A Pandemic Reading List for Left, Right, and Libertarians

published 14.01.2021 16:01

Image of article 'A Pandemic Reading List for Left, Right, and Libertarians'

The hardest challenge for public health was to get common people to understand the scalability of their own immune systems, so that people would stop fearing exposure as such but rather embrace evolutionary reality.

A major theme of the book is how poor understanding of disease dominated public health from the ancient world through the 19th century.

It requires at least some knowledge of cell biology, pathogens, pandemic history, public health practices, and immunological history.

Subjects like cell biology and infectious disease are not topics usually examined by economists and philosophers, so many people decided to say nothing at all, thereby granting the lockdowners a free hand that dominated public discussion.

In the meantime, AIER released three additional books on the topic in addition to my own book Liberty or Lockdown.

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