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Image of article 'My sister moved from New York to our mom’s house due to COVID-19. She saved $11K in rent and expenses. Is that fair'

My sister moved from New York to our mom’s house due to COVID-19. She saved $11K in rent and expenses. Is that fair

My sister will likely stay at home until at least next spring, and will continue to save on rent and many other living expenses that I have to pay each month.

I remain in New York City, but was never offered this same opportunity by my mother to move back home and save money, although I would have been able to do so from April to September.

My sister gave up her apartment in New York City and moved back home in April, shortly after COVID-19 erupted there, and has now been living rent-free with my mother for the past seven months.

All paper was removed — except for one alarming letter from her doctor It will give you a great sense of freedom and relief when you stop trying to stage manage other people’s lives.

There is irony in your situation: In a way, you are already back at your mother’s house, in your old bedroom, grumbling about what other people have and what you don’t have.

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Image of article 'Hong Kong fast-fashion heiress goes green, urges shoppers to buy less'

Hong Kong fast-fashion heiress goes green, urges shoppers to buy less

"It's profit with a purpose, it's not charity," said Ms Chou, who was also a director of Karl Lagerfeld Greater China and continues to be an investor in the brand's global business.

After earning degrees in communications and business from the University of Southern California, Ms Chou used Iconix to bring American brands including Badgley Mischka and Madonna's Material Girl to China.

"There are so few people out there legitimately putting their money where their mouth is when it comes to sustainability - Veronica's one of them," said Niall Dunne, chief executive officer of UK-based biodegradable plastics maker Polymateria, which Ms Chou's family invested in.

Ms Chou's Everybody & Everyone brand offers clothes such as blazers made from fermented agricultural waste, or lounge pants woven from a wood pulp-based fibre that uses 50 per cent less water and produces half of the emissions of a synthetic equivalent.

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Image of article 'We've had the same hairdo for FIFTY YEARS'

We've had the same hairdo for FIFTY YEARS

And all three of my daughters, who are in their 30s and 40s, have experimented with shorter styles over the years, though they have long hair now.

There are a few stray white hairs these days but they blend in with the blonde.

The next day I went to a salon and had my hair coloured red, lest it should happen again.

My hair keeps me feeling as young as I did on that day 53 years ago.

From a bob to long and layered, a fringe to a side parting, blonde to auburn to brunette — the average woman is said to alter her hairstyle or colour up to 150 times in her lifetime.

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Image of article 'Dropbox Expands Its Family Plan for Global Users'

Dropbox Expands Its Family Plan for Global Users

Similar to Dropbox, Google offers its Google One membership with the ability to share cloud storage access with up to five additional family members.

In terms of benefits, Dropbox Family offers all the features of Dropbox Plus, including offline folder access on mobile devices, remote device wipe, and full text search.

The cloud storage provider at that time said that it had plans to roll out the Dropbox Family plan more broadly throughout the year.

The new development comes just over four months after Dropbox launched its family plan under beta testing for select users.

Dropbox Family, a paid plan that allows up to six members to share a total of 2TB storage access, is now available globally.

Image of article 'Revolution Digital partners with Buitoni Food Company for Digital Advertising'

Revolution Digital partners with Buitoni Food Company for Digital Advertising

MORRISTOWN, N.J., Oct. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Buitoni Food Company has appointed Revolution Digital its digital agency of record for Buitoni® brand Pasta, Sauce, and Cheese.

"We are very excited to welcome the Buitoni Food Company to the Revolution Digital family of clients.

"We are pleased to partner with Revolution Digital to develop a new digital strategy to engage consumers in a fresh, new direction," said Jim Gerbo, Chief Marketing Officer for Buitoni Food Company.

"Revolution Digital will help us re-energize our digital communications and help to take the Buitoni® brand to new levels."

Revolution Digital is an award-winning digital first creative agency located in Morristown, New Jersey.

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Image of article '7 ways to set yourself apart as a great entrepreneur, not just a good one'

7 ways to set yourself apart as a great entrepreneur, not just a good one

I believe these traits of proven top performers in business, as well as other professions, are the keys to success that you must emulate, even more than finding that unique innovation or huge untapped market opportunity.

While they have always been in totally different businesses, both still give much credit to the other for their own success.

