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Tribeca Film Festival will recognise video games as "official selections" from next year

"We're excited to celebrate games and game creators alongside film, immersive, music, art, and more at next year's Festival."

Where there was once a clear delineation between media, there is now a blurring of the lines - stories have become games and games have become stories," explained Tribeca Film Festival co-founder and CEO, Jane Rosenthal.

"In the ten years since we first welcomed a game to Tribeca's official program, we've seen an exciting convergence of games, film, and immersive experiences.

Though a handful of games have been recognised over the years - since LA Noire was recognised as an Official Selection in 2011, other games like Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Firewatch, What Remains of Edith Finch, and God of War have followed - next year's festivals marks the first in the event's history to open submissions for video games as well as an all-new honour, the Tribeca Games Award.

Tribeca Film Festival will recognise video games as "official selections" from Wolfkill and Hideo Kojima are amongst members of the festival's new gaming Film Festival is expanding its call for submissions to video games for the very first time.

The Last Of Us Tabletop Game Is Coming Soon

The Last of Us was an iconic addition to the PlayStation lineup and with its sequel out this year and a TV series on the way, Ellie and Joel are back in the spotlight.

The Last of Us tabletop adventure comes from a partnership between CMON and Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The Last of Us's universe is incredibly emotional and CMON aims to recreate that same evocative response to that world with this experience.

“Remembering the impact The Last of Us had on me when I first experienced it years ago, and then being completely stunned by The Last of Us Part II, I knew this was a narrative experience we wanted to bring to the board gaming table,” says Geoff Skinner, VP of Entertainment and Head of Licensing at CMON.

The Last of Us is a series that many of us at CMON have followed from its inception and we are eager to adapt the stirring character-driven player experience to tabletop, letting fans explore the world and story in a entirely new way.”

New The Medium Trailer Introduces The Game's Main Antagonist, The Maw

Now we have a new look at what sort of horrors await with the new "It Came From the Rage" story trailer introducing the origins of The Maw.

Not only does the above video dive into The Maw's origin story, but it also offers a new look at Sadness, "a mysterious masked girl who resides at the abandoned Niwa Hotel."

The Medium, according to Bloober, is the studio's most ambitious project yet and will task players with surviving in not one reality, but two simultaneously.

As for the journey itself, the story follows Marianne, a character that is plagued by terrifying visions that blend two realities.

Sound off with your thoughts on the latest look inside Bloober's upcoming horror tale in the comment section below.

Image of article 'Graffiti and Grace Notes on the Lincoln Highway'

Graffiti and Grace Notes on the Lincoln Highway

Photographer: Frank Barry The old Roebling wire plant — the city’s largest employer for decades — closed in 1974 and still sits partly vacant, as do many other buildings.

The boast that local officials posted on a bridge in 1935 in big block letters — TRENTON MAKES THE WORLD TAKES — hangs as an albatross over the entrance to the city.

Photographer: Frank Barry “We have a couple of people who are clergy who watch, different religious backgrounds,” — people, Weiner says, who would be never be drawn to a band with songs like “All These Kids Are Way Too High.”

And now, because I have focused so much attention on racism and discussions of race, not just in America, but specifically in the entertainment business and music business, and I’m talking about these issues, I’ve got people that are really into the show who are in it for the discussion aspect.”

I want to perform in front of Black people and I want White rock ’n’ roll fans to watch a hip-hop show.”

Image of article 'The story behind the Duchess of Cambridge’s gold necklace'

The story behind the Duchess of Cambridge’s gold necklace

When it comes to royal style, if you dig a little deeper, there’s often a story behind the fashion choices of Kate, Meghan and co.

During a recent socially distanced visit to Battersea Park, the Duchess of Cambridge accessorised her casual look with a new necklace.

But, as spotted by eagle-eyed royal fans, the dainty gold chain actually holds three circular pendants, each stamped with the initials of each of her three children, G, C and L.

The sweet necklace was gifted to the royal by jewellery brand All The Falling Stars, who wrote in an Instagram post: “A special personalised version of this necklace was gifted to the Duchess of Cambridge on one of her official visits in Galway earlier this year, with her children’s initials stamped on each disc.”

As a result of the pandemic, the royal family had to completely cancel their official engagement schedule, but William and Kate in particular have been visiting key workers and those helping others during this difficult time, when it's been safe to do so.

