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America's Old F-4 Phantom Serves in Iran's Air Force (And Fought ISIS

The United States Navy cited Jane’s Defense Weekly, saying that the footage was certainly Iranian F-4s, as the bomb dumps happened near the Iran-Iraq border.

Footage apparently showed an F-4 fighter jet dumping ordinance on an ISIS target in Syria, spurring a rumor that the United States and Iran were enjoying some level of cooperation.

Iran maintains an aging inventory of combat aircraft—such as decades-old U.S. F-4 Phantoms— which it could attempt to use to attack its regional adversaries.

According to the Defense Intelligence Agency, Iran and the Iranian Air Force maintain a “wide range of aircraft sourced from the United States, Russia, and China, including the U.S. F-14 Tomcat, F-4 Phantom II, and F-5 Tiger II…IRIAF missions include air intercept, ground-attack, and close air support, and some aircraft are capable of mid-air refueling.

Iran maintains a fleet of F-4s, and although it is difficult to pin down a definitive number of the country’s airworthy aircraft, they remain among the most capable in Iranian inventories, though likely hampered by a lack of spare parts and airframes with a high number of flight hours.

How Iran Got Russia's Deadly MiG-29 Fighter

“In 1990 and 1991, these officials say, Iran spent or pledged $4 billion more to buy tanks, missiles and fighter jets. . . . These weapons most of which have been acquired, include 24 MIG-31s, 24 MIG 27s, 68 MIG-29s, 12 Tupolev-22 M bombers and several radar-detecting Ilyushin 76s, largely bought from the former Soviet Union and from Russia.”

“The Saudi and French officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Iran spent or committed $3.2 billion on arms in 1988 and 1989, primarily to the former Soviet Union for MIG fighters and tanks.”

Under the U.S. Cooperative Threat Reduction program, the United States bought up a large number of technologies it wanted to keep out of the hands of terrorists, adversaries, or rogue states like North Korea or Iran.

The arms purchase was part of the “U.S. Cooperative Threat Reduction program, a three-year-old, $380-million effort to move to safety many of the remnants of the Soviet arsenal” and was intended to prevent Iran from gaining an edge over its regional adversaries.

In 1997, the United States bought twenty-one MiG-29 fighter jets from Moldova, in an effort to keep the capable airframes out of Iranian hands.

The Little-Known Indo-Pacific Plan to Combat the Coronavirus

To that end, we were encouraged to see the Quad hold its first counterterrorism exercise in India in late 2019—one of the Heritage dialogue’s focuses.

The Quad-Plus Dialogue assembles officials and experts from the Quad countries along with a rotating external partner to explore areas of common interest.

It joins the Quad with Vietnam (the current chair of ASEAN), New Zealand (a “Five Eyes” partner), and South Korea, one of America’s closest regional allies.

After a ten-year hiatus, this group of four Indo-Pacific region democracies—Australia, Japan, India, and the United States—formally resumed their quadrilateral dialogue in late 2017, and has been meeting twice a year since.

These four democratic countries are now working with South Korea, Vietnam, and New Zealand on a plan to battle the coronavirus and expected to tackle vaccine development and the “challenges of stranded citizens, assistance to countries in need and mitigating the impact on the global economy.”

How America Is Leading the "Quad Plus" Group of Seven Countries in Fighting the Coronavirus

To that end, we were encouraged to see the Quad hold its first counterterrorism exercise in India in late 2019—one of the Heritage dialogue’s focuses.

Since the Quad was revived in 2017, the QPD has explored ways to improve the group’s effectiveness, inform its agenda, and promote cooperation with like-minded external partners.

Initially, the Quad-Plus Dialogue (QPD) was designed to encourage the original Quad members to reconstitute the formal discussions that collapsed in 2008.

The Quad-Plus Dialogue assembles officials and experts from the Quad countries along with a rotating external partner to explore areas of common interest.

It joins the Quad with Vietnam (the current chair of ASEAN), New Zealand a (“Five Eyes” partner), and South Korea, one of America’s closest regional allies.

