Ask Amy: Racy Instagram posts alarm family friend

published 04.10.2020 07:01


She warned some close friends that their 13-year-old daughter is posting provocative images of herself on Instagram, drawing lewd comments from strange men.

Dear Amy, Recently, I noticed that the 13-year-old daughter of some close friends has been posting sexually provocative photos of herself on Instagram.

You don't say whether you've done this, but you might want to take some screenshots of the girl's postings and show these to the parents, who — if they aren't on social media — may not understand the extent of the behavior, and the risk.

You should not harshly judge the girl's postings (she is acting out and is too young to comprehend the risk), but your alarm is real, and so you should also reach out to her privately to convey — calmly and without judgment: "I'm worried about some of your photos and the responses on Insta.