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Image of article 'Can hairdressers open in Tier 3'

Can hairdressers open in Tier 3

Salons were allowed to reopen in July after being forced to close in March along with the national lockdown.

The Prime Minister has been adamant about avoiding another national lockdown like the one seen in the spring.

Boris Johnson has also resisted calls for a national ‘circuit breaker’ lockdown against scientific advice, insisting local action is key to quelling the spread of the virus.

Announcing the new rules in the Commons, Mr Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “Just as we simplified our national rules with the Rule of Six, we will now simplify and standardise our local rules by introducing a three tiered system of local COVID Alert Levels in England - set at medium, high, and very high.

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US Army Wants To Make COVID Social Distancing 'Permanent' Even After Pandemic Ends

Perhaps leading the way as an example of where we all might be headed as a country, the United States Army has strongly hinted that it's looking to make its coronavirus protective measures permanent.

And now that those changes are in place, the U.S. Army’s top acquisition official thinks they should remain so for good.

Speaking to reporters during the Association of the U.S. Army’s annual conference, Bruce Jette, assistant secretary of the Army for acquisition, logistics and technology, said he sees long-term benefits from maintaining the kind of social distancing protective measures put in place across industry.

"We think continuing to apply these same techniques would be further beneficial to the people and to the Army overall.”

Consider this: should the Army and eventually the entire DoD implement "permanent" social distancing measures, which would at the very least mean for years to come, that would put the entirety of American society a mere stone's throw away from being forced to do the same.

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Image of article 'Nirmala Sitharaman Highlights: FM announces LTC cash voucher scheme, special festive advance to boost GDP'

Nirmala Sitharaman Highlights: FM announces LTC cash voucher scheme, special festive advance to boost GDP

Further, the government increased the centre’s capital expenditure budget by Rs 25,000 crore from Rs 4.13 lakh crore for expenditure on the road, water supply, urban development, and defence infrastructure including manufacturing domestic equipment

Other states will also get Rs 7,500 crore loans in proportion to their share in Finance Commission evolution.

The government also announced that the north-east states will get 50-year interest-free loans of Rs 1,600 crore and Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand will get Rs 900 crore.

However, employees can spend an LTC cash voucher only through digital mode and at places registered under GST before 31 March 2021.

Nirmala Sitharaman Highlights: Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman today announced that government employees can avail cash voucher for LTC if they can’t travel due to pandemic.

Image of article 'AI Assists With Better Battlefield Intel'

AI Assists With Better Battlefield Intel

RIS’s TITAN system combines commercial off-the-shelf technologies with battle-proven defense technology to provide users with uninterrupted access to data in contested environments, and to give them a clear picture of threats that evolve constantly.

Raytheon Intelligence Space demonstrated TITAN to the U.S. Army at the end of July 2020 as part of its proposal.

“The goal of TITAN is to link Army commanders at all echelons to timely intelligence data, speeding up the data-to-decision timeline,” said David Appel, vice president for Defense and Civil Solutions for Raytheon Intelligence Space, one of the four businesses that form Raytheon Technologies.

The Tactical Intelligence Targeting Access Node, or TITAN, offers frontline forces, as well as headquarter commanders, a resilient tactical ground station capable of rapidly sifting through massive amounts of incoming sensor data to find and track potential threats.

To ensure the TITAN solution continues to be effective as the future Joint All-Domain battlefield evolves, RIS designed the system for scalability using an open-architecture development approach.

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Nigella Lawson: ‘I didn't think I’d be a mended person, but I am

Where Slater connects food with the shifts of life – the seasons and one’s own maturation – Lawson roots it in pleasure: the pleasures of cooking, feeding, eating.

In her new book, Cook, Eat, Repeat, Lawson’s first in three years, she says that she so often puts reminders into her phone about chicken that whenever she writes “‘Ta’ the phone autocompletes it as ‘Take chicken out of fridge’, no matter if what I actually intended was ‘Tax return’”.

Cook, Eat, Repeat is Lawson’s most writerly book yet, the recipes interspersed with long essays on subjects such as A Loving Defence Of Brown Food, and (of course) Pleasures, the point being that there is no such thing as a guilty one.

So much of her personal life has been played out in public, from her parents ensuring everyone would know who her famous father is whenever she introduced herself; to her first husband, John Diamond, charting the last years of his life with her and their two small children, Cosima and Bruno, before he died of throat cancer at the age of 47; to her second marriage to Charles Saatchi, which ended in a brutally public manner in 2013, when Saatchi was photographed grabbing her by the throat and holding her nose outside the London restaurant Scott’s.

I first met Lawson in 2014, a few months after the end of the case, and about a year after I’d written about the photos taken in front of Scott’s.