In Iraq, Restraint Is America’s Best Option

After this month’s round of deadly rocket attacks on foreign forces in Iraq and retaliatory U.S. airstrikes, the United States is now locked firmly into a tit-for-tat cycle of violence with Iraqi paramilitaries linked to Iran.

Iran’s Iraqi allies will consolidate their influence in the country’s politics, as paramilitaries continue their attacks on U.S. forces — maybe to the point of forcing the United States out of Iraq.

Iraqi paramilitaries resumed attacks on U.S. assets in the country only weeks later, re-igniting a slow-burning conflict between the United States, Iran, and Iran’s Iraqi allies.

Because of how Iran has assembled its security exoskeleton regionally, it has Iraqi paramilitary allies who are evidently able and motivated to respond to the U.S. killing of both Muhandis and Soleimani — with or without Iranian prodding.

The U.S. killing of Soleimani and Muhandis reshuffled Iraqi politics, allowing Iran-friendly factions to take up the rhetoric of resistance to foreign “occupation” and make newly energetic efforts to require the United States to leave the country.

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Image of article '4 things you need to understand about edge computing'

4 things you need to understand about edge computing

That is now changing as a variety of edge computing resources, from micro data centers to specialized processors to necessary software abstractions, are making their way into the hands of application developers, entrepreneurs, and large enterprises.

For the purposes of this article, the edge can be anywhere that is closer to the end user or device than a traditional cloud data center.

Another use case for edge computing is to minimize network traffic going to and from the cloud, or what some are calling cloud offload, and this will probably deliver at least as much economic value as latency mitigation.

If you are an enterprise looking to do on-premises edge computing, Amazon will now send you an AWS Outpost – a fully assembled rack of compute and storage that mimics the hardware design of Amazon’s own data centers.

Phase 2: The Regional Edge The second phase in the edge’s evolution extends the edge a layer deeper, leveraging infrastructure in hundreds or thousands of locations instead of hyperscale data centers in just a few dozen cities.

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Indianapolis tech firms hold their own amid growth elsewhere

A lengthy report - published by the Brookings Institute and Information Technology & Innovation Foundation, both based in Washington, D.C. - concluded that 90% of the nation’s tech and innovation sector employment growth from 2005 to 2017 was generated in just five major coastal cities: Seattle, Boston, San Francisco, San Diego and San Jose, California.

But in terms of national players, Indianapolis - with just 2.8% of the national market share of tech jobs, according to Brookings - is still just a mighty mouse.

“We have to remember, this is a share of the fast-growing tech sector,” said Bill Oesterle, former CEO of Angie’s List and founder of TMap, a company designed to bring Hoosier expats who are up-and-coming business leaders back to Indiana.

He’s convinced the answer to increasing the city’s share of tech jobs is to focus on launching homegrown companies, rather than spending too much time luring out-of-state firms here.

While 80% of Indiana’s job growth comes from local companies, Sarah Iglehart, Indy Chamber vice president of regional economic development, said the city and state cannot ignore efforts to recruit out-of-state firms.

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Image of article 'Merge Covid-19 Data with Governmental Interventions Data'

Merge Covid-19 Data with Governmental Interventions Data

While it is most likely too early to tell (also see below), one key requirement for such analyses is the availability of both, high quality data on the virus spread at country and regional level as well as finely grained data on governmental measures that implement (and enforce) these non-pharmaceutical interventions.

First let’s see, based on ACAPS data, which countries have more social distancing measures in place and which countries have implemented a lockdown?

I require each group to have at least five countries and I calculate the averages by event date as, luckily, there seems to be an overall declining trend of death growth rates over time in the data.

This translates to: At least using such highly aggregated data, it is much too early to assess the impact of government measures on the spread of the virus.

Another thing that you can glance from the data is that, on average, countries with more social distancing measures seem to have higher death growth rates.

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Donald Trump's Nationalist Response to the Coronavirus

This is not just a problem with U.S. policy, although the United States still has disproportionate influence as a superpower and seems on course to pass Italy and China for the most covid-19 cases.

