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Stock market crash: this could be a chance to build a £1m ISA through buying cheap UK shares

Even through the recent market crash has caused the prices of UK shares to decline, it could provide a rare opportunity to buy undervalued businesses.

Through focusing on companies with sound balance sheets and the capacity to adapt to changing market conditions, you could increase your chances of becoming an ISA millionaire.

This could provide long-term investors with the chance to buy high-quality companies while they offer wide margins of safety, thereby improving their ISA return prospects in the long run.

It enables investors to access low valuations for strong businesses that can not only survive the short run, but benefit from a likely long-term recovery.

However, through buying undervalued UK shares that have solid financial positions, your portfolio may outperform the stock market and become valued at over £1m in the coming years.

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Lloyds shares are up 11% in five days. Here’s what I’d do next

But the bank has net tangible assets of 60p a share, more than double today’s share price.

Despite the obliteration of the Lloyds share price, there are still arguments for owning shares in this bombed-out bank.

Now for the good news: Lloyds shares cratered at 25.43p on 31 July and are up 10.8% in five days.

In short, it’s been a brutal year for Lloyds shareholders (and for its staff, most of whom own shares in their employer).

What’s more, Lloyds shares are down almost two-thirds (61.7%) from their 52-week high of 73.66p, hit on 13 December last year.

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Image of article 'Stock market crash: I’d buy these top stocks in an ISA if UK share prices crash again'

Stock market crash: I’d buy these top stocks in an ISA if UK share prices crash again

Buying top-quality UK shares at rock-bottom prices allows us to maximise our returns as improving economic conditions drive their prices higher again.

Indeed, we at The Motley Fool believe that a fresh collapse in UK share prices could boost all our chances of getting rich over the long run.

If you’ve bought quality stocks in a balanced portfolio you’re likely to see those UK share prices rebound in value over time.

If another stock market crash happens I reckon you should take the opportunity to get rich by buying cheap UK share prices.

There’s plenty of scope for these UK share prices to keep booming as the economic outlook darkens, too.

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You won’t make a million with Bitcoin! But investing £250 a month in UK shares may do it

Fortunately, The Motley Fool is here to help: our UK Chief Investment Officer and his analyst team have short-listed five companies that they believe STILL boast significant long-term growth prospects despite the global lock-down… You see, here at The Motley Fool we don’t believe “over-trading” is the right path to financial freedom in retirement; instead, we advocate buying and holding (for AT LEAST three to five years) 15 or more quality companies, with shareholder-focused management teams at the helm.

5 Stocks For Trying To Build Wealth After 50 Markets around the world are reeling from the coronavirus pandemic… And with so many great companies trading at what look to be ‘discount-bin’ prices, now could be the time for savvy investors to snap up some potential bargains.

So forget about gambling your money with Bitcoin: trying to get rich with shares is a much better idea.

But they remain a much clearer, more robust and less risky way for investors to put their money to work than Bitcoin.

Sure, they’re not immune to extreme volatility themselves, as the 2020 stock market crash illustrates.

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The price of gold is soaring! Would I buy these gold stocks

While Greatland Gold has significant potential, the share price is based too much on speculation, and this renders the stock too much of a risk for me!

With no debt, and cash of nearly $300m, I can certainly see the company thriving over the next few years…as long as the price of gold remains high.

But with the company in a healthy situation, and with the price of gold still rising, many believe that there is still significant potential upside to the stock.

With the current share price at 14p, this may indicate that the Greatland Gold share price is now too high.

Investors who bought Greatland Gold (LSE: GGP) shares at the start of year would have seen them rise 681% by now.

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Image of article 'Gold in India sold at a discount as prices soar to record highs'

Gold in India sold at a discount as prices soar to record highs

Physical gold rates swung to a discount in India this week as domestic prices surged above ₹51,000 in futures markets.

In India, dealers offered discounts of up to $6 an ounce over official domestic prices amid weak demand, versus last week's $2 premium, Reuters reported.

In futures market, gold prices soared to a record ₹51184 per 10 grams on Friday.

