3 Under-the-Radar Innovations Taking on Covid-19's Most Daunting Challenges

published 17.10.2020 16:30

Image of article '3 Under-the-Radar Innovations Taking on Covid-19's Most Daunting Challenges'

These developments include its AI-driven resource-management solution that allows administrators to react earlier to medical staff infections, and PPE tech like the glove dispenser and SaniCart disinfection cabin, which control and monitor resources and protect staff.

Related: Why Business Owners Need to Show Employees It's Okay Not to Be Okay Ultimately, the goal is for event-goers, travelers, and other individuals to buy test kits at local retailers or receive one from the event organizers, self-test, and then send via a cooperating courier to a local lab.

Not far south from Poland's borders, Vienna's new hot testing kit testFRWD, founded by DJ and music-festival powerhouse Hennes Weiss and serial entrepreneur Veit-Ander Aichbichler, aims to reopen the tourism, culture, and events industries to customers by offering a hyper-accurate testing solution.

Whether testing or protecting the medical staff fighting valiantly to save lives, public and private sectors are working together on the frontlines of the pandemic.

To meet the burdening demands of the pandemic, thousands of medical startups and companies have refocused their attention to develop new products capable of tackling the most burdensome issues.

by Ariel Shapira from entrepreneur.com

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