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This Week In Techdirt History: September 20th - 26th

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Image of article 'Crop tops or ‘republican’ dress? France debates schoolwear'

Crop tops or ‘republican’ dress? France debates schoolwear

The debate over school dress was also framed by the resurgence of the long-standing polemic over Muslim headscarves, seen as an affront to France’s secular foundations.

Two French out of three (66%) opposed students going to school braless, including 41% of younger people.

The poll of 2,027 adult men and women of all ages showed a broad opposition to such dress, with 73% of women opposed and 58% of men.

Blanquer was responding to an initiative started on social media, dubbed the Monday, Sept. 14 Movement, encouraging students to come to school in their best “provocative” or “indecent” clothes.

Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer has said that girls should go to school dressed in “a republican manner.”

Ghibli animations hint at lives of real Japanese housewives

A series of screenshots from Studio Ghibli’s most famous animations are making rounds on the Internet from perfectly depicting the hard work and lives of modern Japanese housewives, according to social media users.

As quarantines and lockdowns have become the norm worldwide, housewives not only have to take care of their families 24/7 but also handle home-schooling for kids who are stuck at home.

With this observation in mind, social media users have looked into some iconic scenes from Studio Ghibli’s award-winning animations, including Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, Castle in the Sky, Princess Mononoke and more, for some inspiration.

PHOTO: Twitter/yankich1111 They found some similarities between the daily lives of Japanese housewives and the characters in the movies, including an angry mother yelling at her child for not picking up LEGOs resulting in someone foot being hurt foot and a mother trying to stop her child from falling asleep as the latter may become too energized to sleep at night.

You won’t be able to sleep at night!!!!”

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Image of article 'UK preparing to enforce a total social lockdown across much of Northern Britain and potentially London       -       The Times'

UK preparing to enforce a total social lockdown across much of Northern Britain and potentially London - The Times

Early Monday morning in Asia, The Times came out with the news suggesting that the policymakers in the UK are considering a strict ban on socializing amid the recent surge in the coronavirus (COVID-19) cases.

Key quotes The report says that the new lockdown measures put forward a complete closure for all pubs, restaurants and bars for two weeks initially.

Households would also be banned indefinitely from meeting each other in any indoor location where they were not already under the order, the report mentioned.

Whilst Londoners have made incredible collective sacrifices to reduce the spread of Covid-19, the number of cases is now rising steeply again and we have to take immediate action to get the virus back under control."

Read:GBP/USD: Virus woes probe bulls targeting 1.2800

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Bethesda founder says "users will be the ultimate beneficiaries" of Microsoft's acquisition of Zenimax

Microsoft's deal is largely about securing games past, present and future for Xbox Game Pass, Eurogamer editor Oli wrote last week.

Microsoft's monumental acquisition of Bethesda, id Software, Arkane Studios, MachineGames, Tango Gameworks' parent company, ZeniMax Media, was announced earlier this week in a deal worth $7.5bn.

Microsoft deepens their bench instantly with one of the most experienced companies in entertainment software (during a time when video game sales are at an all-time high), and Bethesda gets the benefit of concentrating their creative firepower on software that feeds the Microsoft pipelines," Weaver said.

As spotted by our pals at VGC, in an interview with Inverse, Weaver said "what Microsoft owns, Sony cannot get", adding "there are only a limited number of proven creators of AAA".

Bethesda founder Christopher Weaver has opened up about the $7.5bn acquisition of the publisher's parent company, Zenimax Media, stating the deal is "an extremely interesting acquisition on the part of both groups".

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Tribeca Film Festival will recognise video games as "official selections" from next year

"We're excited to celebrate games and game creators alongside film, immersive, music, art, and more at next year's Festival."

Where there was once a clear delineation between media, there is now a blurring of the lines - stories have become games and games have become stories," explained Tribeca Film Festival co-founder and CEO, Jane Rosenthal.

"In the ten years since we first welcomed a game to Tribeca's official program, we've seen an exciting convergence of games, film, and immersive experiences.

Though a handful of games have been recognised over the years - since LA Noire was recognised as an Official Selection in 2011, other games like Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Firewatch, What Remains of Edith Finch, and God of War have followed - next year's festivals marks the first in the event's history to open submissions for video games as well as an all-new honour, the Tribeca Games Award.

Tribeca Film Festival will recognise video games as "official selections" from Wolfkill and Hideo Kojima are amongst members of the festival's new gaming Film Festival is expanding its call for submissions to video games for the very first time.

