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Image of article 'We need to talk about Steam & China'

We need to talk about Steam & China

But poking around Steam games that I have easy access to, anywhere between 10% and 22% of the sales of games with Chinese translations are from China, averaging out at about 16%.

These totals are across all mobile, PC, and console games (though there’s not really much console in China!)

Both gamers and publishers in China have used Steam for games that fail to meet the country’s stringent regulations and are not available on other platforms such as WeGame, China’s biggest PC games distribution platform.”

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Image of article 'The DeanBeat: Our next game event focuses on growth and the metaverse'

The DeanBeat: Our next game event focuses on growth and the metaverse

We’ll discuss whether the best path to the metaverse is by building a giant virtual world or if we’ll get there through games like Fortnite, which has been adding features such as concerts.

It will take place on January 27, on day two of our event, with speakers from across games, film, venture investment, and big platform companies.

Many Silicon Valley technologists and game developers have thought about the metaverse and how to make it, but more as a hobby, a pipe dream, or a night job.

We’re busy identifying speakers for a dozen major topics that combine the vision of bigtime CEOs, the sizzle of famous game developers, and the meat of tactical experts on things like in-app purchases and rewarded videos.

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Image of article 'Get a job: Question is hiring a Level Designer'

Get a job: Question is hiring a Level Designer

Whether you're just starting out, looking for something new, or just seeing what's out there, the Gamasutra Job Board is the place where game developers move ahead in their careers.

The Gamasutra Job Board is the most diverse, active and established board of its kind for the video game industry!

Our goal, as a studio, is to be able to make games with people that like each other and will grow together as a team that gets stronger with each project.

You push the boundaries of what the game's scripting can do to make the first kind of story possible - without leaving too many of the second kind hidden in the walls.

Gamasutra's Job Board is the most diverse, most active, and most established board of its kind in the video game industry, serving companies of all sizes, from indie to triple-A.

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Image of article 'Apex Legends comes to Steam in November'

Apex Legends comes to Steam in November

More than two dozen games from the publisher’s back catalog were added over the summer, and then at the end of August, EA brought its Origin Access subscription service to the platform, too.

Today’s announcement said those who have been playing on Origin now “can easily switch back and forth with Steam,” meaning progression and item unlocks are shared by both platforms.

Steam players will get three free gun charm cosmetics, based on Valve’s Portal and Half-Life series.

Apex Legends gun charms for those who get the game via Steam.

Image: Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts via Steam One year ago, EA started bringing new games back to Valve’s storefront, after nearly a decade of being exclusive to EA’s competing Origin service.

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Image of article 'Here's your first look at Tom Holland's Nathan Drake in the Uncharted movie'

Here's your first look at Tom Holland's Nathan Drake in the Uncharted movie

Here's your first look at Tom Holland's Nathan Drake in the Uncharted more than a decade of development, the Uncharted movie is finally happening.

Sony Pictures’ live-action Uncharted movie is on its way, and the movie’s star Tom Holland (of Spider-Man fame) has shared a first look picture online.

Check the full picture out below: Nolan North, who plays Nathan Drake in Naughty Dog's much-loved games, also visited the set recently and voiced his support for Holland’s portrayal.

Tom Holland is set to finish filming the Uncharted movie this week, before moving on to shoot Spider-Man 3.

Uncharted will premiere in theaters on July 16, 2021, starring Tom Holland as Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg as Sully.

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Image of article 'Pro Evolution Soccer 2021's Data Pack 2.0 adds a ton of content to the game'

Pro Evolution Soccer 2021's Data Pack 2.0 adds a ton of content to the game

New Iconic Moment Series players are launching within myClub campaigns, up until next week.

14 new boots have been added to the game, from popular brands like Nike, Puma, Umbro, Mizuno and Joma.

This update adds over 150 player faces, more than 200 Kit updates, new boots and the latest league, club and player data for multiple countries.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2021's Data Pack 2.0 adds a ton of content to the game This is a big update!

