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Image of article 'Screenshot Saturday Sundays: Mapmakers, mushrooms and unfortunate fashion'

Screenshot Saturday Sundays: Mapmakers, mushrooms and unfortunate fashion

It’s a mood captured by the title of Swietanski’s latest Itch release, 2019’s Caged Bird Don’t Fly Caught In A Wire Sing Like A Good Canary Come When Called, a work in which this screen certainly stands in conversation with.

Moving on from things that shouldn’t move across ordinary spaces, we’re hopping into a perfectly normal car in an imperfectly broken highway.

Since releasing lovely picturebook excursion Au Fil De L’eau, Aurox’s work has chilled somewhat.

We’re once again visited by Au Fil De L’eau developer Samson Auroux this week, this time with a brief dabble in map-drawing.

This week: pastel cartography, mycelium cottages, data-corrupted highways from hell and squirrels.

Image of article 'RTutor: How much less effective are publicly assigned lawyers'

RTutor: How much less effective are publicly assigned lawyers

They suggest that hiring yourself a good lawyer can be quite expensive but may have a big impact on the verdict.

They collected a comprehensive data set of criminal cases from Bexar County, Texas with many background variables on case characteristics and attorneys.

Of course there can be different reasons for this difference: Using the large number of background variables and the fact that many lawyers work both as assigned and privately hired attorneys, the authors are able to distinguish the different reasons to a large extend.

As part of his Master Thesis at Ulm University, Artemij Cadov has generated a very nice RTutor problem set that allows you to replicate this fascinating analysis in an interactive fashion in R. Like in previous RTutor problem sets, you can enter free R code in a web based shiny app.

To locally install the problem set, follow the installation guide at the problem set’s Github repository: you want to learn more about RTutor, to try out other problem sets, or to create a problem set yourself, take a look at or at the Github page

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Flashback: HTC One X bet on music star power and a custom imaging chip, but lost

HTC One X The One X used a polycarbonate shell instead with a pebble-like design rooted in smooth curves front and back.

While the material fell out of fashion, polycarbonate was superior to the typical plastics used at the time – reviewers and buyers alike commented how much more premium the HTC felt compared to its rival, the Samsung Galaxy S III (which had a smooth plastic exterior, but a similar pebble-like design).

HTC One X (4.7" ) sized up against the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (4.65") and the HTC One S (4.3") Polycarbonate was often left with a matte surface that was soft and warm to the touch, compared to the cold hard metal and glass that became common later on.

And HTC wanted to leverage that to set itself up as the premium, music-loving brand among other Android makers (and Windows Phone, but that’s a story for another time).

In the end the HTC One X has been all but buried by the sands of time, remembered only by those who used it or wanted it but couldn’t afford it.

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LEGO’s Latest Sets Are Art Posters for Your Grown-Up Geek Home

LEGO art posters will come in four themes, Warhol, Beatles, Iron Man, and The Sith.

LEGO The Warhol set will have you recreate Andy Warhol’s famous Marilyn Monroe painting.

LEGO You can build the Beatles set to create any of the famous band members, while Iron Man unsurprisingly features the titular superhero.

LEGO But in some cases, like the Sith and Iron man, you can buy multiple copies and combine them to create an even larger unique image.

LEGO says the Iron Man set goes up for sale on August 1st, with the others to follow on September 1st.

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Image of article 'HyperX teams up with Champion on a limited edition line of reflective clothing'

HyperX teams up with Champion on a limited edition line of reflective clothing

HyperX teams up with Champion on a limited edition line of reflective and sports apparel brand Champion have announced the HyperX x Champion Reflective Collection, a limited edition line that features reflective logos that are designed to "capture the brilliance of light and [reflect] light back to its source", in the words of their joint press release.

The collection comprises a black cotton t-shirt, Powerblend fleece hoodie, and slides.

The logos utilise a custom heat transfer application that is supposed to illuminate the design when reflecting light, and the pictures provided by the company show them really popping in rainbow colors while in front of an RGB-infused setup.

The HyperX x Champion Reflective Collection will be available for purchase on 9 July through, starting at 8AM PST (11PM SGT).

Here's an overview of their prices: HyperX x Champion Reflective Cotton Short-sleeve tee - US$35 HyperX x Champion Powerblend fleece hoodie - US$80 HyperX x Champion slides - US$45 Source: HyperX

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Wikimedia Announcements] Announcing a new Wikimedia project: Abstract Wikipedia

[Wikimedia Announcements] Announcing a new Wikimedia project: Abstract Wikipedia Katherine Maher kmaher at Thu Jul 2 15:56:02 UTC 2020 (A translatable version of this announcement can be found on Meta [1]) Hi all, It is my honor to introduce Abstract Wikipedia [1], a new project that has been unanimously approved by the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees.

