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Image of article 'Punjab govt arms policemen with coronavirus-care kits as cases surge'

Punjab govt arms policemen with coronavirus-care kits as cases surge

To motivate frontline police forces battling coronavirus, police officials have telephonically contacted more than 500 Covid-19 positive policemen who are undergoing treatment in hospitals or are home quarantined.

"Each police officer, including constables and officials at senior levels, will be handed over this kit," he said as nearly 3,800 police personnel have tested Covid positive.

Chief Minister Amarinder Singh has already announced that to save police personnel from infections, the state will purchase 50,000 corona kits.

The government has been arming its policemen with Covid-care kits which will have medical gadgets like mask, oximeter besides medicines and an immunity booster to combat the virus, officials said on Sunday.

The Director General of Police (DGP) said every police official was his personal responsibility and this contact programme will continue in the future also till every Covid-19 positive policeman in the state is nursed back to health.

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Image of article 'Security Researchers Detail New 'BlindSide' Speculative Execution Attack'

Security Researchers Detail New 'BlindSide' Speculative Execution Attack

And here's a crucial excerpt from their paper shared by Slashdot reader Hmmmmmm: In addition to the Intel Whiskey Lake CPU in our evaluation, we confirmed similar results on Intel Xeon E3-1505M v5, XeonE3-1270 v6 and Core i9-9900K CPUs, based on the Skylake, KabyLake and Coffee Lake microarchitectures, respectively, as well as on AMD Ryzen 7 2700X and Ryzen 7 3700X CPUs, which are based on the Zen+ and Zen2 microarchitectures.

From a single buffer overflow in the kernel, researchers claim three BlindSide exploits in being able to break KASLR (Kernel Address Space Layout Randomization), break arbitrary randomization schemes, and even break fine-grained randomization.

This works even in face of strong randomization schemes, e.g., the recent FGKASLR or fine-grained schemes based on execute-only memory, and state-of-the-art mitigations against Spectre and other transient execution attacks."

"Security researchers from Amsterdam have publicly detailed 'BlindSide' as a new speculative execution attack vector for both Intel and AMD processors," reports Phoronix: BlindSide is self-described as being able to "mount BROP-style attacks in the speculative execution domain to repeatedly probe and derandomize the kernel address space, craft arbitrary memory read gadgets, and enable reliable exploitation.

Overall, our results confirm speculative probing is effective on a modern Linux system on different microarchitectures, hardened with the latest mitigations.

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Waze just got an incredibly useful Google Maps feature

Google owns two of the most popular navigation apps on Android and iPhone, Waze and Google Maps, and the company has been working on bridging the feature gap between them in recent years.

Waze and Google Maps will not merge anytime soon, nor should they, but each app is borrowing useful features from its sibling.

Waze now supports an incredibly useful Google Maps feature, the ability to plan a drive on the desktop, save it, and then beam it over to an Android or iOS device.

Waze, the other popular Google navigation app, keeps getting better just like its Google Maps sibling.

If the feature sounds similar, that’s because you can do the same thing with Google Maps on the web, whether you’re an Android or iPhone user of Smith started writing about gadgets as a hobby, and before he knew it he was sharing his views on tech stuff with readers around the world.

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Image of article 'Phew, it might not all be bad news for iPhone owners this month'

Phew, it might not all be bad news for iPhone owners this month

This is something that Apple has resisted for years and should make your iPhone homescreen less busy following the update to iOS 14.

You can back-up your Apple iPhone for free iOS 14 will be available to a huge number of iPhone owners.

Apple usually releases the latest version of iOS in the week following its keynote presentation – a few days before the new iPhone models arrive in stores around the globe.

September is usually a pretty exciting month for iPhone owners: Apple typically reveals a first glimpse at the next generation of the flagship smartphone (with a glossy advertisement that inevitably makes your one-year-old iPhone look decades old), unveils other i-branded gadgets, invites people to queue outside its retail stores to be the first to get their hands on the latest handset, and pushes out a refreshed version of the iOS mobile operating system that powers the iPhone.

“iOS 14 transforms the most iconic elements of the iPhone experience, starting with the biggest update we’ve ever made to the Home Screen,” said Craig Federighi, Apple Senior Vice President of Software Engineering.

