I just can't bear to throw out my ex-husband's clutter

published 01.10.2020 02:47

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No wonder we so often show our anger like Lisa Armstrong, by dumping a man’s stuff out of our homes and our lives.

I’m relieved I didn’t scratch across our wedding pictures or burn his first love letters, because I’m confident that one day I will be able to look at them with fondness and even share the memories with my children and maybe grandchildren.

Eventually I would like to reclaim the armoire that’s stuffed with his belongings, sort out the drawer that’s still full of our framed wedding photos and have a house free from reminders of our life together.

I thought about all his stuff — still, for the most part, sitting there, waiting for a man who no longer cared about it — when Ant McPartlin’s ex-wife Lisa Armstrong did the spurned woman thing recently.

He walked down the garden path leaving me, our two teenage children and the life we had spent 26 years creating together — and even at that catastrophic moment, I was struck by how little he packed into the boot of his car.