Image of article 'AMC 'precarious' as film delays continue     -     William Blair (NYSE:AMC'

AMC 'precarious' as film delays continue - William Blair (NYSE:AMC

AMC is still moving higher with a number of cinema-industry peers today, ; Cinemark (NYSE:CNK) is ; IMAX ; Marcus (NYSE:MCS) ; National CineMedia (NASDAQ:NCMI) .

Sundby cites the much-discussed operational headwinds, including the ongoing film delays along with uncertain audience demand and the company's ability to reopen its remaining closed theaters.

Based on cash on hand, the company has "four to five months" of liquidity left, analyst Ryan Sundby says, though that burn runway doesn't account for a planned 15M-share offering.

AMC Entertainment (NYSE:AMC) is in a "precarious" spot, William Blair says, with liquidity risks as it faces ongoing audience pressures from further delays in film releases.

Regina King Changed From a Couture Gown to a Breonna Taylor T-Shirt at the Emmys

She represents decades, hundreds of years of violence against Black bodies, Breonna Taylor does, and wearing Breonna's likeness — representing her and her family and the stories that we were exploring, that we were presenting, that we were holding a mirror up to in Watchmen — it felt appropriate to represent with Breonna Taylor . . . When I saw my sister Uzo had on the same shirt, it was a confirmation that this was right.

But then, to accept her award for outstanding lead actress in a limited series or movie, Regina wore a T-shirt with Breonna Taylor's face on it underneath a pink suit by Schiaparelli, telling Cosmopolitan the reason behind her outfit change and the powerful message she wanted to send with her tee: "The cops still haven't been held accountable.

As for her jewels, Regina wore Established Jewelry, earrings by Bondeye Jewelry, and rings by Nouvel Heritage.

Her stylists, Wayman and Micah, posted images of the actress's award show look.

Regina King was a vision at the 2020 Emmy Awards in a stunning Schiaparelli Couture gown by Daniel Roseberry.

Image of article 'How R13’s Politically-Charged Bandana Masks Reflect Their Rollercoaster Year'

How R13’s Politically-Charged Bandana Masks Reflect Their Rollercoaster Year

Even though the piece reflects R13’s typically iconoclastic style, it’s also a more personal expression of Leba’s ups and downs throughout this rollercoaster of a year.

“I think everything I do is about absorbing my environment and then, from that, sort of spitting it back out, and I think the bandana is really just the product of watching the news,” Leba says of the new bandana style, which originated as a gift to friends but, after a number of fans and followers reached out asking where they could purchase one of their own, will be available for sale on his site from today.

The period of uncertainty Leba faced at the beginning of lockdown—during which he describes himself walking to his studio and “just playing around with things laying around the office”—quickly turned his attention to a new challenge: developing a face mask that could fit seamlessly within his subversive design outlook.

One key takeaway from these conversations—that Leba notes was an instinctive response for him too—was to refine the brand’s offering, and to focus on quality over quantity.

In his new collection, the signature pieces that have come to define the R13 brand are all present and accounted for—partly, again, as a result of the tight-knit community Leba has established around the brand, who he was keen to listen and respond to as the new normal has slowly sunk in.

Image of article 'LEGO Master Builders: 9 of the Coolest Things Created With LEGO'

LEGO Master Builders: 9 of the Coolest Things Created With LEGO

With a group LEGO bricks, Jack Streat created the perfect adult toy, an HK UMP .45 submachine gun.

Taking the team 13,000 hours and 16 specialists to create the vehicle, the LEGO Bugatti Chiron has 2,304 LEGO Power Functions motors, 4,032 Lego Technic gear wheels, and 2,016 LEGO Technic Cross axles.

It is also good to mention that countless people have used 3D printers to create their own LEGO bricks and figures.

Created in 2015, the LEGO Tower in Milan was a massive project that garnered the attention of LEGO master builders across the world.

There have been countless teams across the world eager to snatch the prestigious builder title of "the tallest LEGO tower."

Ruth Bader Ginsburg's best pop culture moments

If you’re in need of a smile right now (and we totally understand why you might), revisit the late justice’s dazzling role in The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part — a charming cameo approved but not voiced by Ginsburg.

This drama starring Felicity Jones showcases Ginsburg’s early years as a law student and lawyer and her relationship with beloved husband Martin (Armie Hammer).

Speaking of...once the “Notorious RBG” took off on social media, it was only a matter of time before SNL got in on the fun behind the justice.