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Image of article 'Watch the first ever demo of a self-powered electronic paper interface'

Watch the first ever demo of a self-powered electronic paper interface

Scientists have developed a method of turning paper into keyboards that can convert notebooks into music players and make food packaging interactive.

Engineers from Purdue University made the interfaces repellent to moisture, liquid stains, and dust by coating paper with highly-fluorinated molecules.

[Read: These tech trends defined 2020 so far, according to 5 founders] In tests, the researchers used the interface to control a computer keyboard: They also used it to create a tactile music player: The team says the tech is compatible with common mass printing processes and can be manufactured for just $0.25 per device.

They believe the cost and simplicity of producing the gadgets make them a viable way of turning cardboard or paper into smart packaging or human-machine interfaces.

You can read the research paper on the method in the journal Nano Energy.

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Image of article 'Gizchina is hiring a News Editor. Come join the team!'

Gizchina is hiring a News Editor. Come join the team!

Are you a US/North America based writer who is obsessed with Chinese tech, smartphones, gadgets and all the mobile operating systems?

We have a job opening for a US/North America based News Editor, and we’re hiring!

We’re always trying to expand our team and it seems that once again the time has come, as there’s an immediate opening for a News Editor!

This is a paid position, with a lot of perks, such as participation in main US/North American tech events, new gadgets/smartphones for reviews, (obviously) monthly salary etc.

If you think you qualify for all of the above and are able to write from home during daylight US/North America times, then APPLY by sending us an email: If your application is shortlisted, you will be hearing from us 🙂 Oh and in case you missed it, Gizchina is available in several countries of the world, so take your pick and bookmark your favorite!

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Image of article 'This 4K HD Portable Projector is More Than $400 Off Today'

This 4K HD Portable Projector is More Than $400 Off Today

Whether you want to keep the kids occupied or you need a smarter way to present, the Lenso Space Pocket Size 4K 32GB Projector is a great asset for any entrepreneur.

Lenso Space connects wirelessly to any Bluetooth or WiFi-enabled device as well as via HDMI or USB, making it universally compatible with all of your devices.

Lenso's built-in Hi-Fi speakers eliminate the need for portable audio devices unless you prefer to use your own.

Lenso Space has earned rave reviews from Trend Hunter and Geeky Gadgets, who writes, "Lenso is a true all-in-one self-contained device.

Watch movies, present from anywhere, and much more with the Lenso Space.

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Image of article 'These best-selling carry gadgets are all on sale today'

These best-selling carry gadgets are all on sale today

Cashew Smart Wallet with Biometrics Bluetooth MSRP: $149 | Sale Price: $129.95 (12% off) A favorite on Kickstarter, this wallet keeps your cards and cash secure at all times.

Portable Keychain Apple Watch Charger MSRP: $29 | Sale Price: $16.99 (43% off) This sleek and portable wireless charger ensures that you’ll never have to worry about your Apple Watch running out of power.

WalletGuard24: Smart Bluetooth Wallet MSRP: $89 | Sale Price: $79.95 (11% off) Never lose your wallet again with this Bluetooth leather smart wallet.

LutiKey Bluetooth Tracker Device MSRP: $29 | Sale Price: $23.99 (20% off) This Bluetooth device keeps track of your loved ones’ location, status, and needs at all times.

2-in-1 Compact Smart Fit Watch Bluetooth Earpods MSRP: $159 | Sale Price: $69.99 (56% off) Listen to your favorite tunes while you track your fitness goals with this multifunctional smart watch and wireless earphones combo.

Image of article 'Alphabet's Verily begins offering stop-loss health insurance'

Alphabet's Verily begins offering stop-loss health insurance

Verily is bringing the hardware, software and data science to Coefficient, while Swiss Re has the distribution network and practical knowledge in the $20 billion stop-loss market.

Swiss Re made a minority investment in Coefficient, and the North American CEO of Swiss Re Corporate Solutions is poised to join the new company’s board of directors.

Verily is responsible for a suite of health gadgets, medical research and COVID-19 testing solutions, and it’s the company behind Project Baseline, a comprehensive four-year study into human health around the globe.

Once Coefficient Insurance finds its footing, Verily wants that smart watch and any other devices it builds to play a role in tracking employees’ health.

“Over time, Coefficient plans to integrate Verily’s suite of health devices and tech-driven interventions for workers and dependents into its precision risk solution to improve health outcomes and control cost,” a press release reads.