Closing U.S. borders dovetails with Trump’s xenophobic and divisive immigration policies that have included the Muslim travel ban and the high priority given to building a wall next to Mexico.

The fact that covid-19 originated in China—a principal foil especially of some of Trump’s trade and security policies—is another factor.

And it is a policy that fails to recognize that Americans are far more likely to suffer and die from a virulent disease that has raced around the world than from a second-tier regional power with no transcontinental reach, There may be a deeply rooted human tendency toward withdrawal, retrenchment and huddling among one’s own kind in the face of threats that are large and, like a virus or economic panic, invisible or difficult for most people to understand.

In the United States, a deep recession ought to work against Trump’s re-election in the same way that economic troubles traditionally work against incumbents, even without considering his inconsistent and leadership-abandoning response to the pandemic.

The Waffle House Index

[He’s not the only The original concept was pretty straightforward: For example, if a Waffle House store is open and offering a full menu, the index is green.

Because Waffle House is well prepared for disasters, Kouvelis said, it’s rare for the index to hit red.

SARS-Cov-2 is not a tropical storm, so conditions are a bit different and a tad more complex when it comes to basing severity of this particular disaster (mostly caused by inept politicians across the globe), which gave me an idea for how to make the Waffle House Index a proper index, i.e. a _”statistical measure of change in a representative group of individual data points.”

In the case of an outbreak, rather than a simple green/yellow/red condition state, using the ratio of closed to open Waffle House locations as a numeric index — [0-1] — seems to make more sense since it may better help indicate: I kinda desperately needed a covidistraction so I set out to see how hard it would be to build such an index metric.

The historical data (apart from the first closings announcement) is being saved so it will be possible to go back and compute regional indexes when I’ve got more time.

Best TV streaming services for cord cutters: SlingTV vs. Hulu vs. AT&T TV Now, and more

AT&T WatchTV is a $15-per-month service that offers a grab bag of cable channels, most of them lacking sports, so it could help fill in some holes left by other streaming bundles.

Hulu + Live TV is the next-best option, with broad local channel and regional sports coverage.

What sets Hulu's $55-per-month live TV bundle apart from others is its inclusion of Hulu’s on-demand service (normally $6 per month), which includes a large catalog of network shows, plus originals such as The Handmaid’s Tale and Castle Rock.

YouTube TV may not meet every cord-cutter's needs, but at $50 per month, it's the cheapest path to local stations, live news, national sports, and a broad selection of entertainment channels.

Here’s a rundown of which bundles work on each major streaming platform (click to enlarge to a readable size): As for features, the following chart shows how each live TV streaming service compares on DVR, simultaneous streams, ad-skipping, out-of-home access, and more: And here’s a chart showing all the channels you can get through TV streaming bundles, along with the minimum price you’ll need to pay to get each one.

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Image of article 'Sameer Aggarwal elevated to Walmart India CEO, takes charge on April 1'

Sameer Aggarwal elevated to Walmart India CEO, takes charge on April 1

"I greatly appreciate the opportunity to lead our business in one of Walmart’s most important markets," said Aggarwal.

He is taking over the reins from Krish Iyer, who is retiring from full-time management and will assume the role of an advisor to Best Price, Walmart India after an eight year stint with the company.

In his new role, Aggarwal will report directly to Dirk Van den Berghe, Executive Vice President and Regional CEO of Asia and Global Sourcing.

This is Aggarwal's third promotion in the two years since he joined in April 2018 as Executive Vice President to look at strategy and administration.

has promoted its Deputy CEO Sameer Aggarwal as Chief Executive Officer of Best Price, He will take over his new role from April 1.

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Image of article 'US IC companies maintain global marketshare lead, says IC Insights'

US IC companies maintain global marketshare lead, says IC Insights

South Korea- and Japan-based companies have an extremely weak presence in the fabless IC segment, while Taiwan- and China-based companies have a noticeably low share of the IDM portion of the IC market.

Taiwan-based companies, on the strength of their fabless company IC sales, held 6% of total IC sales, 1pp less than the European companies.

US companies held 55% of the total worldwide IC market in 2019, followed by the South Korean companies with a 21% share, down 6pp from 2018, said IC Insights.

