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Image of article 'Millions of Americans still get their drinking water from lead pipes'

Millions of Americans still get their drinking water from lead pipes

In the last century, even as other cities stopped installing the pipes or started removing them, they nudged Chicago’s political bosses to set rules making lead pipes compulsory.

Some cities flush pipes, to coat them to stop lead getting into the water.

Mayors are more alert to the problem these days, especially since the water crisis in 2014 in Flint, Michigan exposed residents to high levels of lead leaching from their pipes.

Milwaukee is trying to replace 1,100 lead lines each year—hoping to emulate cities such as Lansing, Madison and Green Bay which have recently replaced all their pipes.

Karen Dettmer, superintendent of water works in Milwaukee, says events in Flint spurred her city to stop all repairs of lead lines.

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Fraser Island bushfire could burn for two more weeks without rain

“We can continue to suppress the fire and continue to put it out, but we do need some really good soaking rain to assist because without it this fire could go on for another week or two.”

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Livio Regano said while there was a 20 per cent chance of some rain on Thursday, that was “virtually nothing” as north-easterly winds continued to fan the flames.

“Yes, they drop a lot of water but there are still smouldering logs and bits and pieces and unless crews put them out, if the wind picks up the fire gets away again.

“Water bombers don't generally put out fires,” Mr Bulow said.

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Dog tied to Queensland clothesline dies from heat

Please ensure that when animals are unattended they have access to food, water and shelter at all times,” he said.

Inspector Newman rushed the dog to RSPCA Queensland’s veterinary surgery at Wacol but the dog died upon arrival.

Chief inspector Daniel Young reminded pet owners to put out sufficient food and water on hot days.

RSPCA Queensland inspector Ben Newman was called out to the job in Southside on Wednesday and found the dog had managed to tangle its lead around the clothesline, and had little movement.

There was also no food or water left out for the canine and no shelter was provided on the 33C day while the home occupants were out, the animal welfare group said.

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A Thanksgiving Worthy Of America

To commemorate that event, Bradford declared a day of Thanksgiving, which included a large feast and regular homage to God for His blessings.

Afterwards, colonial governors periodically proclaimed days of Thanksgiving in response to favorable events and conditions.

Despite the carnage, Lincoln’s Thanksgiving Proclamation explained several reasons why the nation should be thankful, remarking, “No human counsel hath devised nor hath any mortal hand worked out these great things.

This Thanksgiving, take stock of our great blessings, including our Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and prosperity.

Image of article 'New migration maps serve as tools to help big game in West'

New migration maps serve as tools to help big game in West

The resulting atlas of migration corridors in Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming published by the U.S. Geological Survey can help elk, mule deer, antelope and other animals by focusing efforts to reduce man-made obstacles along their journeys, biologists and wildlife advocates say.

Over the past decade, Kauffman and others have used GPS to map migrations including the second-longest known in North America, a 300-mile (500-kilometer) round-trip journey mule deer make each year between a desert and high mountain ranges in western Wyoming.

The new migration atlas documents 26 migration corridors, 16 migration routes, 25 places where wildlife linger while migrating and nine areas where animals congregate during winter.

Gold: Testing Patience But Toeing The Line (For Now

The junior miners have a higher beta to the price of gold than do the majors, so they tend to underperform the majors when gold itself sells off.

Both of those ETFs have seen cumulative inflows over the previous 1 month period even though the corrections in those ETFs have been much deeper than that of gold.

What is odd about the GLD fund flows is that they stand in stark contrast to those of two of the most popular gold miner ETFs, the GDX (the gold mining majors) and the GDXJ (the gold mining juniors).

Bitcoin leads gold prices by about 1 month, so the elevation of bitcoin back into the stratosphere should portend good things for the shiny metal if history is a guide.

That investors have been willing to hold ETFs with 2-4x leverage to the gold price is indicative of more upbeat sentiment on the gold space in general, in our view.

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Image of article 'Sweet charity: How bushfire-affected beekeepers are helping each other get their buzz back'

Sweet charity: How bushfire-affected beekeepers are helping each other get their buzz back

Ms Martin said while beekeepers were able to move their bees out of harm's way, native bees had nowhere to go and no-one to help them.

(ABC Illawarra: Jake Lapham)While honey bees are bouncing back thanks to dedicated beekeepers, more than 15 million hectares of Australian bush burnt last summer, devastating Australia's native bee population.

So when millions of bees perished last summer, including their own, they wanted to do all they could to restore bee populations and help other beekeepers.