Figure out first what you most want to achieve in life I find business people all around me who are working hard to make more money, when what they really want is a work-life balance that allows them to enjoy family and help others.

So if you aspire to be the next Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates in business, you might want to compare the following traits with your own, and focus on adopting the ones you don't have, as much as you focus on your next idea to change the world: 1.

I've noticed that the top performers in business, as in most other professions, have a common set of traits in the way they think, as well as act.

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Image of article 'IFS's recurring revenues up 41 percent YoY for Q3 YTD, now representing 82 percent of the group's overall software revenue'

IFS's recurring revenues up 41 percent YoY for Q3 YTD, now representing 82 percent of the group's overall software revenue

This image is further enhanced by an impressive rise of 23 percent in global software revenue-as well as remarkable growth in service management and in the Americas region."

IFS's evolution into becoming the global service solutions vendor of choice is evidenced by a number of recent customer wins, as well as the launch of new software capabilities in its customer engagement offering.

The company's commitment to advancing its service management technology is projected to deliver north of 100 percent year-on-year growth in service license software revenue by year-end.

The financial highlights reveal a strong business that continues its trajectory of hyper growth in areas like cloud and service management software.

Financial and Operational Highlights for Q3 YTD 2020: In the third quarter, IFS's industry focus continued to pay dividends, with the aerospace and defense (A&D) business unit not only welcoming aircraft manufacturer De Havilland Canada to the family, but also closing the largest-ever deal in the company's history with one of the sector's leading brands.

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Image of article 'Nicki Minaj Shared The First Photo Of Her Son And It's Adorable'

Nicki Minaj Shared The First Photo Of Her Son And It's Adorable

Nicki Minaj Shared The First Photo Of Her Son And It's Adorable "My love."

Nicki Minaj has posted the first photo of her son on Instagram.

Nicki shares her son with husband Kenneth Petty, and, hours later, he shared a similar photo on Instagram and wrote, “Little boy.”

Nicki revealed she was expanding her family in July when she shared a few pics of her baby bump on Instagram.

“Thank you to Queen B, Kim Ye, Riccardo Tisci, Winnie, Karol everyone who sent well wishes during this time,” Nicki said on Instagram.

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Nashville Executive Keith Mohr Launches Virtual Songwriting Competition

13 rounds of Global Rising Song have been held to date, with over $64,000 paid votes having been cast.

On the website, Global Rising Song provides an easy to use mechanism for family, friends, fans, and followers to donate $1 per vote, with the ability to write in as many votes as they like, allowing them to become funders by financially supporting the writer’s music journey.

At the onset of the pandemic that ravaged Music City placing Keith’s longstanding and popular “Nashville Rising Song” songwriter open-mic contest on hold, Mohr created the world’s first online crowdfunding contest platform directly benefitting songwriters who have been adversely impacted by the closure of live performance venues.

Nashville based music industry entrepreneur, Keith Mohr, announces Global Rising Song; a virtual online songwriting competition that showcases talent to new audiences worldwide and provides songwriters an opportunity to earn serious income by leveraging their fanbase through a one-of-a-kind contest.

To learn more about Keith Mohr’s other initiatives, visit (songwriter open-mic contest in Nashville), (song review and song pitching services), MohrMusicProductions (live event and studio production)

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Image of article 'Ex-Members of Amy Coney Barrett’s Faith Group Allege Abuse'

Ex-Members of Amy Coney Barrett’s Faith Group Allege Abuse

The organization told The Guardian it has hired an independent law firm to investigate sexual-abuse claims, though a People of Praise spokesperson claimed that at the time of Kuehl’s alleged abuse “the survivor’s family and the perpetrator were members of a different religious community.”

Esther told The Guardian, “The basic premise of everything at the People of Praise was that the devil controlled everything outside of the community, and you were ‘walking out from under the umbrella of protection’ if you ever left.”

The People of Praise, which started in South Bend, Indiana, in the 1970s, has about 1,700 mostly Catholic members who tend to live in tight-knit communities.

Sources told The Guardian that “more than two dozen” former members of the organization are currently part of a support group to discuss their experiences, and many of them felt “triggered” by Barrett’s nomination.

Two former members of the Christian organization People of Praise has come forward with allegations of emotional trauma and sexual abuse, according to The Guardian.