US IC companies maintain global marketshare lead, says IC Insights Jessie Shen, DIGITIMES, Taipei Thursday 19 March 2020 Regional marketshares of IDMs (companies operating wafer fabs) and fabless companies, and total IC sales were led by US-headquartered companies in 2019, according to IC Insights.

Overall, US-headquartered companies showed the most balance with regard to IDM, fabless, and total IC industry marketshare, IC Insights indicated.

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Image of article 'Mexican gray wolf numbers in the US soared in 2019'

Mexican gray wolf numbers in the US soared in 2019

These pups were bred to be released in Arizona, New Mexico, or Mexico in an effort to rebuild wild populations of the Mexican gray wolf.

Mexican gray wolf pups at the Stone Zoo in 2005.

“more pups born in the wild than ever before” “The count shows we have more wolves, more breeding pairs and more pups born in the wild than ever before,” Amy Lueders, a regional director for the US Fish and Wildlife Service in Albuquerque, said in a press release.

The US population of endangered Mexican gray wolves jumped by 24 percent last year, the US Fish and Wildlife Service announced yesterday.

In the future, releasing entire families of wolves instead of just the pups could increase the chance of those born in captivity surviving in the wild, conservation group the Center for Biological Diversity said in a statement released today.

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Image of article 'Euro 2020 is still on in PES 2020, even if it isn’t in real life'

Euro 2020 is still on in PES 2020, even if it isn’t in real life

That includes the game’s myClub mode featuring standout players from Euro 2020 throughout the tournament.

That decision is up to football’s regional governing bodies, though, and Euro 2020 still has four group stage berths to decide from an 8-team playoff on March 26 and March 31.

UEFA Euro 2020 is exclusive to PES 2020, a nice prize in Konami’s simmering licensing battle against EA Sports’ FIFA series.

That update will include all 55 nations in UEFA (whether their teams are among the 24 qualified for the group stage or not) in their authentic kits, with their real-world lineups.

UEFA’s Euro 2020 national team tournament will come to eFootball PES 2020 on April 30.

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Image of article 'Boursa Kuwait modifies security circuit breaker amid coronavirus pandemic'

Boursa Kuwait modifies security circuit breaker amid coronavirus pandemic

In a separate statement on Saturday, Boursa Kuwait listed a number of precautionary measures it is taking as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, including closing the bourse building for the public, enforcing sterilisation measures and reducing the number of workers at the building at any given time.

The move is in compliance with Boursa Kuwait’s rulebook, which allows it to intervene in challenging conditions and take actions required to ensure the protection of all dealers and minimise any negative impacts.

“It also follows the major drop in oil prices globally, which has led to a state of extreme volatility of listed shares prices and halted market trading in Boursa Kuwait,” the statement added.

In a statement, Boursa Kuwait said that the move was taken as part of a wider effort to “address the fast-paced changes and turbulences facing the local exchange market, as well a regional and international exchanges, as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak.”

The move is being taken to help address the challenges posed by the coronavirus epidemic Boursa Kuwait has announced that from today (March 15), the security circuit breaker will be modified by reducing the low limit from -10 percent to -5 percent amid the ongoing, while maintaining the upper limit at 10 percent.

Image of article 'Kuwait asks Muslims to pray at home to halt coronavirus spread'

Kuwait asks Muslims to pray at home to halt coronavirus spread

Authorities say most of those infected had travelled to Iran, the regional epicentre of the outbreak, or been in contact with returnees.Iran reported 429 deaths and a total of 10,075 cases on Thursday.Qatar has 262 cases, Bahrain 195 and the United Arab Emirates 85.

More than 700 infections have been reported to Friday in the six-nation Arab Cooperation Council .

Saudi Arabia reported 17 additional cases taking its total to 62.

A further 585 prisoners will spend the remainder of their sentences in rehabilitation and training programs, the state-run Bahrain news agency reported.Dozens more cases of coronavirus have been registered in the Gulf Arab states over the past 24 hours.

