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Image of article 'Sir David Adjaye’s Lost House: The Dramatic London House Asks $8.2 Million'

Sir David Adjaye’s Lost House: The Dramatic London House Asks $8.2 Million

Sir David Adjaye's Lost House in King's Cross, London, offers dramatic living spaces in a ... [+] sought-after location The Modern House Sir David Adjaye’s seminal Lost House in London is up for sale for $8.2 million, offering a rare opportunity to buy a private residence by the acclaimed Ghanaian-British architect.

Lost House The Modern House Klonaris notes that its multi-level layout provides a “modernist feel” while its black walls “work beautifully” in the building.

Lost House The Modern House According to James Klonaris of The Modern House, the home’s joint selling agent, the Lost House is an important work of Adjaye created at the peak of his career and has featured in television shows including “Spooks”, “Silent Witness” and “Lucky Man”, Danny Boyle’s “Trance” film (2013), and in Harpers Bazaar, In Style, Glamour and Vogue magazine photoshoots.

The 2004 concrete house, built on a former industrial site in King’s Cross, north London, has a glamorous interior with black walls, colorful accents, an indoor lap pool, and an internal fish pond.

Lost House The Modern House On arrival, Guy Bradshaw of United Kingdom Sotheby’s International Realty, the home’s joint selling agent, says “you cannot help but notice the sheer volume of the space that has been created and the magical experience afforded by the clever use of light.

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Image of article '50 designers reimagine the humble toilet paper holder'

50 designers reimagine the humble toilet paper holder

Toilet paper, tp, bathroom tissue; no matter what you call it, the little holder it spins around generally looks the same.

The show, called Under/Over, features the works of more than 50 artists who redesigned the hardware responsible for the thankless, yet essential job of keeping toilet paper at the ready.

Marta directors Heidi Korsavong and Benjamin Critton say they’ve always been interested in “under-celebrated and overlooked domestic objects,” and after partnering with eco-friendly toilet paper brand PlantPaper, they learned just how bad toilet paper can be for the environment (it’s a single use paper product, and all those soft multi-ply sheets lead to major cutting of virgin forests).

The team at Marta got interested in the literal point of contact between toilet paper and consumer—the oft-overlooked dispenser.

Sure, all this attention on toilet paper can see a bit silly.

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Image of article 'Jeneen Minter Appointed Chief Financial & Analytics Officer of Material Bank'

Jeneen Minter Appointed Chief Financial & Analytics Officer of Material Bank

As Chief Financial & Analytics Officer of Material Bank, Minter will lead the finance, accounting, and analytics functions of the game-changing search and sampling platform.

She also brings an expertise in analytics, enterprise resource technology, investor relations, accounting, administration, and governance, along with a deep appreciation for Material Bank and its unique position driving the transformation of the material sampling process.

Minter comes to Material Bank with broad experience in strategic and operational planning from fast growing startups to large public companies, across industries.

NEW YORK, Sept. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Material Bank, the technology and logistics company revolutionizing the $140 billion architecture and design materials industry, today announced the appointment of Jeneen Minter as Chief Financial & Analytics Officer.

"I am thrilled to welcome Jeneen to Material Bank where her extensive experience in leading the financial operations of innovative businesses will make an immediate impact in supporting our aggressive growth strategies," said Adam Sandow, Founder and CEO of Material Bank.

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Microsoft Wants To Create A Complete Virtualization Stack With Linux

"Currently the mainline Linux kernel doesn't allow serving as the root partition on the Microsoft Hypervisor, but that is what Microsoft is wanting to change.

The virtualization stack in the root partition provides a memory manager for virtual machines, management APIs, and virtualized I/O devices.

Microsoft's Hyper-V architecture documentation describes the root partition concept as "the hypervisor virtualizes processors and memory and provides mechanisms for the virtualization stack in the root partition to manage child partitions (virtual machines) and expose services such as I/O devices to the virtual machines.

While Linux already supports Hyper-V and in fact 50% or more of the VMs on Azure are Linux-based , what Microsoft is working on now is looking to add Linux root partition support with the Microsoft Hypervisor.The root partition in the context of the Microsoft Hypervisor is similar to Xeon's Dom0 that is used for starting and managing the unprivileged domains in turn.

Microsoft engineers are sending out new kernel patches in looking to expand the Linux support around the Microsoft Hypervisor (Hyper-V).

