Exclusive: Darius Interview With Taito Development Team

published 14.01.2021 20:00

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Taito once even made a motorbike game with a fan attached to the cabinet which blows air in the player's face to give a sensation of speed… How do you get the next generation of young developers interested in creating shooters and other arcade genres?

Yuichi Toyama (left) and Junichi Kashiwagi (right) What makes the two Darius titles in this Cozmic Revelation collection so different from the Cozmic Collections that came out earlier this year?

Later, after receiving positive feedback from players, we were able to add a further platform (PS4) and realise Darius Cozmic Revelation: a collection of the 3D titles in the franchise.

As part of our recent series of interviews with TAITO development staff, we had the pleasure of exchanging emails with Yuichi Toyama, the director of both Darius Cozmic Collection as well as Space Invaders Invincible Collection.

In this interview, we explore the development choices for the upcoming Darius Cozmic Revelation collection as well as a bit of Taito's history as told by someone that's been developing games for over three decades, starting with being one of the programmers on 1988's Herzog.

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