Judge rejects TikTok creators’ request to delay ban, says they won’t suffer ‘irreparable harm

Patrick S. Ryan, a technical program manager in TikTok’s Mountain View, California office, also claimed the ban would have affected his income: “Ryan is concerned that he could be prosecuted for receiving a paycheck from TikTok ... or alternatively that TikTok will decline to pay him for fear of violating the Executive Order,” according to court filing.

Earlier this month, a judge in the Northern District of California rejected a similar request for a temporary restraining order against the ban brought by a TikTok employee.

“They will still be able to create, publish, and share content for their millions of current followers” Judge Wendy Beetlestone said that the ban would pose “undoubtedly an inconvenience,” but said in denying the request that the three had failed to prove they would suffer “immediate, irreparable harm” if new downloads are barred, since the app would remain operational for current subscribers —at least for the time being—if the ban takes effect.

A judge in Pennsylvania has rejected a request from three TikTok content creators to temporarily block a ban on the app set to go into effect Sunday night, which would bar new downloads from Google and Apple’s app stores in the US.

A judge in Washington D.C. is expected to decide today whether to block the Trump administration’s ban on TikTok.

Coinsuper Ecosystem Network (CEN) Price Hits $0.0008 on Exchanges

It is usually not possible to buy alternative cryptocurrencies such as Coinsuper Ecosystem Network directly using U.S. dollars.

Coinsuper Ecosystem Network’s official website is Ecosystem Network can be traded on the following cryptocurrency exchanges: Coinsuper.

Here’s how other cryptocurrencies have performed over the last day: Coinsuper Ecosystem Network’s total supply is 898,614,083 tokens and its circulating supply is 358,497,293 tokens.

Coinsuper Ecosystem Network has a total market capitalization of $280,468.13 and $264.00 worth of Coinsuper Ecosystem Network was traded on exchanges in the last day.

Investors seeking to acquire Coinsuper Ecosystem Network should first buy Ethereum or Bitcoin using an exchange that deals in U.S. dollars such as GDAX, Coinbase or Gemini.

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Facebook's Oversight Board Won't Launch In Time To Oversee the Election

"On Friday, a coalition of academics and legal experts announced the formation of the 'Real Facebook Oversight Board,' an informal group that will publicly call out Facebook's slow action in advance of the election, including early Facebook investor Roger McNamee and Harvard professor Shoshana Zuboff," reports The Verge.

The only problem is that it won't launch in time to hear cases related to the U.S. election .

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Image of article 'Bathhouse management in Onsen Master is fun, but needs more radish demons'

Bathhouse management in Onsen Master is fun, but needs more radish demons

It’s a “hot spring customer management” game where you ditch the whole ‘service with a smile’ schtick and drag your customers with speed and aggression into hot spring baths you’ve prepared especially for them.

The devs are planning on adding other extra stuff you can interact with on certain stages, too, so come the full release you might stumble into a mysterious “enchantment box” or some other fantastical things.

Weirder, and more inhuman customers would be the most obvious way to lean into Onsen Master’s setting, and make it stand out.

You’ll notice some customers are a bit speedier than others when pulled along, so it may be worth prioritising nimbler folk if time’s running short.

Featured as part of the Game Devs of Color Expo and its Gradient Convergence showcase on Steam, Onsen Master’s Ghibli aesthetics caught my eye immediately.

Image of article 'Comcast Isn't Complex, It's Ahead of Its Time'

Comcast Isn't Complex, It's Ahead of Its Time

Also bear in mind that Comcast acquired ad-supported video service Xumo in February, giving it yet another streaming brand for consumers and advertisers who may be wary of an NBC and Universal-focused Peacock.

While the company hasn't disclosed how many of those users are already paying for other Comcast services, clearly, some of them are.

It has already accumulated at least 15 million "subscribers" since it became available to Xfinity (Comcast's cable and broadband brand) customers in April.

The good news is that the loss of cable customers has been largely offset by the growth of Comcast's broadband service.

Meanwhile, the shocking success of Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) -- specifically, the 178 million streaming subscribers it has added over the course of the past 10 years -- has contributed to the slow and steady decline of Comcast's cable business.

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Image of article 'Best Covid-19 ‘influencers’ will avoid hectoring'

Best Covid-19 ‘influencers’ will avoid hectoring

This is the quandary facing media agencies charged with procuring the platform of what we now call “influencers”, also known as endorsers, taste makers, paid early adopters.

Earlier this week, Micheál Martin mused about the Government “maybe” hiring influencers to communicate with young people on “the various platforms they access”.

Indeed, he felt this was “key” to persuading them of the need to socially distance, cut their contacts and take other measures necessary to curb the spread of Covid-19.