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Army, Air Force Get Serious On JADC2: Joint Exercises In 2021

Gen. James McConville WASHINGTON: The Army and Air Force have started delving deep into the technical nitty-gritty of sharing data and conducting joint experiments in 2021, taking their often-fraught collaboration to new heights after four years of debating broad concepts for future wars.

“We spent a whole day on the Air Force-Army staff talks [last month] coming to an agreement on how we are going to be able to do the machine-to-machine exchange of data,” Gen. James McConville, Army Chief of Staff, said in an exclusive interview with Breaking Defense.

The chiefs’ immediate aim is to connect – but not combine – the two service’s flagship experimentation efforts, the Army’s Project Convergence and the Air Force’s Advanced Battle Management System (ABMS) On-Ramps.

Back in 2016, then-Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work challenged the Air Force and Army to come up with a new combat concept he called AirLand Battle 2.0, a 21st century update to the Cold War doctrine of AirLand Battle that guided the services’ devastatingly effective collaboration in the 1991 Gulf War.

Four years ago this month, after then-Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley (now Joint Chiefs chairman) formally rolled out what he called Multi-Domain Battle, his Air Force counterpart, Gen. David Goldfein, made a rare appearance at the Association of the US Army conference to endorse the idea.

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Military manoeuvres: great walks across Ministry of Defence land

A few days are needed to walk the 30-mile path that circumvents this vast military training area, one which is important for its flower-rich, butterfly-filled grassland and concentrations of bronze age and neolithic burial sights.

One of the areas is Castlelaw Hill in the Pentland Hills regional park, which is popular with hikers, mountain bikers and fell runners, and just a half-hour bus ride from Edinburgh city centre.

It’s also home to Castlelaw firing ranges, so there are times when this peaceful part of the world – where deer graze, black grouse nest and lizards dart among rocks – is alive to the sound of bullets ricocheting off the red scree slopes.

In the early 19th century, the military began to occupy and acquire large swathes of land, such as Salisbury Plain, Catterick in Yorkshire and Otterburn in Northumberland, training areas which came into their own in the run up to the first and second world wars.

Salisbury Plain, for example, the largest area of chalk grassland in north-west Europe, supports species of rare butterflies, including the marsh fritillary, adonis blue and brown hairstreak, while Castlemartin tank firing range in Pembrokeshire has one of the highest concentrations of seabirds in the county and supports around a dozen breeding pairs of chough – a shy species now extinct in most of England.

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Image of article 'Ukraine to supply engine for Turkey’s next-gen cruise missile: local media'

Ukraine to supply engine for Turkey’s next-gen cruise missile: local media

The several types of engines were designed by the company, which is a part of Ukroboronprom, to be installed in unmanned aerial systems and advanced cruise missiles.

The engines are expected to power Turkey’s next-generation missile Gezgin.

Ukraine’s Defence Express, quoting the ProZorro public procurement platform, said the state-owned engine manufacturer has signed several contracts for the purchase of cutting-edge aircraft engine components for the new AI-35 turbojet engines.

Contracts have been signed between a Ukrainian engine developer, Ivchenko-Progress, and several suppliers for parts of the AI-35 engines that are expected to be used in Turkeys new cruise missile, a local defense site reported Monday.

The Defence Express report said that “the engines of this model should be delivered to Turkey, where they are going to be used in the production of new cruise missiles.”

Autonomous aircraft: Qld government, Boeing enter historic deal

“This investment could unlock global defence and aerospace opportunities for Queensland to gain future workshare in other Boeing programs.”

“Our Government’s longstanding commitment to advanced manufacturing is one of the reasons Queensland is already home to Boeing’s largest workforce outside the United States,” Mr Dick said.Boeing Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific president Brendan Nelson said the partnership with the Queensland Government was a significant milestone.

“Our investment in this advanced manufacturing project will provide critical skills for suppliers, academia and Boeing and culminate in Queensland becoming the primary final assembly facility for the Boeing Airpower Teaming System.”

The first aircraft to be designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia in more than 50 years will mean hundreds of jobs, local supply opportunities and defence industry stimulus as part of Queensland’s COVID-19 economic recovery.

The announcement coincided with another aerospace investment from the Queensland Government, which announced on Monday it would sign a $200 million deal with Bain Capital to secure Virgin Australia’s longevity, and its headquarters, in Queensland.

Russia and China's 'digital authoritarianism' means we need to better arm our cyber troops, warns top UK general

Britain's enemies are investing more and more in cyber warfare capabilities, the UK's top general has warned – singling out Russia and its "digital authoritarianism".

