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Andrew Ng says Deep learning is the "New Electricity"; what this means to your organization

There’s a lot of benefits to starting to use the infrastructure you already have to start creating value now: Deep learning is particularly effective at handling noise in data, and in handling unstructured data - so if your data infrastructure is not in a good state, it’s even more important that you invest in deep learning.

Deep learning models provide deeper insight and greater accuracy, make existing products better, improve operations (e.g. Google used deep learning to reduce data center cooling requirements by 40%!)

This month’s Fortune magazine has Deep Learning as their cover story, and in it they quote Ng as saying: “In the past a lot of S&P 500 CEOs wished they had started thinking sooner than they did about their Internet strategy.

This view is shared by the always insightful Andrew Ng (Chief Scientist at Baidu, former CEO of Coursera, and head of Google Brain–and perhaps the only person I’m aware of who understands both business strategy and deep learning).

Looking externally for deep learning experts, rather than developing deep learning expertise within your existing staff, means that you will be creating a gap between your domain experts and your new data experts.

The United Kingdom will remove Huawei equipment from its 5G networks by the end of 2020

The U.K.’s original plans to rely (at least in part) on Huawei-made equipment to flesh out its 5G network did not sit well with the U.S. Considering America’s ongoing trade war with China and continued efforts to stymie business dealings with Huawei, the U.K. may have felt pressured to rethink its roadmap for a 5G rollout.

In a surprising shift, reports from the United Kingdom state that the country will strip Huawei equipment from its 5G networks by the end of the year.

The shift in policy is based on a new report from British cybersecurity experts that fear Huawei may be forced to use untrusted technology as a result of recent sanctions put on the company by the United States.

Despite its 20-year reliance on Huawei-made telecom hardware, the United Kingdom has now decided to remove Huawei from its 5G infrastructure by the end of 2020.

Details on the plan are scant as of press time, but the U.K. now seems dead set on removing Huawei from its 5G telecom infrastructure over the next 6 months.

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Drones deliver facemasks to Mexican hospitals

Sincronia Logistica has said it has been using drones to deliver facemasks to Mexican hospitals to remove the risk of human-to-human transmission of COVID-19.

The Mexico City-based pharmaceutical and logistics company, Sincronia Logistica has turned to drone technology to deliver antibacterial gel, facemasks, gloves, 3D-printed face shields, and other supplies to healthcare workers on the frontline.

The majority of what the drones are delivering has been donated to Sincronia Logistica to deliver to the healthcare workers.

Diego Garcia, director of business excellence at Sincronia Logistica has shared that the drones have been able to reduce the transport time as well as significantly minimize human contact.

Juana Angelica Garcia, director of the El Marques public hospital in the city of Queretaro, had the following to share on the use of drones: At the time of writing, Mexico has just surpassed 30,000 COVID-19 deaths, making it the fifth-highest coronavirus death toll overtaking France with just over 29,000.

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Image of article 'How COVID-19, Black Lives Matter became the target of FB groups'

How COVID-19, Black Lives Matter became the target of FB groups

A member of the California Facebook group posted a widely debunked flyer that says "White men, women, and children, you are the enemy," which was falsely attributed to Black Lives Matter.

At least one Facebook group, ReOpen PA, asked its 105,000 members to keep the conversation focused on reopening businesses and schools in Pennsylvania, and implemented rules to forbid posts about the racial justice protests as well as conspiracy theories about the efficacy of masks.

Members in these private groups have created an echo chamber and tend to agree with the posts, so are therefore less likely to flag them for Facebook or fact-checkers to review, Ms. Donovan added.

Facebook users in some of these groups post hundreds of times a day in threads often seen by members only and shielded from public view.

An Associated Press review of the most recent posts in 40 of these Facebook groups – most of which were launched by conservative groups or pro-gun activists – found the conversations largely shifted last month to attacking the nationwide protests over the killing of Black men and women after Mr. Floyd's death.

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Image of article 'MOFT’s genius laptop sleeve transforms into an angled stand using the power of origami!'

MOFT’s genius laptop sleeve transforms into an angled stand using the power of origami!

The Carry Sleeve joins the ranks of MOFT’s products, and offers a solution that doesn’t just attach itself to the base of the laptop, but rather encases it in a stylish, protective layer that holds your laptop along with your EDC and even a couple of business cards too.

The MOFT Carry Sleeve comes with a waterproof, scratch-resistant PU-based leather exterior that houses your laptop in its slim yet durable design.