Since losing their beehives in last summer's bushfires, NSW Central Coast honey producers Ana and Sven Martin have raised almost $60,000 to help other beekeepers get back on their feet.

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Image of article '3 Cloud-Infrastructure Stocks to Buy Now'

3 Cloud-Infrastructure Stocks to Buy Now

Alphabet's burgeoning cloud-infrastructure business is taking off as a strong third-place contender in the cloud wars, growing 44.8% in Q3 and accelerating over the prior quarter's 42.3% growth.

Fastly's third-quarter sales rose 42% year over year without the TikTok account thanks to a thriving portfolio of customers.

Fastly's content-delivery services play a large part in many of the streaming-video platforms that have launched over the last year, and the company's largest customer was the social media phenomenon TikTok.

Arista has also made a couple of software acquisitions this year to round out its suite of data-center management tools, and highly profitable services like this have been a key contributor to the company's resilience during some lean times the last two years.

A top cloud-hardware company back in growth mode Nicholas Rossolillo (Arista Networks): After a decade of rapid expansion, Arista Networks had a less-than-perfect stretch the last couple of years.

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Image of article 'Kenzo Takada: The fashion industry mourns the loss of a dreamer'

Kenzo Takada: The fashion industry mourns the loss of a dreamer

“Paris fashion week is a big international showroom today, but Japanese brands began to have a presence in it quite early on,” says Yuko Takada Hurson, the Paris general manager of Itochu Fashion System Co. Ltd. (IFS).

| KENZO TAKADA ARCHIVES Takada had said he was surprised people bought his drawings, since he was constantly told by his peers that Paris was not the place for a Japanese designer, and counted himself extremely lucky to break the drought.

Takada was the first Japanese designer to gain international success out of Paris’s competitive fashion industry, standing at the frontline of the then-novel production concept of the time, ready-to-wear, making a wide variety of designs accessible and affordable.

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NSW‘s worst beaches revealed

“While water quality results can vary year on year, based largely on the amount of rainfall we receive, this is great news for locals and visitors alike.”

“We haven’t had beaches this clean since the Beachwatch program started in 1989,” NSW Environment Minister Matt Kean said in a statement.

Swansea Heads Little Beach in the Hunter Region, Malabar Beach in Sydney and Surf Beach on the south coast are all rated “poor” in the 2019-2020 state of the beaches survey.Swansea Heads Little Beach was downgraded to poor after being rated as good in last year’s survey.

Malabar and Surf Beaches were both rated poor in last year’s survey as well.

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Image of article 'Fight Against Colorado's 2 Largest-Ever Fires Continues, Aided By Snow'

Fight Against Colorado's 2 Largest-Ever Fires Continues, Aided By Snow

"We're grateful for snow which fell heavily on our state over the weekend, and really gave the firefighters a much better chance at being able to keep these fires away from major population centers," Colorado Gov. Jared Polis told NPR's Mary Louise Kelly.

The nearby Cameron Peak Fire, the largest blaze in state history, is now 64% contained.

U.S. Forest Service/AP hide caption toggle caption U.S. Forest Service/AP Light snow dusts the trees near the Cameron Peak Fire in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado on Friday.

Light snow dusts the trees near the Cameron Peak Fire in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado on Friday.

An elderly couple, Lyle and Marilyn Hileman, died in the fire, Grand County Sheriff Brett Schroetlin said Friday on social media.

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Image of article 'How Sonder Is Riding the Short-Term Rental Wave to Success'

How Sonder Is Riding the Short-Term Rental Wave to Success

But while both fulfill similar needs for travelers—all the way down to the brand’s online aesthetic—Sonder negotiates leases with property owners, offering rooms in hotels and apartment buildings.

That’s meant a major change to how the brand operated before the pandemic, when the average length of stay was four days before the pandemic and extended stays only accounted for 10% to 15% of demand.

And while the travel industry continues to be pummeled by the pandemic—as reflected in bleak airline earnings and low U.S. hotel occupancy—short-term rental brands continue to outperform their competition, riding a wave that began in early summer and has continued into the fall.

Even before the pandemic, Sonder proudly emphasized its digital know-how, offering contactless check-in and arrival done in the brand’s mobile app for rooms in hotels and residences in apartment complexes across 39 cities worldwide.

The CEO and co-founder of the short-term rental company Sonder spends every night at a property available through his own brand, testing a room’s internet speed in Houston or the inefficiencies of 24-hour hotel service in Savannah, Ga.

