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SANY Battery Electric Truck Mixers: When Traditional Concrete Mixing Goes Green

In China, SANY has established seven industrial parks in Beijing, Changsha, Shanghai, Shenyang, Zhuhai, Kunshan and Urumqi.

These battery mixer trucks are not just in prototype, rather, have been delivered to and commissioned for our strategic partners in China.

In addition, Truck Line, an IoT platform dedicated for SANY vehicle, provides with productivity-enhancing functions, such as real-time monitoring, performance analysis, remote diagnosis.

BEIJING, Sept. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- SANY unveiled full battery electric version of its truck mixers, which are scheduled to be under the spotlight at bauma CHINA 2020.

BEIJING, Sept. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- SANY unveiled full battery electric version of its truck mixers, which are scheduled to be under the spotlight at bauma CHINA 2020.

Image of article 'AMD Navi 21, 22 and 23 Massive Technical Specifications Leak     -     Flagship Navi 21 GPU To Have 80 CUs'

AMD Navi 21, 22 and 23 Massive Technical Specifications Leak - Flagship Navi 21 GPU To Have 80 CUs

The RX 6000 series flagship: the RX 6900 XT (aka big Navi) is a dual-slot card whose design has already been teased by the company.

PropertyNavi 10Navi 14Navi 12Navi 21Navi 22Navi 23Navi 10 aNavi 10 bNavi 14Navi 21 aNavi 21 bNavi 22 gfxclk (MHz)300 - 1000300 - 1000300 - 1900500 - 2050500 - 2050500 - 2500 uclk (MHz)100 - 750100 - 750100 - 875577 - 1089577 - 1089577 - APUs The leaker also released a ton of information on AMD's upcoming (computed)88812 What we know about AMD's Radeon RX 6000 series GPUs so far We have had some pretty reliable leaks on the RX 6000 series and the specifications are apparently the following: The Navi 21 based Radeon RX 6900 XT will have 16GB of vRAM while the Navi 22 powered GPU (which might be called the RX 6800 XT or the RX 6700 XT) will have 12 GB of vRAM.

Navi 22: 40 CUs, 2.5 GHz boost clock and 12.8 TFLOPs of compute The younger brother of flagship, the Navi 22 GPU will have 40 CUs.

Navi 21: 80 CUs, 2.2 GHz boost clock and 22.5 TFLOPs of compute From the table we can see that the Navi 21 GPU (likely the RX 6900 XT) will have 80 CUs.

This GPU will house the smaller Navi 22 card and will have a rich IO set that is the exact same as the big Navi variant, namely: a dual 8-pin connector, USB Type C, a single HDMI connection and two DisplayPort connections.

The Boohoo share price is climbing again. I’d buy now the supply chain report is out

To put that into perspective, at the end of the 2016-17 year, Boohoo shares were on a trailing P/E of nearly 70.

It’s a one-off, it wouldn’t have been a long-term issue anyway, and Boohoo shareholders can get back to thinking about Boohoo share price growth.

The Boohoo share price gained 10% in response, on the morning of the report’s release.

After conducting the review, Alison Levitt QC reported said she is “satisfied that Boohoo did not deliberately allow poor conditions and low pay to exist within its supply chain, it did not intentionally profit from them and its business model is not founded on exploiting workers in Leicester.”

From July’s low, Boohoo shares are already up 70%, and that’s the quick profit you could have made by going against the prevailing emotion.

Image of article 'China’s SAFE: Current account balance to remain within reasonable range in H2 2020'

China’s SAFE: Current account balance to remain within reasonable range in H2 2020

China’s current account balance is expected to remain within a reasonable range in H2 2020, the country’sforexregulator, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE),said in a statement released on Friday.

Additional quotes “Expects cross-border capital flows and fx reserves to remain stable in H2.

“ “Expects current account to show a small surplus in 2020.”

“Current account surplus equivalent to 1.2% of GDP in H1.”

Market reaction The Chinese proxy, the aussie dollar, is little affected by the statement from the Chinese fx regulator.

Image of article 'Wanted: Ear to the ground'

Wanted: Ear to the ground

Investment, domestic or foreign, has been a key concern of Indian governments since economic liberalisation.

Yet successive regimes appear to have a tin ear for the concerns of businesses.

The latest example was the statement by Shekar Viswanathan, vice-chairman of Toyota’s India unit, explaining how the levies on large cars had prompted the Japanese car maker to cancel an expansion programme in India.

In an interview last month, Volkswagen India ...

