OWC Unveils Two New Multi-Port Docks for Macs and PCs

published 11.01.2021 19:14

Image of article 'OWC Unveils Two New Multi-Port Docks for Macs and PCs'

In addition to a 2800 MB/s SSD, OWC has also announced two new docks for Mac and PC: the USB-C Travel Dock E and the new Thunderbolt Dock.

It’s based on the OWC Travel Dock and maintains the five ports offered there while also adding the gigabit ethernet port, which appears to be the main selling point of this product over the original.

All told, the Thunderbolt Dock offers 11 total ports: four thunderbolt ports, four USB ports, an SD card reader, gigabit ethernet, and combo audio in/out.

“Utilizing the latest Thunderbolt technology, the OWC Thunderbolt Dock enables users with Intel 11th Gen Core and Evo PCs with Thunderbolt 4, existing Macs or new M1 based Macs to add a mix of ports, including additional Thunderbolt ports,” the company says.

The OWC Thunderbolt Dock’s biggest selling point is access to those four Thunderbolt ports which also support USB devices and monitors while also offering 90W power delivery.

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