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Dell's All - AMD Gaming Laptop Hailed as a 'Budget Blockbuster

AMD "has a potent combination of both CPU and GPU technologies," writes Slashdot reader MojoKid , that "can play well in the laptop market especially, where a tight coupling of the two processing engines can mean both performance and cost efficiencies.

"The GPU also has 2,304 stream processors across 36 compute units, and "Overall, we think Dell hit it out of the park with the new G5 15 SE," the review concludes.

"This all-AMD budget blockbuster has all of the gaming essentials: a fast processor, a powerful GPU, and a 144 Hz display."

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100 days with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip phone: So fashion, much cool

While it's a valid question, having a large reflective real estate makes the Galaxy Z Flip look classy and 'in vogue'; a person holding it will not just possess a tech product, but a product of fashion.

Since many were concerned of the phone's durability over prolonged usage, here's what I found after 100 days with the Galaxy Z Flip as my daily driver, right after this quick video overview by my editor:- When the Z Flip is in 'standby mode', that is in folded form, it feels very snug in the palm (just 73.6 x 87.4mm folded), even if it is thick (17.3mm on the fattest side).

While Fold's concept was a phone-to-tablet foldable, the Galaxy Z Flip takes on the old-school flip phone paradigm.

This year, alongside the traditional Galaxy S series line-up with the S20 troupe, Samsung also released another foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Flip.

One interesting thing about Z Flip is that its fingerprint scanner is located on the power button (just like the Galaxy S10e).

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Image of article 'After death of George Floyd, Maryland lawmakers forming work group on police reform, accountability'

After death of George Floyd, Maryland lawmakers forming work group on police reform, accountability

He was fired, along with three other officers who were at the scene.Minneapolis has seen multiple nights of protests after Floyd’s death.

The death of George Floyd, a black man who died after a Minneapolis police officer pinned him to the ground with a knee on his neck for nearly nine minutes May 25, has brought widespread renewed attention to police-community relations and racial tensions around the nation.Prosecutors in Minnesota on Friday announced charges of third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter against Derek Chauvin, the officer who knelt on Floyd’s neck.

“Policing in America is broken,” Jones, a Baltimore County Democrat, said in a statement.

Maryland House of Delegates Speaker Adrienne A. Jones announced on Saturday the formation of a bipartisan work group of lawmakers who will review police reform and accountability.

Major cities throughout the U.S., including Baltimore, have seen protests as well.Areas the work group will explore include: how police misconduct is investigated, whether there should be statewide standards on police use of force, how body cameras are used, and ways to prosecute crimes committed by police.The state legislature already has a Commission to Restore Trust in Policing, formed following the revelations of corrupt policing carried out by Baltimore’s Gun Trace Task Force.

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Google Postpones Android 11 Beta Launch, Likely In Light Of Civil Unrest

Google has taken the decision to postpone its Android 11 beta launch event that was due to take place on June 3rd.

Google made the announcement via a Twitter post yesterday, simply saying that “now is not the time to celebrate”.

We don’t need to go into why that is – open Twitter or look at the news to see why Google – perhaps rightfully – decided against holding an event in the current climate.

Developers are now left with little to no idea when they can expect to get their hands on the first Android 11 beta, nor whether this in turn means that Google is also delaying the whole development roadmap.

Google has at least so far released three Developer Preview builds of the Android 11 release, but plenty can change when an operating system like Android progresses through the beta program.

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Image of article 'Google Postpones June 3rd Event for Android 11 Beta Release'

Google Postpones June 3rd Event for Android 11 Beta Release

Updates and compatibility: Android 11 is expanding Project Mainline — visible to users as Google Play System Update — with 12 new modules that can be updated without OS releases.

Here is a recap of the new features coming in Android 11: Helpful innovation: This unsurprisingly starts with 5G, and Google frames it as a way for developers to “extend [their] Wi-Fi app experiences to mobile users.”

