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Parents confront new challenges with online school

Since online learning will be a new experience for parents and their children simultaneously, Pettit says acknowledging that fact can help everyone manage successfully.

Children statewide who spent their days at school now need other places to stay — and learn online, and complete homework — while their parents are at work.

"Students who have parents at home who are able to help them vs. those who may need to be watching younger siblings during the day to not have an equal chance at succeeding with online learning."

When Columbia County public schools open Monday for the 2020-21 school year, both girls will join thousands of other pupils in the county in receiving their education online.

Lauren Wright, whose daughter will attend virtual school this month in Oconee County, is prepared for the possibility that online school could last the entire academic year.

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Stafford MSD middle school finishes construction

As Stafford MSD is a municipal school district, some of these facilities will be for public use.

The new middle school and the administrative building were designed by AutoARch Architects and are being constructed by Drymalla Construction.

“The way the school is designed, we are able to limit the coming and going of people in such a way that threat detection can (take) place at a secure vestibule,” said JP Grom, vice president of Lockwood, Andrews Newnam, the program manager for Stafford MSD's bond program.

The existing middle school, which the new building replaces, will be turned into a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) campus for grades three through eight.

Stafford Municipal School District’s new middle school is nearly completed.

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Woman, 20, among youngest to earn MUW nursing degree

McKellar’s Medical Technology program gave Clark a head start on her nursing degree.

The students also have the opportunity to take dual enrollment courses, and in the handful of years that’s been offered, Bray said between 10 and 15 students — including Clark — have graduated from Columbus High School with associates degrees.

The Columbus resident only just turned 20 and already has her certified nursing assistant license and a job working at Trinity Health Care, where she’s been working for about a year.

COLUMBUS, Miss. (AP) - When Christina Clark graduated from Mississippi University for Women in a virtual commencement ceremony on May 9, she was the youngest person with a Bachelors of Science degree in nursing this year — and possibly ever — to do so.

But Clark said it wasn’t until after graduating high school with her CNA and getting a job working with elders at Trinity that it really hit her that nursing was what she wanted to do.

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Image of article 'Teacher Uses Clever Experiment to Show Kids How Washing Hands Fights off the Coronavirus'

Teacher Uses Clever Experiment to Show Kids How Washing Hands Fights off the Coronavirus

Lorenzo put some pepper in the water and asked one of the students to put her finger in it.

The class replied that there was indeed some pepper, ie virus, on the student's finger.

Then, Lorenzo asked the same student to dip her finger in soap.

She then asked the student to dip her now soapy finger in the bowl of water and pepper.

Much to all the students' surprise, the pepper moved away from the student's finger.

West Virginia students explore real-world uses of drones

Ten-year-old Southside Elementary School student Kennedy Schultz said while the creative atmosphere provided a fun escape from the walls of the classroom, she also learned skills that will be useful for her and her peers for years to come.

It’s working together as a team, being an innovator … These kids are the gifted students, so they’re working above their peers, and this is kind of a time for them to shine and work with other students to solve problems,” Salter said.

Classrooms at Martha Elementary School in Barboursville and Central City Elementary School have been exploring drone technology, specifically the use of drones for important tasks like organ donation delivery, and made the trip to RCBI to complete the next phase of the lesson - building prototypes of the delivery systems.

(AP) - Thirty gifted education students from across Cabell County put their heads together, with the buzzing of drones just inches above them, to solve real-world problems the morning of Jan. 21 at the Robert C. Byrd Institute in Huntington.

’” RCBI’s STEM and Maker programs are working toward a larger initiative to bring mobile toolkits to local libraries and classrooms that don’t have the opportunity to visit the facility.

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