Built with a magnetic flap that secures the stand in place, the Carry Sleeve can be adjusted to 15° or 25° angles to give you a better computing experience while ensuring your laptop stays cool.

Built with an innovative folding design (a feature we’ve really come to love across all of MOFT’s products), the Carry Sleeve transforms into an angular laptop stand with a simple flip of two tabs.

Coming from the guys that made the world’s lightest, most invisible laptop stand, this is the MOFT Carry Sleeve.

Want to speak out like Ben & Jerry’s? Here’s how to earn it

When I work with companies to build advocacy strategies, the first step is always reaching out to front-line activists and inviting them to tell us about their priorities, their needs, and their ideas for how a company can add real value to their movement.

For these companies, social and environmental advocacy is woven into how they do business.

Ben & Jerry’s was praised where so many others were dragged because the company and its leaders had been doing the hard work of racial justice advocacy for decades.

In the weeks since George Floyd’s killing, as business leaders struggled with how to respond to protests rocking the nation, many looked on with awe and envy at one company that seemed to rise above the rest: Ben & Jerry’s.

Last year, before launching a campaign designed to bridge the political divide among outdoor lovers, the company consulted extensively with public lands advocacy groups like Backcountry Hunters & Anglers and American Whitewater.

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Venture Capital Is Not The Funding Reality Of Most Startups—Here’s What Is

Find these lenders by looking up ‘CDFI Small Business Lender’ or utilizing Opportunity Finance Network’s location-based directory.”

These community lenders might be non-profits like Kiva or JFLA, or CDFI's like Accion, Opportunity Fund, LISC, or CDC Small Business Finance.

Anna Marie Cruz, Initiative for a Competitive Inner City manager and former employee at CDC Small Business Finance says, “One of the best kept secrets in financing a business is a little-known industry of mission-based lenders, which offer capital as low as $500 and as high as $250,000, a number that seems high, but still falls below the minimum threshold many banks will consider.

A “garage to riches” story is inherently more interesting than a founder talking about whether they should dip into their savings to float their business until they figure out their next funding option.

There are many financial options that bridge startups growing businesses until they become bankable, but founders need an introduction to these mission-based lenders.

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Image of article 'Fortnite is screening anti-racism panel We The People all day'

Fortnite is screening anti-racism panel We The People all day

We The People can be viewed by entering the Party Royale playlist in Fortnite.

Epic has had its own issues in “attaching” itself to black culture, with rapper 2Milly and actor Alfonso Ribeiro both condemning Epic’s appropriation and monetisation of dances predominantly taken from African American artists.

Epic describe it as “a series of conversations that advance the dialogue around race in America with prominent BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) voices in business, sports, media, music, and entertainment”.

Airing every other hour for 24 hours starting this afternoon, We The People’s panel on systemic racism in media, culture and entertainment is being broadcast exclusively via Fortnite: Battle Royale’s Party Royale mode – y’know, the same one wot’s been streaming Christopher Nolan films for the last month.

As Black Lives Matter protests continue into the Summer, the monolithic battle royale hopes to use its new party island to educate – broadcasting Øpus United’s anti-racism presentation We The People throughout the day.

Legal Experts Warn, Data Privacy Breaches, Other Crimes In Virtual World

A PwC report last year predicted that nearly 23.5 million jobs worldwide would be using AR and VR by 2030 for training, work meetings or to provide better customer service.

Companies like Spacial, which creates something like a virtual reality version of Zoom, has seen a 1,000% increase in usage since March, according to head of business Jacob Loewenstein.

But with the expansion of VR and AR could come a host of new opportunities for abuse according to legal experts: privacy and data concerns chief among them but tort and even harassment cases possible.

“With VR/AR technology we’re collecting information that to date has not generally been collected, certainly not in any broad scale,” said David Hoppe, author of “Esports in Court, Crimes in VR, and the 51% Attack.”

For example, doctors can use AR body mapping to see medical stats directly on a patient, use VR in training and education or even a surgery run-through with a virtual version of the patient’s body.

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Image of article 'Fortnite Party Royale Hosts Opus United's We The People'

Fortnite Party Royale Hosts Opus United's We The People

Party Royale introduces a new island in Fortnite filled with unique activities such as time trials and soccer matches.

Fortnite, which finally left Early Access three years after it launched in 2017, launched Party Royale in May with a show headlined by Dillon Francis, Steve Aoki, and deadmau5, performing back-to-back sets.

The event aired at 8:46 am CDT on Independence Day, referencing the 8 minutes and 46 seconds that George Floyd’s neck was pinned to the ground by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin’s knee, resulting in his tragic death that has sparked social unrest across the United States.