However, in addition to being a beloved Supreme Court Justice known for her fiery dissents, she was also a pop culture icon lovingly referred to as the Notorious RBG — a nickname she seemed to delight in, noting in 2019 it was “beyond her wildest imagination.”

— Ali Foreman, Entertainment Reporter Ginsburg herself wasn't an actor, of course, but she was a delightful and fun talk show guest, always down to laugh at herself and be silly about the hype that surrounded her.

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What's the One BMW That You Love but Shouldn't

So the BMW X7 is a car I should hate and a car I had every intention of hating prior to driving it.

The BMW X7 is a stupid car.

The X7 is BMW’s first ever attempt at an SUV of its size and it nailed little details and features that even escape more experienced manufacturers in this space.

There are no two ways about it; the BMW X7 is not a good looking car.

However, the BMW X7 is so good that, despite it being everything I disagree with in a car, I actually really like it a lot.

Hear Steve Jobs demo his NeXT computer in 1988

This audio recording is one of three that feature Jobs, and one of 92 that were made of Boston Computer Society meetings and similar events.

[But] in 1988, when I was basking in Jobs's presentation, [Charles] Mann was elsewhere in the hall recording it [on audio]."

But at evening's end, as we streamed out of Jobs's reality-distortion field back into the chilly Boston air, each of us got a NeXT product to take home: a glossy poster depicting the cube in all its unattainable glory."

On November 30, 1988, Steve Jobs gave one of the first public demonstrations of the then brand-new NeXT Computer to the Boston Computer Society.

An audio recording of Steve Jobs revealing the NeXT computer shortly after its official launch has been released in full.

Image of article 'Cyberpunk 2077 Features a Lot of Important Companions That Haven't Been Shown Yet'

Cyberpunk 2077 Features a Lot of Important Companions That Haven't Been Shown Yet

VIDEO We probably won't have to wait a lot to see more of these Cyberpunk 2077 companions, as a new Night City Wire episode is going to be aired later this week, on September 18th.

In Cyberpunk 2077, companions will react to the player's choices, and can even become enemies.

Speaking in a new video aimed at the game's Russian community, Cyberpunk 2077 quest designer Philipp Weber discussed companions, of which there are a lot that have yet to be shown The Invincible is a Promising Next-Gen Sci-Fi Game from CD Projekt Red and Techland Vets There actually are quite a few people you can play different quests with that are very important to the story, and they also come with you on specific missions or just on a drive," he says.

Cyberpunk 2077 is going to feature plenty of companions, and they may even become enemies, depending on the player's choices.

Join us on Friday, September 18 at 6PM CEST, at for the 3rd episode of Night City Wire!

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Dragon Age lore is made richer by its readiness to break with canon

We are told in the codex and by characters, in both the first and second games, that the Vallaslin – as the tattoos are known – are the outcome of a religious ritual stemming from ancient elven culture, and that the different designs represent various deities in the Elven Pantheon.

Compare this to a piece of information that is presented to us in the codex section of a game menu as a block of text, with no name or source attached to it – we are led to assume that this knowledge comes from an omniscient writer adding to what is already in the game.

One of the reasons that this change in lore makes Dragon Age’s own history feel real, and not flimsy, is that the information provided to you throughout the series has always been potentially unreliable.

Dragon Age: Inquisition, the third game in the series, makes numerous revelations in regards to the history of its fantasy world.

When we think of a game world’s history we think of it as a single narrative, a collection of events and characters, with little room for new branches once a sequence has been established.

Image of article 'Tzi Ma Leads Cast of Lifetime’s First Asian American Holiday Movie'

Tzi Ma Leads Cast of Lifetime’s First Asian American Holiday Movie

‘The Christmas Setup’ and ‘A Sugar Spice Holiday’ are important additions to the ‘It’s a Wonderful Lifetime’ slate because they continue our effort to tell the stories of the diverse communities represented by our viewers,” said Amy Winter, executive vice president and head of programming, Lifetime and LMN.

Alongside the film, Lifetime announced on Monday the cast of “The Christmas Setup,” its first LGBT-led holiday movie.

“A Sugar Spice Holiday,” set to premiere in December, stars Jacky Lai (“V-Wars”), Tony Giroux (“Motherland: Fort Salem”) and Tzi Ma (“Mulan,” “Wu Assassins”).

Lifetime announced the cast of its first holiday film centered on an Asian American family on Monday.

