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Image of article 'Mother-of-two renovates property opposite childhood home'

Mother-of-two renovates property opposite childhood home

She added: 'Redoing a house that has been empty for six years and lived in by the same little old lady for near on 74 years, you can imagine what it was like.'

However after six years of it laying empty and with 'nothing' done to the home, it came back onto the market.

When Betty passed away six years ago on the day Beth's daughter was born Beth, who was 19 at the time, was not in a financial position to buy the property with her fiance and it was snapped up by a developer.

Beth Greenway, 26, from Gloucester, had grown up and lived in the house opposite 'Betty's house' for 26 years with her parents, and had always admired the home.

A mother who always wanted to live in the house across from her parents where the same elderly woman lived for 74 years has revealed how she finally bought and transformed the property into a modern family home.

29 Beauty Products From Walmart That'll Feel Like A Treat

Walmart Promising review: "I'm still scratching my head wondering what's in this sunscreen that my skin loves so much.

Walmart Promising review: "This mask leaves your skin feeling super soft without over-drying it or stripping it of natural oils.

Walmart Promising review: "I have very dark circles and puffy eyes and have tried many products.

Walmart Promising review: "This product is so easy to use.

—GPRobers Price: $7.98 Walmart Promising review: "Finding a lip color that is bold, pigmented, long-lasting and comfortable has been an expensive time-suck that put my lips through things they shouldn't have had to go through.

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Image of article '33 Cheap Skincare Products That Actually Work'

33 Cheap Skincare Products That Actually Work

Promising review: "I'm in my thirties, and I still have tricky skin — if I use anything too harsh, I dry out; anything too creamy, I break-out.

Promising review: "I used this face scrub this morning and literally after one use I feel a difference.

The first time I used this product, two pimples that I had been battling for over a week were gone the next morning.

Promising review: "I’ve noticed a huge difference in my skin since using this product!

Promising review: "This is the best face wash for my acne-prone skin.

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Ugly’: Botched celebrity homes that horrify fans

In recent weeks, we’ve gasped at Demi Moore’s carpeted bathroom – complete with rock wall cladding – after she posted an innocent selfie on Instagram.

With the introduction of Instagram, we’re able to set foot inside the intimate, personal spaces of famous people – and promptly judge their interiors like we’re Shaynna Blaze criticising some bogan couple’s bathroom revamp on The Block.

What is it about an ugly celebrity home that shocks and satisfies us so much?

We know ridiculously wealthy people will always deck out their homes with gaudy and grotesque opulence – just lots of gold paint, chrome and plaster mouldings to make the place look like it’s an ancient Roman temple even though it was built in California in 2003.

What we really love though is ugly homes that belong to celebrities who have otherwise exceptional taste.

published lifestyle (house and home) lifestyle
Image of article '6 Incredible Bookcases That Will Actually Fit Your Massive Book Collection'

6 Incredible Bookcases That Will Actually Fit Your Massive Book Collection

If you’re looking for a bookshelf that can handle lots of big, heavy books (which can weigh up to 50 pounds per running foot), opt for a model with solid wood shelves.

Also consider that if you own a lot of books, your collection is probably quite heavy, which means a flimsier case won't do; make sure you choose a bookcase that is designed to carry at least 20 pounds per running foot — or even more if you own a lot of hefty textbooks or hardcovers.

With a capacity of 120 pounds per shelf, this HSH Bookcase is cut out for the heavy lifting that books require.

I researched many ladder bookshelves and was surprised that most of the ones I came across simply weren't cut out for the weight of books — but this 6-shelf bookcase is certainly an exception!

Positive Amazon review: “I needed a bookcase for my office/guest room that could hold a LOT of books without taking up a lot of space.

Image of article 'Woman reveals how she scored a house and several degrees in two years'

Woman reveals how she scored a house and several degrees in two years

'By the time I finished my master's degree Steven and I were already saving for the house and we saved the $7,500 deposit needed to secure our mortgage within a year.

Completing her bachelors in record time just before her 19th birthday, she then also completed her MBA in Human Resources Management and became the youngest student to get an MBA at Lynn University, Florida, completing it at 19-years-old, a few days before turning 20.

So by the time she started her bachelor's degree in psychology she could skip the first half of the course.