Iconic Moment Series players are also getting a unique ‘Full Celebration 3’ drop, which you can activate by pressing the L3 button after scoring.

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Is an Intel Core i3 good enough for PC gaming? | Ask an expert

Q: Will an Intel Core i3 processor work for playing games?

Compared to flagship processors with eight or more cores, contemporary quad-core Core i3 CPUs may seem too weak to handle games.

(In fact, we built a $300 gaming PC using a processor that’s more budget than a Core i3 processor.)

As for running games with 4GB of system RAM—like with the Core i3 processor, having less than today’s more common amount of 8GB doesn’t mean gaming is off the table.

If not, consider upgrading to at least 8GB, as today’s AAA titles do hit system RAM harder even when a dedicated graphics card is used.

Image of article 'Seagate Technology: Q1 Earnings Insights'

Seagate Technology: Q1 Earnings Insights

The company designs, develops, and manufactures a broad range of HDDs and SSDs, but specializes in HDDs used in PCs, game consoles, and data centers for the likes of enterprises and cloud vendors.

How To Listen To The Conference Call Date: Oct 22, 2020 Time: 04:30 PM ET Webcast URL: Action Company's 52-week high was at $64.17 52-week low: $39.02 Price action over last quarter: Up 16.88% Company Description Seagate Technology PLC is a major supplier of hard disk drives.

Revenue of $2,314,000,000 decreased by 10.24% from the same period last year, which missed the estimate of Technology Sees Q2 Adj. EPS $0.95-$1.25 vs $1.08 Est., Sales $2.35B-$2.75B vs $2.48B Est.

Quarterly Results Earnings per share fell 9.71% year over year to $0.93, which beat the estimate of $0.88.

Shares of Seagate Technology (NASDAQ:STX) moved lower by 5.43% in after-market trading after the company reported Q1 results.

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Image of article 'Celebrate the Joy of Chaos with Risk of Rain 2’s Free Content Update and New Low Price'

Celebrate the Joy of Chaos with Risk of Rain 2’s Free Content Update and New Low Price

We’ve been thrilled to see your reactions as you’ve enjoyed the game, and we’re excited for what the future holds!

One year, four free content updates, and over three million players later, Risk of Rain 2 has expanded significantly since it first arrived.

The best part is how that’s all been preparation for the fifth content update — the 1.0 Update — coming for free to all Risk of Rain 2 owners on Xbox One right now!

And if you don’t already own Risk of Rain 2, a new low price makes now the perfect time to jump into the critically acclaimed title.

New challenges and unlockable skill variants add new strategic potential, while new lore entries flesh out the universe of Risk of Rain 2.

Image of article 'Scorn gets some incredible looking Xbox Series X gameplay footage'

Scorn gets some incredible looking Xbox Series X gameplay footage

One of the more interesting titles that's confirmed as an Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S exclusive is Scorn, a crazy looking game from Ebb Software that combines a first person shooter with elements of horror, adventure, and survival games all rolled into one.

Now, you can watch a rather long gameplay trailer of Scorn to see what kind of game we're getting here, and the answer is complicated.

From the gameplay, which is running on an Xbox Series X, we can see that Scorn really does look marvelous, with incredible environmental details and models, and the sound design on display here is very impressive, to say the least.

Is the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate the best value in all of gaming?

Ultimate bundles your Xbox Live Gold subscription, an Xbox Game Pass subscription for both Xbox consoles and Windows PC's, and Xbox Cloud Gaming for on-the-go.

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Image of article 'Hearthstone is updating its progression system and adding a game mode'

Hearthstone is updating its progression system and adding a game mode

The Madness at the Darkmoon Faire expansion will release on Nov. 17, bringing 135 new cards to the game as cosmic horrors invade the zany carnival.

The expansion introduces a new Corrupt keyword that lets players cast more powerful versions of a card after playing a higher-cast card.

Players who prepurchase a Madness of the Darkmoon Faire bundle will get the chance to try out the new Hearthstone Duels play mode before it goes live for all players on Nov. 12.