Image of article 'Westpac closes Chinese branches in global consolidation'

Westpac closes Chinese branches in global consolidation

Dr Rynne said commentators were "quick to jump" on any changes involving the two nations as another sign of deteriorating relations but added trade volumes had declined and relations had soured.

"We shouldn’t necessarily be jumping at shadows and putting them in the context of geopolitical tensions," Dr Rynne said.

Dr Rynne said Australia-China relations had been "simmering for some time" and were made worse by Australia's "open comments" regarding the origins of the global pandemic.

Trade volumes between the two countries had fallen over the past few years, Dr Rynne said, caused by China's move towards greener sources of energy, the drought conditions affecting agricultural output and now travel restrictions related to COVID-19.

Westpac's institutional bank chief executive Curt Zuber said focusing the group's international footprint in three areas would streamline services provided outside of Australia.

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Brazil sugar output, ethanol exports soar; dryness hits cane yields -industry group

Article content SAO PAULO/NEW YORK — Sugar production and ethanol exports increased sharply in Brazil in September as mills enter the final weeks of the current season, but the extremely dry weather started to hit cane agricultural yields, industry group Unica said on Friday.

Brazil’s center-south sugar output reached 2.86 million tonnes in the second half of September, 59% more than in the same period a year earlier, as mills sharply favor the sweetener in their production strategies at the expense of ethanol.

Plants crushed 14% more cane in the period, or 40.22 million tonnes, with above-average dry weather boosting harvest pace.

Based on data from 90 mills in September, Unica said average yield was 71.97 tonnes of cane per hectare, 1.4% less than seen a year earlier.

Unica said ethanol exports increased 65% in September to 331 million liters, as mills take advantage of the weak currency to

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Image of article 'Climate change could mean fewer sunny days for hot regions banking on solar power'

Climate change could mean fewer sunny days for hot regions banking on solar power

Princeton-based researchers recently published in the journal Nature Communications the first study to assess the day-to-day reliability of solar energy under climate change.

They used satellite data and climate model outputs to evaluate the intermittency of solar radiation and the reliability of photovoltaic energy under future climate conditions.

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NSW Government reaches compromise on controversial koala policy

Mr Barilaro threatened that his party would not support government legislation, would boycott joint party room meetings and would move to the crossbench over amendments to the SEPP.

Refining the blue Site Investigation Map and making it available to local councils.Last month NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian emerged victorious after Mr Barilaro effectively threatened to take his party to the crossbench over controversial planning legislation.

Other measures include: Decoupling the Private Native Forestry and the Land Management Codes within the Local Land Services Act 2013 from the Koala SEPP on the basis robust protections already exist.

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Image of article 'A dedicated cult of growers look to grow the biggest giant pumpkin in Illinois, aiming for 2,000 pounds. And the winner is ...'

A dedicated cult of growers look to grow the biggest giant pumpkin in Illinois, aiming for 2,000 pounds. And the winner is ...

Adkins has won the title of largest pumpkin in the state, as judged by the Illinois Giant Pumpkin Grower’s Association, for several years running.A pumpkin, however, like a professional athlete, can grow too big.

These do, sort of deflated, exhausted, sitting heavily in place.Joe Adkins shows off one of his two giant pumpkins, each weighing more than 1,000 pounds, in his garden outside his home in west suburban Wheaton.

Some do it, just not every day.And so, on a warm autumn day, Pumpkin Joe toiled in his yard, prepping for the Illinois Giant Pumpkin Grower’s Association annual weigh-off, the state’s premiere competition for giant pumpkin enthusiasts.

Joe Adkins, the four-time Pumpkin King of Illinois, set a goal for the year: He would grow a very large pumpkin in his yard, a fruit that weighed at least 2,000 pounds.

New Mexico residents asked to aid research on bird die-off

She argued that the birds could be impacted by unseasonable cold weather and early snowfall but said southern New Mexico temperatures should not be cold enough to kill the animals.

The New Mexico Wildlife Center in Espanola confirmed Monday that the state Department of Game and Fish would collect bird carcasses from their facility for laboratory analysis.

Biologists from the university and White Sands Missile Range examined about 300 carcasses last week gathered in the region, but further observations could place casualties in the hundreds of thousands, “if not millions,” Desmond said.

Professor Martha Desmond said Monday that reports from around the state indicate migratory species are dying at unprecedented numbers, which could be caused by multiple conditions from drought to wildfires, the Las Cruces Sun-News reported.