We The People was presented by marketing collective Opus United, and was described by Epic Games in its announcement of the event as “a series of conversations that advance the dialogue around race in America with prominent BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) voices in business, sports, media, music, and entertainment.”

Fortnite‘s Party Royale, a new mode in the massively popular battle royale shooter that showcases various forms of live entertainment, hosted We The People, a series of conversations on racism, on July 4.

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Image of article 'Business is not and should not be only about the bottom line'

Business is not and should not be only about the bottom line

Hepsiburada quickly launched a program to offer commercial, operational, logistics, and fulfillment services to manufacturers and retailers affected by the restrictions, and it worked with Turkey’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry to create an initiative that provided marketing and sales support, and in some cases, discounts on commission and logistics support.

“We became a lifeline, not just for the consumers but for small businesses and our merchants,” Doğan Boyner says.

Doğan Boyner has a track record of opening the Hepsiburada platform to struggling businesses.

The women’s program, Doğan Boyner admits, “does not have a positive impact” on profits.

In order to prepare Hepsiburada for operating through the pandemic, Doğan Boyner says the company provided all employees with personal protective equipment, organized shifts for smaller groups, and added extra service buses so employees could commute safely.

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There's a debate raging in video games over whether loot boxes should be classified as gambling

Przybylski also said that blanket regulation of video games with loot box mechanics as gambling would be "apocalyptically stupid," as this would essentially mean slapping an 18+ label on a wide range of games aimed at children, such as "Fortnite" and "FIFA."

Dr Zendle's research has shown there is a correlation between spending money on loot boxes and problem gambling.

Included in the report's findings on problem gambling was the recommendation that so-called "loot boxes" in video games be immediately reclassified by the government to fall under the remit of 2005 Gambling Act.

In the UK, the House of Lords this week recommended the legal reclassification of loot boxes in video games as gambling.

Although the evidence on whether there's a causal link between loot boxes and gambling is equivocal, Dr Zendle told Business Insider that the video game industry brought this on itself.

Image of article 'New Best of the Region video will celebrate some of Northwest Indiana's most acclaimed local businesses'

New Best of the Region video will celebrate some of Northwest Indiana's most acclaimed local businesses

"Initially we were going to host a Best of the Region event, but with COVID-19 we had to rethink a way to celebrate some of our winners that goes beyond our Best of the Region publication.

The roughly 40-minute video will feature eight business segments highlighting either first-time or longtime winners.

But this year The Times Media Co. is kicking the recognition of the best local businesses in the Calumet Region up a notch.

The latest Best of the Region signs are now being proudly displayed in storefronts across Northwest Indiana.

The video feature includes eight Best of the Region winners: Schillings, Strack & Van Til, Centier, Blacklisted Tattoo, White Rhino, Kids First Pediatrics, attorney Paul Rossi and Wise Guys Liquors.

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Mosberg: A Shotgun Company Is Joining The Fray To Unseat Glock

Here's What You Need To Remember: While it will take many more years for the MC1sc to develop a track record comparable to a Glock 43, Smith & Wesson Shield, or Walther PPS, so far it appear to be a very refined and ergonomic weapon that will be a solid concealed carry option.

But earlier this month, as part of their 100th anniversary of being in business, Mossberg announced that they would be entering the pistol market with their new MC1sc, a 9mm single stack pistol designed for concealed carry.

It’s not difficult to see why: 9mm single stack pistols are easy to conceal, big enough to fight with, easier to reload than comparable .38 snubnose revolvers, and offer more stopping power than a .380 pistol.

The magazines for the MC1sc are clear, and as an added bonus, the pistol will also accept the same magazines as the Glock 43 as well.

While it will take many more years for the MC1sc to develop a track record comparable to a Glock 43, Smith & Wesson Shield, or Walther PPS, so far it appear to be a very refined and ergonomic weapon that will be a solid concealed carry option.

Image of article 'PM Modi launches app innovation challenge to promote desi apps'

PM Modi launches app innovation challenge to promote desi apps

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday launched the Aatmanirbhar Innovation Challenge, inviting India's tech and community to create an Aatmanirbhar App Ecosystem.

Earlier in the week, India banned 59 Chinese apps including popular apps like TikTok, SHAREit, and others amidst the anti-China sentiment due to tension on the India-China border.

— Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) July 4, 2020 The challenge will be regulated under the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology along with Atal Innovation Mission and run in two tracks: Promotion of Existing Apps and Development of New Apps.