Duels Mode games are free, though a Duels Heroic Mode rewarding card packs, in-game gold, cards, and Arcane Dust will cost $2 or 150 gold.

Players will also progress through a new Reward Track every expansion, accumulating experience points from playing that will give them gold, card packs, and cosmetic benefits.

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Image of article 'v1.17 Minecraft is getting even more complicated. However: axolotls.'

v1.17 Minecraft is getting even more complicated. However: axolotls.

But I do have a pretty deep understanding of how the game works, and I have to relearn that every time new things are added.

And with every update to the game, the catalogue of quirks and oddities with which new items can interact just grows and grows.

If something is added to the game with a previously absent quality, it won’t just make that thing possible – it’ll have a potential interaction with every other item currently in the game, with some of those interactions producing combined effects that make a whole new suite of interactions possible.

Manage cookie settings You see, whenever a new block, mob, item or whatever gets added to Minecraft, there’s something unique about it; something that nothing else in the game does.

Especially since the Nether, Minecraft’s weirdo hell dimension, got a makeover in version 1.16, it’s become painfully obvious how little the regular underground has changed for very many years.

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Aldi is selling toys you haven’t seen since the ‘80s

On Facebook, Aussies are excitedly tagging their friends, in particular showing a keen interest in snagging a pound puppy for their own child.

RELATED: Mum finds msg from prisoner on Aldi item There are super retro board games too, with the Monopoly game coming in a classic 1935 style box and also a game of Battleship up for grabs.

Everything in Aldi’s offering is seriously retro, with the My Little Pony figures – priced at $14.99 in the supermarket’s latest weekly deal – being based on the original moulds from 30 years ago.

The German supermarket has a collection of “retro toys” on offer next Saturday that are sure to give us all a nostalgia hit.

What retro toy are you most excited about?

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Image of article 'AOC drew more than 400,000 Twitch viewers while playing ‘Among Us’ — here’s how the game works'

AOC drew more than 400,000 Twitch viewers while playing ‘Among Us’ — here’s how the game works

The New York Democrat made her debut on the Amazon-owned AMZN, -1.74% streaming service Tuesday night, playing the online multiplayer game “Among Us” with fellow Squad member Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.)

StreamElements and reported a 650% spike in people watching “Among Us” streams on Twitch in August, when it was the platform’s 11th most-watched game with 30 million hours.

And the Biden campaign has an official partnership with “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” for Nintendo’s NTDOY, Switch console, a game where players develop their own virtual islands.

Biden has his own campaign-branded location within the game that players can visit to speak with a digital avatar version of the former vice president.

While Trump’s reelection campaign has not officially created campaign signs or T-shirts for “Animal Crossing” — going so far as to mock Biden for doing so — players can and have made their own Trump-Pence merch for the game.

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Image of article 'Baldur's Gate 3 Romance Guide     -     Love In The Time Of Mindflayers'

Baldur's Gate 3 Romance Guide - Love In The Time Of Mindflayers

The Mysterious Stranger There is one other NPC worth mentioning when it comes to Baldur’s Gate 3 romance, although I’m not sure that word counts in this particular case.

The Actual Romance Like most RPGs that have a romance feature, the climax of your romantic adventure in Baldur’s Gate 3 is just that.

Astarion Baldur’s Gate 3 Guide – Secrets of the Druid’s Grove Likes: Spilled tea (drama) Spilled blood (vampire) Dislikes: Helping people who aren’t him Being tactful and avoiding of nice to other Privacy Halloween (trickster cleric) Dislikes: Helping being nice to other Baldur's Gate 3 Romance Tips You don’t have to worry about your character, by the way.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Early Access Preview – Much More of This Please The Flirt This might seem like a revolutionary concept, but if you want to romance a specific character, you’re going to need them to like you first.

Currently, she is the only NPC available for Baldur's Gate 3 romance, but more will undoubtedly be added as the early access phase of the game goes on.