Pakeezah Zubairi, 21, from Florida, finished high school with 18 months worth of university credits by taking after hours classes and tests.

A woman has achieved more in two years than most have in a lifetime, completing a bachelor's degree, master's degree and owning a home by the time she was 20 - and is now starting a PhD aged 21.

Image of article 'Buying Guide: These yoga mats are so pretty you’ll never want to store them'

Buying Guide: These yoga mats are so pretty you’ll never want to store them

These yoga mats aren’t just functional.

1) Persian Carpet Yoga Mat This Persian carpet printed yoga mat fits in with almost any style of décor.

The realistic pattern looks just like your favorite style of runner, while the non-slip textured surface and ¼ inch thick mat will provide extra support during the most difficult poses.

2) Geometric Mat Yoga Design Lab has dozens of patterns and colors of yoga mats, but this bright geometric design combines hues of green, blue, pink, and purple to uplift your daily practice.

3) Marble Inspired Mat If you still love the marble everything home décor trend, this yoga mat from Aimerday is for you.

published lifestyle (house and home) lifestyle
Image of article 'Woman turns her home into giant greenhouse while in COVID-19 lockdown'

Woman turns her home into giant greenhouse while in COVID-19 lockdown

A young woman has transformed her home into a lush green 'paradise' after filling her living room with a plethora of potted plants.

Among those is Brad Canning who has been furnishing his Melbourne home with hundreds of potted and hanging plants for years.

Many praised the woman for sharing her 'beautiful' COVID-19 plant collection and for 'living my dream', while others admitted: 'I relate so much to this!'

Others admitted they have also accumulated a huge collection of indoor plants in their home since the coronavirus pandemic hit.

The plant-obsessed woman shared a light-hearted picture of herself proudly holding a giant plant in one hand, and a glass of red wine in another.

Image of article '10 Functional And Productive Vegetable Garden Plans'

10 Functional And Productive Vegetable Garden Plans

This is a great 20-by-20 garden that uses raised beds and will provide a small family with their fresh vegetables.

This is one of the best vegetable garden plans for a narrow city lot.

These vegetable garden plans will help you to imagine your empty space as a productive garden.

Whether you have a small patio garden or a 20-acre farm, you want to be able to grow vegetables for your family and not have it be all-consuming.

Or, “I will use the square foot gardening method to have a 4-by-4 garden bed that will provide my family with fresh salads for summer.

Get the most out of your iRobot Roomba with the best accessories

However, that doesn't mean you can't improve your Roomba experience with a few carefully chosen accessories, add-ons, and extras.

We have a small selection of just that — the best accessories you can get for your Roomba right now.

With so many models and designs, these accessories should make your Roomba experience even better.

Our overall best iRobot Roomba accessory is investing in a pair of additional Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barriers.

Finally, our accessory for the aesthetic side of things is MightySkins iRobot Roomba Vinyl Decal Covers.

State of Decay 2 announces better loot, revamped shotguns, and more

However, if you have large hands, you may struggle to find a mouse that feels comfortable for you.

I like 'em big...I like 'em chunky These are the best gaming mice for folks with large hands A great gaming mouse is important for anyone looking to get into PC gaming.

Thankfully, there are plenty of plus-sized mouse options on the market.

Image of article 'Adorable critter-collector Ooblets is now out in early access'

Adorable critter-collector Ooblets is now out in early access

After three years of us cooing over it, Ooblets today launched in early access.

We’re also growing little critters named ooblets, who we raise and train to compete – though rather than bite, claw, electrocute, and drown each other, they bust moves in dance-offs.

Manage cookie settings The question I now have is: what separates an Ooblet you grow to love and cherish from a crop you grow to cook and eat?

Grow ooblets, level ’em up, dress ’em up, dance ’em off, collect new seeds and ooblets, help folks, renovate your house… just nice things.

The developers, Glumberland expect they’ll work on Ooblets in early access for one year before the full launch – though of course that could change.

My top 5 tools for Web Design

Whenever I start a new web design project there are a few tools and resources I repeatedly use for my design process.

These are the types of images that change the entire visual design of the website.

Blobmaker is a genius tool that generates for you the svg code for cool blobs.

