Esports streaming numbers for 2020 up 69 percent YOY in latest report from Engine Media's Stream Hatchet

published 14.01.2021 15:01


As brands and advertisers recognize the opportunity to reach the millennial male audience via streaming, Stream Hatchet tallied 355 million hours of sponsored live streams in 2020.

Other highlights of the Stream Hatchet 2020 report include: Twitch, the market leader of western streaming platforms, doubled its watch hours from Q4 2019 to Q4 2020 to 5.4 billion.

Stream Hatchet measures gaming live streaming data across all platforms and provides valuable data insight for esports teams, gaming studios, and major brands invested in gaming.

When much of the live entertainment world went dark, streaming platforms were able to captivate audiences through remote esports tournaments and exciting live streams," says Eduard Montserrat, CEO of Stream Hatchet.

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