FAA Issues New Rule To Spur Commercial Supersonic Flight | ZeroHedge

added 13.01.2021 07:44


By no means is supersonic commercial air travel new technology, though it could eventually lead to hypersonic travel in the 2030s.

"The FAA supports the new development of supersonic aircraft as long as safety parameters are followed…the testing of supersonic aircraft at Mach 1 will only be conducted following consideration of any impact to the environment."

According to an FAA press release, the new rule will "help ensure that companies developing these aircraft clearly understand the process for gaining FAA approval to conduct flight testing, which is a key step in ultimately bringing their products to market."

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) published new regulations last week that streamline the US' supersonic flight testing process.

Aerion Corp. and Boom Technology Inc. are two companies buikding commercial supersonic aircraft that could soar above the skies by the mid-2020s.

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