CSS Gradient is another online resource that lets you set beautiful gradient colors for your css with a convenient photoshop-like gradient color picker.

Instead of spending valuable time figuring out a smooth animation, animista has a list of tons of popular animations and generates for you the css code.

The Sill's fake plants look just like the real thing (and they're on sale

TL;DR: You can save up to 20% on select artificial plants from The Sill during its July 4th Faux Plant Sale, which ends at midnight July 8.

If you're lacking a thumb of the green variety, don't fret: The Sill's July 4th Faux Plant Sale goes through the end of July 8 so you still have time to get your hands on a gorgeous, not-fake-looking fake plant for up to 20% off.

The sale includes pet-friendly artificial plants of all shapes and sizes — nearly a dozen total, by our count — from a trendy Pilea peperomioides (Chinese money plant) to an elegant white orchid to a modern bunch of Monstera leaves.

All of them are made from a combination of high-quality fabric, plastic, wire, and foam, and require zero maintenance aside from the occasional dusting and spot-cleaning: It's also worth mentioning that most of The Sill's planters are available in a bunch of different colors and styles, so you can easily match your new (fake) plant child to the decor scheme you've already got going on.

Hit the blue button below to head over to The Sill's website and shop the final hours of its Faux Plant Sale.

Image of article 'MOFT’s genius laptop sleeve transforms into an angled stand using the power of origami!'

MOFT’s genius laptop sleeve transforms into an angled stand using the power of origami!

The Carry Sleeve joins the ranks of MOFT’s products, and offers a solution that doesn’t just attach itself to the base of the laptop, but rather encases it in a stylish, protective layer that holds your laptop along with your EDC and even a couple of business cards too.

The MOFT Carry Sleeve comes with a waterproof, scratch-resistant PU-based leather exterior that houses your laptop in its slim yet durable design.

Built with a magnetic flap that secures the stand in place, the Carry Sleeve can be adjusted to 15° or 25° angles to give you a better computing experience while ensuring your laptop stays cool.

Built with an innovative folding design (a feature we’ve really come to love across all of MOFT’s products), the Carry Sleeve transforms into an angular laptop stand with a simple flip of two tabs.

Coming from the guys that made the world’s lightest, most invisible laptop stand, this is the MOFT Carry Sleeve.

Celebrate Independence Day with HomeKit accessories, apps, and automations

Source: iMore For those times where you still want to browse around on your phone, you can use a third-party HomeKit app on the Apple TV to view your cameras.

Creating a custom automation in the Home app also enables you to tie it in with other HomeKit accessories, such as door sensors or locks.

Make it your own Source: Christopher Close / iMore If your HomeKit lighting's app doesn't include scenes for Independence Day or if you can't find one that speaks to you, don't worry, you can still make your own magic with automations.

Nowadays, most color lighting accessories and apps include pre-configured scenes that can launch your celebration with just a tap or two.

HomeKit lighting can simulate the pops and flashes of those banging fireworks displays inside of your home through automations and scenes, each of which are incredibly easy to set up.

The joy of sculpting beautiful little towns in Townscaper

You know if you build in the water that a kind of harbour block will appear, with nice red trim and fences for safety around the top, and you know if you build on top of it, a building will appear.

There's no discernible aim to the game other than to make your town look nice.

Every time a building dynamically adapts to what you're doing, there's a delightful tinkling of tiles and a popping noise, and an animation that reminds me of a blob assimilating another blob like slimes do in fantasy games.

I can't possibly put that building right up to the edge of the harbour because how will the people who live there get in?

Maybe it's because I live in a coastal town in real life, I don't know, but I do know that if I don't provide my people with some kind of buttress against the wind then it's going to whip through that town mercilessly.

100 Free Fonts for Commercial and Personal Use

Each time a designer starts work on a new design, there is always a big problem: a lack of high-quality materials, such as fonts, icons, images etc.

Of course, you can create a font that will properly fit the design you created, but it’s not a good idea since font creation takes a lot of time, which is never enough when you have to work within a deadline.

The solution is simple: you can use ready-made free fonts.

There are elegant and unusual fonts, serif and slab serif, rigorous and handwritten fonts and more in the showcase.

If you want more do check out our previous round-up of abstract and grunge free fonts.