Abstract Wikipedia proposes a new way to generate baseline encyclopedic content in a multilingual fashion, allowing more contributors and more readers to share more knowledge in more languages.

It is an approach that aims to make cross-lingual cooperation easier on our projects, increase the sustainability of our movement through expanding access to participation, improve the user experience for readers of all languages, and innovate in free knowledge by connecting some of the strengths of our movement to create something new.

Abstract Wikipedia was submitted as a project proposal by Denny Vrandečić in May of 2020 [2] after years of preparation and research, leading to a detailed plan and lively discussions in the Wikimedia communities.

Every language Wikipedia community will be free to choose and moderate whether or how they would use content from this project.

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Harmonix's Fuser is a music creation tool disguised as a game

To satisfy Fuser's requirements as a game, I sometimes ended up building mixes I personally didn't like, even though most tasks are open to your interpretation, like "play a song from the 2010s" or "only use three discs".

At times, the software defiantly works against you to make something it deems acceptable, too: I did try my best to break the game, but if something doesn't go with the rest, Fuser is likely to just mute sections of the offending disc or use it to replace the track it's at odds with.

The fact that making points and making something that sounds good can at times be mutually exclusive is Fuser's one big letdown.

Sure, it keeps you on your feet, but it gives you very little time to just enjoy the music for a bit or wait until the song has reached a good point for a break.

Fuser is such a departure for Harmonix not only because it ditches the dexterity challenge of classic rhythm gaming, but because the developer is actively trying to reach players who either aren't interested in music gaming as a test of skill, or are unable or unwilling to invest in peripherals by basing everything around your controller only.

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Daily Deal: InPaint Photo Editing App Bundle for Mac & Windows

The InPaint Photo Editing App Bundle has 5 apps to help you learn how to edit photos like a pro.

With InPaint, you'll have the power to delete light poles, trees, photo bombers, garbage cans, and any other objects you don't want in your photos.

Batch InPaint is designed to remove typical objects like timestamps from batches of photos.

With PhotoStitcher you can stitch multiple photos into a picturesque panoramic image.

With MultiView-Inpaint, you can easily remove tourists or any unwanted objects from a photo.

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Summer may decide fate of leading shots in vaccine race

People on six continents already are getting jabs in the arm as the race for a COVID-19 vaccine enters a defining summer, with even bigger studies poised to prove if any shot really works -- and maybe offer a reality check.

Already British and Chinese researchers are chasing the coronavirus beyond their borders, testing potential vaccines in Brazil and the United Arab Emirates because there are too few new infections at home to get clear answers.

Vaccines by Sinovac Biotech and SinoPharm use that old-fashioned technology, which requires high-security labs to produce but is dependable, the way polio shots and some flu vaccines are made.

Only if the virus starts spreading through a community several weeks after volunteers receive either a vaccine or a dummy shot -- time enough for the immune system to rev up -- do scientists have the best chance at comparing which group had more illness.

In addition to the planned U.S.-run study, Brazil last week began a last-stage test of the Oxford shot in 5,000 health workers, the first experimental COVID-19 vaccinations in South America.

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Learn how to create a WordPress site and turn it into an online store

Step number one is to sign up for this bundle of online classes dedicated to WordPress, Elementor, and WooCoomerce.

This course bundle will show you not only how to build your site from scratch on WordPress, but also how to use plugins like Elementor and WooCommerce to convert that site into a store.

Five of the seven courses will walk you step by step through the process of creating specific types of websites and pages in WordPress — like a complete business website, a membership site, or an event site.

The other two courses are masterclasses in WooCommerce and Elementor, two popular WordPress plugins used to expand your website.

By the end of all seven courses, you'll have many of the skills you need to create the successful website your business deserves.

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Illawarra fashion entrepreneurs use their global success to showcase other inspirational women

Ms Croker said the aim of Hyams 'A Day in The Life' is to provide a platform for local women to help promote their business or personal brand.

Sign up for our newsletters for the latest Check out 11 inspirational women from the Illawarra and South Coast who are being showcased on Instagram by fashion label Hyams Beach Swim The 26 year old founders of Wollongong swimwear fashion label Hyams Beach Swim are using their international success to help promote other female entrepreneurs and business women in the region.

Ms Croker said the aim of Hyams 'A Day in The Life' is to provide a platform for local women to help promote their business or personal brand.

community, fashion, swimwear, Hyams Beach, Jervis Bay, Wollongong, Kiama, women, woman The 26 year old founders of Wollongong swimwear fashion label Hyams Beach Swim are using their international success to help promote other female entrepreneurs and business women in the region.

Once someone agrees to be part of Hyams 'A Day in The Life' they are provided some information on how to showcase their business on the Hyams Beach Swim Instagram page.

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20 Creative (& Aesthetic) Google Slides Presentation Design Ideas for 2020

Get inspired by these Google Slides template collections: If you’re ready to create your presentation with Google Slides, head on over to Envato Elements.

