MSI Brings Resizable-BAR (AMD Smart Access Memory) Support To HEDT Platform

published 11.01.2021 10:06

Image of article 'MSI Brings Resizable-BAR (AMD Smart Access Memory) Support To HEDT Platform'
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Resizable-BAR (AMD Smart Access Memory) support has so far been exclusive to mainstream AMD Intel platforms but it looks like MSI has finally brought the feature to the HEDT platform.

Resizable-BAR (AMD Smart Access Memory) Comes To HEDT Platform Thanks To MSI, AMD's TRX40 'Ryzen Threadripper' First As per MSI, they have now listed the latest BETA BIOS on the support page for all four of their AMD TRX40 chipset based motherboards.

MSI has announced new BIOS for its entire AMD TRX40 board lineup which now supports the resizable-bar feature with the Ryzen Threadripper CPUs.

by Hassan Mujtaba from
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