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Image of article 'Oscar Isaac is the face of Snake for the Metal Gear Solid movie'

Oscar Isaac is the face of Snake for the Metal Gear Solid movie

There’s been talk of a Metal Gear Solid movie for quite a lot of years at this point, since Konami announced in 2012 that it would be created by Sony Pictures and produced by Avi Arad.

Manage cookie settings According to Deadline, Isaac has been chosen to play Solid Snake in the Metal Gear Solid movie being directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts.

Oscar Isaac, recently of Star Wars sequel series fame, will be playing your guy sneaky Solid Snake.

There’s such a preposterous number of movies and tv shows currently being made based on video games that I’d honestly forgotten about Metal Gear Solid.

Apparently Oscar Isaac publicly threw his hat in the ring back in 2019 to be involved with Metal Gear Solid.

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2021 Kiplinger 59 List Shows 45 Pay Dividends And 28 Are Priced To Buy

American Software Inc was projected to net $295.73 based on the median of target price estimates from seven analysts, plus annual dividend, less broker fees.

Global Medical REIT Inc was projected to net $172.49, based on dividends, plus the median of target price estimates from eight analysts, less broker fees.

Five higher-priced Kip Tips For 2021 Dividend Dogs as of December 1 were: Medical Properties Trust Inc; ONEOK Inc; National Retail Properties Inc; National Health Investors Inc; WP Carey Inc, whose prices ranged from $19.71 to $70.15.

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Image of article 'Disney’s Animal Kingdom: Youngest giraffes join herd on savanna'

Disney’s Animal Kingdom: Youngest giraffes join herd on savanna

Want more theme park news?

Disney released photos of the two calves, born in September and October, joining the herd at the Kilimanjaro Safaris attraction.Park visitors may see new Masai giraffes Maple and Zella in action there now, interacting with the extended family as wells as zebras, wildebeests and springboks.

The giraffe baby boom at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park has moved to the savanna.

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Reversal of Biological Clock Restores Vision In Old Mice

John Trumpian shares a report from SciTechDaily: Harvard Medical School scientists have successfully restored vision in mice by turning back the clock on aged eye cells in the retina to recapture youthful gene function.

The team's work, described today in Nature, represents the first demonstration that it may be possible to safely reprogram complex tissues, such as the nerve cells of the eye, to an earlier age.

In addition to resetting the cells' aging clock, the researchers successfully reversed vision loss in animals with a condition mimicking human glaucoma, a leading cause of blindness around the world.

Second, it reversed vision loss in animals with a condition mimicking human glaucoma.

And third, it reversed vision loss in aging animals without glaucoma.

Image of article '31 Things From Target That Might Make You Think, “Why Don’t I Own That Already'

31 Things From Target That Might Make You Think, “Why Don’t I Own That Already

The Homes Mini Tower is perfect for smaller rooms, and claims to eliminate up to 99.9% of allergens, pollen, dust, mold, pet dander, and smoke so you can breathe easy.

Target Promising review: "Bought this to see if I would like cooking with a air fryer and for the price it was good to try out.

Argan oil, plant protein, and Jojoba seed oil work together to condition damaged or dry hair for a smoother mane with less breakage in five minutes or less.

Target Promising review: "It makes your hair feel softer instantly."

Target Promising review: "I have combination skin that can tend to be sensitive and have been struggling with acne recently.

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Image of article 'A Tiger Nearly Bit A Volunteer's Arm Off At Carole Baskin's Big Cat Rescue'

A Tiger Nearly Bit A Volunteer's Arm Off At Carole Baskin's Big Cat Rescue

A tiger nearly bit a volunteer's arm off at Carole Baskin's Big Cat Rescue on Thursday morning in Tampa, Florida.

Couser was still conscious when she was transported to the hospital, Baskin said, and "insisted that she did not want Kimba Tiger to come to any harm for this mistake."

The volunteer of five years, Candy Couser, was about to feed a tiger named Kimba when he "grabbed her arm and nearly tore it off at the shoulder," Baskin said in an email to BuzzFeed News.