Quickly add it to your presentation by using a Google Slides template with an abstract design.

The Divergent template is a good example of a bold Google Slides presentation template with a color split.

Using a black and white Google Slides template is a perfect choice if you want a minimal presentation.

Below, you’ll find 20 creative Google Slides design ideas that you can use for your presentations in 2020 and beyond: A minimal slide design allows the contents of your presentation to stand out more.

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Image of article 'Gucci takes on esports fashion with a $1,600 Fnatic dive watch'

Gucci takes on esports fashion with a $1,600 Fnatic dive watch

Gucci doesn’t want to sit by the wayside while Louis Vuitton corners the (apparently substantial) market for esports fashion.

It just introduced a limited edition, Fnatic-branded dive watch — no, not a smartwatch, a quartz timepiece.

It not-so-subtly features the esports team’s logo and orange color scheme, along with Gucci’s signature “GG” (which, conveniently, is also gamer shorthand).

There are even plans for a matching diving game devoted to the watch that will show up in Gucci’s app in the “coming weeks.”

The watch appears well-built, at least.

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See the future of online shopping. It looks nothing like Amazon

Thanks to the coronavirus, buyers from department stores and boutiques couldn’t visit the brand’s physical showroom in Milan to explore the brand’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection and place orders.

Buyers can scan through the brand’s entire Spring/Summer 2021 collection, get a 360-degree look at each garment, inspect textures close-up, and even look at tags that convey useful information, such as price and a garment’s composition.

So the brand’s leadership quickly came up with a new plan: They partnered with the consultancy Accenture to design an immersive virtual showroom that looks very similar to the real thing, where people can saunter around mask-free, without worrying about social distancing.

But the Italian denim brand Diesel offers a tantalizing alternative: a digital showroom that takes online shopping to a new level, incorporating some of the best parts of physical retail.

Three decades later, most brands—from major department stores like Nordstrom to newer brands like Everlane—feature rows upon rows of garments, which the consumer must scour by filtering through categories.

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9 Awesome Gift Ideas For Paperphiles

Rain Creative Lab provides some great customizable web notebooks which make great gifts for fellow developers out there.

I’m a board game geek and there are just so many games you can play with cards – which have nothing to do with poker and other traditional French suite cards.

If you’re looking for something more general, the plain Notebooks are a great choice.

Plus, they are usually a lot cheaper than other gifts, and they offer a more personal touch as well – paper always feels like you put a lot of care in.

It’s not wrong but if you prefer something out of the blue, unexpected or just downright different, how about going back to basics and getting your loved ones paper-based gifts instead.

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Flipkart pushes electronics in first sale post lockdown

BENGALURU: Flipkart is organising its first big sale event since the lockdown was lifted from June 23-27, with a focus on smartphones, television, laptops and fashion, at a time when overall industry sales volumes have recovered 80-90% of levels seen before the Covid-19 pandemic.

The sale will largely be led by brands looking to offload inventory, and partner banks bringing in affordability schemes.

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Image of article 'Crafting A Character : Hearthstone’s New Demon Hunter Aranna Starseeker'

Crafting A Character : Hearthstone’s New Demon Hunter Aranna Starseeker

While many of Hearthstone’s single-player content chunks can have a paid aspect to them, the giant 5-act structure of Ashes of Outland is totally free, and features Aranna at the helm of a band of misfits as they work across the wastelands to take on the big bad leader, who in this case isn’t a giant dude in a hockey mask but instead, in very Hearthstone fashion, a mecha-demon.

Aranna is the younger sister of Elise Starseeker, so she's kind of living in the shadow of her big sister who just saved the world in our last set of expansions.

Kosak: Looking through the characters in World of Warcraft and Legion, we didn't think there was a standout character that embodied what we wanted to get in a Hearthstone hero.

This week, a character that could have way more impact if she ever crosses over into the World of Warcraft is here – Aranna Starseeker, a bold new demon hunter that comes alongside a free single-player campaign experience where you dive into her character and companions as they embark on a Shakespearean Mad Max journey across the Outlands.

Hearthstone has experimented with all kinds of content and characters over the years, from tavern brawls to dungeon crawls, single-player experiences to the auto-battler Battlegrounds.

Image of article 'Neural Networks Can Be Taught to Handle Order and Chaos'

Neural Networks Can Be Taught to Handle Order and Chaos

A neural network is an advanced kind of artificial intelligence mimicking the neurons found in our brains.

In a similar fashion, artificial neurons attribute biases and numeric values to certain connections during the training phase.

One drawback of these neural-network systems is that they don't respond well to chaos, this is also referred to as chaos blindness.

If we implement Hamiltonian mechanics into neural-networks' understanding, it can analyze the movement of the ball entirely, meaning it can look at where it was at what time and can determine where it will be headed next.