Image of article 'Rich Lister's plant-based 'meat' heads to Woolworths'

Rich Lister's plant-based 'meat' heads to Woolworths

The category manager at Woolworths for plant-based foods, Mauro Pisani, said the segment's growth had been accelerated by the shift to more households cooking meals at home, and looking for variety in their diet.

Mr Hazell said Jack Cowin had been a big supporter and had seen the upside in the early stages.

— Nick Hazell, v2food chief executive Mr Cowin became a billionaire after building up the Hungry Jack's fast-food chain.

He said v2food had already had a strong spike in demand in the retail channel in the past six weeks, after striking a deal in early August with the independent supermarket chain Drakes, which runs 61 stores in South Australia and Queensland, for two different v2food products.

Mr Hazell said the price of v2food's products was pitched the same as meat, which helped remove the cost consideration from shopper's decision-making process.

Meet Five Russian Weapons of War That Totally Flopped

Sputnik News is being generous in its epitaphs of weapons that ultimately proved to be expensive flops for the Soviet and Russian economies.

"The project was terminated after a decision was made in favor of the rocket-propelled Buran orbital spaceplane," eulogized Sputnik News.

Yet curiously, officials told Russian media in 2009 that the Black Eagle never existed as more than a prototype: "There was no such project...and those 20-year-old pictures show a mock-up of a futuristic tank which remained just a product of someone's imagination."

However, "such a design increased the stress on the wings, requiring much more expensive materials to be used in production," Sputnik News said.

Yet Russia's Sputnik News recently published an article back in 2018 on Russian and Soviet weapons that fizzled.

Image of article 'Britain’s car industry will BEAT Germany’s in a WTO drag-race, writes JOHN LONGWORTH'

Britain’s car industry will BEAT Germany’s in a WTO drag-race, writes JOHN LONGWORTH

The truth of the matter is that the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) and European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) and the German Association of the Automotive Industry don’t accurately reflect the views of British industry.

By contrast, any fall in demand for UK manufactured cars among EU consumers as a result of EU tariffs will be offset by the surge in demand at home.

The levying of retaliatory 10 per cent tariffs on car imports and up to 22 per cent for trucks and vans manufactured in the EU will see prices rise and make them less desirable for British consumers.

Claims that a failure on the part of the Government to secure a free trade deal with the European Union will be devastating for Britain’s automotive industry are nonsense.

Much like the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) and other big business organisations they’re ridden with special interests and multi-national companies with their fingers in lots of European pies and often headquartered outside the UK.

Image of article 'SA Rugby puts Southern Kings into voluntary liquidation'

SA Rugby puts Southern Kings into voluntary liquidation

• February 2016: Kings return to Vodacom Super Rugby when the competition expands to 18 teams.

• November 2015: SA Rugby takes control of the franchise when EPRU‚ to whom the operation of the franchise had been granted‚ ran into financial trouble.

• August 2013: Kings lose place in Vodacom Super Rugby in a two-legged play off against the Emirates Lions.

• February 2013: Kings compete in the Vodacom Super Rugby competition as one of five South African teams.

• September 2020: The board of SA Super Rugby (Pty) Ltd – which trades as the Southern Kings – places the company into voluntary liquidation.

Image of article 'Rose Bikes pulls out of UK market       |       Bikes no longer available in the UK due to brake lever setup law'

Rose Bikes pulls out of UK market | Bikes no longer available in the UK due to brake lever setup law

German retailer Rose Bikes will no longer sell bikes to the UK market due to changes in internal assembly processes that mean it is not feasible to set bikes up with the front brake on the right, as required by law in the UK.

Rose is streamlining its internal operations and the brand is moving to serial production for its bikes, getting rid of or reducing customisation options across the board.

Regardless of any rider’s mechanical know-how, UK law dictates that an assembled bike must be set up such that the front brake is operated by the right-hand lever (The Pedal Bicycles (Safety) Regulations 2010).

As some of you have already noticed, we recently had to discontinue the assembly and shipping of ROSE bikes for the UK.

In the UK, bicycles are constructed differently than in the rest of Europe: the market standards and laws in Great Britain, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland clearly convey that the front brake lever must be mounted on the right-hand side of the handlebar and the rear brake lever on the left-hand side.

Image of article 'Here’s when the OnePlus 8T could launch'

Here’s when the OnePlus 8T could launch

The OnePlus 8T will reportedly launch on October 14, according to new info shared by MySmartPrice and tipster Ishan Agarwal.

According to Agarwal, the device will be unveiled in an online showcase similar to the OnePlus Nord event.

Agarwal doesn’t reveal any additional specs, nor did he clarify whether the 8T will be joined by an 8T Pro model as well.

