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Image of article 'How to setup EC2 Auto Scaling Group (ASG) on AWS'

How to setup EC2 Auto Scaling Group (ASG) on AWS

On this page, select “use scaling policies to adjust the capacity of this group” and specify the instance count to scale between the desired and the maximum number of instances in the ASG.

Create a Launch Configuration Create an Auto Scaling Group Terminate the instance to let ASG manage the instance count.

It helps to maintain the number of instances in an ASG and automatic scaling of the EC2 Auto Scaling service.

How to setup EC2 Auto Scaling Group (ASG) on AWS ASG(Auto Scaling Group) feature comes along with EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) service of AWS(Amazon Web Services) Cloud.

Now, we will see how ASG the instance count if the load on the servers crosses the target value we specified in scaling policy we created.

Image of article 'MagnaChip to sell foundry business and 8-inch fab'

MagnaChip to sell foundry business and 8-inch fab

Upon the closing of the transaction, about 1,500 MagnaChip employees are expected to be transferred to the SPC. "After conducting a thorough strategic evaluation process of the Foundry business and Fab 4, the board of directors and management team concluded that this transaction was the best option to maximize value for our shareholders," said Nader Tavakoli, chairman of MagnaChip.

We look forward to building upon our leadership position in the OLED display driver business and are excited about the emerging micro LED space.

Importantly, it will allow us to meaningfully improve our balance sheet, and fully focus as a pure-play standard products company on the attractive high-growth opportunities in our Display Solutions and Power Solutions business lines.

MagnaChip to sell foundry business and 8-inch fab Rodney Chan, DIGITIMES, Taipei Wednesday 1 April 2020 MagnaChip Semiconductor has announced that certain of its wholly-owned subsidiaries have entered into a definitive agreement to sell the company's Foundry Services Group and the factory in Cheongju (Fab 4), the larger of its two 8-inch manufacturing facilities, to a special purpose company (SPC) in South Korea established by Alchemist Capital Partners Korea and Credian Partners.

MagnaChip said it is the largest independent supplier of OLED display driver integrated circuits (DDICs) to the world's top-two panel manufacturers for smartphones.

Image of article '7.5 million study to develop operational plan for mixed truck fleets'

7.5 million study to develop operational plan for mixed truck fleets

Roadshows are being planned to give truck drivers, fleet managers, government officials, insurance reps, inspection agencies, and the general public the opportunity to learn firsthand about commercial vehicle Automated Driving System (ADS) technologies.

Rather than building systems to replace drivers or attempting to 'disrupt' and compete with established trucking fleets and manufacturers, we think all stakeholders working together will result in new and meaningful solutions to bring more safety and comfort to the truck driving experience."

The team will work with safety technology developer Pronto to demonstrate the safe and gradual integration of various levels of advanced automation technology into fleet operations on public U.S. roadways.

"VTTI has assembled a world-class team that includes automated driving system technology developers, trucking fleets, six state departments of transportation, and other supporting organizations, to tackle this topic," noted Martin Walker, who will serve as the principal investigator for the project.

A new four-year study, led by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) in partnership with a 16-member team, seeks to provide the trucking industry, regulators, and the general public with practical guidelines for safely integrating automated driving systems into current fleets.

Image of article '10+ Years in Cleantech'

10+ Years in Cleantech

Zach is recognized globally as an electric vehicle, solar energy, and energy storage expert.

The pictures above convey the message as effectively as I think anything can — electric vehicle, solar power, wind power, stationary energy storage, and LED costs have come down quickly and consistently for the past decade (actually, decades, to be more precise); and as they’ve hit critical crossover points, the result has been exponential growth in cleantech adoption.

At that time, solar power was a niche market and much more expensive than conventional sources of power.

A decade ago, wind power was already basically cost-competitive with conventional power sources, utility-scale solar was significantly more expensive but starting to bloom, and electric vehicles were hardly a blip on the horizon — and basically unknown to most of us.

Zach has long-term investments in Tesla [TSLA] — after years of covering solar and EVs, he simply has a lot of faith in this company and feels like it is a good cleantech company to invest in.

