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Image of article 'Microsoft might unveil the cheaper Xbox Series S console in August'

Microsoft might unveil the cheaper Xbox Series S console in August

Earlier this month, leaked devkit documents revealed more details about another Project Scarlet console from Microsoft codenamed ‘Lockhart’ that will reportedly debut as Xbox Series S. Now, a new report from Eurogamer suggests that the more affordable next-gen Xbox console will be announced in August.

Microsoft is said to have planned a debut in June, but those plans were nixed, and the announcement has now been moved to August.

We don’t know what the Xbox Series S will look like, but it is claimed to target 1080p and 1440p gaming compared to the 4K benchmark of its more powerful sibling – the Xbox Series X. Notably, the Xbox Series S will reportedly have the same CPU as the Xbox Series X, but will come equipped with less usable RAM and less powerful GPU.

Unsurprisingly, it will command a lower price tag and will reportedly hit the shelves alongside the Xbox Series X in the fall season.

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Image of article 'What is Xbox Smart Delivery and which games use it'

What is Xbox Smart Delivery and which games use it

At its May Xbox Series X event, the first in a series of monthly virtual shows called Xbox 20/20, Microsoft announced Smart Delivery, and then, in June, it published a blog post to detail the feature, which it said, "ensures you only have to purchase a title once, knowing you will get the best version of the title on whatever Xbox console you choose to play on."

In a nutshell, Smart Delivery allows you to buy a game for the Xbox One and get a version for Xbox Series X included.

If you upgrade to Xbox Series X, Microsoft will automatically provide the Xbox Series X version of the game for free.

All Xbox Game Studios titles made for Xbox Series X, including Halo Infinite, will also support Smart Delivery.

If you pick up Xbox Series X for your living room, Smart Delivery will recognize that and deliver you the Optimized version there.

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How Major League Baseball Helped American Morale in World War II

Despite such outward trappings as a newly stitched flag insignia on all players’ uniforms and the required playing of “The Star-Spangled Banner” before all home games, the 1942 baseball season was not greatly affected by the onset of the war.

The drills were the brainchild of Philadelphia manager Hans Lobert, who recalled a similar stunt during his playing days in World War I. Farther west, in Pasadena, Calif., Chicago White Sox pitchers warmed up for games by chucking fastballs through a cardboard caricature of a leering, bucktoothed Japanese soldier.

“No Nation Which has had as Intimate Contact with Baseball as the Japanese Could have Committed the Infamous Deed of the Early Morning of December 7, 1941″ Roosevelt’s so-called “green light” letter did not exempt players from fulfilling their military obligations, and during spring training in 1942 there were a few ostentatious hints of things to come.

Perhaps fittingly, the first major league player drafted after President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Selective Service Act of 1940 was Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Hugh Mulcahy.

There would be no baseball on the West Coast in 1942, and Barnes, DeWitt, and the rest of the major league owners, executives and players instead would find themselves struggling to adapt their sport—and their lives—to the unprecedented needs of a country that suddenly found itself at war.

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Image of article 'Xbox Series X boosts old games to 120FPS with unlocked GPU, CPU power'

Xbox Series X boosts old games to 120FPS with unlocked GPU, CPU power

Here's what Xbox director Jason Ronald had to say about the Xbox Series X's flexible and powerful backwards compatibility enhancements: Backwards compatible games run natively on the Xbox Series X hardware, running with the full power of the CPU, GPU and the SSD.

We originally thought the Xbox Series X would have two ways to handle backwards compatibility upgrades: A legacy mode that moderately raises perf of old-school games by emulating console hardware, and manual patches that developers have to roll out to unlocks the GPU and CPU for older games.

The Xbox Series X will natively enhance all backwards compatible games to massive levels, doubling frame rates (if a game runs at 30FPS base, it'll run at 60FPS on XSX, and up to 120FPS for games that normally hit 60FPS), simulating HDR visuals, tapping the built-in 2.5GB/sec PCIe 4.0 SSD for ultra-fast load times, and raising fidelity up to native 4K.

Backward compatible games will get huge boosts on the Xbox Series X, including doubling frame rates, HDR, and native 4K support The Xbox Series X will play thousands of backwards compatible games across three generations, and all of them will harness the full native power of the system's 12TFLOP GPU and 3.8GHz Zen 2 CPU.