LAS CRUCES, N.M. (AP) - Researchers at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces have invited residents to share photos or written descriptions via their cellphones involving a recent mass die-off of migratory birds in the state.

Image of article '11 photos that show the horrific destruction of the West Coast wildfires'

11 photos that show the horrific destruction of the West Coast wildfires

What started as a series of out of control wildfires in California last month has continued to spread, leaving parts of the state as well as neighboring regions of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Arizona looking entirely unrecognizable.

The August Complex, the fire that started this latest spout of flames, is officially the largest wildfire in California's recorded history.

Firefighting resources are stretched thin across the West Coast, and conditions in the region are unfortunately perfect for allowing the fire to continue.

The fires across the West Coast are devastating, forcing millions from their homes, blocking out the sun for many and creating an eerie red tint to the sky that looms over the course of the day.

Making matters worse this year was the coronavirus pandemic, which left many states short on resources and able-bodied individuals available to fight these fires.

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Image of article 'Residential rents could fall 30 per cent'

Residential rents could fall 30 per cent

Rental listings have more than tripled to 192 in West Melbourne and more than doubled to 574 in Carlton, leading to 18.75 per cent and 15.23 per cent vacancy rates respectively.

Vacant rentals skyrocket Vacant rentals have surged more than fivefold in the Melbourne CBD since March, while empty listings have quadrupled in Sydney.

"The oversupply of units in the suburbs of Melbourne, Docklands and Southbank is showing downward price adjustment on rents as expected, but based on the rather large volume of vacant properties, it would be fair to expect much larger price drops in the coming months." director Kent Lardner says the data suggest rental markets are yet to see real price adjustments, but with the end of the eviction moratorium and government support, suburbs with high vacancy rates could experience significant falls in rent.

During the stage four lockdown alone, Domain data shows the number of vacant rentals has skyrocketed 20 per cent in the greater Melbourne area.

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Image of article 'Wildfires again threaten business in California wine country'

Wildfires again threaten business in California wine country

Because of frost early in the year, cold temperatures in May and then extreme heat in August that threatened to shrivel grapes on the vine, Bucher had already begun to harvest his pinot noir fruit a few days before the fire ignited.

Some wineries that don’t have their own vineyards are opting out of buying some grapes this year because the risk is too great that a vintage could be spoiled by smoke, said Tawny Tesconi, executive director of the Sonoma County Farm Bureau.

“You can’t sit inside because of the pandemic, and you can’t sit outside because of the smoke," said Janet Tupper of Napa, who runs Mercantile 12, a wholesale business that sells wine country-themed gifts, such as T-shirts, tea towels, tote bags and wine accessories, to gift shops and tasting rooms.

That's much earlier than devastating fires last year and in 2017 that erupted in October, when nearly all the grapes were off the vine and in the process of being converted to wine.

Three of the past four years, major wildfires have burned in Napa and Sonoma counties, charring vineyards, burning down a historic winery and sending plumes of smoke above the neatly tended rows of vines rolling across scenic hills.

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Higher Temperature & Increase Heat Waves Causes Great Migration

Estimating the number of people who will be involved in migration is, in general, complicated and depends on a series of socio-political-economic factors which are as difficult (if not more) to predict than those related to climate change.

The model suggests that migration will increase regardless of the climate, but that the number of migrants will increase significantly with climate change.

Their model shows that the areas where humans can barely survive today (for example, the Sahara desert), which today cover about 1 percent of surface of our planet, will grow to about 20 percent within the next 50 years, with about 200 million climate migrants estimated by 2050.

Climate models are in agreement: higher temperatures and the increase in heat waves will make many areas of our already overpopulated planet unlivable.

But perhaps the most important result of the model is the one that shows how political responses to both climate change and migration can lead to drastically different future scenarios, highlighting the responsibility of governments which, so far, have been absent and unable to find a solution.

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Image of article 'Pandemic continues to weigh on Japanese exports'

Pandemic continues to weigh on Japanese exports

Pain continues for the world's third-largest economy, as Japan exports nosedived 19.2% Y/Y due to COVID-19 hitting global demand.

Export decline of 19.2% records fifth straight month of double-digit declines against a forecast of 21% in a Reuters poll.

However, it improved from the fall of 26.2% drop in June.

Imports fell 22.3% in the year to July, versus the median estimate for a 22.8% decrease, resulting in the trade balance surplus of ¥11.6B versus the median estimate of a ¥77.6B deficit.

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