SEE ALSO: 10 OF THE MOST IMPORTANT EQUATIONS IN HISTORY As John Lindner puts it: “The Hamiltonian is really the ‘special sauce’ that gives neural networks the ability to learn order and chaos.”

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Image of article 'Facebook Looks To Take Over Bankrupt Neiman Marcus' Retail Space At Hudson Yards: Report'

Facebook Looks To Take Over Bankrupt Neiman Marcus' Retail Space At Hudson Yards: Report

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) is in discussions to take over luxury fashion retailer Neiman Marcus' space at Manhattan's Hudson Yards, according to a Women's Wear Daily report Sunday.

What Happened Ares Management Corp. (NYSE: ARES) co-owned Neiman Marcus filed for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy in early May and can back out of its lease for the 188,000 square-foot store without any penalties.

They are figuring out an exit agreement," one of the people familiar with the matter told Women's Wear Daily."

Facebook had signed an agreement in November last year to lease more than 1.5 million square feet of space across 30 floors in three buildings.

About 265,000 square feet of this leased space is in the same building as the Neiman Marcus retail outlet, the Women's Wear Daily noted.

Bournemouth vs Crystal Palace: How to stream the Premier League match

Bournemouth vs Crystal Palace − How to watch tonight's match online and on TV Rounding out a day full of Premier League matches (four to be exact) is tonight's face off between AFC Bournemouth and Crystal Palace, so for all the key information including the kick-off time and where to watch the match, just keep scrolling.

Bournemouth vs Crystal Palace: Kick-off time Tonight's kick off between Bournemouth and Crystal Palace will occur at exactly 7:45pm.

Bournemouth vs Crystal Palace: How to stream live The only barrier of entry to watching tonight's kick-off between Bournemouth and Crystal Palace is a TV license.

That's right, tonight's match will air on BBC One, meaning that it's a simple choice of flicking over to the Beeb if you want to watch the match the old fashioned way, or, if you prefer streaming online then BBC iPlayer is the way to go.

Here are some handy links to get you started: Download BBC iPlayer for Android Download BBC iPlayer for iOS Stream via BBC iPlayer Best VPN Deals If you prefer to stream content online, chances are you’re also invested in keeping yourself secure from potential hackers.

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These are some of the best chatpads you can grab for PS4

If you want to message your best friends or happen to browse Netflix and YouTube a lot, it might be best to pick up a chatpad.

With any of these physical keyboards that connect directly onto your controller, you can search the storefront or message your friends with ease.

You have your pick of whichever chatpad you prefer, but we'd recommend the Nyko Type Pad Keyboard for its brand name and its dedicated buttons.

If those don't interest you, then the Gamers Digital Mini Bluetooth Keyboard Chatpad is the way to go for its popularity and reviews, so long as you can live without a backlit keyboard.

For anyone looking to get one that's versatile and compatible with a wide range of devices, you can't go wrong with the Fosmon Mini Bluetooth chatpad.

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Beyoncé's 'Black Parade' drops on Juneteenth with a website for Black creators

Beyoncé lined up twin surprises for Juneteenth: a song release, and a website bearing a similar name aimed at boosting Black-owned businesses.

'Black Parade' celebrates you, your voice and your joy and will benefit Black-owned small businesses."

The post also points fans to a new extension of Beyoncé's website, Black Parade Route.

Visitors to the site will find links out to the works of Black creators and Black-owned business in a variety of categories, including art, fashion, wellness, and dining.

The website's directory of business listings is curated by Zerina Akers, the founder of Black Owned Everything.

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Image of article 'Apple re-closing several stores in US due to COVID-19 spikes'

Apple re-closing several stores in US due to COVID-19 spikes

Around mid-May, Apple began reopening stores in the US, starting with Idaho, South Carolina, Alabama, and Alaska.

SEE: COVID-19: A guide and checklist for restarting your business (TechRepublic Premium) Apple's moves to close and then reopen and now re-close certain stores follow the pattern of coronavirus infections and cases.

The stores scheduled to be closed starting Saturday, June 20, include the following: Florida Waterside Shops Coconut Point North Carolina South Carolina Arizona Chandler Fashion Center Scottsdale Fashion Square Arrowhead SanTan Village Scottsdale Quarter La Encantada SEE: Coronavirus: Critical IT policies and tools every business needs (TechRepublic Premium) "Due to current COVID-19 conditions in some of the communities we serve, we are temporarily closing stores in these areas," Apple said in a statement shared with TechRepublic.

Image: ViewApart / Getty Images After reopening many of its US stores following the coronavirus lockdown, Apple is reclosing 11 of them amid a spike in COVID-19 infections across several states.

Apple stores in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Arizona are temporarily closing again as the coronavirus reasserts itself.