2.8m investment to protect and boost economy in Mount's Bay area

EXPERIENCE will bring the cultural and tourism sectors together to encourage a sustainable year-round visitor economy.

Cornwall’s funding will support activities which focus on out-of-season visitor experiences (October to March) and sustainable cultural tourism, connecting visitors with the distinct historical, geographical and cultural assets of the local Penzance area.

It is part of EXPERIENCE – a €23.3m project involving six areas of the Channel region (Cornwall, Brittany, Pas-de-Calais, Compiègne, Norfolk and Kent).

€2.8m investment to protect and boost economy in Mount's Bay area The cash will improve the coast path, protect cultural heritage and boost off-season tourism Author: Sarah YeomanPublished 12 hours ago Last updated 12 hours ago The Mount’s Bay area, in Penzance and Marazion, is set to benefit from a €2.8m investment to improve the coast path, support local businesses and encourage a sustainable year-round visitor economy.

The project will offer training and support to businesses in the Penzance pilot area looking to create cycling and cultural experiences for visitors which link to the local area, its history and culture.

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Image of article 'Security Researchers Detail New 'BlindSide' Speculative Execution Attack'

Security Researchers Detail New 'BlindSide' Speculative Execution Attack

And here's a crucial excerpt from their paper shared by Slashdot reader Hmmmmmm: In addition to the Intel Whiskey Lake CPU in our evaluation, we confirmed similar results on Intel Xeon E3-1505M v5, XeonE3-1270 v6 and Core i9-9900K CPUs, based on the Skylake, KabyLake and Coffee Lake microarchitectures, respectively, as well as on AMD Ryzen 7 2700X and Ryzen 7 3700X CPUs, which are based on the Zen+ and Zen2 microarchitectures.

From a single buffer overflow in the kernel, researchers claim three BlindSide exploits in being able to break KASLR (Kernel Address Space Layout Randomization), break arbitrary randomization schemes, and even break fine-grained randomization.

This works even in face of strong randomization schemes, e.g., the recent FGKASLR or fine-grained schemes based on execute-only memory, and state-of-the-art mitigations against Spectre and other transient execution attacks."

"Security researchers from Amsterdam have publicly detailed 'BlindSide' as a new speculative execution attack vector for both Intel and AMD processors," reports Phoronix: BlindSide is self-described as being able to "mount BROP-style attacks in the speculative execution domain to repeatedly probe and derandomize the kernel address space, craft arbitrary memory read gadgets, and enable reliable exploitation.

Overall, our results confirm speculative probing is effective on a modern Linux system on different microarchitectures, hardened with the latest mitigations.

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Image of article 'New York Sees Its Last Rental Conversions After Passage Of Tenant Protection Law'

New York Sees Its Last Rental Conversions After Passage Of Tenant Protection Law

State Assemblyman Harvey Epstein, co-author of the tenant protection law, says the reasoning behind raising the threshold for conversions was to allow tenants to have more say in how their building is run.

Angela Ferrara, executive vice president of The Marketing Directors, which is heading up sales at The Broad Exchange Building, built in 1902, said it was likely one of the last conversions to go forward.

Some developers were able to squeak their conversions in under the wire, including The Broad Exchange Building, which filed its plans before the regulations went into effect last June.

A unit in The Broad Exchange Building in Manhattan's Financial District, likely to be one of the ... [+] city's last rental-to-condo conversions.

Francis Greenburger, chairman and chief executive officer of developer Time Equities, says he has an idea to amend the current conversion law that would still provide support for affordable housing, allowing developers to convert a rental building under the previous terms if they contribute to an affordable housing fund.

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Image of article 'Lucid Motors will launch an electric SUV on the heels of its Air sedan — see the first images of 'Project Gravity'

Lucid Motors will launch an electric SUV on the heels of its Air sedan — see the first images of 'Project Gravity

After debuting its all-electric sedan, the Air, Lucid Motors also published images of its upcoming SUV.

For now, it's called Project Gravity and it will be built on the same platform as the Air.

A company spokesperson told Business Insider that Lucid hopes to bring Project Gravity to market by 2023.

On the heels of the all-electric Lucid Air sedan, California EV startup Lucid Motors also released a handful of shadowy images of its upcoming all-electric SUV.

Project Gravity will be built on the same platform as the Air — Lucid's LEAP skateboard EV architecture.