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Stock market crash: 1 of the best UK shares I’d buy in an ISA to make a million

That’s why we think now could be the perfect time for you to start building your own stake in this exceptional business – especially given the shares look to be trading on a fairly undemanding valuation for the year to March 2021.

The stock market crash means that there are many other top UK shares are too cheap to miss right now, too.

The shares had doubled in value (up 102% to be exact) during the five years to the beginning of 2020.

Bloomsbury’s share price has slumped around 25% since the start of the year, providing a brilliant buying opportunity in my book (no pun intended).

The recent stock market crash allows brave investors to build a winning portfolio of UK shares at bargain-basement prices.

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Forget buy-to-let! I’d buy cheap UK shares in a Stocks and Shares ISA to make a million

As such, now could be the right time to build a diverse Stocks and Shares ISA made up of high-quality businesses.

Despite the recent stock market rebound, a wide range of UK shares appear to be trading on low valuations.

Investors who can look beyond short-term risks and buy attractive UK shares when they are undervalued could benefit from a likely recovery as investor sentiment and the economy’s prospects improve.

Although purchasing a wide range of UK shares today may not feel like the right move to many investors, history suggests that buying undervalued stocks can ultimately be a profitable move.

Therefore, now could be the right time to build a Stocks and Shares ISA of undervalued FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 shares while they are still trading at appealing price levels.

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Image of article 'Gold to end the year at $1900 supported by lower real yields       –       Capital Economics'

Gold to end the year at $1900 supported by lower real yields – Capital Economics

The gold price has risen by nearly 20% this year, as real yields have fallen.

Strategists at Capital Economics have become more positive on the outlook for the yellow metal price as they think the backdrop will remain supportive, limiting any downside, even if some of the steam comes out of the gold price rally next year.

Key quotes “We have raised our forecast for the gold price, as we expect real yields to drift a little lower and remain low for some time.

We now think that the price of gold will finish the year at $1,900 per ounce ($1,600 previously) and will remain elevated over the next couple of years.”

“We think there could be clusters of investors – concerned about the potential for runaway inflation owing to ultra-loose monetary policy – who will seek refuge in the gold market.

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Image of article 'Bonawyn Eison Sees Unusual Options Activity In American Express'

Bonawyn Eison Sees Unusual Options Activity In American Express

On CNBC's "Options Action," Bonawyn Eison spoke about high options activity in American Express Company (NYSE: AXP) ahead of earnings.

The company reports earnings on Friday, before the market opens and the options market is implying a move of 3.5% in either direction.

The stock moves 2% on average for the event.

During the session on Thursday, Eison noticed a purchase of around 2,000 contracts of the July 24, $90 puts.

The average price for the trade was 20 cents, which sets the breakeven at $89.80 or around 7% lower from the closing price on Thursday.

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Vicinity Centres share price drops on portfolio devaluation news

The Vicinity Centres (ASX: VCX) share price is down by 2.49% to $1.37 at the time of writing, after the group announced a portfolio net valuation decline of 11.3%.

This resulted in a net valuation decline for its overall portfolio of 11.3% or $1.79 billion for the 6-month period to 30 June 2020.

While the overall portfolio net valuation decline was 11.3%, the results highlighted the resilience of our Flagship portfolio, affirming our strategy and weighting towards metropolitan markets with strong long-term fundamentals.”

Mr Kelly went on to say “We remain confident in our strategy of focusing on market-leading destinations, which we believe will deliver returns for investors over the medium to long term, and ensure our retailers have the best platform to reach consumers…” The company has advised that customer visitation to many of its centres, particularly those that are less reliant on office workers or tourists, is close to pre-COVID-19 levels.

Year to date, the Vicinity Centres share price is down by 44.98% and is currently selling at a price-to-earnings ratio of 4.38.

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3 reasons to expect another stock market crash. And why I’d continue buying UK shares for my ISA

On the plus side, UK stock markets remain stable after recovering from the decade-long lows struck in March.

