpatine secret explains the weirdest prequels scene

These details weren't part of Revenge of the Sith, but the fact Palpatine's last night with his mentor was spent at the Opera House shows there's still a part of him that assigns importance to the place.

After years of ill health, Plagueis ventures out into public with Palpatine the night before he is to be elected Chancellor.

The non-canon novel, which follows the life of Palpatine's master and the rise of Darth Sidious, includes the inevitable Rule of Two moment when Palpatine kills his Sith Master.

The infamous "Have you ever heard the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise" scene in Revenge of the Sith is not only iconic due to the out-of-nowhere lore dump, but for the unusual setting: the performance of the Mon Calamari ballet known as Squid Lake at Coruscant's the Galaxies Opera House.

This fascinating link between two pivotal moments in Palpatine's life demonstrates why Lucasfilm ought to make a new movie or TV series centered around Sheev's younger years.

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Image of article '26 Things For Anyone Who Lives In An Old House'

26 Things For Anyone Who Lives In An Old House

We had to postpone the remodel until this summer, and this counter has held up like a champ.

We recently purchased a new home, and we're not gutting our main bathroom until next summer, and I just couldn't live with that 1980's green another day.

Once it was dry for 24 hours, I applied several coats of poly and let it sit for 72 hours before I let the counter go back into normal use.

(I had done this previously with a different color by a different brand and the outcome was similar, it held up like brand new for several months of daily abuse before I decided to repaint because I didn't really like the color).

Side Note: I see a lot of negative reviews on this product because it doesn't hold up for people outdoors.

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Image of article 'How Ravi Shankar defied classical music’s orthodoxy'

How Ravi Shankar defied classical music’s orthodoxy

The failure of Shankar’s first marriage to Annapurna Devi, the daughter of his beloved guru is blamed on his promiscuous nature, but Indian Sun shows the truth to be more complicated and the relationship to be mutually toxic.

As Oliver Craske writes in Indian Sun, his magisterial biography of Shankar—the first in English— Billboard crowned the Indian musician its artist of that year.

As a young man employed with All India Radio in newly independent India, Shankar would go on to revolutionize orchestral arrangements for Indian classical music, set the score for the song Saare Jahan Se Achchha, and produce music for movies in Mumbai, Kolkata and beyond, for directors like Satyajit Ray, Tapan Sinha and Jonathan Miller.

This sentiment not only explains Shankar’s eventual decision to spend most of his life abroad, but also his exasperation with critics who condemned his collaborations with Western performers as “impure", a taint on his credentials as a Indian classical musician.

In Raag-Anuraag, a memoir he wrote in Bengali, Shankar had spoken about his unconventional lifestyle with a candour that is still rare in the tight-lipped world of Indian classical music.

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Image of article 'Listen to “CDROM” by Magik Markers'

Listen to “CDROM” by Magik Markers

Less than four months later, the now-scattered New England band members are following up with 2020.

Elisa Ambrogio arrives with bristling guitar, and drummer Pete Nolan pummels his way across a set of toms, hands loose but steady.

The fuzzy edges of her guitar and Shaw’s bass bleed into each other, and Nolan puts their knotty interplay in sharp relief with his clear, cantering rhythm.

After leading most of “CDROM” with prickles and flourishes, Ambrogio shifts into a scorching series of riffs composed equally of tone and feedback.

Shaw gradually disappears, Nolan returns to his toms, and Ambrogio winds down, carrying the track out on a lingering guitar hum.

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Image of article 'Gizchina is hiring a News Editor. Come join the team!'

Gizchina is hiring a News Editor. Come join the team!

Are you a US/North America based writer who is obsessed with Chinese tech, smartphones, gadgets and all the mobile operating systems?

We have a job opening for a US/North America based News Editor, and we’re hiring!

We’re always trying to expand our team and it seems that once again the time has come, as there’s an immediate opening for a News Editor!