Image of article 'Google officially extends its work from home policy through to July 2021'

Google officially extends its work from home policy through to July 2021

Update: July 27, 2020 at 12:48 PM ET: Google confirmed its new work-from-home policy in an email to Android Authority.

Sundar Pichai sent an email to employees this morning, which said: Original article: July 27, 2020 at 11:31 AM ET: With no end in sight to the coronavirus pandemic, Google will extend its current work from home policy through to at least July 2021, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Related: The best work from home apps, gadgets, and tools “I hope this will offer the flexibility you need to balance work with taking care of yourselves and your loved ones over the next 12 months,” said Pichai in a memo obtained by The Wall Street Journal.

As The Wall Street Journal notes, the company’s decision may prompt other tech firms to extend their work from home policies due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Besides forcing its employees to work from home, the public health crisis has scuttled various events Google had planned to hold this year, including its annual I/O developer conference.

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Image of article 'Garmin Servers Coming Back to Life After Malware Attack'

Garmin Servers Coming Back to Life After Malware Attack

Update: In a Monday afternoon statement, the company confirmed that a cyberattack had impacted Garmin’s services, leading to an outage that impacted fitness devices, GPS gadgets, pilots, and the myriad other services the tech brand has touched in its long history.

Servers at fitness wearable maker Garmin are beginning to come back online after a ransomware attack reportedly forced the company to shut down operations last week.

Some users with performance wearables that use the Garmin Connect services and app are once again able to sync their data, but all operations aren’t fully up yet, according to a Garmin services status page.

“Garmin is currently experiencing an outage that affects Garmin services including Garmin Connect,” the company noted on an outage FAQ posted to its site on Saturday.

Garmin has not yet confirmed its loss of service was connected to a malware attack on its FAQ page about the attack, but assured customers that “Garmin has no indication that this outage has affected your data, including activity, payment, or other personal reports that sources close to Garmin, as well as an employee at the company, shared screenshots confirming that the WastedLocker ransomware had infested Garmin servers.

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The Best Gadgets and Apps to Help You Get Off Your Ass While You're Stuck Inside

Most other streaming services have a similar option available if you dig into the settings menus.

Of course, there are plenty of exercise apps, and most, such as Fiit and OpenFit, require a monthly subscription (after a free trial).

This $80 Nulaxy Laptop Stand, for example, will lift your laptop off your normal desk so you can spend some of your time standing rather than sitting, and if you do some shopping around you’ll find many more options.

Obviously this is going to work better with some apps than others—video editing via voice, for instance, is a bit trickier, so it depends a lot on what your job is.

If you’re slouching around on your phone and tablet a little too often, then you can use the built-in tools on those devices to put a limit on your screen addiction—Screen Time in the Settings app for iOS, and Digital Wellbeing & parental controls in the Settings app for Android.

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Image of article 'The Ultimate Guide to Marvel's Spider-Man: Combat, Suits, and Mods'

The Ultimate Guide to Marvel's Spider-Man: Combat, Suits, and Mods

The thing is, all those different gadgets, moves, spider-suits, and suit mods can get a bit confusing, and a lot of them are tuned for some situations and not for others.

Spider-Man’s greatest asset is his ability to be acrobatic, taking the fight to places his enemies can’t reach.

Some enemies, like Sable agents, wear body armor that makes them a lot tougher to bring down, or carry weapons that allow them to deflect webs.

The ability to mix and match suit powers with different suit mods means you can customize Spider-Man’s loadout to match any situation.

Blur Projector (Stealth Suit Power): This is an essential stealth power, great for emergencies and sneaking up on enemies.

OpenCV to launch budget-friendly 4K spatial camera kits for AI DIYers

Credit: OpenCV, Luxonis The kits come in two variants, a single camera “OAK-1,” which isn’t capable of true spatial recognition, and the three-camera “OAK-D” that is.

window.jwLibrary = "97Rh6ARO"; Credit: OpenCV, Luxonis Adding the robot equivalent of human sight to a gadget, complete with spatial recognition and depth perception, requires a little more oomph than your average Raspberry Pi tutorial project.

Back when we were stunned by DIY Alexa builds and other gadgets that could listen, computer vision was still just short of inaccessible to most enthusiasts.

