How Juke Fried Chicken Changed the Game for Vancouver Takeout Dining

added 17.10.2020 14:45

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But in the case of Justin Tisdall, co-founder of Vancouver’s Juke Fried Chicken and Beetbox, his discerning palate is what set him apart from the beginning.

Before the casual comfort food and high-quality-takeout trend exploded, he and his business partners, chef Bryan Satterford and co-founder of Meat & Bread Cord Jarvie, opened Juke as a hybrid eatery that excelled in both, with a killer cocktail bar.

He began his career almost 20 years ago as a bartender to subsidize his competitive swimming on Canada’s national team, and he has approached each restaurant position since his first with a similar spirit.

The vision of an empty restaurant on a rainy day in February replayed in Tisdall’s mind and helped him to innovate and avoid the traditional challenges that most restaurateurs face.

Tisdall also used COVID as an opportunity to re-examine his whole business and says he has learned that doing more isn’t necessarily better.

by Allie Turner from

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