The Chief of the Defence Staff spoke about how British state-sponsored hackers might "actively constrain [an enemy] in the cyber domain to protect critical national infrastructure in the maritime domain", as an example of how the UK might start hacking authoritarian countries trying to harm British interests.

General Carter also singled out Russia and China's exporting of digital authoritarianism*, warning that technological advances are being used to strangle liberty and democracy at birth, stating that the concept "also explores how the Chinese Communist Party is forging a future of mass surveillance and 'social credit scores' and is rapidly exporting these tools to other parts of the world".

Observing how "our rivals" had watched Western nations' misadventures in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, the general warned that other countries had "invested in space and cyber" as well as building "electronic warfare" capabilities and drone-swarming technology.

General Sir Nick Carter told the Policy Exchange think tank that countries such as China are setting out to undermine the West's ability to deter aggression by investing heavily in non-traditional methods of waging war.

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Image of article 'The US closing its embassy in Iraq is a big win for Iran, Iraq's former UN ambassador says'

The US closing its embassy in Iraq is a big win for Iran, Iraq's former UN ambassador says

The current Iraqi prime minister has taken a number of steps to try to rein in these militias, which is sort of what makes the American threat now so ironic that it comes at a time when the government of Iraq is actually doing what it can — which admittedly is not enough — but it is doing what it can to try to rein in these militias.

Feisal al-Istrabadi, the former Iraqi ambassador to the United Nations, joined The World's host Marco Werman to talk about what the potential embassy closure could signal to Iran.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reportedly told the Iraqi government that if it can't rein in attacks on American targets, the US Embassy in Baghdad will close its doors.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reportedly told the Iraqi government that if it can't stop attacks on American targets, the US would close its embassy in Baghdad.

But there's a limit to what the prime minister can do, and up until this conversation between the president of Iraq and the US secretary of state, I had rather thought that the United States had understood that.

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Image of article 'Labor knives come out for Daniel Andrews'

Labor knives come out for Daniel Andrews

It comes as senior figures within Labor are moving to stop a key member of Mr Andrews’ faction from taking Jenny Mikakos’ spot in the Victorian parliament, citing party requirements for female representation.

In doing so, Mikakos’ statement poured lots of salt on Andrews: In particular, one state Labor MP has described Daniels as a “tyrant” and a “dictator”: “It has put a lot of people on edge,” one government Minister said.

Mikakos reluctantly resigned from both the health portfolio and parliament over the weekend after Andrews told Friday’s Hotel Quarantine Inquiry that she was “accountable” for the botched program.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has been criticised by some members of his own government over his treatment of former health minister Jenny Mikakos.

After weeks of contradictory evidence and obfuscation given to the Hotel Quarantine Inquiry, we still do not know who made the decision to contract out management of the hotel quarantine system to untrained private security instead of the Victorian Police (with supplementary support from the Australian Defence Force and private security).

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No decision on selling only 'Made in India' products in military canteens: Centre

NEW DELHI: The defence ministry has not taken any decision on selling only "Made in India" products in military canteens run by it across the country, the government said on Saturday.

"No decision has been taken in this regard," minister of state for defence Shripad Naik said in Rajya Sabha He was replying to a question on whether the defence ministry will consider using and selling only "Made in India" products in its stores in light of Prime Minister Narendra Modi 's focus on self-reliance and "vocal for local".

In an address to the nation in May, Modi spoke extensively on the need to focus on a “self-reliant India” and called for promoting products made in India with a larger aim of making Indian economy stronger.In his reply, Naik also said that the total turnover of defence canteens in 2017-18 was Rs 17,190 crore and it went up to Rs 18,917 crore in 2018-19.

In the current fiscal, the figure has been recorded at Rs 3,692 crore till August, he said.In reply to a separate question on whether government signed a contract with a private company to modernise 37 airfields , he replied in the affirmative.

"Modernisation of airfield infrastructure has enhanced the capability in terms of facilitating operation in poor weather conditions including night operations, enhanced enroute navigation infrastructure and enhanced traffic handling capabilities," he said.To a separate question, Naik said 86 military airbases are functioning in the country.

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Image of article 'Brexit fury: Tories plot revolt over 'toothless' defence of farms         -         'sub        -        standard imports'

Brexit fury: Tories plot revolt over 'toothless' defence of farms - 'sub - standard imports

DON'T MISS Jeremy Corbyn's staggering Brexit ignorance laid bare [ANALYSIS] Leaver James Dyson makes Brexit intervention - ‘I’ve NO REGRETS’ [COMMENT] Boris LOST control and given power to the EU, say HABIB and SAXTY [OPINION] Lady McIntosh will also urge the temporary body to create criteria for maintaining standards at least as high as UK ones for agricultural goods imported under any trade agreement.