Meanwhile, Google has been working on the developer previews for the operating system update and released Android 11 Developer Preview 4 on May 7.

Called the 'Android 11 Beta Launch Show', the virtual event was comprised of a number of development-focused talks regarding the new features in Google's operating system update.

A new permissions module “standardizes user and developer access to critical privacy controls on Android devices.”

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Android 11 reveal delayed, Google says 'now is not the time

There's no specific reason given for the change in plans, beyond a general sense of acceptance that "now is not the time to celebrate."

There's also evidence that the OS update will bring a content sharing feature not unlike Apple's AirDrop.

In fact, developer previews of Android 11 have already offered a sense of the bigger picture changes coming in the version update.

While developer preview features don't always make it into the final release, there's still a lot of information out there about what the revised OS could contain.

The expectation all along has been a September launch for Android 11 and there's no reason at this point to think that might change.

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Image of article 'Does the mClassic Fix Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition's Resolution Problems'

Does the mClassic Fix Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition's Resolution Problems

In my experience using the mClassic with Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition - which was most of my time while reviewing the game - I noticed blurrier textures and softer presentations, but overall, it was a large improvement.

mClassic HDMI Upscaler Review – The Ideal Nintendo Switch Upscaling Solution Comparing the world In order to see if the mClassic can solve Xenoblade Chronicles' resolution woes I went through the game and picked some of the prettiest areas I could and took screenshots with the mClassic enabled, and disabled, and you'll be able to find those comparisons throughout this article.

Look hard enough at any screenshot of Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition in this article, and zoom in to spot a harsh, aliased line on the edges of characters or environments, and then compare it to the version which has the mClassic's post-processing engaged, and you will see a clear difference.

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition Review – Essential for JRPG Fans What the mClassic does As covered in our extensive review, the mClassic smooths harsh edges and upscales 60hz images to 1080p.

For the time being, the mClassic is a great way to improve the picture quality of older games or those which don't quite deliver the image clarity you desire, like Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition.

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Google pushes back Android 11 Beta Launch Show once again

With it, the anticipated Android 11 Beta release morphed into a fourth Developer Preview build of the OS.

The official Android Developers Twitter account dropped the news, along with a pretty reasonable hint as to what likely motivated the decision.

Google typically does its best to frame I/O events as a celebration of the vibrant Android ecosystem, its developers, users and bright future.

Hopefully, the continued delays donÂ’t have any other implications for Android 11 itself.

Google has already promised a set of 12 “binge-worthy” talks on Android, starting with the basics (What’s new and What’s new in System UI) and covering many topics for developer and the Google Play ecosystem.

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Image of article 'MSI Introduces the Optix MAG274R Gaming Monitor'

MSI Introduces the Optix MAG274R Gaming Monitor

The Optix MAG274R gaming monitor is designed with eSports gamers in mind, and this monitor features a 144 Hz refresh rate and a 1 ms response time.

MSI Introduces the Optix MAG274R is a gaming monitor which has been built with eSports gamers in mind The Optix MAG274R gaming monitor utilizes an IPS panel, and the IPS panel type offers a broader viewing range with minimum color shifts and an overall fantastic viewing experience.

This monitor is designed with eSports gamers in mind, and the Optix MAG274R monitor is MSI's latest IPS panel-based gaming monitor.

MSI Introduces the Optix MAG274R, and this monitor features a 27" display and a 144 Hz refresh rate.

For lighting, the Optix MAG274R gaming monitor provides a soft ambient light located on the back of the monitor.

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Denuvo's Anti-Cheat Software Now Getting Ripped From Games At Record Speed Too

Due in part to this, Denuvo eventually announced it would be shifting its focus away from producing DRM that didn't work to making anti-cheat software.

Well, let's take a look at Doom Eternal, a game which only a week ago added to Denuvo's anti-cheat software via an update.

Doom Eternal has only had Denuvo anti-cheat software for a week, and already Id Software has agreed to take it out following the backlash from some PC players.

