Climbing with Erik Weihenmayer

published 16.09.2020 16:44

Image of article 'Climbing with Erik Weihenmayer'

They chat the whole way – about renaming the Washington Redskins, about the etiquette of spitting while cycling, about Weihenmayer’s new guide dog, Zena – not remotely winded by the many switchbacks en route.

As Williams scopes out a route on the face below, Weihenmayer pulls out a jumble of multi-coloured carabiners from his pack which jingle as he fingers through them.

Weihenmayer has climbed Lookout Mountain before and ascends fast.

At the summit Weihenmayer scurries around, transferring rope to a second anchor for his next climb before coming down again.

Over the past year Weihenmayer has had two operations to reconstruct the tendons on one of his fingers (“Totally ruptured – such a bummer”); he got a diarrhoeal disease during a climbing expedition in Nepal (“I got pretty sick but we made it somehow”); and he had a hip replaced.

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