No boost mode, no downclocking, the full power of the Xbox Series X for each and every backward compatible game.

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Darkseid Is...Costing HBO Max a Lot

Even as rumors have continued to foment over the existence of a hallowed, completed cut of Justice League as envisioned by Snyder before tragic personal circumstances caused him to depart production in the years since, it’s always been a reality that what did exist was not going to be a completed project.

Zack is building it and it’s complex...[it’s] a radical rethinking of [Justice League] and it’s complicated, and wildly expensive.”

To tie in with today’s official launch of HBO Max, Zack Snyder stoked further anticipation for his new imagining of Justice League by dropping an image of iconic Fourth World villain Darkseid as he’ll appear in what is now being called Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

Well, sorta—the version of Zack Snyder’s vision for Justice League hitting HBO Max next year is not a fabled, long-awaited mythical cut fans believed sat untouched in a vault somewhere for years.

The Justice League that will hit HBO Max next year is the effort of him returning to those ideas, and what material he had so far and crafting something entirely new.

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Image of article 'Apple Watch Series 5 is a Cool $100 Off Today, Now Just $299'

Apple Watch Series 5 is a Cool $100 Off Today, Now Just $299

Right now, this very second, you can own an Apple Watch Series 5 smartwatch for a low price of just $299.

40mm Apple Watch Series 5 in Gold with Pink Sport Band Currently Seeing Huge $100 Discount The Apple Watch Series 5 is the top of the line smartwatch from Apple.

Though the similarities between the Series 4 and Series 5 are quite striking but there's no way you'd want to skip on that always-on Retina display on the latter.

GPS Always-On Retina display 30% larger screen Swimproof ECG app Electrical and optical heart sensors Built-in compass Elevation Emergency SOS Fall detection Deals on the Apple Watch Series 5 aren't that rare, but a $100 discount surely is.

Buy Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS, 40mm) - Gold Aluminum Case with Pink Sport Band - Was $399, now just $299 While you are here, be sure to check out these solid deals as well:

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Image of article 'What does Optimised for Xbox Series X mean'

What does Optimised for Xbox Series X mean

Like with the Xbox One X, which had (and still has) games listed as "Enhanced for Xbox One X", the Xbox Series X will have titles badged as Optimised for Series X.

Well, it basically means that when a game runs on the all-singing and dancing Xbox Series X, it will offer enhanced graphical performance over the same game running on an Xbox One, maybe even some extra in-game extras.

Any of these extra features could result in a game being tagged as Optimised for Xbox Series X.

Some Optimised for Smart X games will also be badged as supporting Smart Delivery, which means that if you purchase the Xbox One version first, your game will instantly be upgraded should you then get yourself a Series X. For example, if you buy Cyberpunk 2077 for Xbox One when it comes out on 17 September, but then upgrade to an Xbox Series X a month or two later (when the console is available), you will automatically be able to play the Series X version of the game (after any enhancements have been downloaded).

These are the games announced so far that have been approved by Xbox as Optimised for Series X: There will undoubtedly be plenty of other optimised games announced between now and the release of the Xbox Series X (and beyond).

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Xbox Announces Nine More Titles To Use Smart Delivery With Series X

During today's Series X-focused Inside Xbox episode, Microsoft announced nine more titles coming that will utilize its Smart Delivery initiative.

The feature, which will apply to select cross-generational games, gives players who buy those games once the best version of that game for whichever Xbox console they're using.

We already knew that games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Xbox Game Studios titles like Halo: Infinite would take advantage of this feature when Xbox Series X launches this holiday season, but we now know nine more third-party titles that will take advantage of this.

Additionally, while it doesn't appear to technically be a part of the official Smart Delivery initiative, EA Sports also announced that if you buy the Xbox One version of Madden NFL 21, you get the Xbox Series X version for free.

Xbox Series X is set to launch this holiday season.

Image of article 'Apple reveals Apple Watch Series 5 trade-in promo with £120/$150 off'

Apple reveals Apple Watch Series 5 trade-in promo with £120/$150 off

Apple has revealed a new trade-in promotion that’ll score you up to £120/$150 off the Apple Watch Series 5, bringing the entry-level price down to £279/$249 from £399/$399 if you’ve got an existing Apple Watch to trade in.