Nurses await to admit expatriates in a makeshift coronavirus testing centre at the Mishref Fair Grounds in Kuw... DUBAI: Kuwait 's religious authorities asked Muslims to pray at home on Friday as Gulf Arab states stepped up measures to fight the spread of the new coronavirus Bahrain ordered the release of hundreds of prisoners on Thursday, in one of the biggest pardons since the 2011 uprising against the monarchy, according to the Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy (BIRD) which linked the decision to efforts to contain the virus.King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa issued a decree granting pardon for 901 prisoners.

Small, But Deadly: Singapore's Navy Is A South Asian Powerhouse

Singapore's navy leadership also knows that they need unmanned drones and unmanned vessels having cameras and weapons to extend their reach and flexibility against threats.

The very fact that a small city-state like Singapore has submarines in operation and is now renewing its fleet with even more capable submarines -- shows how ambitious the Singaporean navy has become about increasing its naval power.

Singapore, therefore, plans to acquire more advanced capabilities for its navy, including renewing its submarine fleet, acquiring new vessels with potential to serve as an aircraft carrier and adding unmanned platforms to its defense machinery.

Singapore’s navy, officially known as the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN), has been shaped over the years into a maritime force that is highly sophisticated and well-trained.

While this moneyed image has become the mainstream depiction of Singapore, many are unaware of the fact that Singaporean armed forces are active contributors to the security of the region, and in particular its navy has been actively patrolling the regional waters alongside other regional navies against any potential threats, including piracy.

Image of article 'Dell: Cost of data loss per organization surpassed $1M in the past year'

Dell: Cost of data loss per organization surpassed $1M in the past year

Despite this concern, 80% of businesses are choosing to deploy data protection solutions from two or more vendors, an increase in 20 percentage points since 2016, the report found.

More than half of respondents using newer or emerging technologies are having trouble finding adequate data protections solutions for the following tools: 5G and cloud edge infrastructure (67%) AI and ML platforms (64%) Cloud-native applications (60%) IoT and end point (59%) Robotic process automation (56%) Respondents said they felt the least confident in the data protection of the following: Recovering data from cyber-attacks (69%) Recovering data from a data loss incident (64%) Meeting compliance with regional data governance regulations (62%) Meeting backup and recovery service level objectives (62%) Detrimental disruptions The largest threat to all of data appears to be the increasing number of cyberattacks accounting for data loss and systems downtime.

However, nearly three-quarters (71%) of respondents said emerging technologies can also create more data protection complexity, and 61% said that the tech poses risks to data protection, the report found.

Despite businesses managing nearly 40% more data than they were a year ago, the majority (81%) of professionals said their current data protection solutions aren't good enough.

Some 85% of companies surveyed said they believe it's mandatory or extremely important for data protection providers to protect cloud-native applications.

China's J-20 Stealth Fighter Dominates America's F-35 In This One Area

It remains to be seen if this particular armament configuration makes it into the regular production process, but the juxtaposition of the PL-15 and PL-10 inside the J-20’s frame can become a stark concern for the United States and some of its regional allies who continue to rely on aging AMRAAM technology.

The J-20’s two side-mounted PL-10 missiles, while less conspicuous than their long range counterpart, are a key factor in the J-20’s operational versatility.

American general Herbert Carlisle voiced serious concerns in 2015 when the development of the PL-15 entered the public knowledge: “Look at our adversaries and what they’re developing, things like the PL-15 and the range of that weapon.”

Outfitted with an active electronically scanned radar and featuring a reported maximum range of up to 300 km, the PL-15’s impressive specifications place it in the ranks of the top air-to-air missiles along with the European Meteor missile and Russian K-37M.

During the performance, the J-20 opened its missile bay doors to reveal four PL-15 missiles accompanied by two PL-10 missiles on either side.

Image of article 'How the 2020 budget will impact UK tech'

How the 2020 budget will impact UK tech

As the country is gripped by growing concerns around coronavirus, Brexit, and the spectre of a recession, the new chancellor of the exchequer, Rishi Sunak, faced a challenging backdrop to announce his first budget today.