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Image of article 'First American Named Payments Partner for Senior Care Software Suite CaryFy'

First American Named Payments Partner for Senior Care Software Suite CaryFy

FORT WORTH, Texas, Oct. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- First American Payment Systems has been named the payment technology partner of record for CaryFy, a leading senior care business software company.

As a result of the partnership with First American, senior care business owners and operators who use the CaryFy software suite can securely and easily accept and process payments through it.

The payment technology is straightforward and easy to use, whether the CaryFy user is a senior care business owner assessing transaction activity, or a family member making payments on behalf of their loved ones."

For more information, visit CaryFy CaryFy Inc. is a leading senior care business management software company.

The CaryFy suite includes web and mobile applications that simplify the business of senior care for providers, caregivers, administrators and clients.

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Image of article 'Kim Kardashian West at 40: how the queen of social media changed the world'

Kim Kardashian West at 40: how the queen of social media changed the world

Over the previous few days, Kardashian West had posted 15 images on Instagram documenting her trip to Paris fashion week, including a selfie showing off a $4m diamond ring on her finger.

By this point in her career, Kardashian West was one of the most famous women in the world.

Kardashian West – mother of four, breaker of the internet – turns 40 this week, and is marking the move into middle age by launching a shapewear line in the UK, appearing on the cover of Grazia magazine alongside an interview about said shapewear, donating $1m to the Armenian relief fund and becoming Martha Stewart for the pandemic generation with a soon-to-be launched interiors line, KKW Home (towels, shower curtains, sponges).

It was in 2010, just three years into Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the reality TV programme about her family, that Kardashian West decided: “I’ll do anything …” – by which she meant put her name and face to anything.

A year after the Paper cover, Kardashian West would produce her own book, Selfish.

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Image of article 'Will coronavirus break the UK'

Will coronavirus break the UK

Vaughan Gething, the Welsh health minister, contacted UK government officials in London.

Before taking any decision, Mr Gething sent a letter with his arguments and agreed to wait for a meeting with the transport secretary that was arranged for 6pm that evening — but at 5pm the UK government announced it was keeping Greece off the quarantine list for England anyway.

Vaughan Gething, Welsh health minister early September, Vaughan Gething, Welsh health minister, was shocked to find that testing capacity was being cut in areas such as Rhondda and Caerphilly, where the incidence of the virus was still high © Charlie Bibby/FTThe pandemic has highlighted the uneasy and unequal nature of the UK’s devolution settlement.

Furthermore, on too many occasions, from quarantine to track and trace to lockdown restrictions, it became apparent that Mr Johnson was not able to adjust to the reality that in a health crisis he was only the prime minister of England.

A family gathers round a TV to watch UK prime minister Boris Johnson’s televised message on coronavirus on May 10 Mr Johnson laid out his plans for easing the lockdown in a televised broadcast on May 10, he failed to mention that the measures only applied to England © Adrian Dennis/AFP/GettyIn a May 10 televised address laying out his plans for lockdown easing, Mr Johnson did not mention once that the measures only applied to England.

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Family of nine dies from eating noodles

Bongkrek acid has been implicated in outbreaks of foodborne illness involving coconut and corn-based products in Indonesia and China.

After spending 12 months in the freezer, a high concentration of bongkrek acid, a respiratory toxin produced by the bacterium pseudomonas cocovenenans, was detected in the dish.

The family, from the city of Jixi in China’s northeastern province of Heilongjiang, ate the deadly dish for breakfast on October 5 and began feeling ill not long after.

In this case, it had spoiled from being frozen, poisoning the family with bongkrek acid – a toxin that formed on in the meal, according to local authorities.

The acid cannot be removed even if thoroughly cooked and there is no medicine available to treat such cases of poisoning, Global Times reported, adding to avoid poisoning, people should not use soaked or mouldy corn to make food, and to not make or eat any food made from fermented grains.

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Thousands raised after mum’s mysterious death

Ms Macrokanis was visiting family on the Gold Coast before she was killed on the motorway.The 31-year-old driver of the car was taken to Gold Coast University Hospital and has not been charged.

Ms Macrokanis’ friends – the ones behind the GoFundMe – asked for donations to give the mum “a farewell she deserves”.

Ms Macrokanis was found dead nearby with police continuing to investigate her death.She leaves behind five young children and a GoFundMe has been set up for the kids and the funeral.