It should come as no surprise that trading in an Apple Watch Series 4 scores the biggest discount, at a maximum of £120/$150, but you can trade in your old Series 3 for a cool £100/$100 off too.

At the very least, Apple is offering to recycle old products free of charge.

The good news is that Apple has implemented a contact-free delivery option for those that want to upgrade to the Series 5, all organised via the Apple trade-in site.

Apple hasn’t confirmed when the promotion is due to end, but the company claims it’s only around for a limited time so those interested should make use of the offer sooner rather than later.

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Image of article 'Phil Spencer says 'not too much of a wait' for Xbox Series X game reveals'

Phil Spencer says 'not too much of a wait' for Xbox Series X game reveals

The Xbox Series X is Microsoft's upcoming next-generation console that features 12 teraflops of raw power and much more.

Well, it seems like Xbox head Phil Spencer is also hinting that a games reveal will happen soon.

It'll be interesting to see how the visuals stack up compared to the Xbox One X. However, the real test will be when comparing PlayStation 5 (PS5) games to the Xbox Series X.

The PS5 uses overclock technology, but it's base teraflop reading is 9.2, so Xbox Series X has quite the advantage when it comes to raw performance.

What do you want to see from the Xbox Series X games reveal?

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My favorite sports video game? Creating uniforms in MLB The Show 20.

The developers of the 15-year-old series pumped new life into their Franchise mode with the Custom Leagues feature, which allows players to create their own baseball teams and stick them into a Major League season, whether by themselves or in an online league with friends.

The novel coronavirus caught everyone by surprise, but considering the amount of time I have spent inside, in front of my PlayStation 4 editing and perfecting my uniforms, it feels like MLB The Show’s makers were the best prepared of anyone, even if all they did was bolt the uniform editor from the Diamond Dynasty mode onto Franchise.

Sony San Diego/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon This is what their home uniform looks like.

Sony San Diego/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon Over in the American League, I’ve always been a sucker for the long-gone St. Louis Browns and their orange-and-brown design.

Sony San Diego/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon The Barons’ road getup opts for a solid brown cap with a white logo; the very complicated two-color lettering is by DHeSS42.

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Watch MLB The Show (The Show) Episode 1

MLB The Show (The Show) is here for all you fans itching for action on the diamond, even if it’s of the simulated, digital variety.

The new series from Den of Geek offers highlights from the (currently non-existent) 2020 season, produced using MLB The Show 20.

In Episode 1, “Almost Famous: Mike Trout,” (The Show) will center on the biggest star in the game, Mike Trout, and the hottest topic of the winter: the Houston Astros.

We’ll examine their simulated Opening Day matchup against the Los Angeles Angels and reigning American League MVP Trout, a vocal critic of the sign stealing scandal Houston was found to have pulled off on their way to winning the 2017 World Series.

Former major league pitcher and Emmy-winning broadcaster Nelson Figueroa and comedian Mike Kaplan join the conversation to discuss everything from the real-world challenges brought about by the novel coronavirus pandemic, to outside-the-box ideas for how the laid-back three-time MVP Trout can become a crossover star.

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Image of article 'Comparing Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 specs'

Comparing Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 specs

It outlines a highly capable system over double the graphical capability of the PlayStation 4 Pro, and tailing Microsoft's rival Xbox Series X.

The first talk of system specifications also comes just two days after similar details broke on Xbox Series X, providing our first opportunity for a head-to-head comparison between the next-generation titans.

The Xbox Series X is scheduled to top the next-generation console lineup in terms of raw processing power, outpacing Sony's CPU and GPU combo, and extending to other components of the system.

And while the base storage also provided additional storage to Xbox Series X users, the option for standard PC NVMe SSDs for expansion provides flexibility over Microsoft's proprietary memory card.

We've wrapped up the full PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X specifications below, as unveiled via Sony's March preview stream.

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An extended interview with Oddworld’s creator, Lorne Lanning

In December, we ran a "War Stories" video on the Oddworld series, an unusual 90s-era adventure/platformer title that sees the player inhabiting the role of escaped factory slave Abe in his quest to avoid being turned into canned food.