Entrepreneurs' Relief was top of mind in the lead up to the budget, with the chancellor saying that although he was strongly advised to abolish the tax break altogether, he instead is acting on the advice of the Federation of Small Businesses and reducing the limit on lifetime gains from £10 million to £1 million, leaving "80% of small business owners unaffected”.

The chancellor says this will save the economy £6 billion over five years, which will flow back to business through three measures: “We shouldn't discourage genuine entrepreneurs who benefit from that relief,” Sunak added.

These included £130 million of new funding to extend startup loans, £200 million for the British Business Bank to invest in scale-ups, £200 million for life sciences, more funding for regional growth hubs and £5 billion of new export loans for business, as well as dedicated trade envoys representing the north, midlands, west of England and Wales.

In line with its 2019 manifesto pledge to bring full-fibre broadband to every home and business by 2025, the chancellor announced a £5 billion investment in the nationwide high speed broadband rollout.

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Image of article 'Here’s why coronavirus fears may delay Apple’s 5G iPhones — again'

Here’s why coronavirus fears may delay Apple’s 5G iPhones — again

As I said three weeks ago, when it appeared that Apple might be cutting things too close with 5G iPhone production, risking a slow start to manufacturing: That might be enough to restrict initial supplies of the affected iPhones and possibly create the sort of regional and model-specific availability challenges we haven’t seen in some time.

Putting aside how Android smartphones and networks have evolved since then, it’s worth noting that network build-outs are planned many months if not full years in advance, and even a two-month iPhone delay would neither eliminate the need for new 5G tower hardware nor reduce the pressure on U.S. carriers to have nationwide networks available in time for the launch.

But on the other hand, a brief iPhone delay is unlikely to slow down 5G network build-outs, if it has any impact on them at all.

Recent reports suggest that the coronavirus situation has added another wrinkle: Travel restrictions have supposedly precluded Apple engineers from finishing tests required before 5G iPhone manufacturing can commence.

But since two of my beats are Apple and 5G, I feel obliged to examine the virus’ likely impact on the first 5G iPhones, devices that are expected to expand consumer adoption of high-speed 5G cellular technology and, consequently, influence rollouts of 5G networks in several countries.

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NBA live stream: how to watch every game online in 2020 from anywhere

UK basketball fans may be the luckiest in the world this season, as they can tune into a free NBA live stream of selected games via the Sky Sports YouTube channel - in general, Saturday's showcase games are what the network offers up by way of watching the NBA for free online.

In the US, an NBA League Pass subscription starts at just $29.99 a year, which will let you live stream all the NBA games aired on TV online.

However, you should bear in mind, unlike its international equivalents, NBA League Pass streaming in the US is still subject to blackouts The service offers a different packages for international markets, but generally speaking, NBA fans outside the US have the option of Team Choice access - which costs £14.99 a month and lets you stream every NBA game live for a specific team - or a full League Pass subscription priced at £24.99 a month.

In order to watch the NBA on TV in the US this season, you’ll need either a cable package or a subscription that gives you access to ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN 3, ABC, TNT, NBA TV and your Fox Sports and NBC Sports regional sports networks (RSNs).

UK basketball fans can watch the NBA and live stream this season's biggest games on Sky Sports.

Image of article 'Assault Android Cactus+ Physical Pre-Orders For Switch Open On 12th March'

Assault Android Cactus+ Physical Pre-Orders For Switch Open On 12th March

Following on from its reveal of seven new titles in February, Super Rare Games has now shared details on the first release of the lot, Assault Android Cactus+.

Pre-orders will go live for the game on 12th March, exclusively on the Super Rare Games website, and it will set you back £29.99 / $32.62 USD (or the regional equivalent).

The Super Rare physical edition is limited to a total of 4,000 units and includes a 20-page full-colour manual, interior artwork, exclusive sticker, as well as three trading cards randomly selected from a five-card set.

The player takes on the role of Junior Constable Cactus who must respond to a distress call and ends up stranded on a crippled space freighter under attack by its own robot workers.

With a draining battery mechanic instead of lives, Assault Android Cactus+ challenges players to think fast and shoot faster.

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