Scientists discover new bat species in Africa with bright orange body

published 14.01.2021 20:28

Image of article 'Scientists discover new bat species in Africa with bright orange body'

Experts say about 20 new bat species are found each year, according to the Washington Post.

“When I saw it for the first time, I thought it was a common species,” said Dr. Eric Bakwo Fils, a bat expert at the University of Maroua in Cameroon, according to the paper.

“It was kind of a life goal in a way, one that I never thought would happen,” said Dr. Jon Flanders, director of endangered species interventions at Bat Conservation International, a nonprofit organization based in Austin, Texas.

The new Halloween-hued bat, Myotis nimbaensis, was found after scientists set out on an expedition in 2018 to survey the habitat of an endangered bat species in the West African country of Guinea, the New York Times reported.

Scientists on Wednesday announced the discovery of a new bat species in Africa that has a striking mix of fiery orange and black colors, according to reports.

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