Nevertheless, per earlier rumors, the OnePlus 8T is said to pack a 6.5-inch 120Hz refresh rate display, four rear cameras headlined by a 48MP sensor, and a 32MP selfie camera.

Next: OnePlus 8T and 8T Pro – 7 things we want to see

North Dakota’s BVLOS network hits major milestone

As a leader in air traffic management, surveillance, and mission-critical communication technologies, L3Harris is excited to work with North Dakota to build an aviation-grade solution that integrates UAS into the national airspace system.

We’re excited to begin the first stage of building this network in western North Dakota.

The first test site in the network to receive infrastructure is in an area near to Watford City and Williston, North Dakota, as it is near to existing state and local government infrastructure as well as in the proximity for many use cases.

North Dakota’s statewide BVLOS network has begun the initial stages of implementing infrastructure at the Northern Plains UAS Test Site (NPUASTS).

Todd Donovan, vice president of air traffic management at Thales USA, said: The state of North Dakota’s Statewide BVLOS Network is truly the first of its kind.

Image of article 'Rohan Holdings begins delivery of 165,000sq of logistics space along M50'

Rohan Holdings begins delivery of 165,000sq of logistics space along M50

With an LEED ‘silver’ building typically saving the occupier around €2 per sq ft per annum in running costs when compared to a 20-year old building, the €10.80 per sq ft Rohan is quoting for the two new units is expected to offer occupiers a more economical alternative to secondary stock .

Over in North City Business Park meanwhile, Rohan is aiming to deliver two semi-detached LEED-accredited units of 25,000sq ft and 20,000sq ft that can be combined to form a 45,000sq ft detached building.

At Dublin Airport Logistics Park, Rohan has appointed Mannings to deliver a 70,000sq ft unit and a 50,000sq ft unit.

Rohan Holdings has commenced construction of a further 120,000sq ft of industrial and logistics space at its flagship Dublin Airport Logistics Park (DALP).

Commenting on the company’s recent activity, John Casey, head of asset management at Rohan Holdings, said: “We are pleased that the quality and location of our parks continues to attract leading occupiers for all unit sizes.

Image of article 'Sony’s new AI agent achieves superhuman Gran Turismo Sport scores'

Sony’s new AI agent achieves superhuman Gran Turismo Sport scores

And not just any game but the latest in one of the most beloved racing simulation series in history Researchers from the University of Zurich and Sony AI Zurich recently published a pre-print paper showcasing the development of an autonomous agent designed to beat the best human players at the game.

Per the team: Among racing games, Gran Turismo Sport (GTS) is known as a highly realistic driving simulation, modelling phenomena, such as the influence of tires’ temperature and a car’s current fuel level on traction.

The researchers write: To our knowledge, the built-in non-player characters (NPC) included in modern car racing games are unable to compete with human expert players in fair comparisons.

Other racing games apparently close the gap to human experts by granting an unfair advantage to the NPC, for example by increasing the engine power of the NPC’s car; this, however, leads to frustration among human players who feel cheated.

To the best of our knowledge this is the first time an autonomous car AI has beaten human experts in Gran Turismo Sport.

Image of article 'First National Financial Corporation Announces September Dividend Information'

First National Financial Corporation Announces September Dividend Information

TORONTO, Sept. 15, 2020 /CNW/ - First National Financial Corporation (TSX:FN) today announced its monthly dividend payment of $0.1625 per common share for the period September 1 to September 30, 2020.

The Company also announced the quarterly dividend on its Class A Series 1 Preference Shares ("Series 1 Preference Shares") and Class A Series 2 Preference Shares ("Series 2 Preference Shares") for the period July 1 to September 30, 2020.

The dividend of $0.174375 per Series 1 Preference Share and dividend of $0.146107 per Series 2 Preference Share will be payable on October 15, 2020 to holders of record at the close of business on September 30, 2020.

With respect to the Class A Series 2 Preference Shares, the dividend rate for the period October 1 to December 31, 2020 has been set at 2.215%, as determined in accordance with the terms of the Series 2 Preference Shares.

About First National Financial Corporation First National Financial Corporation (TSX:FN, TSX:FN, TSX:FN) is the parent company of First National Financial LP, a Canadian-based originator, underwriter and servicer of predominantly prime residential (single-family and multi-unit) and commercial mortgages.

Image of article 'GBP Eyes Brexit Impasse, Nasdaq May Pull Back on US-China Tech Tension'

GBP Eyes Brexit Impasse, Nasdaq May Pull Back on US-China Tech Tension

Having said that, if the technological rift between the US and China widens - especially leading up to the election - the sector as a whole may pull back.