Tammara Macrokanis, 32, was walking on the M1 Pacific Highway, near Coomera, on Saturday night when she was killed by a passing car.Queensland Police were first called at 9.30pm on Saturday to reports of a car parked dangerously on the shoulder.

Penney Macrokanis, Tammara’s mother, has shared several tributes to her daughter.

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Virus symptom forces Melania to cancel campaign appearance

RELATED: Melania reveals son Barron also caught the virus On October 14, Mrs Trump published a candid account of her struggle with the virus on the official White House website, revealing her son Barron had also been infected.

“Mrs Trump continues to feel better every day following her recovery from COVID-19, but with a lingering cough, and out of an abundance of caution, she will not be travelling today,” Ms Grisham said.

But on the cusp of the trip, Mrs Trump’s Chief of Staff Stephanie Grisham issued a statement saying the First Lady had decided not to attend.

Mrs Trump was scheduled to appear alongside President Donald Trump at a political rally in Erie Pennsylvania today, about three weeks after the couple tested positive for the virus.

Mrs Trump said her recovery from the illness had given her “a lot of time to reflect”.

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Integrated Appoints Matt Ackermann to Chief Content Officer Role

With one hundred and fifty advisors, one hundred and twenty-seven CPAs and forty-five regional offices across the United States, and more than eight billion in brokerage and advisory assets, Integrated has built our reputation advisor by advisor, client by client.

Media inquiries: Jason To discreetly inquire about what joining our growth-oriented culture can look like for you as a financial advisor, please contact: Rob Keith ### About Integrated Partners Since 1996, Integrated Partners has been helping financial advisors to achieve their entrepreneurial vision.

Ackermann will focus on reaching financial advisors across the industry who are interested in a growth partner, without sacrificing control of their businesses.

20, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Integrated Partners, a national financial planning and registered investment advisory firm, has appointed Matt Ackermann to the role of Chief Content Officer.

Integrated supports advisors by offering a completely customizable open architecture business environment: technology, investment management, advanced planning, CPA partner program, family office platform, custody, marketing, public relations, MA, succession planning and comprehensive business counsel.

Image of article 'Dr. Scott Gottlieb: U.S. about 'a week away from a rapid acceleration' of coronavirus cases'

Dr. Scott Gottlieb: U.S. about 'a week away from a rapid acceleration' of coronavirus cases

On "Squawk Box" on Monday morning, Gottlieb said, "We're going to have to get through this next wave without the benefit of protective immunity from a vaccine."

While noting he’s optimistic about vaccine trials, Gottlieb said the first patients given inoculations under emergency use, if it's granted, won't have protective immunity until early 2021.

Echoing similar comments from Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation's top infectious disease expert, Gottlieb said the holiday season and family gatherings are especially precarious for the spread of coronavirus because that’s when people let their guard down.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb is warning that the United States is about "a week away from seeing a rapid acceleration in cases” of Covid-19 as the number of coronavirus infections and hospitalizations surge.

Disclosure: Scott Gottlieb is a CNBC contributor and is a member of the boards of Pfizer, genetic testing start-up Tempus and biotech company Illumina.

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Image of article 'Give your child a year of Adventure Academy online learning for $45'

Give your child a year of Adventure Academy online learning for $45

Adventure Academy was designed as a way to help kids ages 8 through 13 not only learn at home but to keep them entertained and having fun while doing so.

It's an immersive virtual world your kids can explore while playing educational games and activities to brush up on their knowledge in important school subjects such as language arts, math, science, and social studies, among others.

Now, thanks to the site's latest sale, you can score an entire year of Adventure Academy for your child at over 60% off the full cost.

Make Learning Fun Adventure Academy is an immersive virtual world designed to keep children ages 8 through 13 learning while they're at home.

Meanwhile, Adventure Academy's sister site ABC Mouse is a better option for children younger than 8.

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Image of article 'Unforgivable': Frydenberg and Andrews go to war'

Unforgivable': Frydenberg and Andrews go to war

But larger figures stepped up their criticism of Mr Andrews, who will have had the state locked down for 19 weeks by November 1, when he plans to lift most restrictions, including enabling hospitality and retail to reopen.

"There’s been a callous indifference by the Victorian government to the loss of jobs in the state and the plight of small business,'' Mr Frydenberg said.