Under track 01, the government will work in mission mode for identifying good quality Apps for the leader-board and shall be completed in around a month.

ALSO READ | SHAREit banned in India: Top five file-sharing apps you can replace SHAREit with Under track 02 initiative, the government will work to help create new champions in India by providing support in ideation, incubation, prototyping and roll out along with market access.

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Image of article 'BOJ offers virtual tour as headquarters off limits amid pandemic'

BOJ offers virtual tour as headquarters off limits amid pandemic

With a click of the mouse, visitors to the "Tour the BOJ from home" site enter through the central bank's massive courtyard and stroll inside the western, classical-style building with a 360-degree panoramic view of its interiors.

They can also browse a three-dimensional, virtual reality video of the building hunting for hidden "treasures" that include an old chair that had been used by the BOJ's governors and the world's first automatic bill inspection machine.

The virtual guide, available for free on the BOJ's website, was created after the central bank was forced to cancel from March a popular tour of its headquarters that attracted 19,000 visitors last fiscal year - of which nearly 10% were overseas travelers.

"What's unique about this online tour is that it's not affected by COVID-19, and that visitors can have the historical building all to themselves," said BOJ director Noriaki Kawamura.

Located in Tokyo's Nihonbashi business district, the BOJ's headquarters consist of a new complex, and an old building that was built in 1896 and designated by the government as a cultural heritage.

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Image of article 'Dorsey's Square to ramp up Irish operations after Central Bank approval'

Dorsey's Square to ramp up Irish operations after Central Bank approval

Dorsey co-founded Square in 2009 and juggles dual chief executive roles at the fintech firm and social media company Twitter.

Stripe, the payments company founded by the Collison brothers, cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase and UK fintech firm Soldo have all been approved for e-money licences by the Central Bank of Ireland.

By securing regulatory approval in Ireland, Square has followed a familiar route for many fintech companies since 2016 by seeking to shore up their European business with an additional licence in an EU jurisdiction.

The US company develops payment card readers and software for businesses as well as the Cash app for users to send and receive money.Square's Dublin office is its headquarters for Europe - serving functions in customer success, finance and compliance - but it had not yet made its services for businesses available in Ireland.In June, the company was granted an electronic money, or e-money, licence from the Central Bank of Ireland.The e-money approval allows Square to carry out electronic payments and can be exported around the EU.

Square, the payments firm headed up by Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey, plans to expand its product offering into Ireland after securing an electronic money licence from the Central Bank.

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Image of article 'How Virgin's Richard Branson moved past his failed cola brand'

How Virgin's Richard Branson moved past his failed cola brand

Sir Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group, arrives at a seminar about the Virgin StartUp program for young entrepreneurs in east London in 2013.

HOW MARK CUBAN BECAME A BILLIONAIRE AFTER BEING FIRED FROM SEVERAL JOBS In a 2017 interview on NPR’s podcast “How I Built This,” Branson told host Guy Raz that the main problem with taking on Coca-Cola as a competitor was that Virgin Cola wasn’t “completely unique.”

HOW JEFF BEZOS HELPED AMAZON OVERCOME A MAJOR COMPETITOR TO BECOME AN ECOMMERCE GIANT Branson -- who is estimated to be worth $4.2 billion today, according to Forbes -- started the Virgin brand in 1970 with the launch of his mail-order record retailer, according to the company website.

For example, Branson’s conglomerate Virgin Group started a bridal wear company called Virgin Brides in 1996 that only lasted until 2007, according to Business Insider.

(REUTERS/Olivia Harris) GET FOX BUSINESS ON THE GO BY CLICKING HERE Branson ultimately decided it was time to shut down the Virgin Cola business when the brand was in the top spot in Bangladesh, but nowhere else.

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Image of article 'This motorcycle reimagines a radical 100-year-old art-deco design'

This motorcycle reimagines a radical 100-year-old art-deco design

In a small shop outside of Atlanta, Fuller recently introduced a truly one of a kind electric motorcycle–the 2029 Majestic.

It truly is 3D printing for metals–just plug in the design, select the alloy of your choice and layer by layer a strong, functional part is created just as the designer imagined it.

Bryan Heidt, Fuller’s lead metal fabricator, created the general design of the components, then sent them over to Nick Pugh, a transportation designer who’s done quite a bit of work in the movie business, most recently creating vehicles for the latest Star Wars installment.

This article was originally published by Michael Lange on Clean Fleet Report, a publication that gives its readers the information they need to move to cars and trucks with best fuel economy, including electric cars, fuel cells, plug-in hybrids, hybrids and advanced diesel and gasoline engines.