Tension between the two escalated after UK officials put forward a bill to revise parts of the Withdrawal Agreement they signed in January.

Numerous by-products of this nature resulting from a no-deal Brexit would likely prolong the economic recovery both in the European Union and United Kingdom.

European and UK auto associations warned that the 10% tariffs for cars and up to 22% for trucks would “almost certainly” be passed onto consumers.

European and UK carmakers collectively have called for officials to reach a compromise or else the car sector as a whole would lose over 110 billion euros in lost trade over a half-decade.

Image of article 'Covid impact: With airline fleets grounded, recyclers bet on parts boom'

Covid impact: With airline fleets grounded, recyclers bet on parts boom

Gregory said Air Salvage was approached by an aircraft leasing company about dismantling several A380s, but with only about 5% of the jumbo jets still active according to Naveo, demand is slim for their parts.

T> as its largest shareholder, has seen airlines use spare parts from their grounded aircraft to put off maintenance at the company's repair business, chief executive Abdol Moabery said.

While companies that store, dismantle, and buy and sell used aircraft parts see opportunity in parked planes, a sudden increase in the supply of used parts risks depressing prices in the estimated $3 billion a year industry, despite demand from seeking to lower maintenance costs, executives and analysts say.

MONTREAL (Reuters) - As COVID-19 grounds swaths of airline fleets, companies that profit off the dismantling and trade of aircraft parts are seeing early signs of an expected rebound in activity as carriers accelerate plane retirements.

Companies like Florida-based International Aircraft Associates (IAA) are watching in case airlines and lessors cut their losses by year's end and convert their parked planes for parts.

Image of article 'Volkswagen To Slash Shipping Emissions. Electrify America Debuts Home Charging Portal'

Volkswagen To Slash Shipping Emissions. Electrify America Debuts Home Charging Portal

Electrify America is also partnering with manufacturers of electric cars like KIA and Ford to provide high power charging for their customers.

Nina Huesgen, head of home and eCommerce at Electrify America, says, “Right now, about 80% of electric vehicle charging is done at home.

Electrify America has created a new division to supply home charging products to residential customers as part of the company’s mission to make charging electric cars as convenient as possible.

In addition to our electric vehicle production having a carbon neutral footprint, this is a further element in being able, for instance, to hand vehicles from the Volkswagen ID range to customers without any CO2 baggage.”

While the roots of Electrify America are buried in scandal, at least Volkswagen is doing what needs to be done now to move the EV revolution forward in ways that other manufacturers have elected not to.

Image of article 'Lucid Motors will launch an electric SUV on the heels of its Air sedan — see the first images of 'Project Gravity'

Lucid Motors will launch an electric SUV on the heels of its Air sedan — see the first images of 'Project Gravity

After debuting its all-electric sedan, the Air, Lucid Motors also published images of its upcoming SUV.

For now, it's called Project Gravity and it will be built on the same platform as the Air.

A company spokesperson told Business Insider that Lucid hopes to bring Project Gravity to market by 2023.

On the heels of the all-electric Lucid Air sedan, California EV startup Lucid Motors also released a handful of shadowy images of its upcoming all-electric SUV.

Project Gravity will be built on the same platform as the Air — Lucid's LEAP skateboard EV architecture.

Xiaomi Mi 11 smartphone with Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 and under-display camera could be released in early 2021

Rumors about this next likely premium-priced flagship device from Xiaomi have been floating around for a while now, and one of the rumors that seems to pop up more than the others is that the Mi 11 will sport an under-display camera (UDC) system to allow the smartphone to have a full-screen display.

Spring Festival is another name for the Chinese New Year, which for 2021 starts on February 12, so it seems there could be more signs of the Xiaomi Mi 11 appearing over the coming months.

It appears Xiaomi is already well ahead in the planning stage in regard to a Snapdragon 875-powered smartphone, which has been suggested could well end up being the Xiaomi Mi 11 (or even the Xiaomi Mi 20 if the Chinese OEM chooses a new model-numbering system like it did with the Mi Note 10).

The premium Xiaomi smartphone, which could end up being the expected Mi 11 and feature an under-display camera, will join an unknown Vivo phone and become one of the first devices to sport the rumored Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 SoC.

With Xiaomi recently showing off its third-generation UDC solution with a modified Mi 10 Ultra device, this particular feature for the SD 875-powered device appears to be a likelihood.

Image of article 'SIA to eliminate 4,300 positions'

SIA to eliminate 4,300 positions

Over the past few months, the group has introduced measures to contain costs such as deferring expenditure, cutting salaries, rolling out various no-pay leave schemes, as well as offering voluntary early-retirement or release schemes to ground staff, pilots and cabin crew.