Although Id Software tried to preemptively assuage players’ fears, saying that Denuvo anti-cheat is only active while the game is on and doesn’t take screenshots or scan file systems, thousands of players still took to review-bombing the game on Steam.

Now, review bombing kind of sucks as a rule, but then so does pushing out software that is as invasive as Denuvo's anti-cheat software after people had already purchased the game.

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Image of article 'Hard-to-find Nintendo Switch Lite is in stock at Amazon, Best Buy, Target and GameStop'

Hard-to-find Nintendo Switch Lite is in stock at Amazon, Best Buy, Target and GameStop

That's left the Nintendo Switch nearly impossible to find since at least March, as the pandemic has disrupted the global electronics supply chain and the fact that sleazy resellers have been using bots to scoop up what little inventory exists.

But starting at the end of April, the Nintendo Switch Lite slowly but surely returned to many retailer shelves, popping up at Amazon, GameStop, Best Buy and Target -- and often disappearing just as quickly.

We're collating available stock here at the MSRP of $200, but note that pricing and availability change frequently.

But if you need more encouragement to take the plunge on the Lite model, you can read CNET's review of the Switch Lite.

This list also includes units available at a higher price via a third-party reseller, or ones that are only available for pickup in a brick-and-mortar store location.

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Image of article 'Android 11 release date, beta, features and what we know about the next OS update'

Android 11 release date, beta, features and what we know about the next OS update

One of the new features of Android 10 was the introduction of chat 'bubbles', similar to Facebook Messenger, laid over the top of other apps, that let you see all your conversations over several apps all in one easy-to-access format.

It'd be useful to have some easy-to-use alternative that lets you share photos, videos, music, or other files just by pressing the phones against each other – at the moment it can be quite a hassle to use a specific app to do so, and Apple's Airdrop is a useful feature that has no equivalent in Android.

Hopefully that also means dark mode will be rolled out to far more An Android 11 feature that will please the security-minded is changed app permissions.

Google tends to unveil some of the features of its newest operating system at in May, before releasing the OS for Pixel phones with an Android 11 release date of sometime in September – in 2019, for example, it debuted on the .

Developer previews are version of the operating system released ahead of time so app developers can see all the new features, but inevitably these features end up getting leaked online, so we have a good glimpse at Google's upcoming operating system update.

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Image of article 'Zoom to strengthen encryption for paying customers only: report'

Zoom to strengthen encryption for paying customers only: report

Zoom Video Communications Inc. plans to strengthen encryption for paying clients and institutions, but not for users with free accounts, Reuters reported, citing the company’s security consultant Alex Stamos.

The company previewed its plans with civil liberties groups and activists against child-sex abuse on Thursday, the report said.

Plans are subject to change and it is unclear which nonprofit organizations would qualify for such heightened security for video conferences, the report added.

Also read | ‘India significant chunk of Zoom’s growth, efforts on to address concerns' The company is trying to improve security as well as “significantly upgrading their trust and safety,” Stamos told Reuters.

“The current plan is paid customers plus enterprise accounts where the company knows who they are.”

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WATCH: ‘The Last of Us’ sequel presents detailed gameplay video

Sony’s PlayStation division released its original “The Last of Us” for PlayStation 3 in 2013, just a couple of months before the PlayStation 4 was made available.

As such, expect “The Last of Us Part II” to launch on PlayStation 4 on June 19 and, before too long, pop up on the PlayStation 5, which arrives in the last few months of 2020.

In the words of the project’s director, Neil Druckmann, who provides commentary for the video preview, “The Last of Us Part II” is “the largest, most ambitious game” from Sony’s Naughty Dog studio.

That’s one of the questions that “The Last of Us Part II” asks.