Image of article 'After a year long wait, Kaby Lake-G finally gets a driver update... from AMD'

After a year long wait, Kaby Lake-G finally gets a driver update... from AMD

However, owners of devices powered by Kaby Lake-G processors may heave a sigh of relief as AMD's Adrenalin drivers are now be used directly for these devices.

Drivers for Kaby Lake-G were serviced directly by Intel although the chip featured an AMD GPU.

AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 drivers can now be used to update Kaby Lake-G graphics drivers.

After being left in the lurch for nearly 12 months, owners of the ill-fated Intel Kaby Lake-G platform finally get some respite not from Intel but from AMD.

Though late, this is a welcome move as it now enables Kaby Lake-G owners to have day 0 game support and other critical bug fixes on the same timeframe as regular AMD GPU owners.

Image of article 'Vivo launches the S6 5G, a new Exynos 980 phone'

Vivo launches the S6 5G, a new Exynos 980 phone

Speaking of, the S6 5G joins its flagship NEX 3S counterpart in having rear cameras in a circular housing.

Vivo has unleashed the S6 on the Chinese market, confirming in the process that it is the V1962A device featured in an earlier Geekbench leak.

It is called the S6, in line with some predictions made as a result of its prior leaks.

Vivo has launched its latest 5G smartphone today (March 31, 2020).

The S6 5G has an 8GB RAM variant, as suggested in its leaks, although there is also a 6GB base model.

Braven BVR-XXL/2 Bluetooth speaker: Gigantor lays down the beat

Braven’s XXL/2 is a Bluetooth speaker that will look just as at home in the bed of a pickup truck as it will at the pool or at the beach.

The XXL/2’s amplifier is rated for 100 watts total, driving four 3-inch full-range speakers (15W per channel) arranged in opposing pairs at each end, and a down-firing 6-inch subwoofer (40W) flanked by passive radiators.

For an IPX5 rated speaker, I’d say the sound from the XXL/2 sits in the 95th percentile.

With a speaker at each corner, you don’t need to be at all particular about where you place the XXL/2.

This story, "Braven BVR-XXL/2 Bluetooth speaker: Gigantor lays down the beat" was originally published by TechHive .

Image of article 'Edge Dev build 83.0.467.0 is out with mostly fixes'

Edge Dev build 83.0.467.0 is out with mostly fixes

It's still early in the week, but Microsoft today released this week's Edge Dev build, bringing the version number to 83.0.467.0.

As usual, there's not a whole lot in the way of new features.

All that's actually new in this build is the ability to resume downloads from the Downloads management page.

Here are the fixes for improved reliability: Here are the fixes for changed behavior: Finally, these are the known issues: As always, the browser will update automatically to the new version at some point.

If you just can't wait, you can go to Settings -> About Microsoft Edge to give it a push.

Image of article 'Rad Power Bikes Launches A Turbocharged Build Of The Popular RadRunner E-Bike'

Rad Power Bikes Launches A Turbocharged Build Of The Popular RadRunner E-Bike

In addition to the included accessories, the RadRunner and the RadRunner Plus can be kitted out with a front rack and one of Rad Power Bikes’ wide range of baskets, panniers, bags, and platforms up front and on the rear deck.

“The RadRunner Plus blends the accessible utilitarian design of the original RadRunner with an all-new collection of upgrades for riders craving a premium ebike experience,” said Mike Radenbaugh, Rad Power Bikes’ founder and CEO.

That’s more than any other bike in the Rad Power bike line up because it comes fully loaded with the extras above, fenders, the passenger package, a custom LED halo headlight, and the standard Rad Power Bikes LCD that comes on most of its bikes.

The new premium offering takes the RadRunner 1 to the max with a suspension fork, and upgrades the powertrain to Rad Power Bikes’ standard 7-speed kit that result in an e-bike package that’s fun and functional, for $1,699.

Head over to,, or to spec out a bike and get all the details on Rad Power Bikes’ new RadRunner Plus.

Image of article 'Motorola RAZR sales in India delayed to April 15'

Motorola RAZR sales in India delayed to April 15

The current lockdown in India will go until April 14, 23:19 IST.

India’s government determined a few days go the world’s biggest lockdown with around 1,3 billion people forced to stay at home.

