TCL is showing off more folding, bending, and extending screens

published 12.01.2021 10:43

Image of article 'TCL is showing off more folding, bending, and extending screens'

TCL has never been shy about showcasing its display concepts at trade shows, and this year is no different; the company is (virtually) showing off a couple of these prototypes at CES 2021.

Bearing in mind that there’s absolutely no guarantee these concepts will ever reach market, they’re still a fun glimpse at a possible future of display tech.

The company tries to drive home the space-saving advantages of this concept with a video of a hiker pulling it out of a bag on the trail.

And while the company says it will bring a foldable / flexible product to market this year, we’d put our money on a regular ol’ folding phone — it’s been working on one for a while now — rather than one of these concepts.

A similar concept appears in one of the more unintentionally funny promotional videos we’ve seen at CES so far this year.

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