Samsung wants to help you upcycle its old phones

published 13.01.2021 17:56

Image of article 'Samsung wants to help you upcycle its old phones'

If you're a pet owner, an older Galaxy phone can also be repurposed into a care solution device with the option to activate lights at home when your pet is alone.

The Galaxy Upcycling program also gives phone owners the option to use their old Galaxy phones in the Samsung security system.

The Galaxy Upcycling program gives people the option to turn their devices into monitoring cameras, sensors for their infants and pets, fitness monitors, clocks, media systems, and even get them to integrate into existing SmartThing devices.

Instead of throwing old Galaxy phones into the trash, Samsung gives its consumer an option to reuse the device in a different form.

In other examples, Samsung was able to lengthen the lifespan of a Galaxy phone by repurposing it into a baby monitor that carries a sound sensor.

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