Today, the company announced that has pushed back the sales in India from April 2 to April 15.

Back in the last year, Motorola announced its first foldable smartphone dubbed Motorola RAZR.

Even if Motorola wanted, the company wouldn’t be able to deliver its Motorola RAZR to customers before April 15.

Linux 5.7 Power Management Includes Fixes, Tiny Power Button Driver

With "bgrt_disable" as a kernel module parameter, this functionality can be disabled for flakey implementations where the OEM logo may not be displayed correctly.The complete list of ACPI changes here

A kernel parameter to support disabling the ACPI BGRT on x86.

Fixing a suspend-to-idle wake-up regression affecting the Dell XPS 13 9370 and other platforms when the USB (un)plug events are handled by the embedded controller.There are also other updated power management drivers as outlined via the pull request Rafael Wysocki also sent in the ACPI updates including: A "tiny" power button driver as a simple ACPI power driver developed by Intel for virtual machines.

Simplifications and clean-ups to the Intel P-State and Intel Idle drivers.

Intel's Rafael Wysocki who oversees the kernel's power management area has sent in his relevant pull requests for the Linux 5.7 kernel merge window.Highlights of the power management updates for Linux 5.7 include:- Support for Krait-based SoCs within the Qualcomm driver.

Image of article 'Lloyd’s Grande, the double compressor AC promises a breath of cool air this summer'

Lloyd’s Grande, the double compressor AC promises a breath of cool air this summer

The flagship range of air conditioners by Lloyd claims heavy duty cooling, thanks to its dual compressors, along with an assurance that even though summers are approaching, they won’t be entirely unbearable.

The Grande Heavy-Duty Air Conditioner not just promises to cool every corner of your room, it also comes loaded with dust filters, anti-bacterial coils and advanced air filters to keep the nasty stuff in check.

The double compressor has been assigned the task of making survival possible even in the harsh summers, and that’s why the advanced heavy duty duo compressors on these flagship models claim to cool in soaring temperatures as high as up to 60℃.

The challenge of living in high humidity areas such as Mumbai is also met with this one as inside the hood it claims to have copper tubes with corrosion resistant coating.

Priced at ₹67,990, it sure seems like a worthy investment for comfort and good quality indoor air.

Gamescom 2020 stepping up digital presence in fear of Covid-19 cancellation

Gamescom will be “significantly expanding” its digital presence this year in wake of concerns that the consumer show may be called off due to Covid-19 concerns.

The statement released today provides a clearer indication of plans going forward, announcing “an evaluation will be made in mid-May” to determine whether Gamescom will take place “on-site” at its usual venue in Cologne.

As a compromise for such a situation, Gamescom has also said it will be expanding its digital presence, so a virtual event of sorts will at least take place from August 25 - 29, likely to contain major news, announcements and other things from across the industry.

"In view of the corona crisis, we are now expanding all digital formats at full speed so that Gamescom 2020 can at least take place digitally in any case," said Felix Falk, managing director of Game.

Luckily, if things are canned all exhibitors and attendees of Gamescom 2020 will receive a full refund.

Image of article 'Apple A14 Bionic Chips Expected to See no Slowdown in Volume Production by TSMC Despite Ongoing Pandemic'

Apple A14 Bionic Chips Expected to See no Slowdown in Volume Production by TSMC Despite Ongoing Pandemic

It was alleged that the iPhone maker has already finalized the design of the 5nm A14 and that the production was slated to start soon.

Earlier Reports Stated That TSMC Will Start 5nm Mass Production for the A14 Bionic From April Previously, a report had rubbished rumors that claimed that the A14 Bionic production will be pushed out up to six months beyond expected mass manufacturing.

The recent rumors have been more optimistic, and joining them is a report that claims the Cupertino giant’s chip manufacturer TSMC is on track to start the volume production of the A14 Bionic.

We have been hearing contradicting reports about the iPhone 12 launch, with some casting doubts on a September release, and others claiming that Apple is determined to push ahead despite the challenges that have emerged because of the novel coronavirus.

That said, it’s worth noting that we are talking about the A14 Bionic here and not the iPhone 12 itself and its production might still get delayed because of other factors.