While advertising on every radio station and in every newspaper in the State gives the Covid-19 public health campaign a wide reach – and the additional social media, digital display and audio streaming adverts also help – there will still be a cohort well practised at blanking anything that looks or smells like an advert.

Thousands of well-meaning social media users repeating #wearamask and other hashtags only goes so far, and can be counter-productive.

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Social media and COVID shaming: Fighting a toxic combination

Julian Siegel figures business dropped about 20% earlier this spring at his Fort Lauderdale, Florida, restaurant after someone posted a picture on the Nextdoor app of people waiting in his parking lot for food.

Social media also gives people isolated in a pandemic a quick way to join communities that share their beliefs.

Shaming can help people feel reassured that they have done things right and that the other person must have made a mistake, says Sherry Turkle, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor who studies social media.

Social media sites like Facebook take this practice, which used to be confined to social circles or by geography, and scale it to mass proportions, making it effectively limitless.

But the warp speed and reach of social media in the pandemic era gives the practice an aggressive new dimension.

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Image of article 'Watch: How to Connect With Customers and Build Community'

Watch: How to Connect With Customers and Build Community

The Hispanic population in the U.S. is over 60 million and growing, but brands must do more to reach this powerful market, according to the panel of experts at the second Hispanic Small Business Town Hall hosted by Inc. and Hello Alice on September 25.

The panel, moderated by Hello Alice co-founder and CEO Carolyn Rodz, discussed customer feedback, business pivots, and the wealth of opportunities for Hispanic entrepreneurs and leaders.

On how to show customers that you see, understand, and value them: On why business success starts with listening to your customer: On the best ways to gather valuable feedback: On the importance of collecting and sharing data about the Hispanic community:

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Facebook Wants Messenger to be Default iOS Message App

iOS 14 lets users choose which email and browser they want to be the default.

Wanting a piece of the action, Mark Zuckerberg wants the option for Messenger to be the default (via The Information—paywall).

Now that iOS 14 lets people choose their default email and browser apps, Facebook wants Apple to let customers choose their default message app like Android.

Facebook’s vice president Stan Chudnovsky: We feel people should be able to choose different messaging apps and the default on their phone.

Open is defined as anti-competitive policies, not wanting to pay the 30% app tax, and no consumer freedom.

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Image of article 'Ryan Reynolds Announces Aviation Gin For Your Homeschooling Needs'

Ryan Reynolds Announces Aviation Gin For Your Homeschooling Needs

Not just for their safety, which is obviously important, but for his poor mom who is stuck at home instead of prowling for young lovers, and Reynolds won’t have it.

But Reynolds isn’t just lending his comedic wit to brands during this pandemic.

Housed in a massive bottle, Reynolds promises this latest offering from his gin brand can help with a “variety of subjects” during these unusual back to school times.

Always looking to lend a hand, Ryan Reynolds has unveiled the latest version of his liquor offerings: Aviation Gin Homeschool Edition.

Here’s the message he recorded after being asked by British Columbia Premiere John Horgan to get millennials on board with masks: “My mom, I mean, she doesn’t want to be cooped in her apartment all day; she wants to be out there cruising Kitsilano Beach, looking for some young 30-something Abercrombie burnout to go full Mrs. Robinson on.

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Image of article 'Covidiot,' 'zoombombing,' and 'maskne' — here's how English words are changing and being created during the pandemic'

Covidiot,' 'zoombombing,' and 'maskne' — here's how English words are changing and being created during the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has produced its fair share of new terms that are blends of other words, and many of these are on the editors' watch list.

The language of quarantining Terms related to social isolation existed long before the COVID-19 pandemic, but they've become much more common in 2020.

Something old, something new The special, coronavirus-related updates give us a glimpse into how language can quickly change in the face of unprecedented social and economic disruption.

In the late spring, however, and again in July, the dictionary's editors released special updates, citing a need to document the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the English language.

The Oxford English Dictionary editors are releasing special updates on coronavirus-related changes to the English language, departing from their typical updates four times a year.

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Image of article 'More PS5 preorders coming soon, says Sony: Check inventory at Amazon, Walmart, GameStop and more'

More PS5 preorders coming soon, says Sony: Check inventory at Amazon, Walmart, GameStop and more

Read more at GameSpot: Latest PS5 news and complete coverage If you're an Xbox fan, the $300 Xbox Series S and $500 Xbox Series X are slated to hit stores on Nov. 10, two days before the PS5, though we are unaware of any more planned preorder opportunities before the big day.