Both Sony and Microsoft have announced various degrees of compatibility with existing games from the PS4 and Xbox One era for the PS5 and Xbox Series X. IB WATCH: ‘The Last of Us Part II’ story trailer begins month countdown

Image of article 'Android 11 reveal delayed as Google pushes back its big event'

Android 11 reveal delayed as Google pushes back its big event

We had been looking forward to hearing a lot more about Android 11 this coming Wednesday, June 3 – and maybe trying it out – but Google has now decided to push back the launch of the public beta.

That leaves us with no official launch date for the Android 11 public beta, though a developer preview has been available since February.

Google traditionally uses its IO developer conference in May to tell us all about the latest version of Android.

The developer preview is usually followed by a public beta that anyone can test – which was due to appear on June 3 – and then Google tends to push out the finished version of the software a few months later, before the annual launch of its Pixel phones.

As soon as Google announces a new date for the Android 11 public beta, we'll let you know.

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Image of article 'Building sim Satisfactory churns out a Steam release date for June'

Building sim Satisfactory churns out a Steam release date for June

Giant automated industry builder Satisfactory has been on the assembly line for a while already, first debuting on the Epic Games Store last year.

The mammoth machines are reaching another milestone when Satisfactory launches on Steam—still in early access—on Monday, June 8th.

If you happen to be counting months, Satisfactory was originally released in March of 2019, trending past the usual year of Epic Store exclusivity that has most other games making an immediate Steam release.

Manage cookie settings Even back before its first launch, Alec Meer said in his Satisfactory preview that all the shine and polish certainly didn’t feel early access, despite knowing it planned to expand.

You can find Satisfactory over on Steam, where you’ll be able to purchase it for £27/€30/$30 starting on Monday, June 8th.

Image of article 'HBO Max, Apple Stores in the US re-opening, and must-have accessories on the podcast'

HBO Max, Apple Stores in the US re-opening, and must-have accessories on the podcast

Find us in your favorite podcast player by searching for "AppleInsider" and support the show by leaving a 5-Star rating and comment in Apple Podcasts here.

Rounding out the show we mention the numerous accessory reviews published recently on AppleInsider and make a special announcement at the end of the show.

Going to System Preferences > Energy Saver > Battery Health will give users a checkbox to enable or disable this feature that should lengthen the life of portable Mac batteries — assuming you have a MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro with a USB-C port of any type.

In additional to original HBO content, HBO Max holds the back catalogs of popular shows like Friends, Big Bang Theory, and others.

HBO Max launches, Apple reopening more stores in the US, battery health management comes to Mac, Quibi adds AirPlay support, and we roundup some of our favorite accessories, hubs, and bags, all on the AppleInsider Podcast.

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Image of article 'Trump's threat to pull 'billions' in internet ad spending is exaggerated'

Trump's threat to pull 'billions' in internet ad spending is exaggerated

The order stipulates that the government is "protecting" taxpayer dollars from being spent with platforms "that restrict free speech," and said the heads of executive departments and agencies will review their federal spending on advertising and marketing to online platforms.

The company's tracking shows the federal government has spent about $170 million this year so far advertising on Facebook, Twitter and Google-owned YouTube.

When signing an executive order cracking down on "censorship" by social media platforms, President Donald Trump said the government would reconsider spending "billions of dollars" on those platforms.

Trump's executive order could lead to attempts to punish companies such as Twitter and Google for attempting to point out factual inconsistencies in social media posts by politicians.

Pathmatics said the Facebook figure includes year-to-date ad spend from 20 different government agencies, including the U.S. Census Bureau, Social Security Administration, the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Health and Human Services.

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How to watch UFC Fight Night Woodley vs Burns on iPhone

If you just want access to UFC and prefer to skip the ESPN+ option, you can sign up for UFC Fight Pass that goes from $9.99/month.

One of the ways you can watch UFC fights is through an ESPN+ subscription.

Below we’ll cover how to watch UFC Woodley vs Burns with ESPN+ as well as the UFC app with a Fight Pass subscription.

UFC Fight Night Woodley vs Burns is slated for the UFC Apex center on Saturday, May 30th at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT.