This was despite the number of coronavirus cases now being very low in Victoria and on a par with those in NSW, a state that has had an open economy and lived with small outbreaks for months.

'Callous indifference' Although Prime Minister Scott Morrison has maintained a more diplomatic approach, Mr Frydenberg, a Victorian whose family has been living under lockdown and whose children have missed months of school, exploded on Monday after Mr Andrews' limited lifting of restrictions.

Victorian Liberal senator James Paterson branded Mr Andrews an “authoritarian leader” who had smeared his own citizens as “enemies of the state”.

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Image of article 'AMC offers private theater rentals for as little as $99'

AMC offers private theater rentals for as little as $99

Cinemagoers may be more comfortable attending when they personally know everyone in the room, and the lack of new releases is also less of a problem when it can re-show older movies on request, including horror films like The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2 for the Halloween season, or family films like Monsters, Inc. and How to Train Your Dragon.

Films include new releases including Tenet and The New Mutants Private screenings theoretically offer a way to plug some of the gap.

AMC is offering a selection of new and old films to watch, with auditorium rental prices starting at $99 plus tax.

The USA’s largest cinema chain AMC is making its screens available for private hire, allowing groups of up to 20 people to watch a film on the big screen without having to share an auditorium with strangers.

While older films start at $99 plus tax, newer films like Tenet cost between $149 and $349 plus tax to rent out a screen, according to AMC’s site.

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Image of article 'Altice USA's $8.4B Sweetened Takeover Bid Not Sweet Enough For Cogeco Owners'

Altice USA's $8.4B Sweetened Takeover Bid Not Sweet Enough For Cogeco Owners

Why It Matters: Drahi’s attempts to take over Cogeco are said to be an effort to consolidate operations of Atlantic Broadband with Altice USA, so it can take on rivals such as Comcast Corporation (NASDAQ: CMCSA), Charter Communications (NASDAQ: CHTR) and Verizon Communications Inc (NYSE: VZ), the Financial Times reported.

Gestion Audem, the Audet family controlling company, holds 69% of all voting rights in Cogeco Inc, which in turn controls 82.9% of all rights in Cogeco Communications.

Under Altice’s terms, the Canadian operations of Cogeco would be sold to Rogers Communications Inc (NYSE: RCI) at an adjusted net price of nearly $3.9 billion.

What Happened: Louis Audet, the executive chairman of Cogeco, in a statement said that the family isn't interested in the $8.4 billion hostile bid made by Altice.

Canadian telecom firm Cogeco Communications Inc’s (OTC: CGEAF) owners — the Audet family — rejected an enhanced hostile takeover attempt by Altice USA, Inc (NYSE: ATUS) on Sunday.

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Image of article 'Diversified Trust Co Has $1.34 Million Position in QUALCOMM Incorporated (NASDAQ:QCOM'

Diversified Trust Co Has $1.34 Million Position in QUALCOMM Incorporated (NASDAQ:QCOM

Diversified Trust Co increased its stake in shares of QUALCOMM Incorporated (NASDAQ:QCOM) by 33.8% in the 3rd quarter, according to the company in its most recent Form 13F filing with the SEC.

Tarbox Family Office Inc. now owns 616 shares of the wireless technology company’s stock valued at $56,000 after acquiring an additional 162 shares during the last quarter.

Cowen lifted their target price on shares of QUALCOMM from $130.00 to $150.00 and gave the company an “outperform” rating in a research note on Thursday, October 1st.

Cascend Securities lifted their price target on shares of QUALCOMM from $125.00 to $145.00 and gave the company a “buy” rating in a research report on Tuesday, October 13th.

Finally, Piper Sandler lifted their price target on shares of QUALCOMM from $80.00 to $110.00 and gave the company a “neutral” rating in a research report on Thursday, July 30th.

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Image of article 'Röki for Nintendo Switch'

Röki for Nintendo Switch

Rediscover magic and chart your adventure through this forgotten northern world of mystery and monsters.

A journey that takes her deep into a hidden and long forgotten world of lost folklore filled with strange locations and even stranger creatures.

Explore the ancient wilderness, solve its mysteries, save your family in this modern adventure game for all.

Map uncharted regions, delve into the rich Scandinavian folklore, collect loot and earn unique ‘wilderness explorer’ badges.

Röki is an adventure game for ALL gamers - with its non-violent gameplay, accessible controls and universal themes.

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