In the meantime, we've aggregated the preorder pages for major retailers below, so you can easily browse the status of their inventory at any given time.

Following through on the pledge, another wave of preorder inventory arrived on Sept. 25, but predictably, it too sold out in short order.

Sony took to Twitter for damage control on Sept. 19, apologizing for the preorder snafu and assuring customers that it "will release more PS5 consoles for preorder."

But after most retailers jumped the gun and started taking online preorders a day early, the resulting traffic crashed websites like they were being hit with denial-of-service attacks.

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Tech Talk: Urgent Windows server vulnerability actively exploited

A key component of a proactive management plan, whether it be the responsibility of an in-house IT department or outsourced to a trusted IT partner, is patching the servers and computers on the network, both office based and remote.

Evidence had mounted from the early indicators of compromise that hackers were actively exploiting the vulnerability to gain access to protected network resources.

The Department of Homeland Security also issued a clear and rare directive that agencies apply the necessary patch to close off this vulnerability or remove impacted servers from their networks.

All business should be checking with their internal IT departments or outsourced IT partners to confirm that they are both aware of the issue and have taken the necessary steps to protect the business against it.

If your IT experts are not aware of this threat, that is reason for serious concern as this important and time sensitive issue has been clearly reported on in both cybersecurity, general IT and mainstream media for over a week as of this publishing date of this column.

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How to Create Onboard and Login Screens for a Dating App Template in Figma

Select the REGISTER button along with the white text, move and adjust these elements as shown in the last two images.

Select the Text tool (T), add a new text element and follow the text attributes shown in the second image.

Select the text, change its color to PINK, set the style to ExtraBold, and then increase the the size to 15 and the letter spacing to 10%.

Focus on the new frame, replace the illustration with this Couples on a Date Illustration, adjust the text and swap the colors used for the rounded squares, as shown in the second image.

Focus on the new frame, replace the illustration with this Born this Way Illustration, adjust the text and swap the colors used for the rounded squares, as shown in the second image.

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Image of article 'AMC 'precarious' as film delays continue     -     William Blair (NYSE:AMC'

AMC 'precarious' as film delays continue - William Blair (NYSE:AMC

AMC is still moving higher with a number of cinema-industry peers today, ; Cinemark (NYSE:CNK) is ; IMAX ; Marcus (NYSE:MCS) ; National CineMedia (NASDAQ:NCMI) .

Sundby cites the much-discussed operational headwinds, including the ongoing film delays along with uncertain audience demand and the company's ability to reopen its remaining closed theaters.

Based on cash on hand, the company has "four to five months" of liquidity left, analyst Ryan Sundby says, though that burn runway doesn't account for a planned 15M-share offering.

AMC Entertainment (NYSE:AMC) is in a "precarious" spot, William Blair says, with liquidity risks as it faces ongoing audience pressures from further delays in film releases.

Image of article 'Manchin Section 230 bill inbound'

Manchin Section 230 bill inbound

Va.) is set to unveil a long-awaited bill as early as next week aimed at curtailing major crimes online — such as the sale of illegal drugs — by amending the internet industry’s legal liability protections.

— A concept years in the making: Manchin first raised the specter of tweaking Section 230 to hold social media platforms more accountable for the sale of opioid drugs online at a 2018 hearing.

“This month has been an about-face: First, Facebook announced that it is banning new political ads in the week before Election Day to prevent last-minute attempts to deceive voters.

MEET THE UNOFFICIAL ‘REAL FACEBOOK OVERSIGHT BOARD’ — A group of civil rights leaders, academics and big tech critics today are launching what they’re calling the “Real Facebook Oversight Board” — an independent, unsanctioned alternative to the Facebook-approved organization, which will soon launch and be able to overturn the social network’s content decisions.

Facebook announced recently it would refrain from running any new political ads in the week before Election Day; Twitter almost a year ago decided to wipe political ads from its platform altogether.

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Facebook is turning VR into a platform — but some indie developers fear its power

Godin is the developer of Virtual Desktop, a top-selling VR app that enables desktop computer access inside headsets.

In 2019, he’d added a new feature to his Oculus Quest app, letting users of the mobile headset stream VR games from their PC.

Godin and Shankar, among some other members of the VR community, believe Facebook has similar plans for Oculus apps.

But in a Voices of VR podcast interview, Godin contended his experience wasn’t meaningfully less reliable than the experimental and sometimes buggy Oculus Link feature, which lets Quest users play PC VR games through a USB-C cable.

Oculus has gone all-in with the self-contained Quest and its carefully managed app store, recently announcing the upcoming retirement of its Rift desktop headset.

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