Image of article 'Huawei MateBook X and MateBook 14 come to Europe with 3:2 displays and compact designs'

Huawei MateBook X and MateBook 14 come to Europe with 3:2 displays and compact designs

The MateBook 14 starts at €849 for the Ryzen 5, 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB model.

The MateBook 14 also has the advantage of having DDR4-2666 RAM, although it only has a 3:2 screen with a 2,160 x 1,440 resolution.

The device can be configured with 8 GB or 16 GB of RAM and a 256 GB or 512 GB SSD.

Meanwhile, the MateBook 14 has either the Ryzen 5 4600H or Ryzen 7 4800H, two 45 W APUs from AMD's Renoir architecture.

However, you get 16 GB of RAM, 512 B of storage and a touchscreen display.

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Lagoon water park, entertainment venue headed to Glendale

When the developer saw the site, they found it to be the perfect location for their next project, Phelps said.

The project will be granted a permit and plan fee waiver up to $1 million and will be developed with a 25-year “partial” GPLET, or government property lease excise tax agreement, on the restaurant, theater, amusements, retail and lagoon concessions.

Phelps said the mixed-use project, branded as a Crystal Lagoons Island Resort, will have a similar feeling to Downtown Disney, with experiential retail, amusement park rides, a 4D theater, a themed hotel and other hotel uses on the site.

The developer of the project, Crystal Lagoons, began building the lagoons as a private amenity for master-planned residential communities, but the idea became popular and the company shifted to develop projects worldwide that are accessible to the general public as part of a commercial development, Phelps said.

“From day one we felt this would be the type of project that would bring a significant change for the area,” Glendale City Manager Kevin Phelps said of the project, planned on a vacant parcel of land at 95th Avenue and Cardinals Way near State Farm Stadium.

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Image of article 'Popular Big Sur inn open since 1930s closes indefinitely'

Popular Big Sur inn open since 1930s closes indefinitely

Helmuth "Grandpa" Deetjen recreated architecture from his native Norway, which contributed to what is now known as the Big Sur style of building.

The Deetjen's Big Sur Inn Preservation Foundation leaders said years of road closures, fires, floods and Covid-19 all contributed to the suspension.

"It is with great sadness and extreme disappointment that we announce the indefinite suspension of the operation of Deetjen's Big Sur Inn," reads a letter addressed to the inn's "loyal supporters, friends and lovers of Deetjen's" posted on Facebook last week.

article BIG SUR, Calif. - The popular and rustic Deetjen's Big Sur Inn, open since the 1930s, announced that it is officially closing for an indefinite period of time because of years of road closures, fires, floods and COVID-19.

"We hope for a day when Big Sur Inn will rise from these challenges and we all get to meet at the Inn once again," the foundation leaders wrote.

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Google Mountain View Master Plan Is To Build A Campus Town In A City

Google has big plans for a new campus in Mountain View, California that will effectively create a city within a city.

That includes proposals from last year for a 584,000 square foot property in L.A. And it's made drastic changes in Mountain View over the years too.

That means that it will house as much as 1.33 million square feet of office space and up to 1,850 housing units.

That's in addition to 30,000 square feet of retail use space and 20,000 square feet of civic and event space.

There will be 12 acres of open space, meant for other uses.

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Image of article 'Data Center Ethernet Switch Shipments Grew 12% in the First Half of 2020, Reports Crehan Research'

Data Center Ethernet Switch Shipments Grew 12% in the First Half of 2020, Reports Crehan Research

The hyperscale cloud service provider's contribution was reflected in the especially strong growth of 100 gigabit Ethernet (GbE) and 25GbE – a preferred data center networking architecture within this customer segment.

In fact, 100GbE and 25GbE combined had a 40% year-over-year increase, comprising a majority of total data center switch port shipments.

"This robust shipment growth, even in the face of COVID disruptions, is a reflection of the critical nature of data center networks in delivering needed services to businesses, homes and governments," said Seamus Crehan, president of Crehan Research.

"Back in January 2017, we forecast that combined shipments of 100GbE and 25GbE would comprise over half of all data center Ethernet switch shipments by 2021," Crehan said.

Crehan Research Inc. produces reports with very detailed statistics and information on the data center switch and server-class adapter & LOM/controller markets.

Rethink the Journey to Being Cloud - Native

Kubernetes and containers play a vital role and constitute the core building blocks of cloud-native architecture; both of them are plugged into continuous innovation from leading technology firms and wider matured ecosystem.

