Why our readers should choose FastestVPN's Lifetime Plan

published 14.01.2021 12:24

Image of article 'Why our readers should choose FastestVPN's Lifetime Plan'

(Pocket-lint) - Signing up to a VPN service can be a real game-changer when it comes to your digital and online life, letting you do things you previously weren't able to, all in the confidence that you're not being tracked the whole time you're browsing the web.

One of the main things that getting a VPN lets you do is to mask your location - you choose from FastestVPN's expansive list of servers around the world to bounce your data through it, which lets you act as if you're actually located there.

FastestVPN will free you from many of these trackers, and stop corporations from being able to monitor your every move for fun, letting you get back to the good old days when you could browse the internet without handing over any of your rights.

That's why FastestVPN's latest deal is such a blockbuster - it gives you a lifetime of access to its superb VPN for a price that many competitors would want each and every month, just $20.

After all, another thing that's enormously freeing when you start using a VPN is the feeling of privacy - you can rest easy in the knowledge that your data is being scrambled in multiple ways to stop prying eyes from watching your every move.

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