Hear Steve Jobs demo his NeXT computer in 1988

added 16.09.2020 19:12

This audio recording is one of three that feature Jobs, and one of 92 that were made of Boston Computer Society meetings and similar events.

[But] in 1988, when I was basking in Jobs's presentation, [Charles] Mann was elsewhere in the hall recording it [on audio]."

But at evening's end, as we streamed out of Jobs's reality-distortion field back into the chilly Boston air, each of us got a NeXT product to take home: a glossy poster depicting the cube in all its unattainable glory."

On November 30, 1988, Steve Jobs gave one of the first public demonstrations of the then brand-new NeXT Computer to the Boston Computer Society.

An audio recording of Steve Jobs revealing the NeXT computer shortly after its official launch has been released in full.

by Wesley Hilliard from appleinsider.com

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