In response to queries, an SIA spokesperson said - without revealing figures - that the restructuring, coupled with government support schemes and other cost-cutting measures at the airline would "significantly reduce (its) wage costs".

Stay updated with BT newsletters In response to queries from BT, a spokesperson for Singapore's flag carrier said: "The SIA Group has always had a strong Singapore core, which will be further strengthened after this exercise."

The retrenchment exercise at SIA, one of the bigger ones by a company in Singapore this year, comes as little surprise as the airline industry battles its biggest crisis yet.

Singapore BATTERED by the pandemic, Singapore Airlines (SIA) will cull 4,300 positions as a slower-than-expected recovery in travel demand forces the airline group to restructure to face a new normal.

Image of article 'Booming Demand for Innodisk's CAN Bus Solutions Amid Pandemic and Autonomous Vehicle Trend'

Booming Demand for Innodisk's CAN Bus Solutions Amid Pandemic and Autonomous Vehicle Trend

Innodisk's long-standing expertise in industrial markets and its commitment to CAN bus innovation have made it a key supplier to innovators – large and small – in the autonomous vehicle, automation, and medical markets.

Innodisk designed its new four-port M.2 to CAN bus expansion module (EGPC-B4S1) to address this demand.

The expansion module provides vehicle controller systems with four additional CAN bus ports per card, satisfying autonomous vehicles' growing demands for CAN bus ports and giving manufacturers new opportunities to innovate.

Industrial-Grade CAN Bus Expansion Designed for the Future The new Innodisk EGPC-B4S1 CAN bus module launches in the third quarter of 2020 and joins the two-port M.2 and mPCIe to CAN bus expansion modules in Innodisk's growing CAN bus lineup.

Innodisk's CAN bus expansion modules are designed for industrial applications, featuring support for extreme temperatures (-40 degree Celsius to 85 degree Celsius), electrostatic discharge protection (air: 15 kV, contact: 8 kV), as well as 2 kV HiPot protection – bringing CAN bus innovation to any industrial application.

Image of article 'Lucid Air is a 500-mile range Tesla rival that charges in just minutes'

Lucid Air is a 500-mile range Tesla rival that charges in just minutes

The investment was completed in April 2019 providing finance for production of the Lucid Air and the first-phase construction of the manufacturing plant.

Founded in 2007 under the name Atieva, Lucid originally focused on building electric vehicle batteries and powertrains for other manufacturers with a number of employees previously having worked at rival car companies including including Peter Rawlinson, the former VP of Engineering at Tesla, and Derek Jenkins, the former head of design at Mazda North America.

Lucid says that thanks to this collaboration with Amazon, there is an expanded set of localised Alexa vehicle controls for the Lucid Air including heating, ventilation and air-con voice commands.

And Lucid Motor’s first EV, the Air, has some undoubtedly impressive specs.

In true EV launch style, Lucid is now taking $1,000 refundable deposits ($7,500 for the Dream Edition) for the Air for customers in US and Canada, as well as in “select countries in Europe and the Middle East”, and deliveries of the new EV will start with US customers from spring 2021.

Tesla rival Lucid Motors unveils ‘world’s most advanced’ electric car

On the inside, the Lucid Air has a clean cabin aesthetic underpinned by an enormous 34-inch digital dashboard and panoramic glass roof.Lucid promises to beat Tesla in the safety stakes with “the most comprehensive sensor suite on the market”, underpinned by Lidar tech deemed too expensive by most brands.The result isn’t cheap.The first batch of cars are priced from $US169,000 ($232,400) plus on-road costs.

And its electric motors offer about 800kW of power, enough to dispatch the 0-100km/h dash in about 2.5 seconds, or nail a sub-10-second quarter mile.That’s supercar-beating speed.The big battery promises more than 800 kilometres of range, along with the ability to take on 480 kilometres of charge in just 20 minutes.

But the new car’s 113kWh battery is bigger than any electric car currently in production.

Lucid Motors says its upcoming Air sedan is “the world’s most advanced electric vehicle”, bringing performance, luxury and driver aids rivals can’t match.As with the Tesla Model S, the Lucid Air combines a large battery with powerful front and rear-mounted electric motors.

That’s about $US17,000 less than Porsche’s range-topping, 560kW Taycan Turbo S electric car, a model that sells for about $366,000 drive-away in Australia.The Air was originally set to be built in left-hand-drive, but Lucid has expressed an interest in expanding to right-hand-drive markets in the future.