Filmed with the help of Oddworld creator Lorne Lanning, the video turned out to be very popular—doubtless because Lanning makes for a damn compelling interview subject.

We've gotten a lot of feedback on the video since it aired, primarily asking for more Lorne, and so we're going to try a bit of an experiment: rather than try to scrub through the original and pull out some more highlights, we've just exported the whole nearly-three-hour shoot for you guys.

Highlights for the full interview here include a fuller origin story for Abe, crazy stories from Lorne's father about disappearing world leaders and famous people on Arctic submarines, and some discussion about drug-fueled motion graphics design.

Lorne goes deep, swears a ton, and takes us through the insane bad luck most of the Oddworld titles experienced on release.

Image of article 'Keuchel apologizes for 2017 Astros’ sign-stealing scandal'

Keuchel apologizes for 2017 Astros’ sign-stealing scandal

Houston won the franchise’s first championship three years ago, beating the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 7 of the World Series, and made it to the AL Championship Series during Keuchel’s final year with the team in 2018.

An investigation by Major League Baseball found the Astros used the video feed from a center field camera to see and decode the opposing catcher’s signs.

“I’m not going to go into specific detail, but during the course of the playoffs in ‘17, everybody was using multiple signs,” Keuchel said, “I mean, for factual purposes, when there’s nobody on base, when in the history of major league baseball has there been multiple signs?

CHICAGO (AP) - Dallas Keuchel has become the first member of the 2017 Houston Astros to offer a public apology for the team’s sign-stealing scheme during their run to the World Series championship.

“To the extent of the whole situation back then, I can tell you that not every game there was signs being stolen,” Keuchel said.

Image of article 'Xbox Series X Exclusive Games From Xbox Game Studios Will Start Coming One Year After Launch'

Xbox Series X Exclusive Games From Xbox Game Studios Will Start Coming One Year After Launch

The Xbox Series X is releasing later this year, but it seems like it will take longer to see next-gen exclusive titles from Xbox Game Studios.

This will allow those who invest in an Xbox console between now and the Xbox Series X release to feel like they have made a good investment.

We want to make sure that if someone invests in Xbox between now and [Series X] that they feel that they made a good investment and that we’re committed to them with content.

While there won't be Xbox Series X exclusive games at launch, Microsoft will still make sure to showcase the console's power and features with select franchises, like Halo.

The Xbox Series X launches later this year Share Submit

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Image of article 'Assassin's Creed: Ragnarok appears on now deleted retailer listing'

Assassin's Creed: Ragnarok appears on now deleted retailer listing

Assassin's Creed Odyssey earned 4/5 in our review, boasting a compelling, inviting world that's maybe just a little big for its own good: 'Another accomplished entry in the long-running open world series.

Our money is on Assassin’s Creed: Ragnarok being unveiled in the coming months as a flagship launch title for next-generation consoles, offering a bunch of visual and mechanical enhancements over their older siblings.

Known as Assassin’s Creed: Ragnarok, the new entry has shown up on listings across both Amazon Germany and Gamestop Italy in the form of Valhalla and Mjolnir Editions, although these have since been deleted.

With the last entry having released back in 2018 in the form of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, it’s since taken a year off, presumably preparing its next outing for PS5 and Xbox Series X. Perhaps it will accompany the console reveals later in 2020?

Previously teased in The Division 2, a retailer listing has now reinforced the existence of Assassin’s Creed: Ragnarok, a brand-new entry in Ubisoft’s beloved franchise.

Image of article 'Get an Apple Watch for under £200'

Get an Apple Watch for under £200

The Apple Watch Series 3 is now available at a super-low price - check out out latest Apple Watch deals below.

The Apple Watch Series 3 is available in silver and space grey aluminium finishes with a sport band.

There is also a Nike+ space grey version available with a Nike sport band.

If you are looking for the latest and greatest instead, then the Apple Watch Series 5 costs $399/£399 and as well as the size does brings several new features such as an always-on display and built-in compass.

The Apple Watch Series 4, the Series 2, Series 1 and the original Apple Watch are all now discontinued.

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