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Image of article 'A pregnant Rose Leslie gets cozy before new film ‘Death on the Nile'

A pregnant Rose Leslie gets cozy before new film ‘Death on the Nile

Dress, $8,990, and boots, $1,690, all at Alexander McQueen, 747 Madison Ave.Rachell Smith Her tailoring may have to be altered in the coming months, as Leslie, 33, recently went public with the news that she and her husband, Kit Harington, are having a baby.

Her husband, well known for his head of tumbling curls, recently handed Leslie the hair clippers and asked her to give him a trim.

Leslie showed up at her husband’s “Saturday Night Live” appearance last year to tease him from the audience, while he once pranked her on April Fools’ Day with a severed head from the “Game of Thrones” prop closet — footage he merrily revealed on “The Jonathan Ross Show.”

“Yan” dress, $450, and cashmere poncho, $495, both at Rag Bone; “Oui” earrings, $1,800, “Bois de Rose” ring, $6,100, and double ring, $3,750, all at Dior, 800-929-3467; Wedding ring (shown throughout), Leslie’s ownRachell Smith “I always just referred to my home as a big old house with no heating,” the actress says with a laugh.

The new version wrapped in December last year, and will feature another star-studded cast: Leslie, Gal Gadot, Annette Bening, Armie Hammer, Sophie Okonedo, and Branagh himself, reprising his role as detective Hercule Poirot (whom he portrayed in 2017’s “Murder on the Orient Express”).

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Canadian EdTech Raises $20M in Series A Funding to Meet Surging Demand for its Breakthrough Technology

Knowledgehook's research-based solution has garnered industry leading partnerships and investments from the most recognized global education brands, such as Nelson, Radix, Spectrum, Eastpoint, Nasco Education and the University College of London, the global leader in education research.

Knowledgehook's AI-enabled platform supports district-wide math improvement by scaling anytime, anywhere professional learning to build teacher capacity, while engaging students and providing actionable insights for parents.

Knowledgehook, the only EdTech solution focused both on student learning and teachers' professional development, is trusted by the largest districts in North America and is backed by a growing global list of leading global math experts.

$20M Series A funding raised to accelerate Knowledgehook's market leadership in delivering instructional guidance for teachers and immersive game-based learning for students at home and in school.

Having the right, personalized guidance makes all the difference and every student deserves to have a teacher who has access to the best pedagogical tools, and parents who have insights into their learning challenges," explains Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Knowledgehook, Travis Ratnam.

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IMF Promotes A New 'Bretton Woods Moment' With Gender Equality

The work of the IMF is testament to the values of cooperation and solidarity on which a sisterhood and brotherhood of humanity is built.

The economic illiterates at the IMF are back at with another nonsensical idea... The IMF has a new goal: a 'Sisterhood and Brotherhood of Humanity’ to save the world.

Today we face a new Bretton Woods “moment. ”

Accelerating gender equality can be a global game-changer.

We can no longer afford to ignore climate change—my third imperative.

Wyoming Women’s Antelope Hunt supports state’s food banks

The opportunity to join the donation effort and support food banks through the Women’s Antelope Hunt plays a role in the self-sufficiency of women in the state, Smith said.

Earlier this year, the organization partnered with the state Game and Fish Department, Department of Agriculture and Wyoming Food Bank of the Rockies to start the Food from the Field initiative, which offers hunters the opportunity to donate game meat to food pantries.

Smith said 12 women donated between 400 and 500 pounds (181 and 227 kilograms) of game meat from the hunt earlier this month, the highest number of donations since the event’s inception in 2013.

The Women’s Antelope Hunt is a statewide event organized by the Wyoming Women’s Foundation to promote mentorship, leadership and self-sufficiency for women.

Wyoming Women’s Foundation Director Rebekah Smith said participants in the 2020 Women’s Antelope Hunt opted to share the meat with people in need, The Wyoming Tribune Eagle reported Sunday.