But farm and food campaigners are calling for more to be done, and are demanding the Government fulfils that pledge by ramping up the powers of the temporary Trade and Agriculture Commission only set up two months ago, and subsequently making it permanent.

A survey for the sustainable food website Foodprint revealed nearly half (12) of the 25 firms questioned (including fast-food outlets, hotel, pub and coffee shop chains) declined to say whether they would buy such foreign food following post-Brexit trade deals around the world.

The International Trade Secretary, who is leading the UK's fight to secure a number of global post-Brexit trade deals, has been warned to expect crushing defeats in Parliament over the coming days around her “toothless” defences against sub-standard foreign food in the agreements.

"We will never sign a trade deal that undercuts farmers or compromises on our high standards."

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Image of article 'Boris Johnson: EU a threat to integrity of the UK'

Boris Johnson: EU a threat to integrity of the UK

Boris Johnson has accused the European Union of threatening to impose a food "blockade" in the Irish Sea that would destroy the "economic and territorial integrity of the UK".

Writing in The Telegraph, the Prime Minister made a passionate defence of his decision to alter the Brexit divorce deal, saying he has to protect Britain from the "disaster" of handing Brussels the "power to carve up our country".

Mr Johnson insisted a Canada-style trade deal with the bloc is still possible and remains his goal, but that Brussels must "take their threats off the table" and rebel MPs must get into line.

He also believes the UK will still "prosper mightily" under a narrower, Australia-style trade deal.

The Prime Minister claimed the EU could effectively impose a food blockade across the Irish Sea by refusing to grant the UK approved "third party" status for food exports, which officials say Michel Barnier, the EU's chief negotiator, has "explicitly" threatened.

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Image of article 'India bans 118 Chinese apps, accusing companies of stealing data'

India bans 118 Chinese apps, accusing companies of stealing data

Indian authorities say they are moving against the proliferation of Chinese tech because it promotes activities "prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, security of state and public order".

Beijing also implied India had imposed the ban in the face of pressure from the United States, with foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying warning Thursday against "short-sighted" participation in US restrictions against Chinese technology.

"India has abused the concept of national security and adopted discriminatory restrictive measures against Chinese companies," Chinese commerce ministry spokesman Gao Feng told an online press briefing on Thursday.

China on Thursday decried a fresh ban by India on scores of Chinese apps - including the hit game PUBG - as a bitter border showdown seeped out into the tech sphere.

India has increasingly wielded economic weapons against its neighbour in their dispute, freezing Chinese companies out of contracts including for its 5G mobile phone infrastructure - on top of the app bans.

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Image of article 'Govt bans PUBG and 117 other apps linked to China, citing security'

Govt bans PUBG and 117 other apps linked to China, citing security

“The compilation of these data, its mining and profiling by elements hostile to security and defence of India, which ultimately impinges upon the sovereignty and integrity of India, is a matter of very deep and immediate concern which requires emergency measures.”

The ministry said it received complaints about misuse of some mobile apps available on Android and iOS platforms.

"This decision is a targeted move to ensure safety, security and sovereignty of Indian cyberspace," the statement said.

India on Wednesday banned gaming app and 117 other platforms linked to China, saying they threatened the country's "sovereignty and security"—a move that comes during a military standoff between the two countries in Ladakh India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology said in a statement the mobile game has been banned under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act, on grounds that "they are engaged in activities which are prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, security of state and public order".

India in June banned 59 Chinese apps for threatening the country’s "sovereignty and integrity", including ByteDance video-sharing app TikTok and Alibaba’s UC Browser and Xiaomi’s Mi community app.

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Airbus picks L3Harris for mobile satellite space antenna (NYSE:LHX

L3Harris (LHX ) has been selected by Airbus Defence and Space (OTCPK:EADSY) to build a space reflector antenna for a next-generation satellite which will provide mobile telecommunication services throughout the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Central Asia.

The geostationary satellite, owned and operated by Yahsat/Thuraya, will carry an L-band payload that will enable high-speed services for all customer segments, including defense, government and enterprise throughout multiple continents.

The satellite, equipped with L3Harris technology, is scheduled for operation in 2024.

"L3Harris benefits from strong technological capabilities and rising demand and is increasing both sales and margins," writes Leo Nelissen in a SA article, L3Harris - A Dividend Investor's Dream.

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EU Prepares Sanctions On Turkey Over 'Militarized' Mediterranean Drilling

As we underscored earlier the east Mediterranean gas dispute involving Turkey and Greece along with Cyprus is fast becoming militarized.