On Thursday, Congress is set to vote on the Big Cat Public Safety Act, which would ban private ownership of big cats such as tigers, lions, and leopards.

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Image of article 'Futurologists Tell Us The Most Amazing And Scary Things To Expect In The Future'

Futurologists Tell Us The Most Amazing And Scary Things To Expect In The Future

Synthetic biology — a new engineering approach to biology that lets us redesign cells — will revolutionize the future by allowing us to create things in laboratories that don't exist in nature.

Synthetic biology allows us to create organisms or biological systems in a laboratory that do not exist in nature.

As a result, the future may bring a time when we give up using animals in food production, and significantly decrease the emission of greenhouse gases.

Synthetic biology also has challenges, which are connected to the ethics of its use.

With the help of synthetic biology, we could try to solve big global problems like diseases, climate change, and hunger.

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Best and Less $20 jumpsuit has Instagram users raving

RELATED: Influencer’s insane fee to post a photo “These Kmart jeans are seriously amazing.

The hype comes after Kmart’s $25 high-waisted ‘Feel Good Jeans’ also sent bargain hunters into a spin.

“Cute,” wrote another, while others commented on Queensland influencer Taneisha’s post saying, “Neeeeeed the animal print one!

RELATED: Inside the life of a Kmart influencer Fellow Brisbane-based fashion and lifestyle enthusiast, Emily, also caused a frenzy when she shared a post of herself in the animal-print version.

RELATED: ‘I’m obsessed with Kmart’s $25 sculpting jeans’ The jumpsuit comes in a variety of bold colours and prints with many also raving about the lightweight fabric.

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Image of article 'Việt Nam has many opportunities to promote halal exports'

Việt Nam has many opportunities to promote halal exports

HÀ NỘI — Vietnamese businesses have many opportunities to promote exports to the global halal market and develop the halal industry in Việt Nam, according to experts.

The global halal food market has great potential and Việt Nam could have sustainable development in this market if it uses its advantages, such as being an important link in the region, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Bùi Thanh Sơn said.

“With experiences in having large exports of agriculture, forestry and fisheries over the past 10 years, Việt Nam has a lot of potentials to enter further into the global halal food supply chain,” Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Lê Minh Hoan said.

Meanwhile, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Đặng Minh Khôi said the MOFA will continue to work with the MARD and agencies to build policies promoting exports of halal products and the development of the halal industry in Việt Nam.

To boost exports of Việt Nam's halal agricultural products, Hội said, it is necessary to strengthen ties between ministries, sectors, chambers of commerce and industry, associations and businesses, as well co-operation with partners in the Middle East and Africa.

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Image of article 'This is the best Nintendo Switch deal you’ll find this holiday season'

This is the best Nintendo Switch deal you’ll find this holiday season

If you are looking to gift a Nintendo Switch this holiday season, Walmart has one of the best deals right now, which includes the console, a carrying case, and 12 months of Nintendo Switch Online (individual membership) for $299.

It’s a unique deal for a few reasons: the Nintendo Switch alone costs $300, and 12 months of Nintendo’s online service costs $20.

Thanks to its ongoing popularity, Nintendo doesn’t discount the Switch console itself.

The updated Switch model with improved battery life plus a carrying case and 12 months of Nintendo Switch Online.

Nintendo Switch Online is a great service if you plan to purchase games that take advantage of the online feature like Animal Crossing New Horizons, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and Super Smash Bros.

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Kangaroo attack on woman blamed on perfume

I thought, ‘Oh my God, this kangaroo is going to kill me.”

Ms Noonan said she stayed for a minute on the ground and then slowly got up and began walking away, but the roo followed.

“I put my head back down because I thought ‘Oh my goodness, this is now going to claw me to death’.

Tracy Noonan said she usually sees roos all the time while running in Beaconsfield on Melbourne’s outskirts but on Saturday, a lone roo spotted her and just kept edging closer.

The residents came out and scared it away, while Ms Noonan sat with them to calm down.