Huawei P40 Pro's rear and front cameras post the high scores in DxOMark's tests

DxOMark just crowned a new camera king - the Huawei P40 Pro, which achieved the rare feat of topping both the rear and selfie camera charts.

Huawei's efforts to build the best zoom camera paid off - the phone uses the main camera up to 2x, a combination of the main and telephoto cams in the 2x to 5x range (with a dash of AI-powered computational photography) and then only the periscope module from 5x and up.

Of course, the biggest improvement comes from the addition of autofocus - most front cameras have fixed focus lenses, even on flagships (Huawei was in that boat until the P40 Pro).

With a score of 95, the selfie camera is the top performer for selfie videos too, not just photos.

Huawei also has the P40 Pro+ on the way, which has a longer periscope lens and an additional 3x telephoto cam, so it will probably push the scores even higher.

Image of article 'These latest PS5 price leaks are wild       –       and can't be trusted'

These latest PS5 price leaks are wild – and can't be trusted

As their touted ‘holiday 2020’ release windows draw closer, we’re learning more and more about the PS5 and Xbox Series X - and this week we're seeing exactly why we can't believe 'leaked' PS5 prices.

The internet is rife with armchair economists doing the maths on what all these components will cost, and web-crawling sleuths spotting any sign of a pre-order page on retailers, and spouting the price tag as a coded message from the Sony and Microsoft gods on high.

But they can’t be trusted – and this week we've seen perfect evidence that retailers 'leaking' prices just should never be believed until Sony itself announces the cost.

It’s an obvious point, but the fact is that, until Sony (and for that matter, Microsoft) give an official word on the next-gen console pricing, we’ll be no surer of the price than if we’d asked the that predicts sports scores.

Retailers can tweak what they're demanding in terms of pricing to stay competitive once a set price is revealed, and gamers are unlikely to withdraw an order once placed for fear of missing out on inevitably low stock if they do so.

PS5 price leak is INSANELY low: should Xbox Series X be worried

The race is tight between Sony's PS5 and its rival, the Xbox Series X. With similar specifications, potentially more graphical power on Microsoft's part and a close-run "holiday 2020" release date, it's not clear which console is going to outsell the other in the first battle of the next-generation console war.

However, our latest PS5 leak might tip the balance in Sony's favour by undercutting the Xbox Series X in the pricing stakes.

But we may have just found out the PS5's price regardless, as news outlet Notebookcheck reveals Canadian store Play N Trade Vancouver Island has begun PS5 preorders.

But a sub-£350 price would surely undercut the Xbox Series X and make a PS5 for Christmas a more attractive prospect for parents or shoppers who aren't brand-loyal to Xbox.

We'll know more for sure as we get further into the year, when the PS5 and Xbox Series X are fully revealed, priced up and ready to ship out for their Holiday 2020 release dates.

Image of article 'Asics finally releases its first carbon plate running shoe to take on Nike's VaporFlys'

Asics finally releases its first carbon plate running shoe to take on Nike's VaporFlys

Asics also used the VR event to unveil a new track shoe; its first without metal spikes, which are traditionally used to provide sprinters with more traction, but traditionally add extra weight.

The Asics Metaracer is a distance running shoe that features a carbon fiber plate for improved stability, a redesigned toe-spring shape to reduce strain on your calf muscles, and a redesigned mesh upper to keep your feet cool.

Following the success of Nike's VaporFly running shoe, and the decision not to ban such designs at the (now delayed) Tokyo 2020 Olympics, it was only a matter of time before Asics followed suit with its own carbon plate design.

Asics has released a trio of new sports shoes in a VR showroom, including its first pair of running shoes with a carbon fiber plate.

The third and final design in the new lineup is the Metarise – a volleyball shoe designed to help you jump higher when attacking the ball.

Oppo Reno Ace 2 leaked render confirms circular camera array

After successfully upgrading its Oppo Find series with the X2 and X2 Pro, the Chinese firm is now gradually shifting its focus to the Reno lineup.

Earlier today, we saw reports about a new Oppo Reno 5 that is set to come in May.

Now, a leaked render that is aligned with previous leaks, confirms that the Oppo Reno Ace 2 will boast a Circular Camera array.