However, one of the best guidance so far, I have seen came from Gartner which explains it by narrowing it down to three main use cases such as: Use of platform-specific features (i.e. serverless, PaaS, etc.) Containerized workloads with Kubernetes and microservices LIFESPAR architectural principles (Latency-aware, Instrumented, Failure-aware, Event-driven, Secure, Parallelizable, Automated, Resource-consumption-aware) The bigger truth is, amid grappling with building the foundation of cloud-native infrastructure and its adoption to increase software development velocity and modernize legacy workloads, technology leaders are also constraint by other factors.

The velocity of these innovations is so much that the technological gap between monolithic applications and microservices is getting wider every day.

The core foundation of theses innovation lies in building cloud-native infrastructure i.e. adopting containerization and implementing microservices-based architecture in the application development lifecycle.

In the long-run, enterprises adopting cloud-native architecture will reap the benefit of this journey by gaining a competitive edge and accelerating time-to-value in their product development lifecycle.

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Adapter Design Pattern in Modern C

In this case of an incompatible situation, you can employ the Adapter Design Pattern.

Adapter Design Pattern makes classes work together that could not otherwise because of incompatible interfaces.

In this article of the Structural Design Patterns, we're going to take a look at Adapter Design Pattern in Modern C++ which used to convert the interface of an existing class into another interface that client/API-user expect .

By the way, If you haven't check out my other articles on Structural Design Patterns, then here is the list: In software engineering, Structural Design Patterns deal with the relationship between object and classes i.e. how objects and classes interact or build a relationship in a manner suitable to the situation.

Adapter Design Pattern translates the interface for one class into a compatible but different interface.

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Image of article 'Blow for campaigners as controversial Dublin housing development gets go-ahead'

Blow for campaigners as controversial Dublin housing development gets go-ahead

Inspector Ciara Kellett concluded: “I am satisfied that the proposed development is acceptable in principle, is proposed on suitably zoned lands, will contribute towards the housing need identified in the Development Plan, will not negatively impact on the visual or residential amenities of surrounding dwellings, will not impact on the amenities of park users and will not set a precedent for development in green spaces in the city.”

Three groups - Clontarf Residents’ Association, I Love St Anne’s, Louth Environmental- lodged papers in the High Court in May seeking a judicial review of the board’s most decision to grant permission for development.

An Bord Pleanala initially granted permission for the development in February, despite Dublin City Council recommending they turn it down.

Campaigners against a controversial housing development in St Anne's Park suffered a huge blow today after permission was granted to build 657 apartments at the site.

"The council is starting it's new development plan in December and if these developments run completely contrary to what Dublin City planners and councillors believe to be proper, sustainable development for livable communities, it doesn't make sense."

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These cinema-seats were designed to isolate movie-goers in a post COVID world

London-based design studio LAYER has debuted a new kind of movie-theater seat titled ‘Sequel’ to mark the second, renewed era of film born as a result of the coronavirus.

The Sequel seat was designed as a direct response to the coronavirus crippling movie-theaters and their enclosed, highly-packed spaces.

The Sequel seats boast of a unique set of features, designed to make movie-going safer.

The seats, made to be modular, come with partitions, storage space for your belongings, and self-sanitizing seat fabric in an effort to make it safer for patrons.

The seats are relatively slimmer than most plush cinema-sofas, but boast of the same level of comfort, thanks to advancements Layer’s made in seating design for its other projects – notably seating for the Airbus planes.

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Image of article 'Locust swarm could improve collision avoidance'

Locust swarm could improve collision avoidance

A collision detector for vehicles mimics an avoidance neuron in locusts that allows them to fly in swarms.

They placed the photo detector on top of a programmable floating gate memory architecture that can mimic the locust's neuron response using only a tiny amount of energy.

Locusts are unusual because they use a single, specialized neuron, called the Lobula Giant Movement Detector (LGMD), to avoid collisions.

Now a team of engineers is creating a low-power collision detector that mimics the locust avoidance response and could help robots, drones and even self-driving cars avoid collisions.

When an object approaches, the excitatory signal is added to the inhibitory stimuli, causing a non-monotonic change in the device current, mimicking the escape response of the LGMD neuron found in locusts.

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National Trust denies dumbing down in drive for 'new audiences

“Personally, I owe my love of architecture and art history to having been taken to National Trust houses as a child.

According to the architectural historian Mark Kirby, the trust’s underlying concern is that its houses and art collections are seen as elitist.