The UFC app is available for Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad (although it does have rough reviews).

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Image of article 'Pixel 4a XL leaks show what the phone looked like before it was canceled'

Pixel 4a XL leaks show what the phone looked like before it was canceled

Google’s Pixel 4a will be out soon, and in case you aren’t already aware, there won’t be an XL variant of the mid-range Pixel this year.

But that wasn’t always the case, because the Pixel 4a XL was past the designing process and well into the prototype stage when it was canceled.

At first look, the phone’s rear panel looks like a Pixel 4a with the Pixel 4’s squircle camera module positioned in the top left corner.

And yes, compared to the single camera on the Pixel 4a, the XL variant would’ve rocked two cameras.

Over at the front, the Pixel 4a XL would have shared the same hole-punch design as the vanilla Pixel 4a.

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Who needs Amazon S3? Try Backblaze's new S3 compatible APIs instead

Backblaze's S3 compatible APIs allow you to use your Backblaze B2 credentials and B2 storage buckets to authenticate using any application or service designed to connect to Amazon S3 storage.

Simple Setup If you're already using Backblaze's B2 service, you won't be able to use any of your existing B2 storage buckets with the new S3 APIs.

The new S3 compatible features require that you create new B2 storage buckets, which Backblaze made available on May 4, 2020.

This creates what Backblaze calls an S3 endpoint to the bucket — essentially a URL that you use within any Amazon S3 compatible application to link it to your new Backblaze B2 bucket.

While This isn't technically a review of Backblaze B2 or the S3 API, the ease with which I was able to create and link to Backblaze using the new S3 APIs, as well as the fact that Backblaze offers storage at roughly a quarter the price of any of the other cloud storage vendors on the market, makes Backblaze worth looking at.

Save up to $160 on the highly rated Deebot 500 robot vacuum today only

The excellent Ecovacs Deebot 500, which gets glowing reviews on Amazon, is now available at up to $160 off today only.

It also offers different cleaning modes.

You can ask the Deebot 500 to clean your whole home, certain areas, or patrol the edges of the room.

Oh, and did we mention that the Deebot 500 can be controlled using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant?

There are two ways to get the Deebot 500 at an outstanding price today.

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Asus ROG Maximus XII Hero WiFi

Interestingly, Asus shies away from any presumed support for PCIe 4.0 drives available on upcoming CPUs, unlike rival Gigabyte, but don't be surprised to see such compatibility being announced closer to the launch of Rocket Lake-based processors.

The second M.2 slot only supports PCIe 3.0 while the top and bottom slots - the lower one has an individual heatsink - can also run in SATA mode.

In concert with the release of 10th Gen Core CPUs, Asus has duly updated the Z490 range to the XII Hero in for review today.

Introduction The Asus ROG Maximus Hero (WiFi) line has been the bedrock of HEXUS test systems in recent years.

Fan headers are all in sensible positions, as is the Thunderbolt expansion header, there's an 8+4-pin CPU connector far enough away from the heatsink to enable easy connection and disconnection, while the Flex button is multipurpose - it can either function as reset or be remapped in the BIOS to control the subtle Aura lighting.

In Studio Ghibli’s movies, magic almost always carries a heavy price

In the end, having lost to the humans, the ultimate cost the tanuki have to pay for their shape-changing ability is deciding between two equally disadvantaged ways of life.

In the world of Studio Ghibli, that may mean losing their freedom or humanity, or their previous way of life.

Princess Mononoke Image: Studio Ghibli As he searches for a cure, he encounters characters racing to hunt down a forest spirit whose head is supposed to grant immortality.

Spirited Away Image: Studio Ghibli The audience quickly learns that the spirit world’s main mechanism is also commerce, even though it’s disconnected from any human economy.

Studio Ghibli’s animated films are known for their worlds of magic: witches and wizards and spirits (oh my), not to mention transformations and mystical tokens galore.

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