Use your remote work experience to get your next job

published 20.09.2020 17:18

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As remote work looms beyond the pandemic, the ability to remain focused, organized, and productive at home is becoming a coveted skill.

Career advisors say highlighting it on a résumé can give applicants an advantage.

“Reflecting this experience catches an employer’s attention because it shows that an applicant possesses self-initiative,” Betsy Andrews, a career coach at the remote work portal FlexJobs explained in a recent blog post.

Amanda Augustine, a career expert at résumé-consulting business TopResume, advises labeling your telecommuting experience by putting “remote” or “virtual” next to job titles or indicating it in the location field.

Kelli Jordan, director of careers and skills at IBM, says that “soft skills”—interpersonal attributes and social intelligence—will be “more relevant in this environment.