US Antitrust Regulators Could Target Google's Chrome Browser For Breakup

added 18.10.2020 05:37

Image of article 'US Antitrust Regulators Could Target Google's Chrome Browser For Breakup'

Slashdot reader alternative_right shares a report from Politico:Friday Politico reported the antitrust suit against Google is likely to be filed "early next week, but without the sign-on of any Democratic attorneys general , four people familiar with the case said Friday — upending the Trump administration's hopes to enlist bipartisan support for its fight against the internet giant..."Instead a bipartisan group of states "expects to file an antitrust complaint challenging Google's search practices at a later date, the people said.

That group, led by Democratic attorneys general in Colorado and Iowa along with Nebraska's Republican attorney general, has expressed concern about what they view as the Justice Department's narrow approach to the case, the people said.

Filing a separate suit would allow more leverage if the Department of Justice negotiates a settlement with Google they don't like, they said."

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