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Image of article 'Airlines In The US Can Now Ban Emotional Support Animals From Flights'

Airlines In The US Can Now Ban Emotional Support Animals From Flights

A new rule allows airlines in the US to ban emotional support animals from riding in the cabin, ending a system that led to everything from turtles to pigs, snakes, and even turkeys riding alongside their owners.

Under the revised rule, which takes effect in 30 days, airlines will no longer be required to consider emotional support pets as service animals.

Airlines have long complained that passengers have exploited vague rules and lack of regulation around service animals by claiming they need their pets for emotional support on flights.

The Department of Transportation acknowledged that deciding whether to require airlines to recognize emotional support animals as service animals was a "contentious question, with strongly held views on all sides and with no perfect solution."

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Image of article 'US tightens definition of service animals allowed on planes'

US tightens definition of service animals allowed on planes

In a statement, a Delta spokeswoman said the airline is reviewing the new rule but, "At this time, there are no changes to Delta’s current service and support animal policies.”

The Transportation Department stood by an earlier decision to prohibit airlines from banning entire dog breeds as service animals.

Airlines for America, a trade group for the biggest U.S. carriers, said the new rule will protect passengers and airline employees while helping people travel with trained service dogs.

Airlines can require people with a service dog to turn in paperwork up to 48 hours before a flight, but they can't bar those travelers from checking in online like other passengers.

It decided that only dogs can fly as service animals, and companions that passengers use for emotional support don't count.

Image of article 'Two otters that lost their partners find love again with each other'

Two otters that lost their partners find love again with each other

Introducing Asian short-clawed otters, such as Harris, can be difficult so the SEA LIFE team introduced him to Pumpkin's territory so that he could more easily submit to her on their first meeting.

Similarly, Harris, an Asian short-clawed otter from The Cornish Seal Sanctuary in Gweek, had lost his partner Apricot meaning her was alone for the first time in four years.

Pumpkin, a female otter at SEA LIFE Scarborough recently lost her partner Eric and was finding life difficult without him.

Most species of river otter are monogamous and pair for life, and it was clear that both otters were suffering from loneliness, so their homes started looking for potential partners for them.

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Image of article 'Recap: Patterson Companies Q2 Earnings'

Recap: Patterson Companies Q2 Earnings

Revenue of $1,553,000,000 rose by 9.44% from the same period last year, which beat the estimate of guidance hasn't been issued by the company for now.

Shares of Patterson Companies (NASDAQ:PDCO) moved higher by 0.1% in pre-market trading after the company reported Q2 results.

Patterson also has a presence in the U.K. animal health market.

The company began as a dental distributor in 1877 and expanded to become a major supplier of animal health products to vets and production companies through an acquisition of Animal Health International in 2015.

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Dog tied to Queensland clothesline dies from heat

Please ensure that when animals are unattended they have access to food, water and shelter at all times,” he said.

Inspector Newman rushed the dog to RSPCA Queensland’s veterinary surgery at Wacol but the dog died upon arrival.

Chief inspector Daniel Young reminded pet owners to put out sufficient food and water on hot days.

RSPCA Queensland inspector Ben Newman was called out to the job in Southside on Wednesday and found the dog had managed to tangle its lead around the clothesline, and had little movement.

There was also no food or water left out for the canine and no shelter was provided on the 33C day while the home occupants were out, the animal welfare group said.

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Image of article 'Want To Be Your Own Boss? Here Are 8 Booming Business Ideas In S'pore To Execute In 2021'

Want To Be Your Own Boss? Here Are 8 Booming Business Ideas In S'pore To Execute In 2021

Here are some lucrative business ideas that you can cash in for the year ahead: Singapore is a nation of foodies and since many people are now growing to be more health-conscious and seeking out healthier alternatives, a healthy food related business is just the way to go.

With the debut of Silicon Valley startup Impossible Foods in Singapore last year, it has fuelled customers’ demand for meat alternatives in hopes of a healthier diet and reducing animal agriculture.

