Cops Love Body Camera Footage... When It Clears Officers Of Any Wrongdoing

added 13.01.2021 23:30


Footage abounds of questionable cop killings -- often recorded by people who aren't cops -- and yet, grand juries rarely fail to find in favor of cops, even while indicting every other non-government ham sandwich that crosses their path.

Despite having body camera footage of the incident, and immediate calls for transparency, the Omaha Police Department has refused to release the footage despite Nebraska’s strong tradition of open government.

And that reason has been supplied by every government agency and law enforcement official denying access to that footage.

If the recording exonerates cops (or at least makes it a close call in their favor), law enforcement agencies will release the footage, often without anyone asking for it.

Anytime law enforcement refuses to release footage (or footage goes missing, etc.), it's safe to assume officers screwed up.

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