This is a paid position, with a lot of perks, such as participation in main US/North American tech events, new gadgets/smartphones for reviews, (obviously) monthly salary etc.

If you think you qualify for all of the above and are able to write from home during daylight US/North America times, then APPLY by sending us an email: If your application is shortlisted, you will be hearing from us 🙂 Oh and in case you missed it, Gizchina is available in several countries of the world, so take your pick and bookmark your favorite!

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Image of article '5 Reasons Normandy Should Be On Your Bucket List'

5 Reasons Normandy Should Be On Your Bucket List

D-Day Beaches Visit the sight of one of the most infamous days in history.

American Cemetery Worthy of a separate mention from the beaches above, though easily visited during the same day, walking these grounds is a must for any traveler to this area.

An interesting contrast is to immediately visit the German Cemetery nearby and compare its design with that of the American Cemetery.

The well-maintained cemetery speaks to a new time, and a unified continent, but doesn’t lessen the loss.

Over 20,000 Germans are buried here, over double that of the American Cemetery, and wandering the grounds one quickly realizes a large number of these men weren’t men at all, but young teenage boys.

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Image of article 'This 4K HD Portable Projector is More Than $400 Off Today'

This 4K HD Portable Projector is More Than $400 Off Today

Whether you want to keep the kids occupied or you need a smarter way to present, the Lenso Space Pocket Size 4K 32GB Projector is a great asset for any entrepreneur.

Lenso Space connects wirelessly to any Bluetooth or WiFi-enabled device as well as via HDMI or USB, making it universally compatible with all of your devices.

Lenso's built-in Hi-Fi speakers eliminate the need for portable audio devices unless you prefer to use your own.

Lenso Space has earned rave reviews from Trend Hunter and Geeky Gadgets, who writes, "Lenso is a true all-in-one self-contained device.

Watch movies, present from anywhere, and much more with the Lenso Space.

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Observe and Report faced the worst parts of American policing

In Jody Hill’s acerbic 2009 comedy Observe and Report, cop wannabe Ronnie Barnhardt (Seth Rogen) shows up to his psychological exam in an American-flag T-shirt and leather jacket, packing all his delusions behind a tense grin.

But watching Ronnie’s monologue in 2020, between news images of New York City cops driving into crowds, Chicago police blocking in (or “kettling”) protestors, the police shooting of Jacob Blake, and other live-streamed police brutality, the film takes on a new relevancy, and its most honest reading: Observe and Report is a criticism of the institution that inspires Ronnie, immersed in the darkness of a fantasy informed by storied police actions.

And in Observe and Report, Hill’s parody of authority details why people like Ronnie want to become cops, without ever making us root for him.

Working with an actual local policeman, Officer Anderson (Ray Liotta), Ronnie tries to show off what he believes a real cop should do during the investigation, making for just a few of the movie’s caustic jokes mocking police inadequacy.

Among the painful punchlines of Observe and Report, Hill notes the normalization of such forcefulness in an environment of power and obedience, as the moment further initiates Charles into Ronnie’s circle, and does not lead to any oversight from the mall manager (Dan Bakkedahl).

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Image of article 'Motorola Razr 5G's Sleeker Exterior Leaks In New 360-Degree Render'

Motorola Razr 5G's Sleeker Exterior Leaks In New 360-Degree Render

We’re a little over two weeks away from the launch of the Motorola Razr 5G , and we’re beginning to see a greater influx of images and speculation on the device.

On the images front, today we’re getting our best look as the Razr 5G yet courtesy of notorious gadget leaker Evan Blass.

Blass has obtained images of the Razr 5G, which show the device with the display closed, halfway open, and fully opened.

If that wasn’t enough, Blass has also posted a gif of the Razr 5G which gives us a 360-view of the smartphone with its primary display both opened and closed.

As we can see from the images, the overall form-factor of the Razr 5G hasn’t changed much from the original, but there are plenty of little tweaks which should make this a much better overall smartphone.

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