Dragon Age 4’s magic archer concept art looks well cool

added 12.01.2021 15:28

Image of article 'Dragon Age 4’s magic archer concept art looks well cool'

On Friday, Dragon Age 4‘s executive producer Christian Dailey shared a lovely new bit of concept art for BioWare’s upcoming RPG.

But nevertheless, it’s got my mind racing with lots of Dragon Age thoughts, and I reckon we can determine a potential location and character class from it.

In Dragon Age: Origins, you could unlock the Arcane Warrior specialisation for mages which allowed you to equip them with bows.

Going further into the speculation hole, if the character in this is indeed an Arcane Warrior of some kind, it implies we might meet some ancient elves in Dragon Age 4 (ancient elves were the original Arcane Warriors).

We already met some of these in Inquisition, during the Trespasser DLC (and it just so happens that this concept character is wearing similar armour to them as well).

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