Listen to The Economic Legacy Of Shinzo Abe

published 02.10.2020 01:07


To really stimulate the economy and to get the Japanese economy growing fast enough that people in companies would be spending enough money to raise inflation in Japan up to two percent a year after years of low inflation and even prices falling because people were not spending very much money.

Number One, he tried to increase women's participation in the labor force number two, he tried to get more immigrants to come work in Japan and buzzers things by the way to be clear before a came in both of those things had been sort of stagnant for years.

Have to deal with it, and it's that Japan's population is aging the average age is rising, and that makes it harder for the Japanese labor force to grow over time because there may not be enough young people to offset the older people who are retiring and leaving the labor force.

Target and there's a number of other ways in which sort of grease the wheels of financing for Corporate Japan that probably helped and so monetary policy even though they didn't hit that inflation target did help a lot."