US to Block Some Imports From China's Xinjiang Region Over Forced Labor Concerns

added 15.09.2020 13:45

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China also had agreed to purchase increased quantities of U.S. cotton under the countries' Phase 1 trade deal, which could be put at risk by a U.S. ban on imports from China's dominant cotton-producing region.

Customs and Border Protection officials told Reuters last week that they had prepared the broader bans on cotton, cotton textiles and tomatoes, among China's biggest commodity exports, along with the orders announced Monday.

Department of Homeland Security acting Deputy Secretary Kenneth Cuccinelli said the "Withhold Release Orders" (WROs) are aimed at combating China's use of forced labor by detained Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang.

WASHINGTON - The Trump administration on Monday said it will block U.S. imports of cotton, apparel and other products from five specific entities in western China's Xinjiang region, but has shelved proposed region-wide bans on all Xinjiang-produced cotton and tomato products.

DHS said Xinjiang entities whose products will be blocked from entering the United States include all products made with labor from the Lop County No. 4 Vocational Skills Education and Training Center; hair products from the Lop County Hair Product Industrial Park; apparel produced by Yili Zhouwan Garment Manufacturing and Baodung LYSZD Trade and Business Co.; cotton produced and processed by Xinjiang Junggar Cotton and Linen Co. Ltd; and computer parts made by Hefei Bitland Information Technology Co. Ltd.

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