Council Post: Are The US And China Tensions Affecting Business

published 14.09.2020 02:00

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As always, any tension between the countries can leave business operations with a level of vulnerability.

Impacts On Business In the current global political climate, we expected stiff headwinds when it comes to Chinese companies seeking access to the U.S. capital markets.

Further, because the global tensions are well-known by those business owners interested in a U.S. IPO, the issuers that approach us have worked hard or are willing to implement the necessary steps to make their businesses attractive to U.S. investors.

Has a western element to its business plan either through expansion or a merger/acquisition While these may be tall orders for some companies, they are the necessary safeguards due to the volatility of politics and the impacts that could have on processes in the future.

Right now, there is interest from U.S. investors and Chinese issuers willing to do the groundwork to make business as attractive as possible even during times of uncertainty.