There are plenty of existing telemedicine startups in Singapore already, with the likes of Doctor Anywhere, WhiteCoat and MyDoc, so it’s important to offer a unique value proposition.

There are also many other opportunities in the industry, such as online student portals, educational games, online discussion platforms and assignment submission forms.

Although there are also many subscription services that have failed such as wine subscription French Cellar and beauty box Vanity Trove, COVID-19 might present an emerging business opportunity for subscription-based services.

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Image of article 'Spire (OTCMKTS:SPIR) Stock Price Crosses Above 200-Day Moving Average of $0.01'

Spire (OTCMKTS:SPIR) Stock Price Crosses Above 200-Day Moving Average of $0.01

Spire Co. (OTCMKTS:SPIR)’s stock price crossed above its two hundred day moving average during trading on Tuesday .

The stock has a two hundred day moving average of $0.01 and traded as high as $0.03.

The company offers specialized equipment for the production of terrestrial photovoltaic modules from solar cells; and photovoltaic systems for grid connected application in the commercial markets.

Receive News & Ratings for Spire Daily - Enter your email address below to receive a concise daily summary of the latest news and analysts' ratings for Spire and related companies with's FREE daily email newsletter.

Spire Corporation is engaged in developing, manufacturing, and marketing engineered products and services in the areas of photovoltaic solar and biomedical.

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Woman hits a python with roll of Christmas wrapping paper as it strangles her nine-week-old puppy Jasper

They are a common species found throughout mainland Australia and can grow up to 11 feet long.The snake was released unharmed in nearby bushland.

Her daughter Mikaela van Schouwen said: “It was very tense.

Horrifying video shows the large snake slithering out of a chilli bush in a back garden before wrapping itself around the terrified pooch, Jasper.Quick-thinking owner Michelle van Schouwen, from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, didn’t hesitate in rescuing her pup from the predator.

It felt so long the snake was wrapped around him.

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Man’s terrifying encounter with shark

He said he was forced to shove the shark with his camera stick three times before he could free himself.

RELATED: Moment crocodile faces off with shark RELATED: Shark attack victim’s eyes were open The diver seems to push the shark away before reaching up to escape.

As the animal lunges the video shows the diver tumbling in the water, with flashes of the shark’s thrashing fins and tail.

Dion Creek, from Queensland, was diving for crayfish in Magpie Reef near Princess Charlotte Bay last Wednesday when the shark struck.The terrifying moment was caught on camera and shows the shark appearing from nowhere and darting towards the diver.

Mr Creek said: “I was about to adjust the camera, I just caught the shark coming out the corner of my eye.”

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Image of article '32 Gifts Anyone Who Just Really, Really Loves Dogs Will Adore'

32 Gifts Anyone Who Just Really, Really Loves Dogs Will Adore

Shop early and be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 25th!

While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Christmas, shipping times are especially tricky this year and can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more.

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Image of article 'Answer A Few Questions And We'll Tell You Which Animated Disney Movie To Watch Next'

Answer A Few Questions And We'll Tell You Which Animated Disney Movie To Watch Next

TV and Movies Get all the best moments in pop culture entertainment delivered to your inbox.

There Are 7 Main Categories Of Disney Movies — Here's Which One You Should Watch Right Now I'm not in the right headspace for a Sad Animal Disney movie.

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Science Professor Publishes Unhinged Letter Calling COVID-19 and Nukes Fake

Brennan (who, remember, called COVID-19 a “Jewish revolution”) dedicates the letter’s final page to proving he is not anti-semitic by almost exclusively repeating anti-semitic theories.

The Torch also published an article revealing Brennan’s Twitter account, where he tweeted conspiracy theories about COVID-19, went on antisemitic tirades, and used slurs.

In the letter, published on Tuesday, tenured physical sciences professor Thomas Brennan claimed that COVID-19 is a hoax, that the moon landing and atomic bombs are both fake, and defended his use of the n-word and spreading anti-semitic conspiracies on Twitter.

Somehow, to Brennan, none of this is anti-semitic because "the great majority of elites involved in this globalist conspiracy are not Jewish."

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