Market tensions remain extremely high and many investors, fearful of another stock market crash, remain reluctant to pile into UK shares.

But does the threat of a second market crash mean that you and I should stop buying UK shares?

And a stock market crash allows you to buy top quality stocks for next-to-nothing as panicked investors usually sell the cream of the crop along with the genuine duds.

Indeed, there remain so many quality UK shares trading too cheaply following the stock market crash in March.

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s Daily Wrap for 05/11/2020

If we take the (liquid) US Equity options market as an example then there are

How does this relate to equity options?

Youre welcome.

You want to be a net buyer of the cheap stuff and a net seller of the expensive stuff.

If you want to make money trading, youre going to need a way to identify when an asset is likely to be cheap and when it is likely to be expensive.

Apple quietly increases build-to-order Mac pricing by 10% outside US

Altogether, the hikes add an extra £110 to the price tag of this built-to-order 16-inch ‌MacBook Pro‌ – a combined total of £3,899 rather than £3,789.

In the U.K. for example, when customizing a base configuration 2.3GHz 8-Core 16-inch MacBook Pro, upgrading to a 2.4GHz processor costs £200, where previously it cost £180.

In Canada, Europe, Australia, and many parts of Asia, customers configuring any new ‌MacBook Air‌, MacBook Pro, iMac, iMac Pro, Mac Pro or Mac mini now face paying approximately 10 percent more for each component upgrade than they did prior to last Wednesday.

While there’s been no change to the prices of standard-configuration Macs, it seems Apple has quietly increased the prices of build-to-order Mac models in many countries … Two MacRumors readers spotted the price increases, which have been applied to many countries outside the US.

The site’s readers noticed because they had Macs saved in their baskets, and saw the total price increase.

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Mike Novogratz Says That Investors Have Lost Confidence in Bitcoin

But this time, the answer is simple, at least according to noted Bitcoin bull and Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz.

In a tweet on March 13, Novogratz said: “[Bitcoin] was always a confidence game.

Rebuilding confidence So rather than dwelling on losses, Novogratz suggests that the real question is how to bring confidence back to Bitcoin.

So confidence is not gone completely, and some will still try to profit from Bitcoin’s extreme volatility at this time.

However, for the markets to fully regain confidence, investors may have to wait until the current panic blows over.

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Coronavirus Teaches Us Panic Knows No Borders

But if others panic buy, the optimal strategy for you is to do the same, otherwise you’ll be left without toilet paper.

In the case of toilet paper, the government acting as guarantor might involve holding a strategic stockpile of toilet paper.

In 2008, for example, the market crash engendered by the subprime mortgage crisis left multiple Australian banks vulnerable to depositor runs.

One solution is a market mechanism – allowing the price of toilet paper to increase to reduce demand.

If everyone acts normally, we have an equilibrium: there will be toilet paper on the shop shelves, and people can relax and buy it as they need it.

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Mobile support: Are your employees getting what they need

When it comes to supporting mobile devices in the workplace, it all comes down to one thing: employees.

Employees are using their own personal devices (or similar corporate devices) at work much more frequently, and they expect the same level of mobile support in the corporate world as they receive in the consumer one.

Download this infographic which summarizes the results of a recent mobile support IDG survey of 102 IT decision-makers at companies with more than 500 employees across all major industries.

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Bitcoin futures trading could burst its own bubble

The launch of Bitcoin futures at CBOE is set to be followed by its cross-town rival, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) Group, which plans to launch its own version of Bitcoin futures trading on December 18.

One party to the contract agrees to buy a given quantity of securities (such as stocks or bonds) or commodities (oil, gold, Bitcoin), and take the delivery on a future date while the other party agrees to deliver the asset.

Such was the excitement at the launch of futures that the Bitcoin price touched an all-time high of US$17,382.64 after one day of CBOE trading.

Bitcoin futures allows traders to speculate on what the Bitcoin price will be at a later date.

The volume of trading since bitcoin’s launch on CBOE has been relatively low, especially compared with more established currencies futures.

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