While it’s a bit unusual for a library to launch products, and on Kickstarter at that, these intriguing little gadgets could be the answer to many a DIY robot enthusiast’s prayers.

OpenCV, an open source computer vision library, recently announced the crowdfunding launch of two OpenCV AI Kits (OAK-D and OAK-1).

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LG’s self-cleaning earbuds are now available in the US for $149.99

LG’s latest true wireless earbuds, whose case has a UV light to kill bacteria on the headphones, are now available in the US for $149.99.

The Tone Free HBS-FN6 earbuds’ case has a UV light that kills 99.9 percent of the bacteria on the earbuds’ speaker mesh, LG says.

Outside of their self-cleaning case, you can expect a more typical range of features out of LG’s Tone Free true wireless earbuds.

6 hours of battery from the earbuds, plus 12 from their case The idea of using UV light to sterilize gadgets has become increasingly popular, with multiple companies including Samsung releasing wireless chargers that are also advertised as being able to clean your electronics.

There’s the $129.99 HBS-FN5W which have a similar design and the same battery life but lack the UV sterilizing case, and the $99.99 HBS-FN4 which has a case that doesn’t support wireless charging and also lacks the UV light feature.

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Image of article 'Sunday Deals: 2020 Premium Learn To Code Certification Bundle, save 98'

Sunday Deals: 2020 Premium Learn To Code Certification Bundle, save 98

Just a quick reminder for our readers about the great deal on the 2020 Premium Learn To Code Certification Bundle in the Geeky Gadgets Deals store.

You can save 98% off the original price of the 2020 Premium Learn To Code Certification Bundle, it is available in our deals store for just $39.

A subset of machine learning, deep learning focuses on how machines use neural networks to learn from data.

These neural networks are used to perform tasks and are adjusted to create a better outcome each time, paving the way for groundbreaking machines that learn on their own!

Here is what is included in the bundle: You can find out more details about this great deal on the 2020 Premium Learn To Code Certification Bundle over at our deals store at the link below.

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Image of article 'Redmi Note 8 Receives Another Price Hike in India'

Redmi Note 8 Receives Another Price Hike in India

Is Redmi Note 9 Pro Max the best affordable camera phone in India?

As per the new update, the Redmi Note 8 price in India has been increased to Rs.

The Redmi Note 8 was launched in India in October last year as the successor to the Redmi Note 7.

The latest revision, which is specifically applicable to the 4GB RAM + 64GB storage configuration, comes just a little more than a month after the Redmi Note 8 received its last price hike in early June.

Redmi Note 8 price in India has been hiked once again, Xiaomi confirmed to Gadgets 360.

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Technostalgia: A look back at our favorite technologies from better days

The fine folks from Android Central similarly reminisced about the phones that first made them fall face over feet for Google's mobile OS; they yearned for the glory days of QWERTY keyboards (sort of); they debated the best of the best Android phones ever, and they put together an insightful look at the evolution of Android.

Yeah, we do too; and we couldn't leave out our love affair with Windows phones, the original inspiration for Windows Central, formerly Windows Phone Central.

To that end, the editorial staff of Windows Central, along with our sibling sites Android Central and iMore, and our industry pal and brother in arms MrMobile, put our collective heads together to conjure better, brighter days — days in which we first found or built our love for the gadgets, systems, software and services that sparked our ongoing infatuation with technology.

But, man, the sunnier days of past years sure have a new appeal with everything that's going on today.

iMore remembered the early days of iOS apps and how it felt to first find one you truly loved; they basked in the glorious and game-changing simplicity of the iPod Classic, and the team's love for gaming came through clearly in stories about love/hate relationships with old-school Nintendo games and the joys (and regrets) of jamming quarter after quarter into massive game kiosks in arcades.

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Xiaomi plans global launch for a phone, Mi Band 5, electric scooter and more for July 15

Xiaomi is gearing up for the global launch of several gadgets that are part of its ecosystem.

And that “USB cable” around the TV might actually be the Mi TV Stick HDMI dongle (which launched in Europe just yesterday) The other two are easy to guess – the Mi Band 5 is going global (both the vanilla and NFC version should be available) and there’s a new electric scooter on the way (the Mi Scooter 2 Pro, perhaps, though it could be joined by the 1S and/or Lite).