The Reno Ace 2 boasts the Snapdragon 865 SoC hooked with 12GB of RAM and, probably, 256GB of internal storage.

Despite the size, the battery should charge insanely fast thanks to a new 65W fast-charging technology.

GCC's New Static Analysis Capabilities Are Getting Into Shape For GCC 10 - Phoronix

I’m working hard on fixing things in the hope that the feature will be meaningfully usable for C code by the time of GCC 10’s release (likely in April).

This static analyzer isn't as mature or robust as what's been built into the likes of LLVM Clang for a while now, but it's getting there.Malcolm wrote a Red Hat Developer blog post on Thursday outlining the static analyze support for GCC 10.

This static analyzer for GCC was spearheaded by GCC's David Malcolm and was available in patch form a few months prior .

The static analyzer was added to GCC 10 just back in January with an initial focus on C code.

One of many new features in the GCC 10 code compiler releasing in about one month's time is finally having a built-in static analyzer.

Bloomberg: iPhone 12 in the fall, but future Apple products may be delayed

After several leaks suspected of possible delays in the arrival of the iPhone 12 with 5G, now the American media claims that the main range of iPhone 12 will not be delayed.

The source is based on two reasons to say that: while a good part of the world suffers from the impact of the COVID-19 virus pandemic, in China everything is gradually returning to normal.

The second reason is that the mass production of the main range of iPhones had been scheduled for a long time to start in the summer, so the limitations that have existed during the last weeks have affected more products before the iPhone 12.

If there are no more unforeseen events, that mass production will most likely begin with a good number of employees returning to the normal pace of work.

All in all, the renewal of the main range of iPhones remains Apple’s main financial pillar (with the help of the iPhone 9 that we will see if it arrives during this month).

Kdenlive 20.04 Beta Released With Continuing To Improve The Open - Source Video Editor - Phoronix

Open-source video editors over the years have generally fallen well short of the stability and feature set offered by proprietary video editing solutions but in recent years at least there has been some measurable progress to the likes of Kdenlive and OpenShot.

Out this weekend for testing is the Kdenlive 20.04 beta.Kdenlive 20.04 is being prepared as part of the "KDE Applications" 20.04 milestone for next month.

For those wanting to help in spotting any last minute bugs, the Kdenlive 20.04 beta is available.

For easy convenience across distributions, the AppImage is available of this first Kdenlive 20.04 beta.Kdenlive 20.04 has been working on various effect improvements, preview scaling in monitors, multi-cam improvements, audio track improvements, a start-up splash screen, and many other fixes through the non-linear video editor's increasing code-base.

If you try out Kdenlive 20.04 beta, make sure you share your experiences with us in the forums.

The Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro mark the end of the era of affordable Xiaomi flagships

While the Mi 10 starts at CNY 3,999 (€505) in China, Xiaomi sells the exact same phone for €799 in Europe.

The Mi Note 10 Pro, however, was Xiaomi's first statement of intent, as it launched with a massive global MSRP of €649.

Yesterday, the company finally brought the phones to the global market, and while the Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro are solid phones when evaluated in a vacuum, Xiaomi may likely have put off all but the biggest of fans with one not-so-minor detail.

About a month ago, Xiaomi launched its flagships for the year, the Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro in China.

Crunching the numbers shows that the Mi 10's BoM accounts for just 49% of the phone's European MSRP.

IT-1 Dragon: The Crazy Russian Tank You Never Heard Of

However the lack of a gun combined with the large minimum range meant that the Object 150 could not be used in conjunction with other tanks as it would have to lag behind when tanks closed to make a final assault.

Trials of the Object 150 finished in 1968 and the vehicle was accepted into service as the IT-1 tank destroyer.

By late 1957 the design for the first missile tank was finalized, and given the designation Object 150.

While relatively unsuccessful in service, the development of the IT-1 is interesting and provides a critical stepping stone into understanding why the Soviets adopted gun-launched ATGMs (GLATGMs) in number in following tanks.

Developed at a time where the capabilities and limitations of anti-tank Guided Missiles (ATGMs) had not yet fully been fleshed out, the IT-1 was a tank designed to use ATGMs as its primary weapon.