Japan's ARM - Based Supercomputer Leads World In Top500 List; Exascale Expected In 2021

added 22.11.2020 09:56

dcblogs writes: Japan's Fugaku ARM-based supercomputer is the world's most powerful in the latest Top500 list, setting a world record of 442 petaflops.

But the U.S. is set to deliver an exascale system -- 1,000 petaflops -- next year and China as well.

Meanwhile, the EU has a 550 petaflop system in development in Finland.

"Third place went to Sierra supercomputer, which also uses Power9 and Nvidia GPUs, at about 95 petaflops.

"On the Top500 list, the second-ranked system was IBM Power Systems at nearly 149 petaflops using its Power9 CPUs and Nvidia Tesla GPUs.

by Beauhd On from rss.slashdot.org

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