"We can go to measures related to sectoral activities... where the Turkish economy is related to the European economy," EU's top diplomat Josep Borrell threatened on Friday during a press conference.

He described punitive measures targeting Turkey's ability to conduct hydrocarbon exploration in contested waters around Cyprus and near Greece's outermost islands.

However, Borrell also emphasized the EU wouldn't pull the trigger just yet, opting to give "a serious chance to dialogue" while pledging full political support to EU members Greece and Cyprus.

Meanwhile, occurring simultaneous to EU sanctions deliberations at the end of this week, Turkish and Greek F-16 jets nearly exchanged fire off southwestern Cyprus in a 'dogfight' of sorts.

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Image of article 'Children 12 and under can opt to wear only face shields at school, says Ismail Sabri'

Children 12 and under can opt to wear only face shields at school, says Ismail Sabri

PUTRAJAYA: Children 12 years old and younger can wear only face shields at school, following concerns that disposable face masks could be too expensive for low-income families.

Senior Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said children can still opt to wear both face shields and face masks, but masks will not be obligatory anymore.

“If the student wants to wear both face shield and face masks, it is even better but it’s up to them, ” the Defence Minister said at a press conference after the special ministerial meeting on Covid-19.

Ismail Sabri said the Health Ministry would also issue a guide on how to clean and wash a face shield for the benefit of users.

On another matter, Ismail Sabri said the meeting had also agreed to relax rules regarding Malaysians with foreign spouses or children.

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Image of article 'McClellan: Breakthroughs arrive unexpectedly'

McClellan: Breakthroughs arrive unexpectedly

George Westinghouse, who had dropped out of college after his first term, declared that alternating current was more efficient.

He said that alternating current was too dangerous, and a jolt would cause a swift and sudden death.

Although Edison opposed capital punishment, he got behind the idea, thinking that such use of alternating current would completely discredit it.

They restarted the electricity and the back of Kemmler’s coat caught fire.

The results were all but official when alternating current was used to light the World’s Fair in Chicago.

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Image of article 'Union minister Shripad Naik tests Covid positive, opts for home isolation'

Union minister Shripad Naik tests Covid positive, opts for home isolation

Union minister Shripad Y Naik on Wednesday said he has tested positive for infection and has opted for home isolation.

The minister of state for AYUSH and defence said he opted for self-isolation as he is asymptomatic and added his vitals are within normal limits.

Naik took to Twitter to inform he was Covid-19 positive.

"I underwent Covid-19 test today & it has turned out asymptomaically positive.

My vitals are within normal limits and I have opted for home isolation.

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Image of article 'Modernize The National Guard’s State Partnership Program'

Modernize The National Guard’s State Partnership Program

But the program is overdue for a strategic assessment to ensure it is appropriately resourced and properly focused on the objectives of the National Defense Strategy, which refocuses the US military from counterinsurgency to strategic competition against Russia and China.

The Pentagon established the SPP in 1993 to create constructive relationships between state National Guards and the newly independent countries of the former Soviet Union.

Nations participating in the National Guard’s State Partnership Program (SPP).

The commander of U.S. European Command, General Tod Wolters, praised the work of the Michigan National Guard in improving its partners’ “air-land integration” and noted that Guard members help arriving NATO military training teams “reintegrate at a much faster pace.”

While a full-fledged SPP might not be appropriate yet for Taiwan, perhaps National Guard advisors or small units from a number of states could help the Taiwanese build military capacity and readiness.

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Image of article 'Invoking self-reliant India, govt bans import of 101 defence items'

Invoking self-reliant India, govt bans import of 101 defence items

While the negative list initially covers 101 types of defence equipment, “more such equipment for import embargo would be identified progressively by the Department of Military Affairs in consultation with all stakeholders”, tweeted Rajnath.

To help Indian suppliers develop the capability to manufacture and supply defence equipment that comes under the rolling import embargo, the MoD has pledged a “coordinated mechanism for hand-holding of the industry by the defence services”.

Indicating that all stakeholders were on board the new policy, Rajnath tweeted: “The list is prepared by the MoD after several rounds of consultations with all stakeholders, including the Armed Forces, public and private industry to assess current and future capabilities of the Indian industry for manufacturing various ammunition and equipment within India.”

“This decision will offer great opportunity to the Indian defence industry to manufacture items on the negative list by using its own design and development capabilities or adopting the technologies designed and developed by the Defence R&D Organisation to meet the requirements of the Armed Forces,” tweeted Defence Minister Modi endorsed the new export embargoes from his own Twitter account shortly afterwards.

As an equipment type comes under the import embargo, the military will be required to buy it from Indian defence manufacturers.

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