Microsoft's new Xbox wireless controller is now available in Pulse Red

published 11.01.2021 17:18

Image of article 'Microsoft's new Xbox wireless controller is now available in Pulse Red'

Sporting a vivid red case, black buttons with red accents and black triggers, the new colour option looks great, and Microsoft says it’ll be available to buy “in most Xbox markets” on 9 February 2020 at the standard £54.99/$64.99 RRP.

You can take a better look at the new controller in action here: Both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have proved popular with gamers, offering an upgraded gameplay experience and, in the case of the powerful Series X, incredible [email protected] performance.

Otherwise, we’d recommend taking a look at our selection of the best gaming headsets, best Xbox One controllers and best Xbox games to make sure you’re getting the most out of your gaming experience.

With stock of both consoles still hard to come by in the UK, it can be difficult to get your hands on one – we cover where to buy an Xbox Series X/S in the UK separately for those still on the hunt.

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