The document, drawn up by Tony Berry, the trust’s visitor experience director, proposes putting thousands of artworks and other items into storage in order to “flex our mansion offer to create more active, fun and useful experiences”.

But the television celebration of the National Trust airs as the institution itself has suggested that an “outdated mansion experience” serves only a “loyal but dwindling audience”.

Kingston Lacy, a stately home built in Dorset in the 17th century and later remodelled as a Venetian palace, was acquired by the National Trust in 1982 and has 50 staff caring for its treasures.

Image of article 'Home of the Week: In Pasadena, a monumental design by Bob Ray Offenhauser'

Home of the Week: In Pasadena, a monumental design by Bob Ray Offenhauser

Location: 988 Buckingham Place, Pasadena, 91105 Asking price: $6.58 million Built: 1979 Living area: 5,852 square feet, three bedrooms, five bathrooms Lot size: 0.92 acre Features: Living room with oversize windows; eat-in kitchen; elevator; park-like gardens/landscaping; specimen trees; swimming pool; gated motor court About the area: In the 91105 ZIP Code, based on 13 sales, the median price for single-family home sales in June was $1.622 million, an 8.3% increase year over year, according to CoreLogic.

A two-story entry hall with original hand-painted Zuber wallpaper marks the entrance to the two-story house.

Clean lines, towering proportions and a copper mansard-style roof give the Italianate villa-style home a monument-like appearance.

This Pasadena residence, built in 1979, underscores Offenhauser’s command of grand-scale living.

Agents: Brent Chang and Linda Chang, Compass, (626) 487-8100 To submit a candidate for Home of the Week, send high-resolution color photos via, permission from the photographer to publish the images and a description of the house to

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Image of article 'Geely Preface Is A Polestar 2 Given The Luxe Treatment'

Geely Preface Is A Polestar 2 Given The Luxe Treatment

“With added feedback from Geely Auto users and our global fans we have retained many aspects, and also introduced several improvements to the production Preface.”

“We have strived to retain many of the aspects of the Preface Concept sedan that we showed in 2019,” explained Guy Burgoyne, Geely Design Shanghai Vice President.

Based on the same Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) platform as the Volvo XC40, XC40 ReCharge, and Polestar 2, the Geely Preface first debuted at the 2019 Shanghai show as a thinly veiled concept to gain advance interest in the car, and the reviews were positive enough that not much has changed.

In that case, the car you want is the all-new Geely Preface.

Take a look at the official Geely photos, below — along with the stark, angular interior of the concept — and let us know what you think of Geely’s take on hybrid and electric luxury in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

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3-home Aspen compound hits the market for the first time in nearly 30 years for $40M

"But someone that would prefer a main house, and perhaps three separate guest homes, that's also pretty rare opportunity in our market."

A future owner would have approval to build another home of up to 2,500 square feet, or alter the existing structures to reach the maximum 9,200 square feet allowed on the property.

The home was built into the side of a cliff and used stone from the property to build its walls.

The property set along Castle Creek is home to three modestly sized houses now, but has also served as a setting for Colorado history.

In his 35 years selling homes and 25 years focused on the Aspen, Colorado, area, real estate agent Craig Morris, of Aspen Snowmass Sotheby's International Realty, says he is listing one of his favorite properties of all time.

Intel's Tiger Lake Processors Are Made With 10nm SuperFin - Massive Clock Speed Boost And Other Architectural Improvements

Tiger Lake also utilizes Willow Cove cores which doubles the bandwidth and shifts to a double ring architecture.

It is essentially a vastly improved version of Sunny Cove and combined with the Intel SuperFin process, it turns Tiger Lake into a truly formidable beast.

Without any further ado, here is Intel's Boyd Phelps, Vice President of Client Engineering Group explaining the architectural improvements with their new Tiger Lake CPUs: We added a new high-performance transistor that increases drive current with an improved gate process enabling higher mobility while also lowering the source drain resistance and we did this all with lower capacitance.

And in the end, we believe we made the right engineering choice and we were able to deliver a greater than generational improvement in performance by not only dramatically lowering the voltage at which Willow Cove achieves its operating frequencies versus Sunny Cove, but we were also able to extend the range.

To do that we re-architected Tiger Lake to handle that demand; we plugged in a 64-byte direct data path from memory to display we call this the display ISOC port to bypass all of the arbitration layers of the SoC fabric.