Research shapes safe dentistry during COVID-19

published 11.01.2021 10:17

Image of article 'Research shapes safe dentistry during COVID-19'

Kimberley Pickering, a research dental nurse involved in the study, said: "For the safe re-opening of dental services, it was essential to understand the behavior of the aerosols that come out of a patient's mouth during dental work.

Dr. Richard Holliday, NIHR Clinical Lecturer in Restorative Dentistry at Newcastle University, said: "Our research has improved our understanding of dental aerosol generated procedures and identified how cross-contamination could be a risk for spreading COVID-19.

Research findings Research revealed that aerosol generated procedures—such as fillings and root canal treatment—can spray aerosol and saliva particles from dental instruments large distances and contamination varied widely depending on the processes used.

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Leading research at Newcastle University has been used to shape how dentistry can be carried out safely during the COVID-19 pandemic by mitigating the risks of dental aerosols.

The team used the tracer dye, fluorescein, while carrying out aerosol-generating procedures on a dental mannequin to analyze how far and where aerosol particles and saliva traveled from the patient's mouth.

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