Physicists make electrical nanolasers even smaller

added 16.09.2020 18:02

Moreover, the volume occupied by SPPs in the nanolaser is 30 times smaller than the light wavelength cubed.

At the same time, unlike other electrically pumped nanolasers, the radiation is effectively directed to a photonic or plasmonic waveguide, making the nanolaser fit for integrated circuits," Dr. Dmitry Fedyanin from the Center for Photonics and 2D Materials at MIPT commented.

This size restriction also applies to on-chip lasers, which are necessary for converting information from electrical signals to optical pulses that carry the bits of the data.

Since optical communication relies on light -- electromagnetic waves with a frequency of several hundred terahertz -- it allows transferring terabytes of data every second through a single fiber, vastly outperforming electrical interconnects.

The approach, reported in a recent paper in Nanophotonics, enables coherent light source design on the scale not only hundreds of times smaller than the thickness of a human hair but even smaller than the wavelength of light emitted by the laser.

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