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Image of article 'Wizards of the Coast in court: ‘Dragonlance’ authors file suit over rights to classic ‘D&D’ franchise'

Wizards of the Coast in court: ‘Dragonlance’ authors file suit over rights to classic ‘D&D’ franchise

According to the terms of their lawsuit, filed against the Renton, Wash.-based games publisher in Seattle on Oct. 16, original Dragonlance authors Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman had a licensing deal with Wizards that would allow them to write a new trilogy of Dragonlance novels, which would be published through Penguin Random House.

Weis and Hickman are the authors of most of the core books in the Dragonlance series, which was a major pillar of the Dungeons & Dragons franchise back in the 1980s and ’90s, as well as a popular series of novels in its own right.

As per Weis and Hickman’s version of events in their lawsuit, they approached Wizards in 2017 to pitch the game publisher on a new Dragonlance trilogy, which would officially conclude the setting’s story.

Weis and Hickman’s lawsuit claims that they were informed by an unspecified party that Wizards decided to break the licensing agreement with them in order to “deflect any possible criticism or further public outcry regarding Defendant’s other properties by effectively killing the Dragonlance deal.”

In the version of events presented in Weis and Hickman’s lawsuit, which is the only version we have access to at time of writing, Wizards of the Coast had already approved at least one draft of the manuscript for Dragons of Deceit before abruptly reversing course in August.

Image of article 'Razer's Xbox peripherals are forward compatible with Xbox Series X and S'

Razer's Xbox peripherals are forward compatible with Xbox Series X and S

With the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S just around the corner, Razer has announced which of their Xbox One accessories will be fully forward compatible with the upcoming next-gen consoles, and the list is pretty good.

If you're in the market for new Xbox-flavored accessories, be sure to check out our lists of best Xbox headsets, best Xbox controllers, and best Xbox accessories before making any decisions.

The list of Razer accessories players can use with their new next-gen console is pretty solid, and includes some fantastic accessories that have made our "best for Xbox" lists in the past.

The Razer Wolverine Ultimate is the perfect solution for any player who prioritizes the minimal latency of a wired connection over the convenience of a wireless controller.

The Razer Nari Ultimate is a unique premium headset, combining great wireless support for Xbox consoles with a unique haptic feedback feature.

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Image of article 'The Sims 4’s new Japanese-inspired winter expansion coming Nov. 13'

The Sims 4’s new Japanese-inspired winter expansion coming Nov. 13

Players will be able to engage in new activities with their Sims — particularly, winter sports.

The Sims team tempered fan expectation for Snowy Escape earlier this month, noting that a few eagerly-anticipated requests would not be included in the expansion.

As far as more general gameplay options go, EA described two new features: Lifestyles and Sentiments, which are expected to add “more depth to Sims’ personalities and relationships.”

“The expansion pack offers traditional and modern furniture options for players to design their sanctuary, with unique architectural styles and pieces including shoji doors, windows and screens, tatami mats and paper lanterns,” Electronic Arts said in a news release.

The Sims 4’s next expansion is called Snowy Escape, and it adds a new Japanese-inspired winter neighborhood called Mt. Komorebi, publisher Electronic Arts announced Tuesday.

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Image of article 'The VR revolution has been 5 minutes away for 8 years'

The VR revolution has been 5 minutes away for 8 years

There needs to be some kind of plateau where VR becomes “good enough” for most people, without them listing the things they wish it offered after playing for a few minutes.

The technology of VR has come such a long way, but true acceptance won’t arrive until the hardware becomes a lot easier to navigate in the most common household environments, by ordinary folks who don’t study cable standards or want to have their face and head mussed up every time they want to play a game.

I’m not even going to unpack what all that means practically, just know that finding a good VR laptop, and matching it with a good headset, requires a lot of knowledge most people don’t have.

The problems with modern VR Photo: James Bareham/Polygon Current VR hardware, no matter how much it improves on previous designs or technology, is a trainwreck for anyone but people who like to build their own PCs.

Especially since people like older virtual reality enthusiasts like me are often so ready to praise the latest breakthrough: For all the exponential growth the technology has seen in just the last decade, as it exists right now, VR is still horrible.

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