The company does have other TV models that are yet to go global, so we can’t be certain.

Xiaomi did unveil the Mi TV Master just last week, a 65” OLED TV with a 120 Hz panel.

There’s a phone hiding in the top half of the second “2” – the design with the fingerprint reader just below the cameras matches the back of the Redmi 9 exactly.

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New Photos Leak of Google's Long Overdue Update to the Original Google Home

Updated: 7/10/2020, 12:04 a.m. ET: After these leaks went viral, Google confirmed the device with the Verge and shared an official photo and brief teaser video of its upcoming Nest smart speaker.

As you’d expect from a Google smart speaker, the GXAC6 doesn’t appear to have many other distinguishing physical characteristics aside from a single toggle switch on the back (most likely for muting its built-in microphone) and a power port.

Like of lot of recent Google Nest gadgets, the GXAC6 is covered in some kind of mesh fabric, with a shape that’s reminiscent of the Google Home Max.

Going by the naming pattern for Google’s most recent smart speakers, this thing will probably end up being called the Google Nest or Google Nest Home.

Still no word on what it’ll be called—a Google spokesperson simply referred to it as “what the Nest team is working on from home” in a statement to the outlet—but whatever the speaker’s name is, it looks like it’ll come in pink.

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Win a gadget haul worth over £2000 with Smartech!

There are various ways to get closer to gadgets.

You could hold a copy of Stuff magazine much, much closer to your face.

Alternatively, you could browse Smartech’s awesome virtual online store or visit its treasure trove of a concession at Selfridges, London.

And now’s the time, because Smartech is changing gear after lockdown by taking over The Selfridges Corner Shop at its Oxford Street store on 22 July, transforming it into a one-of-a-kind electric vehicle destination complete with e-bikes, apparel and exclusive gear.

You can find out more at– but in the meantime, Smartech has put together a prize bundle of gadgets worth well over £2000 for one lucky Stuff reader, including a pair of Snap Spectacles, NuraLoop hearing-adaptive earphones, an AusAir anti-pollution mask and a £200 gift card*.

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30+ Cool Biking Gadgets For Avid Cyclists (2020

Here is a bike tail indicator light for giving out left or right turn prompt or warning to other vehicles on the road.

Super bright front light for your bicycle that is USB-rechargeable and pretty easy to install on your bike’s rod.

Lumos is a smart bike helmet with bright LED lights and smartphone connectivity for activity tracking, light customization, and for checking its battery life.

The bright LED light with 3 laser modes captures the attention of vehicles, is USB rechargeable, and pretty easy to install on your bike.

This compact bike USB light is easy to attach to the bicycle, is really bright and fits any model.

Image of article 'Bharat Browser Eager to Be India’s UC Browser'

Bharat Browser Eager to Be India’s UC Browser

On June 23, BlueSky released Bharat Browser as its latest browser with features such as Indian language support and access to hyper-regional content to persuade Indian consumers.

The startup had the Venus Browser as its first Web browser for mobile users that was launched in October 2017 and came preloaded on phones by companies including Comio.

Gadgets 360 spoke with BlueSky Inventions Co-Founder and CEO Dinesh Prasad over a phone call to understand how the Bharat Browser is different from other Indian Web browsers, and why we ultimately need an Indian browser.

Dinesh Prasad, Co-Founder and CEO of BlueSky Inventions, admits the word "Bharat" in Bharat Browser helps attract new users So did you choose Bharat as a keyword to get more users on board through that name only?

Bharat Browser comes with a dedicated My State tab to offer content from a specific state Although UC Browser is banned, from the consumers' point of view, why should I use a “made in India” browser at this moment?

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Image of article 'Reminder: Save 97% on the 2020 Learn to Code Full Stack Developer Certification Bundle'

Reminder: Save 97% on the 2020 Learn to Code Full Stack Developer Certification Bundle

The 2020 Learn to Code Full Stack Developer Certification Bundle is available in the Geeky Gadgets Deals store for just $38.99.

Just a quick reminder for our readers about the amazing deal on the 2020 Learn to Code Full Stack Developer Certification Bundle in the Geeky Gadgets Deals store this week.

Here is what is included in the bundle: You can find out more details about this great deal on the 2020 Learn to Code Full Stack Developer Certification Bundle over at our deals store at the link below.

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