Feature Images via Lady Eve Guy Boiman TM, (left), @tzima8 (center) and @tkgiroux (right) Support our Journalism with a Contribution Many people might not know this, but despite our large and loyal following which we are immensely grateful for, NextShark is still a small bootstrapped startup that runs on no outside funding or loans.

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The newest American Girl doll is a Pac-Man champion and video game developer

Courtney, her Pac-Man cabinet, and other totally awesome ’80s accessories are available online now, and will be heading to American Girl stores on Sept. 25.

Courtney can even carry around an American Girl doll of her own — a miniature Molly doll.

When a school project allows her to create her own video game, the hero is a girl who knows how to handle any situation—something Courtney struggles with in real life.”

Like other dolls in American Girl’s Historical Characters line, Courtney stars in a book series that’s meant to show young readers what life was like for everyday girls during a particular time period.

The company announced Tuesday that the newest addition to its iconic line of historical characters is Courtney, an adorable ’80s-themed doll complete with scrunchie, cassette player, and working, doll-sized Pac-Man cabinet.

Image of article 'LG Wing Dual-Display Phone With ‘Swivel Mode’, Gimbal Camera Launched'

LG Wing Dual-Display Phone With ‘Swivel Mode’, Gimbal Camera Launched

Aside from the new video playback experiences, the LG Wing comes with a Multi App feature that lets users create shortcuts for pairs of apps that they want to use simultaneously on both main and second screens.

In terms of specifications, the dual-SIM (Nano) LG Wing runs on Android 10 with Q OS on top and features a 6.8-inch full-HD+ (1,080x2,460 pixels) P-OLED FullVision panel as the main screen, while its second screen is a 3.9-inch full-HD+ (1,080x1,240 pixels) G-OLED panel.

LG has partnered with platforms including YouTube and Tubi to enable the Wing smartphone to play videos on the main screen while offering comments or the search bar on the second screen.

The LG Wing features a hinge mechanism that uses a thermoplastic polyoxymethylene at the back of the main screen to facilitate smoother swivelling and to prevent scratches on the second screen, the company claims.

The presence of dual ultra-wide-angle lenses on the LG Wing powers a Gimbal Motion Camera feature that lets users control the camera angle using a virtual joystick on the second screen.

Mulan’s live-action love interest is better than her animated one

In the animated movie, Shang spares Mulan’s life and is one of the few people who listens to her when she explains that Shan Yu and his followers are out to kill the emperor.

Image: Disney Actually, Honghui is one of the first soldiers to start talking to Mulan as a friend, directly addressing her when they’re in group settings.

But hear me out: because Honghui is now just a soldier, he establishes an actual rapport with Mulan early on in the movie, so the burgeoning attraction he feels toward her is present from the very beginning.

In the live-action Mulan, Li Shang is split into two characters: Commander Tung (Donnie Yen), who serves as a sort of father figure to Mulan (Liu Yifei), and Cheng Honghui (Yoson An), a fellow soldier.

When the news broke two years ago that Disney’s animated Mulan character Li Shang, captain in the Emperor’s Imperial Army, singer of the workout classic “I’ll Make a Man Out of You,” and bisexual icon, was not going to be in the new live-action Mulan, fans of the original movie took to social media to complain.

Image of article 'Wunmi Mosaku Taps into “Cellular Rage” on "Lovecraft Country'

Wunmi Mosaku Taps into “Cellular Rage” on "Lovecraft Country

Until racism, white supremacy, and inequality isn't a pandemic in itself globally, then the show will always be relevant and always feel familiar to black and brown people, and white people who understand, and see, and want things changed.

So is that feeling of needing to be exceptional where Ruby’s antagonistic relationship with Tamara, the black department store clerk, comes from?

In your research for the role, did you come to feel that Ruby’s curiosity about what it’s like for “the other side” was common among Black people of the era?

And I was really quite shaken reading the script, and Jamie [Neumann, who plays Ruby’s white counterpart Hillary] and I were both quite shaken acting the climactic moments of the episode.

A fantasy series featuring black characters created by a black woman for a prestigious network is a welcome win for representation, but the show’s progressiveness aside, its execution of these themes has not been [without Last night’s episode, “Strange Case,” is the show’s boldest melding of the real and fantastical yet—and also maybe [its most Ruby, the long-suffering older sister of co-lead Jurnee Smollet’s Leticia, is finally roped into the main plotline when she’s given the power to shapeshift into a white woman at will.