A true piece of rolling art, the 2029 Majestic is also a fully functional electric motorcycle.

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Why an early exec quit unicorn food delivery startup Deliveroo to launch a food business in the middle of a pandemic

Having launched Deliveroo's Editions business — a network of delivery-only kitchens — in 2017, Warne understood the restaurant market and was well-versed in the capital infrastructure investments needed to build venues like Shelter Hall.

But Dan Warne, a former high-level executive at British unicorn startup Deliveroo, has launched Sessions Market, a series of community-orientated food halls that will try to regenerate the UK's town centers.

Warne says he hopes to bring his experience from Deliveroo, particularly about customer behavior, to the analogue world of food halls.

Dan Warne was managing director of the unicorn startup until 2019, but has now launched Sessions Market as a community food hall concept to rejuvenate UK towns after the pandemic.

At a time when a lot of the hospitality industry is struggling, Warne hopes a venue that provides the necessary digital infrastructure to comply with social distancing measures and allows restaurants to avoid long-term lease arrangement will have a clear appeal.

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Image of article 'India's Richest Man Takes On Zoom'

India's Richest Man Takes On Zoom

An anonymous reader quotes a report from TechCrunch: India's Reliance Jio Platforms, which recently concluded a $15.2 billion fundraise run, is ready to enter a new business: Video conferencing.

Like Zoom and Google Meet, JioMeet offers unlimited number of free calls in high definition (720p) to users and supports as many as 100 participants on a call.

Jio Platforms says a call can be "up to 24 hours" long.

The service currently has no paid plans and it's unclear if Jio Platforms, which has a reputation of giving away services for free for years, plans to change that.

Jio Platforms, which began beta testing JioMeet in May this year, said the video conferencing service offers "enterprise-grade" host controls.

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Image of article 'Why does Emirati entrepreneur Sara Al Madani say no to female empowerment & yes to failure'

Why does Emirati entrepreneur Sara Al Madani say no to female empowerment & yes to failure

Al Madani doesn’t see any barriers for women in business in the Middle East and has no time for talk of gender inequality as a reason for women not excelling.

When asked how she views failure, so often not discussed in regional societies and business circles, Al Madani had this to say: "Failure is a big taboo and we’ve been taught through the media, through our culture, through our families – that failure is something we should be ashamed of and never talk about,” she says.

Al Madani has taken her own advice, and whilst in lockdown with her family, she recently launched a company called ‘Hala-hi’.

From a very early age, Emirati entrepreneur Dr. Sara Al Madani believed her ideas could turn a tidy profit.

As she raises her young family in the UAE, Al Madani’s overarching goal is to continue to inspire future generations of both men and women, to not only blaze a trail in business, but to give each other a helping hand along the way.

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Image of article 'As support for Black-owned business grows, some are left behind'

As support for Black-owned business grows, some are left behind

Business at the Lucille’s Fine Southern Foods, a Black-owned Houston restaurant, surged so much, so fast after social media campaigns to support Black-owned businesses took off that owner Chris Williams had to close for a few days to reconfigure operations to meet social distancing guidelines.

In addition to addressing longstanding issues such as access to capital, markets and the institutions where business connections are forged, white America needs to expand its perception of Black-owned companies beyond the corner store or cafe, Black business leaders said.

Carol Guess, the chair of the Greater Houston Black Chamber of Commerce, said that will require a conscious shift in the types of Black-owned businesses with which people are willing to interface.

The power to change society But even the owners of businesses experiencing a surge in customers said they have mixed feelings about the campaign to support Black-owned companies.

If more of that money, plus more from outside the Black community, were spent at Black-owned businesses, it could create a kind of self-sustaining economic cycle in which businesses prosper and hire more workers, who in turn spend their earnings at other Black businesses, which then also grow and hire.

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Image of article 'With a Failing Engine, Skilled Pilot Emergency Lands on Highway'

With a Failing Engine, Skilled Pilot Emergency Lands on Highway

One such pilot showed his extreme skills when his plane suffered an engine failure and he had to land on a highway.

RELATED: AI GOES HEAD TO HEAD WITH TOP PILOT IN DRONE SHOWDOWN The incident was caught on camera by a driver on the highway and shows the plane landing on the road without even touching any cables or disturbing any cars.

The plane belonged to local businessman and pilot Howie Guidry.

His family confirmed on social media that he was indeed the owner and driver of the plane and that with his emergency landing he avoided a potentially very bad situation.

Guidry had flown his plane to do an annual check and had a mechanic on board.