Image of article 'Meet Adweek’s 2020 Brand Genius Honorees'

Meet Adweek’s 2020 Brand Genius Honorees

In response to Covid-19, in early April Apple started airing “Creativity Goes On,” an ad that TBWA\Media Arts Lab put together in a matter of weeks featuring footage of people painting, dancing and playing instruments at home.

—Brent Anderson, global CCO, TBWA\Media Arts Lab Over the past year, Myhren has been betting big on long-form content, with impressive results.

When Apple—which was selected Creative Marketer of the Year at last year’s Cannes Lions—debuted its AirPods Pro last year, Media Arts Lab placed massive, unbranded photos of dancers on key storefronts and billboards in cities around the world.

“He knows where to push and where to leave alone,” Brent Anderson, global chief creative officer of TBWA\Media Arts Lab, says.

—Kristina Feliciano Tor Myhren, vp, marketing communications, Apple Photo: Brooks Kraft Myhren served as Grey’s global chief creative officer before joining Apple in 2016, and his ability to understand and empathize with creatives has been a boon for Apple’s dedicated agency, TBWA\Media Arts Lab.

Image of article 'Omari Hardwick Isn't In 'Power Book II' — But You May Not Have Seen The Last Of Ghost'

Omari Hardwick Isn't In 'Power Book II' — But You May Not Have Seen The Last Of Ghost

Picking up shortly after the shocking Power series finale, Power Book II: Ghost might feel like a continuation of the original series, but showrunner Courtney Kemp made clear that the Starz spinoff is a completely different show.

The main reason: Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.) murdered his father James “Ghost” St. Patrick in Power's sixth and final season, and so without actor Omari Hardwick in Power Book II: Ghost, there was just too large a void to be filled.

"It's not Power; it's really about Ghost's absence and about how his shadow looms over everyone — especially his son."

Now that Tasha (Naturi Naughton) is facing charges for the murder her son committed, there's always a chance Ghost could appear via flashback or as, well, a ghost, in Power Book II.

Whether or not that will include Hardwick remains to be seen, but Ghost's presence will be very much felt in Power Book II regardless.

Borderlands’ in-fiction Dungeons & Dragons spoof is being turned into a real-life RPG

A deluxe version — including custom dice and miniatures — will cost $119.99.

Two versions of the game will be available.

Image: Gearbox Entertainment and Leder Games/Nerdvana Games The project is described as a collaboration led by Nerdvana Games, a small brand out of Frisco, Texas.

Now, with the help of the seasoned team at Leder Games, Gearbox Entertainment is turning that goof into a real tabletop role-playing game.

That’s when Tiny Tina introduced an in-fiction spoof of Dungeons Dragons called Bunkers Badasses.

Image of article 'Blightbound interview: Dungeon-running, Early Access-style'

Blightbound interview: Dungeon-running, Early Access-style

Jasper Koning: Awesomenauts was already a multiplayer, service-y game, but yeah, there’s also a lot of new stuff for us in this: Player-vs.

The feelings people have toward individual characters are very different compared to Darkest Dungeon.

There are definitely inspired elements from Darkest Dungeon, but it’s more like you embody these characters, instead of playing a management game, as you do in Darkest Dungeon.

There’s still lots of cheese, lots of ham, in the dialogue and the characters, but it’s not as overtly cartoony or bright as those earlier games were.

Image Credit: Ronimio Games GamesBeat: The way these split up, is one wizard different from another character?

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Image of article 'Which American A-Listers Also Own Vacation Homes Abroad'

Which American A-Listers Also Own Vacation Homes Abroad

Increasingly, celebs have been relocating to Europe and sometimes even further, often for romance and sometimes just for an extended break from the occasionally harsh glare of the U.S. media spotlight.

But there are plenty of other reasons to buy a foreign patch of land, too — in the case of Lenny Kravitz, he chose to dispense with an American residence altogether, and he now splits his between time the Bahamas, Paris, and his sprawling Brazilian estate, located just outside of Rio de Janeiro.

Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp are two A-listers who have spent considerable time in Europe for both work and pleasure, so it’s hardly surprising that both have owned vast residences there.

Fun fact: Depp owns a small French village, though his present tax debt has meant he’s been on an extended mission to jettison it, along with many of his other real estate holdings.

And, of course, there are those who buy for love — Taylor Swift hasn’t been seen much stateside as of late; she’s been spending a significant amount of time in the leafy North London neighborhood of Hampstead, holed up in a large rental residence with her beau, Brit actor Joe Alwyn.